Disabled car parking spaces on the Ashworth site

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Disabled car parking spaces on the Ashworth site ...

    TEAM BRIEF 14th MAY 2007

    1. Trust Board Report Update

    The Trust Board held a public meeting on 2nd May 2007. 1.1 Chairman’s Report

    The chairman advised everybody that the date of the Annual General Meeting

    th(AGM) was 4 July 2007 at 6.00pm till 7.30 p.m. All staff, service users,

    carers, visitors and members of our community are welcome to attend.

    Please encourage your staff to come along.

For further information please contact the Communications Team on 0151

    471 2336.

1.2 Knowledge and Skills Framework Gateway Policy (Pay Progression)

The Board approved this fundamental policy, having deferred a decision from

    the last meeting to enable consideration of the implementation plan. Nearly

    every member of staff in the Trust is affected by this policy, so effective

    implementation is crucial.

For further information please contact Rachel Patterson on 0151471 2607.

1.3 Future Trust Programme

Gill Dolan brought a progress report, building on the paper presented last

    time. There was no change to the overall risk rating.

Workshops were planned in May for all directorates to focus on opportunities

    for growth, improving productivity and workforce implications. This would then

    inform the second draft of the Integrated Business Plan.


Priorities for the next two months are outlined in the paper and include

    benchmarking analysis; continued development of the Business Unit model

    and review of the decision making committees of the Trust.

For further information please contact Gill Dolan on 0151 472 4097.

1.4 Adult Mental Health Inpatient Modernisation

In keeping with primary care trusts commissioning strategy for mental health

    services, our own outline business case, and, following a detailed option

    appraisal on rationalisation of inpatient facilities, the Board approved the

    decision to permanently close Ebony Ward in Stoddart House. Over the next

    five years, this will allow greater investment in primary and community mental health care. All affected staff have been assimilated into new roles.

The option appraisal process also recommended the closing of a ward in

    Liverpool and further work is ongoing to determine which ward that should be. This process should be completed in the autumn with a recommendation to

    the Trust Board at that time.

For further information in relation to this please contact Tony Oakman on

    0151 471 2209.

1.5 Service Users and Carers

The Board approved an increase in the rate of pay made to service users and

    carers when they carry out work with the Trust to ?12.00 per hour. This

    reflects the often senior nature of that work, and the fact that the rate of pay has not increased since it was set in 2001.

This decision will take effect on 1

    st June 2007.

    For further information please contact Lindsey Dyer, Director, Service Users and Carers on 0151 285 2321.

1.6 Corporate Financial Report

    Neil Smith was delighted to confirm that the Trust met all of its statutory financial duties in 2006/2007, and this was reflective of the very hard work and strong financial management by budget holders. The Board expressed their thanks to all staff for this achievement.


This good work needs to continue though. Some ?5.5m of savings required in

    this financial year have been assessed as high or medium risk. Directorate

    plans to achieve these savings need to be developed and will be monitored

    by the Finance and Performance Assurance Committee.

The full Corporate Finance Report is available on the Trust’s website.

    1.7 Trust Performance as at 31st March 2007

The Trust’s performance is generally improving, although some areas remain

    problematic, including sickness absence, cancellation of appointments and

    data capture.

However, the Early Intervention in Psychosis target was met in the final

    quarter and this is a significant achievement. So much so, that Derek

    Campbell, Chief Executive of Liverpool PCT has written to the Trust

    expressing his delight. Well done everybody.

For further information please contact Tony Oakman on 0151 471 2209.

All staff are reminded that Board papers are available, in full, from the website,

    and should any member of staff wish to attend a Board meeting, they are

    welcome to do so. Please contact Christine Hughes on 0151 285 2708 for

    further information.

2. Annual Leave Procedure Policy/Procedure Number HR 17

    There have been a number of queries about whether enhanced payments to

    staff in respect of annual leave or sick leave have been correctly paid.

    Please note the following information does not apply to staff who work

    enhanced hours in high secure services where a fixed rota applies and

    payments are made as per the rota.

Agenda for Change introduced the right to receive regularly paid supplements

    e.g. enhanced hours, when staff are absent either on leave or sickness. Two

    different formulae for calculating these payments are described in the Agenda

    for Change conditions of service, depending on whether the absence is

    annual leave or sickness.


    For sickness an average of the last three months pay is payable. The new payroll system is able to make these payments automatically although because payroll staff need an amount of past sickness 'history' in the system on which these payments can be averaged we have been using our own calculator to make payments. This will continue for a few more months.

