My childhood 8.2

By Roger Russell,2014-09-14 20:30
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My childhood 8.2

    Childhood is believed to be the happiest time in one's life, and during that period I was an innocent and happy girl. Everyday I only knew eating and playing. Now when I recall those days here, I feel so sweet, and also I’d like to appreciate my parents, it is them who provide me everything.

     fun with my friends and we would play until the sunset. I always played and had

    I had many dreams in my childhood, I wished to sit on meteors to travel around and I could drive spacecraft to Mars with my elder sister and beloved mother; my favorite sister could lead a happy life and my beloved mother could be less troubled. I was quite content with the situation that I was a real delight in my home. I made people happy now and then.

    Childhood is like a piece of white paper which I can put any color on to paint my own beautiful picture. This picture is the most wonderful one I can ever imagine because the childhood is full of mysteries. There are such sentences in the poem of the famous writer Bingxin, "Childhood, it is the naivete of dream, it is the dream of naivete, it is the smile of memory with tears." So, no matter how far my childhood was, I’d like to taste it once more at this moment.

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