HYQ-Syllabus-Session 1 for Process Control_2010

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HYQ-Syllabus-Session 1 for Process Control_2010

    Process Control and Applications


    Course Objectives

    ; Learn the scientific and engineering principles underlying process dynamics and


    ; Apply and integrate engineering knowledge (mainly in chemical engineering) to

    identify, formulate and solve process control problems

    ; Use and apply modern computational techniques and tools (Matlab) for solving

    process control problems

    ; Become familiar with industrial control systems, such as level control, flow

    control, pressure control, temperature control and concentration control mostly in

    chemical industry.

    Course Content

    This course will cover the fundamental theory underlining the practice of process control and its applications in the processing industry. Therefore, it will just be of elementary introduction from the analytical and synthetic perspectives in nature. The topics that will be covered are as following,

    ; Introduction to Process Control: Incentives and motivation for process control. ; Mathematical Tools: Mathematical modeling of dynamic processes. Linearization

    of nonlinear systems. Laplace transforms.

    ; Response of open-loop systems: First-order systems, Second-order systems,

    Higher-order systems, Time delays, Transfer functions.

    ; Single-loop control systems: Transient response, Types of controllers. Stability of

    closed-loop systems. Frequency response methods

    ; State space systems and analysis: Single input and single output (SISO) systems

    and Multiple inputs and Multiple outputs (MIMO) systems

    ; Multiloop control system: Feedback-Feedforward control. Cascade Control. Ratio

    Control. Time-delay compensation. Multivariable control systems. Course Textbook: Pao C. Chau, Process Control: A First Course with MATLAB,

     Cambridge University Press, 1 edition, 2002

    Additional References

    [1] D. E. Seborg, et. al, Process Dynamics and Control, Wiley; 2 edition, 2003

    [2] T. E. Marlin, Process Control, McGraw-Hill, 2nd edition, 2000

    [3] 王树青, 戴连亏, 于玲, 过程控制工程, 化学工业出版社, 2008

    [4] 何离庆, 张寿明, 朱文嘉, 过程控制系统与装置, 重庆大学出版社, 2006

    Instructor: Huang Yi-Qing, Main building at campus A, room1902,


Course schedule:

    Duration: Week 4-6, 8-10, 12 Monday 3-4, Friday 7-8; Week 7 Wednesday. 3-4; Week 11 Friday 7-8;

    Room:A5209 for session 2)

    No. Date and Time Topics Reading Home


    Introduction 1 2011-3-14, 10:10-11:50 Handout

    Math review, Dynamic Response (I) 2 2011-3-18, 16:40-18:20 p2-20~2-29

    Dynamic Response (II) Hm01 3 2011-3-21, 10:10-11:50 p3-1~3-10

    Class Seminar (I) Deadline 4 2011-3-25, 16:40-18:20 P3-11~3-19

    State-Space Representation 5 2011-3-28, 10:10-11:50 P4-8~4-13

    Single-Loop Control Systems (I) 6 2011-4-1, 16:40-18:20 P5-1~5-21

    Single-Loop Control System (II) Hm02 7 2011-4-6, 10:10-11:50 P6-1~6-18

    Stability of Closed-Loop Systems(I) Deadline 8 2011-4-11, 10:10-11:50 P7-1~7-10

    Stability of Closed-Loop Systems(II) Hm03 9 2011-4-15, 16:40-18:20 P7-11~7-17

    Class Seminar (II) Deadline 10 2011-4-18, 10:10-11:50

    Frequency-Response Analysis (I) 11 2011-4-22, 16:40-18:20 P8-1~8-14

    Frequency-Response Analysis (II) 12 2011-4-25, 10:10-11:50 P8-15~8-28

    Design of State-Space Systems 13 2011-4-29, 16:40-18:20 P9-1~9-17

    Multiloop System (I) 14 2011-5-6, 16:40-18:20 P10-1~10-9

    Multiloop System (II) Hm04 15 2011-5-9, 10:10-11:50 P10-10~10-23

    Class Seminar (III) Deadline 16 2011-5-9, 16:40-18:20


    *the exam date will be determined after consulting the student consular

    Homework: 4 sets, 15% of the final grade.

    Note that the homework should be submitted in exactly one week after assignment. No credit will be given for late submission. Please include a cover page showing the paper title of the translation, your affiliation, name, and date. Both electronic and hard copies are required.

    Students are encouraged to talk with each other, the instructor, or anyone else about any assignment in the course. However, consulting another student's solution is prohibited. Moreover, submitted solutions may not be copied from any source.

    Teaching Assistant: 632482820@QQ.COM , Email:

    Final Exam: The course is the Closed-book exam. However, you are allowed to use

     English-Chinese dictionary for the exam. Exam time lasts two hours. Grading Policy:

    Homework: 15% of the final grade

    Experiment: 15% of the final grade

    Final Exam: 70% of the final grade

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