Plateau Systems Acquires Compensation Management Pioneer Nuvosoft, Inc

By Cheryl Bailey,2014-04-08 21:08
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Plateau Systems Acquires Compensation Management Pioneer Nuvosoft, Inc

Plateau Systems Acquires Compensation Management

    Pioneer Nuvosoft, Inc.

    Leading Performance, Learning, Career and Succession Management Provider Adds Advanced Compensation Management to Deliver Industry’s First Best-of-Breed Talent Management


Arlington , VA. February 21, 2007 Plateau Systems, a leading provider of software for

    developing, managing and optimizing organizational talent, today announced that it has acquired Nuvosoft Inc., a privately-held provider of web-based compensation management software. By combining Plateau’s award-winning learning, performance, career and succession

    capabilities with Nuvosoft’s advanced compensation planning and incentive management functionality, Plateau will deliver the industry’s first best-in-class talent management solution.

    ―The strategic acquisition of Nuvosoft validates and underscores Plateau’s ongoing commitment to delivering best-in-class talent management solutions,‖ said Paul Sparta, Chairman and CEO of Plateau. ―By offering advanced compensation capabilities with our existing best-in-class

    learning, performance management and career and succession planning solutions, Plateau is providing organizations with a unified approach to developing, managing, rewarding and optimizing talent. As we continue to deliver superior talent management solutions that can be deployed individually or as part of a full talent management suite, we enable current and prospective customers to future-proof and expand their investments in a way that makes sense for their organization.‖

    According to The Yankee Group, a leading industry research firm, the worldwide market for talent management solutions, which includes employee learning, performance, career and succession planning, compensation management and recruitment, is expected to surpass $2.3 billion in 2006, growing to more than $4.0 billion by 2009. Yankee forecasts 19.6% growth in compensation management over the next four years, attributed to more performance-based compensation programs and the emerging pay-for-performance initiatives.*

    ―The ability to enable consistent, reliable and standardized compensation processes that are linked to key performance drivers of individual and organizational strategies can affect many facets of the business,‖ said Jason Corsello, Business and IT Services Director at The Yankee

    Group. ―Integrating a talent management vision—maintaining visibility, control and alignment of

    performance and compensation tied to business outcomeshas become critical to the success

    or failure of today’s organizations.‖**

    Plateau Compensation? will offer Nuvosoft’s comprehensive compensation management capabilities as three integrated applications that may also be purchased individually:

Plateau Compensation Planning

    Automates and enables complete planning and management of wide range of compensation programs including salary, merit increases, market adjustments, lump sum payments and other discretionary pay components.

Plateau Short-term Incentive

    Facilitates planning and administration of sophisticated short-term incentive programs that involve business guidelines and rules, such as eligibility requirements, for bonus pool funding and allocation.

Plateau Long-term Incentive

    Allows compensation managers to plan and administer both market-based and performance- based long-term incentive programs, such as company stock plans and multi-year executive reward programs.

    Plateau Compensation is an advanced, flexible and intuitive compensation planning and management system that allows organizations to build, administer and update simple and complex, policy-based compensation plans, in real-time. This inclusive web-based system allows compensation managers to implement state-of-the-art pay-for-performance programs that tie employee, group and division goals to company financials. Plateau Compensation enables managers to easily and cost-effectively reward top performers and increase workforce productivity.

    IES (Integrated Electrical Services), the largest provider of electrical contracting solutions in the United States with nearly 7,000 employees and 120 locations nationwide, recently selected and will deploy Plateau's full talent management suite of solutions, including Plateau Compensation, Plateau Performance, Plateau Career and Succession Management and Plateau Learning, as the foundation of its enterprise-wide talent management strategy.

    "Plateau distinguished itself by offering an end-to-end talent management solution," said Russell Zech, Director of Workforce Development at IES. "By deploying an integrated solution that links employee performance, training, development and compensation, we hope to accelerate our talent management strategy and expedite the achievement of our corporate human capital management goals, which are critical to the continued growth and success of our organization."

    The Plateau Compensation product s provide compensation administrators and company executives with a detailed real-time view into the planning process, while ensuring that managers have the information they need to make informed compensation

    decisions. Executives and managers can also leverage the product’s p owerful reporting capabilities and customizable templates to generate bonus distribution reports for employees, business managers, senior management and compensation managers. With its unique ability to support virtually all compensation scenarios, which can be based on unlimited variables, Nuvosoft’s powerful compensation capabilities provide managers with real-time visibility into

    how compensation decisions impact overall departmental and corporate budgets. Plateau Compensation supports multiple currencies and can be globally deployed. As with all Plateau solutions, Plateau Compensation products can be purchased and deployed stand-alone or as part of Plateau’s integrated Talent Management offering that includes Plateau Learning?, Plateau Performance? and Plateau Career & Succession?. All Plateau Compensation applications are available immediately. For more information, visit

About Plateau

    Plateau is a leading, global provider of adaptable, web-based software for developing, managing, rewarding and optimizing organizational talent to increase workforce productivity and drive business success. Plateau’s award-winning software is powering talent management

    initiatives across some of the world’s most successful organizations, including the American Red Cross, General Electric, the Internal Revenue Service, Capital One Services and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Industry analysts at Bersin & Associates, Forrester Research and other leading information and technology research and advisory firms continue to recognize Plateau’s leadership in delivering best-in-class functionality, technology

and customer satisfaction. Plateau is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, with offices across

the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. For more information, please visit

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