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CSCAOSCChief Executives SDPs HalfYearProgressReportdoc - AGENDA



    Report to: Corporate Services and Civic Affairs Overview and Scrutiny

    thCommittee 12 October 2004

From: Assistant Director Chief Executive’s Office


    PROGRESS REPORT Chief Executive’s Office

Portfolio: Finance & Civic Affairs (Councillor D. Harvey); Planning &

    Development (Councillor J. Glass); Central Services

    (Councillor F.P. McGale)

1. Purpose of Report

    1.1 To report the progress in implementing the Service Development Plan

    (SDP) for the Chief Executive‟s Office 2004/2005.

2. Background

    3.1 Each of the Council‟s service areas produces an annual Service

    Development Plan (SDP). The SDP is a key element of the Council‟s

    performance management framework, making the link between the

    Council‟s strategic objectives (as set out in the Corporate Plan), and

    individual Service Unit objectives. An important element of this

    performance management framework is monitoring of the SDP.

    3.2 Monitoring takes place on a regular basis within the Service Unit, and by

    the Council‟s Management Teams (who monitor key performance

    indicators on a quarterly basis), and is complimented by this half yearly

    review by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

3.3 I have summarised in this report:

     (a) OSC‟s agreed 9 key areas of interest for reporting at the half year


     (b) the key areas where targets or performance has been below required



    3.4 I have concluded by looking ahead to the challenges that the Chief

    Executive‟s Office will face in coming years. For reference purposes, a full

    copy of the Chief Executive‟s Office SDP has been placed in the Members


4. Corporate Plan - Chief Executive’s Office

    4.1 The Chief Executive‟s Office contribute directly to the Council‟s overall

    corporate aim:

     “To encourage and work with the local community to make

    Nuneaton and Bedworth a safe, clean and healthy place to live,

    work and visit”.

    4.2 The Service Development Plan is used as a basis for discussion during

    employee reviews, helping to ensure that the Council‟s corporate

    objectives are cascaded throughout the Council.

5. General

    5.1 The Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) has been a

    considerable drain on resources within the Chief Executive‟s Office. The

    team, which supported the CPA inspectors, the Council‟s employees and

    members performed in a highly professional manner. That being said we

    now have the issue of catching up with our Action Plan whilst still having

    the knowledge that an improvement programme is to be developed and

    implemented from the outcome of the CPA.

    5.2 The accommodation changes within the Town Hall (part of the

    Accommodation Review) are underway with the first moves complete

    within the Directors‟ and Secretaries‟ suite of offices. The next stages of

    the office moves and alterations have been scheduled during the coming


6. Policy and Development

6.1 Develop and Implement step change is part of a wider programme being

    undertaken by Extended Management Team. The Chief Executive‟s Office

    has made significant contributions in providing a customer focused Council

    e.g. refreshment of the Corporate Communications Group with improved

    representation from service units, the continued implementation of the

    Council‟s complaints system and the implementation of the Town Hall

    office moves to provide a more accessible customer focused services.


    6.1.1 The CPA process also helped in a number of aspects such as the

     employee focus groups, particularly the Middle Managers and Front Line

     and the continued development of Service Standards, which are available

     both on the Council‟s Internet Site and at reception desks.

6.2 The 2003-2004 Core Programme has achieved notable success in

     service delivery across a diverse arts, community, sporting and cultural


    6.2.1 The Festival of Art and Literature launched for the first time in 2004 was

     well supported across a weekend of arts and cultural activities.

    6.2.2 The Motorsport in the Midlands initiative received recognition from the

     West Midlands Local Government Association as being a " working

     example of partnership working between local authorities and the private

     sector ". This year also saw the borough host the National Launch of the

     British Rally Championship, a contract which has been retained for a third

     year in 2005, the Rally of the Midlands also achieved National

     Recognition becoming part of the National Tarmacadam Championship. A

     spin off of the Motorsport Initiative has also seen a new Motorsport

     Course set up at North Warwickshire and Hinckley College, which was

     over subscribed.

