English Speaking International Roman Catholic Parish of The Hague

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English Speaking International Roman Catholic Parish of The Hague

    English Speaking International Roman Catholic Parish of The Hague

    Church of Our Saviour Bulletin

    Issue No.442004

    Pastor: Father Sjaak de Boer, Mill Hill Phone: (Office) (070) 328 0816

    Parish House: Ruychrocklaan 126, 2597 ES DEN HAAG Fax: (070) 328 1486 Pastoral Assistant Sally Williams Phone (070) 368 4959 (Home)


    Office Hours: 09.30 13.00 Weekdays, except Wednesday RE Information 070-511 1441 Parish e-mail Parish Website

    Bank Account: #41 18 88 633 (under the name 'Church of Our Saviour')


    Weekends: Weekdays: By appointment

    Saturday: 19.30 Monday and Friday: 09.30 RE 11.30-12.15

    Sunday: 10.00 Mondriaan School, Helenastraat 11 Place: Our Lady of Good Counsel Place: The Parish House SUNDAY CRÈCHE/CHILD CARE

     Bezuidenhoutseweg 157 Ruychrocklaan 126 At the church 1.50 euro

    thst30/31 OCTOBER



    Sunday Readings: st31 October (All Saints): Rev 7:2-4,9-14; Ps 24: 1bc-2,3-4ab,4-6; 1 Jn 3: 1-3; Mt 5:1-12a th7 November: 2 Mc 7:1-2,9-14; Ps 17:1,5-6,8,15; 2Thes 2:16-3:5; Lk 20:27-38 or 20:27,34-38 THIS WEEK'S AGENDA rd Wednesday 3 November thSaturday 30 October Office Closed 19:00 Rosary Prayer at the Church (Green Room) 09.30-16.00 Conference on Religion & Development, 19:30 Mass with the choir of St Mary-le-Tower Concordia, Hage Zand 42, The Hague thTHE CLOCKS GO BACK Thursday 4 November ONE HOUR AT 02.00 15.00 Pastor's Meeting at Nieuwspoort SUNDAY MORNING 19.30 Liturgy Committee Meeting st20.00 Meditation Group, Parish House Sunday 31 October thFEAST OF ALL SAINTS Friday 5 November

    10:00 Mass 09.30 Parish House Mass

    11:30-12:15 RE 13.30 Dr. d'Costa's Lecture, Fluwelen Burgwal 45 19.30 House Blessing 19.30 Rosary Prayer Parish House 19.00-21.00 Choir Practice in the church st Monday 1 November thSaturday 6 November 09:30 Mass Parish House

    13.00-14.30 Altar Server's Class 20.00 RCIA

    19.30 Youth Mass + Baptisms 20.00 Food Fair Committee Meeting 'Hi's & Bye's" ndTuesday 2 November Fair Trade Shop Open 09.15 Soup Kitchen After Mass Youth & Confirmation group party in the 09.15-10:30 Playgroup Parish Hall Parish Hall 10:00 Craft Group thSunday 7 November 13.00 ICTY Prayer Group 10.00 Mass 18.30 Rotary Club Meeting, Parish House 11.30-12.15 RE 19.30 ALL SOULS MASS IN THE CHURCH 11.30 Adult Education presented by Sally Williams 'A NO PRAYER TIME Walk Through the Mass: Changes since Vatican II' 20.30 4Ps Committee Meeting with Sub Group of the 18.30 Fr Sjaak Preaching at the Anglican Church Parish Council at the church



