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    7th February, 2008

    At a Meeting held at Eastergate Parish Hall


Mr M Hutton (Chairman), Mr A Campion, Dr P Carter, Mr J Kilroy and Mrs S Peters

Apologies were received from Mrs S Cleall, PCSO’s K Beere and P Ryan


1. A parishioner asked the Council what it intended to do about the continuing flooding

    problem on the Hall car park. Photographs were passed around to Members. The

    matter was due to be considered later on in the agenda. Parishioners asked the

    Council whether it could assist with removal of sheets of asbestos which had been

    placed behind the wall built between garages in Elm Grove South. Trees and other

    rubbish had also been placed there. The asbestos sheets appeared to have come from

    the roof of a garage that had been repaired and the property subsequently sold. A

    parishioner expressed concern at the speed of traffic along the Barnham Road. The

    Chairman referred to complaints regarding traffic speed from Yapton as well as other

    villages, which had been made to Barnham and Eastergate Police Management Forum.

    The next meeting of the forum on the 18

    th February was mentioned.

2. Resolved: That the Clerk contact ADC with regard to the asbestos and rubbish in

     Elm Grove South.


3. Resolved: That the minutes of the meeting held on 6th December 2007, having been

     circulated, be taken as read and approved as a correct record and be

     signed by the Chairman.


4. County Councillor Derek Whittington mentioned the opportunity of the provision of a

    bus shelter near the railway station car park. The Clerk reported that he had not heard

    from ADC with regard to the request for details of the style/type of shelter being

    proposed. It was mentioned that Adshel type shelters which had been put up in areas

    such as Yapton, had suffered regular damage which created an eyesore. It was

    reported that residents living near the letterbox at the junction of Elm Grove and

    Barnham Road had expressed concern as to vehicles parking on or mounting the

    grass verge near the junction. This appeared to occur during the “school run”. It was

    - 1 - suggested that bollards could be installed as has occurred further along the road.

    Members indicated that they would have no objection to that. The footbridge at Eastergate School was expected to be open in the summer school holidays. The fingerpost stanchion was now in place opposite Church Lane, Eastergate and the roundel was being cast and was to be collected by the Officer, from Yorkshire, in order to avoid delays. Barnham Parish Council had asked Mr Whittington to mention the fact that they were to produce a quarterly newsletter, and the Eastergate Councils’ response to the request for an emergency team was also referred to. A 200 Club lottery competition was to be run to raise funds. Members thanked Mr Whittington for his kind offer to take down, repair and repaint the noticeboard in the Square, Barnham. Parishioner’s complaints regarding obstruction of pavements had been noted and a

    new policy regarding illegal signage on footpaths was to be produced shortly by the County Council. It was indicated that the new floor to be placed in the Hall was to be suitable for dancing. It was reported that the Headmaster of St Philip Howard School, had asked for the closure of the footpath that runs parallel to Elm Grove South and leads from the Old Caretakers bungalow to the main road. It was suggested that a railing preventing children from running out onto the road would be a more sensible solution. The County Council’s handling of the Elm Grove South footpath was referred to. The Parish Council had acted as an agent to seek resolution of the issue. An opponent to the footpath had delivered worrying notices to local residents which had caused concern and distress to some householders. It was considered that the gap in the garages was left for a reason and a parishioner produced a map which showed the proposed development which did not have a gap between garages. It is clear that the original gap was introduced for a purpose and the only purpose would be a route to footpath 321. A legal decision had been taken by WSCC that the footpath was a public right of way and the matter would now proceed to the Secretary of State for a decision. The papers would be delivered in about 8 week’s time although it was unknown when

    a decision would be received from Government. District Councillor Mrs Goad referred to the application for change of use of the Old Tuck Shop in Fontwell Avenue which had been approved by the Council despite Parish Council objections. A parishioner explained the efforts to produce an Emergency Response Plan which would largely consist of telephone numbers of appropriately qualified or equipped personnel.