    6.2.3 Community support was again very high for this year's Local Nuneaton

     and Bedworth in Bloom Competition and climaxed with a highly

     successful presentation evening at the Ex-Servicemen‟s Club in Bedworth

     in September.

    6.2.4 Cultural links with our Twin Town of Roanne were reinforced this year in

    preparation for the 50th Anniversary in 2006. New links have been forged

    with sports and arts groups on both sides of the channel, which will be

    further enhanced next year.

7. Human Resources

7.1 The development and implementation of a new HR IT System is

    progressing. An opportunity to implement the HR & Payroll package from

    the Council‟s Corporate Finance System has proven difficult. This is due to

    key features within their existing package not being fully developed/tried.

    We are therefore exploring options with our existing HR & Payroll supplier

    (who incidentally provides North Warwickshire Council where reports on

    the performance of that system have been favourable).


7.2 Health and Safety Risk Assessments are a fundamental legal requirement

    and essential for good health and safety management. Identified as a key

    priority, a comprehensive risk assessment audit has been completed

    across the Council involving all Service Units. A report was written and

    submitted to the Corporate Management Team in July, the report identified

    areas of non-compliance and made recommendations for action. These

    are currently being actioned across the authority and a follow up audit is

    planned for December/January 2005.

8. Regeneration

8.1 The Crime and Disorder Strategy 2002/05 is being reviewed to take into

    account the Audit of Crime & Disorder in Warwickshire 2004 and

    consulting with the Peoples Panel and other key partners. The outcome is

    to produce a Crime and Disorder Strategy for 2005/08.

    8.1.1 The Council has been a very proactive member of the Crime and

     Disorder Partnership (CDRP) managing, promoting and implementing

     many initiatives to help reduce crime (Appendix A - Current Project

     Performance Details).

    8.1.2 In 2003/04, the total recorded crime rate for Nuneaton and Bedworth

    CDRP was 107.0 crimes per 1,000 population. This was below the West

    Midlands and England and Wales averages (both 113). (Source: Home

    Office Statistical Bulletin 10/04: Crime in England and Wales 2003/04).

    Further details on the Best Value Indicators and Family Group Quartiles

    can be seen in Appendix B - Family Group Quartiles 2003/04. The Best

    Value Performance Indicators are an area of concern for the Council and

    the CDRP. The projected statistics demonstrate in most areas a gradual

    increase when compared to the previous two years but there is a degree of

    confidence that improvements will be achieved. (Appendix C Best

    Value Performance Indicators)

8.2 Implementation of Best Value Performance Plan continues with the

    completion of the GIS estates terrier project. This has been delayed by

    issues surrounding the validation of data captured and resources required

    to deliver the project. The project plan has been re-structured and it is

    anticipated that capture of the Council‟s land ownership records will be

    completed during the current financial year. The link to the Estates/Asset

    Management System will be undertaken upon completion of the GIS

    estates terrier.

    8.2.1 Completed the review of Chilvers Coton Craft Centre, which has lead to a

    more flexible approach to managing those areas e.g. reduced period of



    9.1.2 The Centre for Procurement Excellence has been established within this

     region with Worcestershire County Council taking a lead role. It is the

     intention of the Chief Executive‟s Office to provide a report to this

     committee updating the early outcomes of this initiative.

9.2 The Council is piloting a performance management IT package (Ten)

    within the Corporate Property Service Unit that is proving very successful.

    Further development and implementation of the performance management

    framework, the performance management software is being proactively

    reviewed. The correlation, monitoring, auditing and reporting of Best Value

    Performance Indicators and Key Local Performance Indicators, on going

    management, interpretation and dissemination of information needs to be

    resourced. A project plan has been developed looking to prioritise work

    and re-allocate resources. The key targets are to:

    ; Make Nuneaton and Bedworth‟s performance management function

    best practice and driver for service improvement;

    ; Develop an effective support network and framework for members and

    officers, including a research and development function;

    ; Establish close links with best value performance plans and reviews;

    ; Group PI‟s into themes and priorities, which really evidence changes in

    performance and demonstrate the Council‟s overall operational and

    strategic well being;

    ; Identify where we are in terms of performance league tables and focus

    on areas that are the Council‟s overall priorities and objectives;

10. Future Challenges

    10.1 A review of the key challenges facing the Chief Executive‟s Office for the

     remainder of 2004/05 continues to change with an ever-increasing

     workload. It remains the ambition of the Chief Executive‟s Office to be the

    driving force to achieve the culture of change within the organisation and strive to improve continually the quality of services to our customers. Also, as importantly, we strive to motivate and empower our employees.