     Michaela Botts Martin Davies Amanda Morel Altar Server

    Ryan Botts Anuradha Shannon O'Dwyer

    Amanda Morel Mudannayake Danielle Snaathorst

    Kevin Pineda Richie Waters

    Joe Ejedawe R. Janssens Irene Onyegbutulem Josef Groβerüschkamp Eucharistic

    Margaret Ejedawe Ann Byrne Festus Engalu Neveen Hamdy Ministers

    Sanja Matesic Joe Byrne Sanja Matešic R. Janssens

    Cheryl Carr Moira Jenssen

    Frank van Duren Joan Kreutzner

    Francesca van Duren Peter Kreutzner

    Rose Gbologah Carla Morel

    Aileen Faulkner Marjorie Perera

    Arthur Faulkner Ernie Pineda

    Nancy Combs Helen Andriessen Robert Anderson Edith Ahajumobi Lectors

    Loreta Bravo Mary Brass Maureen Sullivan Linda Lane

    Loreta Bravo Pat Akinyemi Maureen Sullivan Carol Wooley

    Odile van der Hoff Jill Chieng Ben Kruisselbrink Emma Nzekwesi Ushers

    Ifeoma Obeta Arthur Faulkner Fred van der Zalm Jacke Buri

    Hans Bloemen Jaap van der Burg

    Chris Khouw Leonard Agoawike

    Emma Williams Benedicta Manka

     Sylvia van der Burg Azieh Cho Children's Liturgy

    Kathleen Taylor Parish Info Table

     Chizzy Edozie Isi Oriaifo Crèche/Child Care

    YOUTH & CONFIRMATION GROUP EVENING thOn Saturday 6 November the former and present Confirmation groups and other interested youth are invited for a special Youth Mass at 19.30, followed by a party in the Parish Hall. Everybody will be contacted by e-mail but if, for some reason you do not receive an invitation, then please consider this announcement as your invite.


    Many, more recently arrived parishioners may not have found the coffee bar yet! Just go through the door beside the Joseph altar, turn right and you'll soon smell the coffee. Welcome!

LITURGY COMMITTEE MEETING THIS WEEK thWould members of the Liturgy Committee please note that the next meeting will be on Thursday, 4 November

    at 19.30 in the Parish House.


    Every Tuesday morning at 09.15 a group of people leave from the Parish House to go to Rotterdam to help the Missionaries of Charity (founded by Mother Teresa) where about 80-100 homeless people are served one warm meal daily. Our numbers are a bit low at the moment so could you be one of these volunteers? If you think

    you could help, please contact Francesca van Duren on 070-346 2866.


    We will meet every Tuesday until Christmas. The group is a DROP-IN. This means you are welcome to come. There is no registration. There is a minimal cost of 1 euro per participant, child and adult, to cover expenses. The group meets in the Parish Hall. Entrance is from Helenastraat. Go to the back of the church, ring the bell and we will let you in. Call Eileen Heaney for more information. 070-382-5377. See you there!!


    This group met last week for a successful first meeting of the pastoral year. One point that was raised was to ask parishioners to look within their own organisations to see if there are any openings or vacancies arising which they could share with the parish. An e-mail or note to the office with details of any such opportunities could then be passed on to the group or advertised in the bulletin/website if that was considered appropriate. Can you help?


    The Catholic feasts of All Saints Day and All Souls Day offer an opportunity for recognition of our Communion of

    the Saints or fellowship with those dead to this earthly existence. The Catholic Church emphasises that with Christ at the head the body of the Church, the people who make up the Church, living or dead, cannot be separated.

     FEAST OF ALL SAINTS stThe Feast of All Saints on 1 November is the celebration of our relationship with those who have preceded us in entry to heaven. It began with local festivals in the early church. Ever since there were Christian martyrs, local thchurches have honored their martyrs. Lists were kept locally and feast days were held locally. In the 6 century, thPope Boniface IV proclaimed 13 May, 610, Feast of All Holy Martyrs held in Rome to honour all martyrs not stlisted in local records. In 835, Pope Gregory IV changed the date and name to 1 November and Feast of All

    Saints. A theory for the change in date is that since the feast was large and popular, it was easier to have an autumn date to take advantage of the harvest for the food supply.

    The change in the name of the event from Feast of All Holy Martyrs to Feast of All Saints probably became about because there was a change in the customs regarding who was listed as a "Saint". In the early years of the Church, only martyrs were given that title, but after the Roman persecutions ended the title was given to others who had led meritorious lives and who were credited with miraculous intercession. Nowadays we include all holy men and women. Our baptism reminds us of our Christian name and we derive our holiness from that.


    The traditions of the Feast of All Souls began independently of the Feast of All Saints. The Feast of All Souls owes thits beginning to 7 century monks who decided to offer the Mass on the day after Pentecost for their deceased community members. thndIn the late 10 century, the Benedictine monks in Cluny chose to move their Mass for their dead to 2 November, ththe day after the Feast of All Saints. This custom spread and in the 13 century, Rome put the feast on the calendar ndof the entire Church. The date remained 2 November so that all in the Communion of the Saints might be

    celebrated together. We remember our departed brothers and sisters and pray for their eternal salvation.

     'Death has been swallowed up in victory.'

     Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?' (I Corinthians 15:54b-58

    In baptism we live, die and rise with Christ. For a believer death does not end life but transforms it.