    5. Members were informed that no applications had been received since December but

    several decisions had been made. Notably the application for a property at Eastergate Lane/Fontwell Avenue was refused and developments on both sides of Downview Road were also refused. The Clerk mentioned an appeal which would be held at

    stBognor Town Hall on the 1 April. In view of the close proximity of the application to

    the Local Gap, it was considered that the Parish Council should be represented. Mr

    Whittington apologised for the fact that he could not be present as he was out of the

    Country. Members revisited the question of the Parish Action Plan questionnaire and

    considered other Parish Plans. It was felt that an indication of the percentage reply per population to each style of questionnaire would be helpful. Mr Campion kindly agreed

    to investigate that. Papers relating to an application for work at Barnham School, to be determined by WSCC, were circulated. It was considered that no immediate problem

    was to be seen from the plans and, in view of time constraints, the Planning Committee would consider the application in more detail and notify a decision to WSCC, if


    - 2 -


    dark wood sample. A Member suggested that the car park should be delineated to

    show two disabled car-parking spaces near to the side door with the ramp for access.

    13. Resolved 1: That the Players be allowed to resurface the stage subject to approval of

     the proposed surface by the Parish Council.

    14. Resolved 2: That the electrical work at the Hall be undertaken by Bradley Electrical.

    15. Resolved 3: That the Chairman investigate the best method of solving the flooding in

    the car park with a surveyor.

    16. Resolved 4: That the dark wood flooring be used when the floor is replaced.


17. Members were advised that the footpath alongside the Sportsfield had been cleared of

    encroaching grass. Members confirmed that they had visited the local play areas and

    found that they all had fencing. Walberton, in particular, had nice rustic fencing which

    would be appropriate for the Eastergate play area. It was suggested that this type with

    a wire mesh to prevent access by dogs would be suitable. The Clerk mentioned that

    only PlaySafe were prepared to quote for fencing at the play area. The Chairman

    mentioned that the refuse bins had not been emptied by the play area for 3 weeks.

    Members were advised by the Clerk that the demolition contractors approved by the

    Council had been instructed to undertake the necessary asbestos survey prior to


    18. Resolved 1: That the Clerk obtain quotes from other fencing Companies for fencing at

     the play area.

    19. Resolved 2: That the demolition of the Scout hut progress as quickly as possible.

    20. Resolved 3: That the Clerk notifies ADC of the failure to empty the bins.


21. The Clerk circulated the statements for December 2007 and January 2008 at the


    22. Resolved: That the financial statements for December and January be approved

     and payments be authorised.


23. Members considered several grant applications received over the past year.

    - 4 -

    24. Resolved: That a grant of ?100 (one hundred pounds) be given to the Samaritans,

     Youth Action/Outset, the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Sussex Air



25. Members were advised of quotations received in respect of adding names to the War

    Memorial. More quotes were awaited and a decision was not requested at the meeting.

    Members were advised by the Clerk that he had not received a response to his request

    for details of the proposed bus shelter at the railway station car park. The Chairman

    mentioned that the County Councils’ proposals for change in relation to the Joint

    Downland Area Committees had now been shelved.

    26. Resolved: That the Clerk make further enquiry into the bus shelter proposal.


27. Members were informed that the idea of a Time Capsule was still progressing. It was

    suggested that the capsule could be placed in the ground under the Hall when the floor

    was being re-laid. Members were asked to provide ideas for items to be placed in the

    capsule. The Chairman mentioned the possibility of paying for the services of a Traffic

    Warden and members were referred to correspondence received.

    28. Resolved 1: That the contents of the time capsule be an agenda item for the next


    29. Resolved 2: That the Council would not proceed with payment for the services of a

    Traffic Warden.


30. Resolved: The date of the next meeting will be 6th March, 2008.

    Signed : ………........................................................ Dated : ..........................................

    - 5 -

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