    10.2 There continue to be a number of key challenges facing the Chief

     Executive‟s Office during the remainder of 2004/05 with future potential

     challenges: -

    ; Implementation of the CPA Improvement Programme (including the

    High Level Action List);

    ; Crime & Disorder BVPI Improvements;

    ; Develop & Implement revised Performance Management systems and



    ; Replacement of the HR & Payroll System;

    ; Continued Implementation of the Council‟s Equality Plan;

    ; Review of the Council‟s Pay & Conditions of Service Payments;

    ; Implementation of the new Planning Framework;

    ; The Civil Contingency Bill.

Jerry Doherty


    Appendix A

    Current Project Performance Details

Community plan Progress


    1. Working together a) A bid for „Building Safer Communities‟

    with existing funding has been approved through the

    groups to promote Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership

    services and (CDRP) for „Positive Publicity‟ to promote

    improve the services and projects related to the

    communication Partnership

    between agencies

     b) A new structure has been introduced by

    the CDRP, which aims to improve

    communication between agencies. This

    has lead to the development of 3 theme

    groups: „Tackling Drugs and Alcohol‟,

    „Community Confidence‟ and „Priority

    crime‟. The Chairs of each group are

    represented on the CDRP

    2. Develop a a) External funding has been secured via

    mediation service „Building Safer Communities‟ (BSC) and a

    and seek external mediation project has been developed in

    funding to partnership between NBBC Housing and

    encourage a multi the Coventry Mediation Partnership.

    agency approach Additional funding to support this is also

    in relation to Anti being sought. 11 new referrals 10 are

    Social Behaviour ongoing,1 resolved 2 have declined


     b) A multi agency approach to addressing

     anti social behaviour has been established

     through the structure of the CDRP and is

    considered on a quarterly basis by the

    „Community Confidence‟ group. 3 projects

    have been funded by the BSC funding and

    include the above mediation project, a

    Police Nuisance behaviour Co-ordinator

    and a Countywide Anti-social behaviour


    The Anti Social behaviour act 2003 has

    introduced new powers to address this. As

    a result of this 4 Dispersal Orders in

    Kingswood, Stockingford, Bede and Wem

    Brook have been agreed and

    implemented. 13 Anti- social behaviour

    Orders are currently operational in


    Nuneaton and Bedworth

    3. Encourage active a) The „Your Turn‟ Event organised by involvement of NBBC saw 40 younger people working both young and together with Police and Council Officers older people to identify and address local issues in

    Boffin‟s Arcade‟ in the Town Centre. A

    project will be developed following their


    b) Community Education continue to work

    with the PRU to engage with younger

    people who do not access mainstream

    education e.g. the Mean Machine project

    at Keresley Community Centre which links

    young and older members of the

    community together

    c) The Sports Development team link with

    adults to train them as sports coaches for

    the younger people‟s football teams in

    local areas of Nuneaton and Bedworth

    d) The Nuneaton and Bedworth

    Neighbourhood Watch Association are

    currently establishing Junior

    Neighbourhood Watch schemes

    4. Improve the look of a) 4 Visual Audits have been conducted by our streets: the Police, Community representatives and remove graffiti, Council representatives. These audits are litter and increase referred to the Community confidence the feeling of group for action. Actions from 1 audit have safety been completed this quarter.

    b) A bid to WCC wellbeing fund has been

    submitted to enhance the Visual audits by

    engaging with communities to assist them

    rid their areas from graffiti and litter

    5. Promote secured This priority has yet to be addressed by design specifically by the CDRP. An update to the properties LSP will be provided next quarter



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