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Unit13 Healthy eating_6498

Unit13 Healthy eating

Unit13.6 (1)

     课题;《Unit13 Healthy eating

    Period 6

    一、 Teaching Content

    Unit 13 Integrating skills

    二、 Teaching Goals

    1. Review the words and phrases learnt in this unit. 2. Know about the way of cooking snacks through reading,

    practise writing the recipe.

    三、 Teaching Important Points:

    1. How to master some words according to the given sentences. Words: Ingredients, chop, peel, slice, dice, stir, mix, etc 2. Cooking is an art; try to enjoy the pleasure of cooking. 3. Let students know how to write recipe for their favourite

    dishes by reading snacks and two examples of recipes. 四、 Teaching Difficult Points

    1. How to help the students to master reading about snacks writing.

    2. How to develop the students writing skills. 五、 Teaching Methods:

    1. Asking-and-answering activity to go through the reading


    2. Individual, pair and group works to make every student work

    in class.

    六、 Teaching Aids

1. A projector

    2. The blackboard

    七、 Teaching procedures

    Step 1 Greetings

    T: Good morning! My boys and girls!

    T: Sit down, please!

    Step2 Warming up

    T: Weve learned something about diets. As I all know, you usually

    eat the snack at noon. Do you like these snacks?

    T: Do you think they are good snacks or bad snacks? Why? Step3 Reading

    T: Ok. Please open your books on page 6. read through the text quickly and try to answer these questions.

1unit13.6. (2)

    T: Why do you think fruits are good snacks?

    Whats the difference between fruits and other snacks such as dumplings and roll-ups?

    Ss: We can eat fruits just the way they are.

    All we have to do is clean or peel them. But for other snacks, we should prepare and cook.

    Step3 Learn to master the reading s writing

    T: Do you want to know how to make Shaomai

    T: Lets see the recipe on the textbook. What shall we prepare in order to make shaomai?

    Ss: pork, black mushroom, chopped green onions, Green beans, shaomai skin.

    T: Who want to be the cook, and show us how to make shaomai?

    1. (Invite two students, one reads it and the other acts it out.)T: Ok. Lets

    T: Now lets see how the make chicken roll-ups. Please underline all

    the verbs. Whats the meaning of them?.

    Step 4 Writing


    T: Before we write our recipes, lets learn some words about



    The way of cooking: boil, steam, fry, stir-fry, bake

    The way to put sth together: mix, stir, add

    The way of cutting: chop, slice, dice, cut

    Other words: peel, spoon, poundinto pieces

    2. Writing

    T:You can write the recipe foryour favourite dish, or you can write the recipe for corn salad.


    Corn salad


    Corn, rice, green pepper, chili, tomato, banana, peanut, the leaves

    of the celery, olive oil, lemon juice

    Cook the corn and rice, and cool them down. Dice the green pepper and

    chili. Peel the tomato and dice it. Peel the banana and chop it small. Pound the peanut into pieces. Chop the leaves of the celery,

    stir the olive oil and the lemon juice for later use. Mix the corn,

    rice, and all the other things together in the plate, pour the mixture of the olive oil and the lemon juice on them. Put the chopped

    leaves of the celery above.

    Unit13.6. (3)

3. Post- writing

    T: Read your recipe again, correct mistakes in it.

    Evaluate the students recipe

    Evaluating (points) Score

    Format (2)

    Vocabulary: the correct use of cooking terms (2)

     No mistakes in spelling (1)

    Grammar: imperative sentence (3)

    Content: contain all the steps (2)

Step5 Summary and homework

    T: In this class, weve review the words and phrases. Specially , weve learned how to write a recipe.

    T: Weve also learned something about snacks and recipes. After class, go over all the important points learned in this unit and try to write more better recipes.


    1. Copy your recipe into your exercise book.

    2. Review unit 13

    3. Do exercise on page 75



    The way of cooking: boil, steam, fry, stir-fry, bake

    The way to put sth together: mix, stir, add

    The way of cutting: chop, slice, dice, cut

    Other words: peel, spoon, poundinto pieces


    Corn salad


    Cook method:


    Evaluate the students recipe


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