     (Adapted from an article by Kathryn Morse)

    ONE KILO CAMPAIGN HARVEST FESTIVAL ththOn the weekend of 13/14 November there is an opportunity to share nature's abundance and God's blessings

    with others less fortunate than ourselves. You are requested to bring a food item equivalent to 1 kg, i.e. potatoes, thonions, winter carrots, tinned items, etc. The items will be placed around the altar. After Mass on Sunday the 14,

    the goods will be taken to the Soup Kitchen in Rotterdam where the Sisters will make good use of this food.


    Some 30 people supported the fundraiser for the church renovations last week. The Parish House changed into an Indian restaurant for the occasion. Beautifully dressed cooks, a wonderful meal with music and dance made up a great evening. Guest of Honour was Mgr Luciano Russo, who joined the Papal Nunciature recently. Many thanks to the cooks and the 4Ps committee for organising this event that raised 1.415 euro on the night.


    My Mum was really touched by the flowers she received from the Parish on her birthday. She told me to thank you all with the same words the Pope uses at Easter …. Fr Sjaak


    Last Wednesday 3 guys were blessed among 12 women for a real fun pub night. The Friends' Group made its come-back as one of the participants described "we need this group, not for fund-raising, work or prayer, but just for fun'. This is how the group started 4 years ago and it is a good reason for continuing it now. Maggie Nijman will announce other events in the bulletin soon.


    Karina Rodriguez (20) has already lost her right leg and is fighting cancer with all her energy. A new drug, less aggressive than chemotherapy, showed positive results. In order to pay for the medicine, friends and relatives of Karina have started a campaign to support her. Karina lives in desperately poor conditions in Peru and has no means to afford her treatment. A group of friends in The Hague guarantee that any donation will go immediately to Karina. Her aunt Elena is coordinating the campaign. For more information call 06-1047 9822


    Last Wednesday Queen Beatrix read the first 10 verses from the Book of Genesis starting a Bible Reading Marathon which lasts until this Sunday. Over 500 people will read the Scriptures out loud from cover to cover. The Service to present the new Dutch Bible was held in the St Lawrence Church in Rotterdam. The reserved 1800 seats were far too few for the 6000 people who attend the service. The new Bible is an ecumenical co-production and the result of many years of study and translation from the original Hebrew and Greek. For the presentation of The Book representatives from many Christian Churches were present among whom the Cardinals of Utrecht and Brussels. Also Flanders will use this text to make the Scriptures more accessible to the many who still believe but who have lost their way to the churches.

    BRITISH THEOLOGIAN DR GAVIN D'COSTA GIVES LECTURE thOn Friday, 5 November at 13.30, Dr d'Costa will talk (in English) about 'The Return of Religion in the Public Space' at the church on Fluwelen Burgwal 45 in the centre of The Hague. After the break the discussion will continue in English and Dutch. Fr Sjaak will lead this discussion. The meeting is open for catechists, lectors and

    ministers and others actively involved in ministry.


    Four organisations Cordaid (Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development) the Institute of Social Studies, the Islamic University of Rotterdam and Oikos (Ecumenical Institute for Church and Development Cooperation) are working together to prepare a Knowledge Centre for religion and development. This centre aims to promote the vision that religion is a relevant factor in the policies of sustainable development and international cooperation, and in political and public debates on integration and migration. They are holding a conference concentrating on these rdthemes on Wednesday 3 November Time: 09.30-16.00 Venue: Concordia, Hoge Zand 42, The Hague Entrance:

    Free but they need to know numbers so the contacts are: or Fax 030-236 49 03. Full

    programme and sign up-form available at the Parish House.






    Have YOU got your tickets?? Collect an envelope from the Food Fair table near the door instructions are


    See below for information on the separate Craft Group raffle


    If you need to contact any booth chairperson, the details are available at the Food Fair tables after Mass.


    We now have a Coordinator. You can contact Jill Barthélemy on 070-399 6512


    Dear Parishioners, The Craft Group is holding a raffle for a double-size handmade quilt. The purpose of the raffle is to raise money for the Food Fair. Tickets will be sold after both Saturday and Sunday Masses. The price is 2

    euro for one ticket or the bargain price of 10 euro for 6 tickets. Please buy generously the quilt is very

    beautiful and well worth the money.

    Visit the Food Fair tables after Mass for up-to-date information.