    For annual leave a payment of 11.59% of enhancements paid each month is made. For example, if ?100 in enhancements is due to be paid in the May salary an additional payment of ?11.59 will be added.

    There is a need to explain the effect of the 11.59% payments in respect of annual leave. Making payments on this basis means that they are paid each and every pay period that enhancements are earned rather than being concentrated in the pay period following the annual leave. This could mean staff might think that they havent received what was due to them. Payroll

    staff are currently checking a number of individual cases where staff think this is the case but initial results show they have been paid correctly. We would prefer to make payments for annual leave on the same basis as the sickness calculation (average of the last three months pay) but until the facility is available in the payroll system we do not want to do this manually due to the possibility of error. We hope to be able to re-consider this in the future.

    If you have a personal query about your own pay during annual leave or sickness absence, please do not contact payroll staff who are under enormous pressure at present. As an alternative you should contact your line manager/supervisor in the first instance.

    For further information in relation to this please contact Kath Davies, Deputy Director of Human Resources on 0151 473 2757.

3. The Implementation of Protected Therapeutic Engagement Time

    The implementation of Protected Therapeutic Engagement Time (PTET) is a priority for all wards at Stoddart House and the Park Unit. It has been recognised nationally that improvement is needed in the provision of ward based therapeutic activity and protected time is needed for named nurses to spend quality 1:1 time with service users, engage in collaborative care planning and to prepare for multi disciplinary team meetings.


    Despite their best efforts all previous attempts at facilitating PTET have failed to become part of daily ward life and with this in mind a formal approach to PTET has commenced. This means that the wards will effectively be closed to all non-ward based staff at predetermined times in the working week. In practice this means that should you need to visit the ward to see a service user then a nurse will not be available to assist as they will be busy as the only scenario which should interrupt PTET is that of a clinical emergency.

The wards have identified the following timetable:

    Beech Ward 11.30am till 12.30pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Cedar Ward 11.00am till 12.00 noon Wednesday and Friday

    Pine Ward 4.00pm till 5.00pm Monday and Wednesday

    Park Unit 10.30am till 11.30am Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

    We appreciate that this is a change in practice and the issue has been discussed at length in the Local Acute Care Forum. Julie Owen will be talking about the initiative at various forums and is happy to answer any questions you may have about PTET. Julie’s office number is 01704 383044.

4. Exploring Wellbeing - Adult Learners Week 21st May to 25th May

    This year instead of a single event to celebrate learning, using the theme Exploring Wellbeing we want to encourage as many people as possible to get involved in conversations or creative activities throughout the week.

    Some service users and staff are making their own wellbeing treasure chest by discussing what wellbeing means to them and placing significant symbols into the chest.

    Some will have a coffee and a chat. We hope that by listening to each other we can learn more about sustaining our mental health and wellbeing: What it is? What helps? What do we need to do as individuals and as a community and organisation?

    All staff and service users are invited to participate, there are many ways you can become involved in creating our healthy community.


Why not...?

    ? Create your own wellbeing treasure chest and tell us about it ... why not

    send us a picture? If you would like to provide us with your

    wellbeing treasure chest we will offer these as one of our contributions

    to Liverpool European Capital of Culture, 'Images of mental health and

    well being'.

    ? Have conversations ... What does wellbeing mean to you? Postcards

    will be provided to all areas as a discussion tool so why not take these

    to your group/team meeting and explore wellbeing, what energises you

    and brings life to your work and team? We are interested in hearing

    your views and how this exploration has contributed to your learning

    and team development etc.

    ? Learn something new or try a new experience ...

    ? Make one small change that makes a difference to your health and

    wellbeing …

    Contact the learning and support team at indigo on 0151 471 2460, for further

    information about contributions and how you can become involved.

If you would like us to visit your area during Wellbeing week or become

    involved in the Creative Health and Wellbeing Network please contact Mandy

    Chivers, Assistant Chief Executive on 0151 473 2828.

    5. Extraordinary Journey

    Extraordinary Journey is a celebration of Merseyside’s impressive health history which traces the developments in health and social care that have

    made major improvements in people’s lives, not only in Liverpool but

    throughout the world.

    thThe festival, taking place during Liverpool’s 800 birthday year, highlights this

    important aspect of Liverpool’s past which is currently undervalued and uses

    heritage as the catalyst for sustainable public engagement in health and well-

    being issues throughout Liverpool and its boroughs.

    The Extraordinary Journey festival takes place in the autumn with a launch

    that the Big History Event in St Georges Hall on 14 September and a closing thday of celebration on the 30 November 2007.

