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CSUCI - Travel Expense Claim (TEC) - Summary Guidance for ...



    For Students, Applicants, and Non-Employees, please refer to the travel handbook

**The TEC handbook is the source for detailed information and should be referenced for

    specific details.

Pre-travel requirement:

    ? The Travel Authorization form needs to be approved prior to travel.

    ? The approved form stays in the department files. It is not submitted to Accounts Payable

    except when International travel is involved.

Same-Day travel:

    ? Definition: Trip is less than 24 hours and no lodging is required.

    ? Use the section titled “Same Day Travel” to record expenses. ? Record expenses according to expense type (i.e., meals, mileage, etc.).

    ? Lunch is not reimbursable; breakfast and dinner are taxable and must use account 606803

    which is preprogrammed into the accounting section of the form. See applicable hours listed

    under “Meals”. Taxable amounts will be reported to State Controller’s Office and tax

    withholding will be applied on employee’s payroll warrant. ? Incidental expenses are not reimbursable.

Domestic Multiple-Day travel:

    ? Definition: Trip is over 24 hours of uninterrupted travel or trip is less than 24 hours but

    lodging is required.

    ? Each day’s expenses are to be separated out according to expense type with each day of

    travel listed on a separate line. If more than one expense of the same type occurred on the

    same day please combine the amounts on the line and break down individual components in

    the remarks section of the form.

    ? Incidental expense of $5 per day is allowed after the first full 24 hour period.

    ? Meal cost reimbursements depend on departure time and return time. See “Meals” section

    for information.

International Travel:

    ? Travel must be approved in advance by CSUCI President using the Travel Authorization


    ? The approved Travel Authorization form is submitted along with TEC to Accounts Payable.

    ? International currency needs to be converted to US dollars. Please use the website noted in

    the reference section or another legitimate conversion site, and include a print out of the

    conversion rates as noted on the site.

    ? See the travel handbook for more specifics for International Travel.



    ? Charges are to separated out by day as indicated by the column headings. For example,

    expenses for room and tax would be listed under “Lodging” while parking would be listed

    under “Carfare/Tolls/Parking.”

    ? A receipt is required for reimbursement. If the receipt is missing, please contact the hotel to

    obtain a copy of the original receipt.

    ? Movies and alcohol are not reimbursable.


    ? The employee needs to be traveling more than 25 miles away from headquarters or home

    (whichever is closest to destination) for meals to be reimbursable.

    ? Meal reimbursement is based on individual meal limits and departure time and return time.

    Reimbursement is not per diem (per day).

    ? Breakfast - $10 must start travel before 7am or end after 9am

    ? Lunch - $15 must start travel before 12 noon or end after 2pm

    ? Dinner - $25 must start travel before 6pm or end after 6pm

    ? If meal is provided at a convention, conference or workshop, a reimbursement for the same

    meal cannot be submitted unless there is a valid personal or business reason for doing so.

    See the section on Conventions for exceptions.

    ? If a meal is provided by others, the employee cannot submit a request for reimbursement for

    the same meal.

    ? Alcoholic beverages will not be reimbursed.

    ? Paying meals for others:

    ? Travelers on the same trip should pay for their own meals.

    ? If one CSUCI employee pays for other CSUCI employees, details must be provided in

    the explanation area on form as to why this occurred, who was included, etc.

    ? If a CSUCI employee paid for non-employees, the CSUCI hospitality policy takes effect.

    A Business Meal Approval form will be needed along with a list of attendees and an


Convention, Conference, or Workshop:

    ? An agenda is to be included with the TEC form.

    ? If meals are included, meal reimbursement cannot be claimed. The exception would be if a

    separate meal is required for health or business reasons. A receipt must be submitted for the

    meal that is purchased in lieu of the provided meal and an explanation must be provided on

    the TEC. The meal cannot exceed the allowable meal rates.


    ? Only the least expensive form of transportation will be reimbursed unless traveler has a

    specific need to travel a different method.

    ? The traveler can choose surface transportation instead of air (rail, bus, auto) even if air is the

    appropriate mode of transportation however the reimbursement cannot exceed the cost of

    round trip coach-class airfare, plus transportation costs to and from the terminals.


    Air transportation:

    ? Travel can be booked through the campus travel agency, Santa Barbara Travel.

    Contact Brian Berry in Procurement for more information.

    ? First class travel can be used however: 1) it cannot be purchased through the campus

    travel agency; and 2) the cost cannot exceed the cost of coach-class airfare for


    ? Travel must be on a US carrier.

    ? Cost of insurance is not reimbursable however travel booked through the campus

    agency includes medical and lost baggage coverage.

    Personal Automobile:

    ? A Form 261 (authorization to use a privately-owned auto for state business) must be

    on file with HR prior to any travel.

    ? The car license number of the vehicle is to be included on the TEC form.

    ? Multiple day travel during the month using a personal car should be compiled on the

    “Mileage Log” form and submitted monthly on the TEC form.

    ? The current rate for mileage reimbursement is shown on the TEC form.

    ? A trip estimator, to support the mileage claim (i.e., Map Quest), is to be attached to

    the TEC form. Please explain if additional miles are being claimed.

     Rental Car:

    ? Contracted agencies include insurance contact Brian Berry in Procurement for more


    ? When not using contracted agencies, the traveler’s personal insurance policy is the

    coverage for liability and damages in event of an accident. Insurance paid to a rental

    car company will not be reimbursed.

    ? An itemized receipt is required for reimbursement.


    ? No reimbursement is allowed when using a motorcycle or motor-driven cycle.

Travel occurred more than 30 days ago:

    ? Only expenses supported by receipts are reimbursable.

    Missing Receipts: ? Contact hotel, airline, rental car agency or others for a copy of the receipt.

    ? If a receipt cannot be obtained, complete the Missing Receipts form.


    ? Ferry, bridge, and/or toll road charges are reimbursable. No receipts are required.

    ? Parking fees are reimbursable but amounts over $10 need a receipt. Parking on CSUCI

    campus is not reimbursable.

    ? Any business expense over $5 must have a receipt or be itemized on the hotel statement.

    ? Emergency purchases greater than $25 must be approved by the Vice President as delegated

    by the President.




Travel Handbook for Employees is located on the CSUCI website, Accounts Payable: Form name is: Travel Handbook

    Employees and Volunteers.

Travel Expense Claim Form (TEC) is located on the CSUCI website, Accounts Payable: Form name is: Travel Expense Claim Form July 2008 and Instructions.

Travel Authorization form is located on the CSUCI website, Accounts Payable: Form name is: Travel Authorization Form and Instructions.

Hotel/Motel Transient Occupancy Tax Waiver form is located on the CSUCI website, Accounts

    Payable: Form name is: Hotel/Motel Tax Waiver Form.

Business Meal Authorization form is located on the CSUCI website, Accounts Payable: Form name is: Business Meal Authorization Form.

Lost/Missing Receipt form is located on the CSUCI website, Accounts Payable: Form name is: Lost/Missing Receipt Form.

Campus Travel Company: Santa Barbara Travel Bureau. A fact sheet is available in the

    Outlook Public folders: Procurement; CSUCI Travel & Lodging folder; Travel Account BTA.

International meal allowance rates are listed at:

International travel exchange rate information can be obtained from:

Form 261 for driving a privately owned auto - refer to HR policy on Motor Vehicle Use:

CSU Use of State Vehicle Policy:

Rental car information:


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