Nicole Alzina 1 Nov

    Farouk Asuni 1 Nov Ana Castanier Munoz 11 Nov Jonathan Buri 21 Nov Amy Akinyemi 2 Nov Fiachra Coughlan 11 Nov Katie Froeling 21 Nov Joel Ita 2 Nov Nithit Pharikhup 11 Nov Margaret Murphy 21 Nov Eirinn O'Sullivan 2 Nov Azieh Cho 12 Nov Dylan Raftery 21 Nov

    Carolina Barria Marmolejo Reema Carmona 22 Nov Ainhoa Barcelona 3 Nov

    Elly Derksen 3 Nov 12 Nov Martha Ikechukwu 22 Nov Freddy Köhler-Krüner 3 Nov Gustaw Guimaraes 12 Nov Jane Njoki Kaberia 22 Nov Mimie Laurant Lewis 3 Nov Yi Fen Kueh 12 Nov Geeta Koolen-Cardoza 22 Nov

    Cho Sylvarnus 12 Nov Luz Ochoa 3 Nov Malachy C Ngobili 22 Nov Maxwell Ajemian 4 Nov Catherine Tanna 12 Nov Achara Pharikhup 22 Nov

    Frank van Boven 13 Nov Paula Schmidt 22 Nov Eduardo Jr Aro 4 Nov

    Alessandra Baldan 4 Nov Lysda Lumban Gaol 13 Nov Laura Waters 22 Nov Michelle Day 4 Nov Heather O'Brien 13 Nov Bianca Acquaviva 23 Nov Jovy Estreba 5 Nov Caitlin Thorne 13 Nov Mary Claire Akinyemi 23 Nov Leticia Laxa 5 Nov Guido Acquaviva 14 Nov Jeannie Anderson 23 Nov Lanfranco Leone 5 Nov Virginie Chateaux 14 Nov Mary Beth Guckian 23 Nov

    William Harrington 14 Nov Blair Hill 23 Nov Ricardo Maldonado 5 Nov

    Julie Martire 5 Nov Maria Petrauskas 14 Nov Wilson Obomanu 23 Nov

    Eric Rivard 14 Nov Ida van Boxel 24 Nov Boniface Munzala 5 Nov

    Alfredo Nara 5 Nov Henrietta Udeho 14 Nov Filipe Freire 24 Nov Eva Mary Nazziwa 5 Nov Caroline Wojtylak 14 Nov Reginald Nalugala 24 Nov Izabella Tomljanovich 5 Nov Margaret Mary Cox 15 Nov Beryl Pavey-Donnelland 24 Nov

    Ronald Gavino 15 Nov Fee van Engelen 25 Nov Simon Allen 6 Nov

    Maria Don-Chebe 6 Nov Zhong Wei Kueh 15 Nov Paul Feenan 25 Nov Pasquale Foglia 6 Nov Lucy Chang 16 Nov Andrew James Nyakoojo 25 Nov Jacqueline Lommerse 6 Nov Mercedes Fajardo 16 Nov Beata Pacholec 25 Nov Patricia Robertson 6 Nov Sharaz Gill 16 Nov Lina Pineda 25 Nov Hortensia Unger 6 Nov Luke Hedberg 16 Nov Marcela Rossi 25 Nov Mappie Foglia 7 Nov Andrew Maddox 16 Nov Danilo Almoro 26 Nov

