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    N O R T H E R N V I R G I N I A A R C H E R S


    10875 HAMPTON ROAD



    NORVA’s Newsletter


    Officers for `2005

President Victor Barnett Field Range Capt Jim Herin

    Vice-President Bart Holzer 3-D Range Capt Richard Irwin

    Secretary/Treasurer Irene Stocksdale Target Captain James Little, Sr CorSec/News Editor Irene Stocksdale Tour Captain Paul Vogel Registered Agent Frank Aschmann VBA Delegate Paul Vogel

    For additional information - contact Victor Barnett )703-361-4609) or Irene Stocksdale (703-670-5003).


    stThe next club meeting will be on Tuesday, February 1 @7:00 P.M.

Officers Reports

    Jim Herin opened the meeting by Welcoming four new members: Sean Forbes, Joe Winker, Lisa and Matthew Yates. Jim asked if there was any „Old Business to be discussed. Victor said that

    he would like to go over the proposed „draft‟ changes to the NORVA‟s Constitution & By-Laws.

    Since much time was being consumed, Irene suggested that the new executive board get together and go over those changes at a later time. Victor said that he would write up his recommended changes.


    Jim then said that he had been President for the pass four years and at the last meeting, Victor Barnett was nominated for President and Bart Holzer for Vice-President. Jim called for a vote on the election of President and Vice-President. Those present, voted unanimous for Victor Barnett as President and Bart Holzer as Vice-President. With no further discussion, Jim turned the meeting over to Victor.

Victor asked if there was any „New Business. Irene asked Victor if he had any changes to the

    Appointed Officers for this organization. Victor said that Jim Herin would be the new Range Captain and Rich Irwin the new 3-D Caption. Jim Little, Sr would remain as Target Captain and Paul Vogel as Tournament Captain.

Irene reported that she had not received dues from some of the officers and last year‟s members.

    Since our charter with VBA/VFAA/NFAA and the VBA membership dues were due this month, this may caused a delay in re-chartering with those organizations and processing VBA memberships. Irene said that the January‟s Newsletter will be the last Newsletter the 2004

    members would be receiving. In the February‟s Newsletter will include your NORVA‟s

    membership card, the new combination, your ‟05 sticker, and your VBA Official Membership

    card and „2005 Schedule Shoot card. Irene mentioned that the VBA Quarterly meeting was this

    weekend and there were no agenda items to be voted on. Irene mentioned that she needed the signatures from the President and Tournament Chairman for the VBA 3-D Fall Classic contract that NORVA will be hosting in August, and an up-to-date layout on both ranges as soon as possible. Paul and/or Irene would give their reports as to what transpired at the VBA Quarterly meeting in February.

    Richard Irwin reported that some of our 3-D animals were vandalizes recently on two occasions. The animals have been restored to their proper positions, but may have to be replaced later. Victor reminded everyone that we are on Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority property. Irene asked that if anyone finds any misuse of property and/or misconduct of a member(s) or their guest to notify both Victor and her immediately!

    There were no further Officers reports since Bart Holzer, Jim Little, Sr. and Paul Vogel were absence


    Irene has tickets for the upcoming VBA Tenth Annual Awards Banquet that will be on thSaturday, March 19. The price is $40 for Couples, $25 for Adults and $12 for Children (17 years of age & under). The guest speaker, entertainment and food will be even better then last year. Please contact Irene if you are planning to attend and to purchase your ticket(s) in advance. Any door prizes that they would like to donate would be greatly appreciated. See page 11 of the ‘Winter 2004 FLIGHT for further details.

     thAlso, Belvoir Bowhunters are signing folks up for their annual bus trip on Monday, February 7 thto the Harrisburg Outdoor show. The BBH Wild Game Banquet will be on Saturday, March 5

    at 6 p.m. Please contact Irene for further details.


    Paul Vogel archery education classes are held on Monday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Belvoir Indoor range. The classes run for six weeks. The price for beginner students is $7.00 and for advance students is $8.00. Please contact Paul @ 703-941-0073 for further details.

The club‟s ’99 Star utility trailer 4 x 6 is still for sale @ $550.00. The trailer is in excellent

    condition and has hardly been used. Please contact Jim H or Victor if you are interested.