Further details are attached to this Brief.


6. Rathbone Learning Suite

This is the new library site for Mersey Care Knowledge and Library Service,

    the base from where we will provide resources and deliver support to Mersey

    stCare staff. The Rathbone Learning Suite will open on Monday, 21 May 2007.

    There will be several rooms, in addition to the library itself, which can be

    booked, as follows:

    ? Butler Room meeting room

    ? Wilkinson Room media studio

    ? Nugent Room training room

    Mersey Care Knowledge and Library Service will continue to provide quality

    information and training from the new location, and users are reminded that

    Ashworth Library is still available to staff as usual in indigo, at the Maghull site

    For information please go to:

    Mossley Hill Library will close its doors for the last time on 10th May.

    rdOn 23 April 2007 the new ‘Resource Room’ opened at the Hesketh Centre in

    Southport, formerly the Gabby Kearney Library.

This recently re-furbished space provides room for quiet study and PC access

    for Mersey Care staff, and a small collection of books and journals for

    reference only.

The area will provide a valuable resource for this part of the Trust, and access

    to the Knowledge and Libraries team is still available for all staff from the

    service points at Mossley Hill and Ashworth. Information about the catalogue,

    journal holdings lists, and electronic resources are available through the

    website below.

If you need help with literature searching, access to other resources or

    keeping up to date generally, the support of the Mersey Care Knowledge and

    Libraries Team will be available by telephone or email at the above address.

For further information in relation to this, please contact Cath McCafferty,

    Knowledge Services Co-ordinator on 0151 473 2781.


    7. Maghull Site Parking

Staff who work on the Maghull site and all other Mersey Care staff entering

    the site will be expected to have their car parking permit displayed in their car

    window so that access to the site isn’t delayed.

Failure to display your Mersey Care Trust parking permit will result in you

    being stopped at the barrier and requested to produce identification -

    this could result in tailbacks.

Staff who are attending training in indigo will be directed to the South site car

    park by the security guard. Security guards will be on the South site to ensure

    safety of cars and to escort visitors to the main site. This will ensure that the

    car parks available on the site do not become congested. We will be able to

    utilise the available spaces safely and thereby reduce the likelihood of

    inappropriate parking, whilst also ensuring that staff are able to get to their

    workplace on time.

Visitors to HMP Kennet will also be expected to park on the South site car


All car parks will be relined shortly and this will provide additional spaces.

I would like to ask for your co-operation and if you require any additional

    information please do not hesitate to contact Pat McGuinness, Service

    Development Manager on 0151 471 2655 or

Maghull Site parking permits are issued to staff working on the Maghull site

    and other Trust staff who regularly visit the site. Staff who attend the Maghull

    site for training purposes, Occupational Health appointments etc. do not need

    to apply for a permit. On these occasions staff will be issued with a Visitor’s

    pass by the security staff on the main gate.

To request a Maghull site permit please provide your full name, department or

    ward, site, contact telephone number and vehicle registration to the Facilities

    Central Administration Department on 0151 471 2413 or 0151 471 2317 or email:


8. Service Moves

Please note that the Psychology Department at the Rathbone site has moved

    into refurbished offices at the site. Access to the Department will be by the

    new entrance lift - the phone numbers and address will remain the same.

Also the Liverpool and Sefton Eating Disorders office and therapy rooms will

    move into refurbished offices at the Rathbone site this week - 14th May 2007.

    Again, address and telephone numbers will remain the same.

    9. Count Me In Census 2007 Thank you Many thanks to all those in the Adult Mental Health Directorate for all the time

    and effort put in to complete this year’s census returns.

The census is not only a vital component of the Department of Health’s

    ‘Delivering Race Equality in Mental Health Care’ but also essential to

    informing our own Equality and Diversity action plan and our commitment to

    delivering appropriate and responsive services.

We intend to put the information we have gathered these past two years to

    good use and hope to get back to you soon with actions and

    recommendations based on what we’ve learned from the census returns.

For further information in relation to this please contact Margaret Brown,

    Equality and Diversity Lead (Adult Mental Health) on 0151 527 3109.


If you require an item to be included in the next Team Brief, please e-mail it to or telephone the Department on 0151

    th471 2336, by no later than Wednesday, 6 June 2007.

    This Brief is available in electronic format (e-mail or disc) and large text upon


    If you have any feedback on how Team Brief could be improved or would like

    to comment about any events or services you have attended/received through

    Team Brief, please contact Julie Crompton at: or


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