    Sean O'Neill 16 Nov Jonelyn Barcelona 26 Nov Dermot Groome 7 Nov

    Benjamin Hemstock 7 Nov Bill Stevenson 16 Nov Joseph Ellebracht 26 Nov Russell Hollamby 7 Nov Julia Westbury 16 Nov Patricia Fiolet 26 Nov Sarfarash Jafri 7 Nov Robert Clement 17 Nov Maria Ana Guimaraes 26 Nov Alexia Kuniewicz 7 Nov Jasmina Ilijas 17 Nov Remigius Onyegbutulem 26 Nov David Lau 7 Nov Agnes Kotoh 17 Nov Hanns Stadelmann 26 Nov Caizhen Lu 7 Nov Deming Li 17 Nov Mary Kavitha Vincent 26 Nov Piotr Mardal 7 Nov Cyrus Michael Massey 17 Nov Todd Kushner 27 Nov Michelle Smits 7 Nov Benjamin Michels 17 Nov Anthony Njui 27 Nov Catherine Agnes Crotty 8 Nov Ezinne Obeta 17 Nov Osezua Oriaifo 27 Nov Benedicta Fernandes 8 Nov Karen Yaptinchay 17 Nov Amber Ruybal 27 Nov Elisabetta Foglia 8 Nov Cherylanne Carr 18 Nov Brian Treacy 27 Nov Ralph Goodman 8 Nov Christopher Chin 18 Nov Irene Chidozie 28 Nov Michiel Hendriksz 8 Nov Davide Gatti 18 Nov Michael Linso Conteh 28 Nov Danny Lommerse 8 Nov Manuel Guimaraes 18 Nov Andrea Donagemma 28 Nov Ibim Obomanu 8 Nov Michael Patterson 18 Nov Elaine Lee 28 Nov Eugene Servigon 8 Nov Chike Edozie 18 Nov Adrian Michael Maiyor 28 Nov Onno van der Wind 8 Nov Dragan Knezevic 18 Nov Ernie Pineda 28 Nov Michelle Cederberg 9 Nov Kevin Okpara 18 Nov Richard Coughlan 29 Nov Oscar Herberg 9 Nov Lauretta Ritchie 18 Nov Lillian Hoppers 29 Nov Peter van den Brule 9 Nov Joanna Rosycka 18 Nov Garry Selsky 29 Nov Mirjam Koomen 9 Nov Nathaniel Bulovas 19 Nov Andrew Sparks 29 Nov Eugene Okpere 9 Nov Francisco Fajardo 19 Nov Christian Carmona 30 Nov Noeline Onukwugha Idut 9 Nov Nicoletta Gambro 19 Nov Isabel Connelly 30 Nov Susan Terrio 9 Nov Daphne de Leener 19 Nov Patricia Ganora 30 Nov Mickie Caitlin Condon 10 Nov Erika de Leener 19 Nov Jerry Gause 30 Nov Cecile van Lanschot 10 Nov Loreto Bravo de Urquia 20 Nov Patrick Desmond Lynch 30 Nov Joseph Francois 11 Nov Catarina Guimaraes 20 Nov Chinedu Ogbonna 30 Nov Joan Kreutzner 11 Nov Phillip Kellogg 20 Nov Clare Palmer 30 Nov Maureen Minjo 11 Nov Veronica Mabiki 20 Nov Myriam-Clara Sheppard 30 Nov


    IRISH CLUB~THE NETHERLANDS CHILDREN'S HALLOWEEN PARTY stOn Sunday 31 October from 14.00-17.00 the Halloween party will be held in the upstairs function room of the Shillelaigh, Javastraat 94, The Hague. Entrance 3,50 euro (4,50 for non-members) Children dress up in your scary gear and join in the fun and games! Contact Eithne 070-365 7425, Barbara 070-383 7113 or Ruth

    AUTUMN CONCERT thThe 'Van Wassenaer Ensemble' is performing an autumn concert on Saturday 27 November at the Messiaskerk, Zijllaan 57 in

    Wassenaar. The concert begins at 20.15 and includes works by Dvorak, Vanhal and Kalliwoda. Entrance 8 euro. Tickets thavailable from 10 November at de Kler bookshop (Langestraat 148, Wassenaar) or on the door.


    2001 Opel Zafira Comfort Z1.6XE. 44.000 kms. Price:13.000 euro (10,500 if you can buy it tax-free). Contact E del Solar on 070-312 3640/47 or 06-1467 2320


    We are seeking to employ in Nov an English speaking live-in nanny and housekeeper to care for a family with two girls (10 & 1 yrs) in central Den Haag (Archipel). Must be able to drive. Call Catherine or David on 070-427 9896 or 06-2949 7811. ANYONE LOOKING FOR A BED?

    I have a loft bed, without mattress (140 x 205 cms) which I no longer require. This is available free to anyone who would like it. Contact Agnes on 06-2068 6547.


    Lovely sunny family house in Bezuidenhout (near to the church and the British School). 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, family room, living room with fireplace, dining room with open connection to kitchen. Central hall & staircase, patio garden with shed. Child-friendly area, close to shops and main roads. For more info call Estata Makelaars on 070-350 7050. APARTMENTS FOR RENT

    ; A parishioner leaving for Croatia would like to rent out a furnished, 4-room apartment, in Voorburg. The apartment is in

    quiet area near The Hague, the highway and the shopping centre. It is in excellent condition and has parquet floor, separate

    modern kitchen, luxury bathroom, balcony and cellar. For more information please contact Dragan on 070-3830601,

    0624871077 or st; 3-room apartment with carpets & curtains available from 1 Nov in Benoordenhout. Close to town centre, good transport

    links. Partially renewed kitchen, new toilet and shower. :Large sunny terrace. Rent 950 euro inclusive gas, water.

    Electricity, internet, telephone and TV connections. For info call 070-324 5170 or 06-2231 1807. ; To let: totally refurbished semi-free standing villa with garden, garage, 5 b/r, 2 baths, 2 toilets, and a new Miele kitchen

    For further details, please Contact I. Voss @070-514.4685


    Two courses which may be of interest are being offered by ACCESS details are given here. For registration for

    either then call ACCESS on 070-346 2525

    or mail

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