    ‘2005 NFAA/VFAA/NAA/VBA/NORVA and Other Events

    Organization Date Event Location

     ththVBA January 8 & 9 Quarterly Meeting Charlottesville, VA

    Capital Sport Show CANCELLED Chantilly Sportsmen Chantilly, VA

    Show ththNAA February 5 & 6 NAA State Champion Fairfax Target Archers

    Tournament Bull Run Shooting

    Center ththNFAA February 18 & 19 Vegas Indoor Shoot Las Vegas, NV ththVFAA February 19 & 20 VFAA State Indoors Pr. Wm. Archers ththVBA February 26 & 27 State Indoor Sectional Belvoir BH &

    Sherwood Archers ththSportsmen Show February 25 thru 27 Augusta Expoland Fishersville, VA

    Sports Show ththNFAA March 5 & 6 Mids Atlantic Indoors Pr. William Archers ththNFAA March 19 & 20 Indoor Nationals Louisville, KY ththVBA March 19 & 20 Awards Banquet & Pano‟s & Red Carpet

    Quarterly Meeting Inn Harrisburg, VA rdNORVA April 3 Field & 3-D Shoot NORVA rdthVBA April 23 & 24 3-D Spring Classic Shenandoah Archers

    (Marked) thstNORVA April 30 & May 1 Spring Fling NORVA ththNFAA May 7 & 8 3-D (Marked) Redding, PA ndNORVA May 22 Field, Hunter & 3-D NORVA ththVBA May 28 & 29 State Open Sherwood Archers ththNFAA June 4 & 5 Mid Atlantic Outdoors Mechanicsburg, PA ththVBA June 11 & 12 Quarterly Meeting Charlottesville, VA thththDucks Unlimited June 17, 18 & 19 Ducks Unlimited VA Motor Sports

    Great Outdoor Peterburg, VA

    Festival thrdNFAA/IFAA July 24 thru 29 Outdoor Nationals Yankton, SD stNORVA July 31 Field, Hunter & 3-D NORVA

    IBO TBD IBO Shoots thstVBA August 20 & 21 3-D Fall Classic NORVA



    rdthVBA September 3 & 4 State Closed Buggs Island thNORVA September 11 Deerslayer NORVA

     ththVBA September 24 & 25 Quarterly Meeting Charlottesville, VA


    Please report any vandalism and/or misconduct of members or their guest to Victor Barnett or Irene Stocksdale - Immediately!

The BroadHead Range is only to be used to tune your broadheads. Only field points are

    allowed on the 3-D range. Please notify one of the officers if you see anyone abusing these

    rules or non-member(s) using the ranges! Everyone MUST sign the logbook!

When you are finished using the chronograph, please turn it off and out of the way. Make

    sure the clubhouse, playground chain is secure, the lights are turned off and the gate is

    locked. Keep the clubhouse and range nice and clean, and dispose your trash!

    Homepages, email Addresses and ‘800’ Nos.


    Victor Barnett, President

    VBA Homepage: or

    VBA -

    VBA Executive State Secretary -

    or 1.888.922.9536

    VBA Publicity Director - or 703.670.5003

    NFAA - 1.800.811.2331 or

    VDGIF -




     January 6, 2005

TO: NORVA Members,

    As I was just elected to the position of President for our club, I thought it would be appropriate to take this opportunity to greet you all.

First, I would like to extend a sincere Thank You to Jim Herin. He has held the position of

    President for 4 years. During his tenure he took every opportunity to make sure that our club did its most to promote archery. It‟s people like Jim that keep the sport of archery alive.

    I‟ve been a member of our club for only a little more than 5 years, but in this time I‟ve done what I can to take an active part in club activities. For the last couple of years I‟ve been the Range Captain and have had the opportunity to oversee a lot of maintenance to the range as well as some improvements.

    While I don‟t think that there needs to be any major changes to our club, I would like to try to do some things that will get some more participation from our members. We will be setting up some sort of email message system that will help to keep you up-to-date on important happenings within the club. Also, once the days are long enough again, I would like to start having some club shoots on weekday afternoons. These will comprise of some sort of abbreviated field round to get people more familiar with this type of archery. We may also have some afternoon 3D shoots as well. I‟ll be the first to admit that I‟m not the greatest organizer or “thinker upper” of ideas, so if anyone has any suggestions on potential club activities are sure to let me know. And, feel free to contact me anytime about anything NORVA related or just archery in general.

    Above all remember that archery is fun, so get out there and shoot it up every chance you get.

Victor M. Barnett


    Northern Virginia Archers


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