Euphonium Literature

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Euphonium Literature

Euphonium Literature


A. Euphonium Methods and Etude Books:

     1. Arban. Complete Method for Euphonium/Trombone. Encore.

     2. Arban. Complete Method for Trumpet. Carl Fischer.

     3. Blume. 36 Studies for Trombone. Carl Fischer.

     4. Bordogni/Rochut. Melodius Etudes, 2 vol. Carl Fischer.

     5. Fink, R. F. Introducing the Tenor Clef. Accura Music.

     6. Kopprasch. 60 Studies, 2 vol. Carl Fischer.

     7. Bach, J.S. Cello Suites. Brown, Marstellar, etc.

     8. Blazhevich. Studies in Clefs. International.

     9. Uber. Method Book 3. Southern Music.

     10. Remington/Hunsberger. Warm-up Studies. Accura.

     11. Tyrell. 40 Progressive Studies. Boosey and Hawkes.

     12. Voxman. Selected Studies. Rubank.

B. Euphonium Solos:

     1. Adler. Four Dialogues for Euphonium and Marimba. C. Fischer

     2. Arban. Carnival of Venice.

     3. Arnold. Malcom. Fantasy for trombone. Faber.

     4. Bach, Jan. Concert Variations; Euphonium Concerto. Tuba- Euphonium Press.

     5. Barat, J. E. Andante and Allegro. Alphonse Leduc.

     6. Barat. Introduction and Dance. Southern Music.

     7. Boccalari. Fantasia di Concerto. TUBA Press.

     8. Boda. Sonatina (w/tape). Whaling Music.

     9. Bourgeois, Derek. Euphoria. Vanderbeek & Imrie.

     10. Bowman, Brian. Euphonium Music. Rosehill.

     11. Capuzzi. Andante and Rondo. Hinrichsen

     12. Castérède. Fantasie Concertante. Alphonse Leduc.

     13. Clarke. Bride of the Waves

     14. Clarke. From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific. Witmark

     15. Clarke. Maid of the Mist.

     16. Clarke. Southern Cross. Witmark

     17. Corwell, Neal. Night Song. Nicoli Press.

     18. Cosma, Vladimir. Euphonium Concerto. Sarabande.

     19. Curnow, James. Euphonium Concerto. DeHask.

     20. Curnow, James. Rhapsody for Euphonium. Rosehill/TUBA

     21. Curnow, James. Symphonic Variants. TUBA Press

     22. David, F. Concertino.

     23. DeFaye, Jean Michel. Suite Marine. Alphonse Leduc.

     24. Ellerby, Martin. Euphonium Concerto. Studio Music.

     25. Frackenpohl, Arthur. Sonata. Dorn.

     26. Gillingham, David. Blue Lake Fantasies. Blue Lake.

     27. Guilmant. Morceau Symphonique.

     28. Handel. Aria con Variazione. Belwin.

     29. Handel. Concerto in F minor.

     30. Hartley. Two Pieces. Theodore Presser.

     31. Horovitz, Joseph. Euphonium Concerto. Novello.

     32. Iannaconne. Night Song. Tenuto.

     33. Jacob, Gordon. Fantasia. Boosey.

     34. Mantia. All those Endearing Young Charms. Brasch.

     35. Marcello. Sonatas (Cello). International.

     36. Mozart. Concerto K191. International.

     37. Nelhybel, Vaclav. Concerto for Euphonium.

     38. Picchi-Mantia. Fantasia Original. Brasch

     39. Rachmaninoff. Vocalise. Athens Music Pub.

     40. Ross. Cappriccio Furioso. Boosey and Hawkes.

     41. Ross. Partita. Boosey and Hawkes.

     42. Saint-Sains. Morceau de Concert.

     43. Sparke, Philip. Aubad; Euphonium Concerto; Fantasy,Pantomime; Song for Ina.

     Studio, R. Smith.

     44. Telemann. Sonata in f minor. International

     45. Vaughn Williams. “Romanza” from Tuba Concerto. Oxford University Press.

     46.Vaughn Williams, Ralph. Six Studies in English Folksong. Galaxy music

     47.White, Donald. Lyric Suite. G. Schirmer

     48.Wilder, Alec. Sonata for Euphonium. Margun

C. Euphonium Excerpts:

     1. Holst, Gustav. “Mars” from The Planets.

     2. Janacek, Leos. Sinfonietta.

     3. Mahler, Gustav. Symphony No.7.

     4. Mussorgsky, Modeste. “Bydlo” from Pictures at an Exhibition.

     5. Strauss, Richard. Ein Heldenleben.

     6. Strauss, Richard. Don Quixote

    (Euphonium Orchestral Excerpt Studies)

     1. Payne, Barbara. Euphonium Excerpts from the Standard Band and Orchestral

     Library. Cimarron Music Press

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