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Compact & slim range ...

     Press kit Cebit


    ththMarch 9 15 2006 - Hanover

    Hall 26, Stand E 32


     Sagem @ CeBIT

     Mobile phones

    Multimedia range

    - my Mobile TV (New)

    - my 900C (New)

    - my 800X (New)

    - my 700X

    - my 500X (New)

    - my W-7

    Compact & slim range

    - my C5-2V

    - my C4-2

    - my 405X (New)

    - my 400X, my 401X,

    - my C3-2

    - my 300X, my 301X, my302X

    - my C2-3

    - my 201X, my 202X

    - my 100X, my 101X

     Broadband Communication

    Consumer Fax

    Professional multifunction terminals

    Digital photo printers

    Digital Kiosks

    Digital TV Set top boxes

    Digital High Definition TV

    Residential Telephony

    Broadband terminals

    Press relations:

Mobile phones : Broadband communication :

Maryse de Wever Fabien Darrigues

    Sagem Communication Tel : +(0)1 56 21 20 41

    Tel : +33 (0)1 58 12 45 12


    ththCeBIT / Hanover / March 9-15 2006



Sagem Communication participates in CeBIT, high-tech European event that should not be missed, from ththMarch 9 to 15 2006 in Hanover, Germany, stand E32, Hall 26.

Sagem Communication stands out once more with innovative and efficient products whilst using the same

    leitmotiv : universal communication systems with simple and unlimited mobile and broadband technologies.


At CeBIT 2006, Sagem Communication will present its latest innovations of stylish and leisure-oriented

    multimedia mobile products.

    New products : my 900C, my800X, my500X and my405X mobile phones.

    The latest 3G phone created, SAGEM my900C offers broadband access in mobile conditions thanks to EDGE

    and UMTS technologies.

    As for the SAGEM my800X, 3G mobile, it constitutes the perfect combination of design style with tehnology. This

    mobile phone perfectly illustrates the new trends of our mobile telephony : simple access to multimedia


    For all music lovers, Sagem Communication created my500X and my405X mobile phones.

    Equipped with a wide screen, a megapixel camera and music features, SAGEM my500X exploits the best actual

    technologies and puts them at the disposal of the greatest number of consumers.

    The slim-shaped my405X will appeal to users demanding design, and cares for technical features as it is

    equipped with a VGA camera and an MP3 reader.


At CeBIT, Sagem Communication exclusively presents its exhibition stand as a Digital House, in order to show

    how Sagem manages broadband technologies that transport us into a digital world in which several new products

    are to be discovered.

VoIP stirs up cordless fixed phones, with SAGEM D40T VoIP DUAL, hybrid Dect phone allowing access to free

    telephony on the Internet, and SAGEM D45C WIDEBAND offers a sound quality still unrivalled today.

    Wireless technology will also be highlighted by SAGEM photo printer, PHOTO EASY 110, which offers Wi-Fi

    compatibilty, an entirely new design, light blue and white, and a great capacity of 75 prints per cartridge. Even

    PHOTO EASY 110 will be presented with a new option allowing to print Sudoku grids !

    This stunning function is also integrated into the new PHILIPS Magic 5 range, that offers smart, ultra efficient…

    and fun fax machines !

    Concerning professional multifunction, colour printing will be improved in companies with the MF 6890, the latest

    A4 multifunction and the most gifted machine of its generation. Sagem will also present new innovative ranges of

    A4 laser multifunctions, which are compact, economical and efficient : the 44 and MF54 series.

A brand new range of products will also be shown at CeBIT : SAGEM EASY KIOSK, digital kiosks performing

    High Speed picture development, customising mobile phones and downloading MP3 files.

    As for digital TV, High Definition becomes reality with on the one hand the SAGEM AXIUM TV range illustrated by HD READY DLP and LCD screens and digital TV Set top boxes on the other hand, especially

    created to meet perfectly the TV distributors‘ needs in order to provide consumers with easy access HD TV.

    nd At last, SAGEM holds the 2 position in Europe in the broadband terminals market and the leadership in the

    residential gateways market, with products created to meet operators‘ specific needs.


    ththCeBIT / Hanover / March 9-15 2006


    Sagem Communication (SAFRAN Group) is a major actor in the fields of Mobile and Broadband

    Communication, having acquired international positions thanks to a high innovative potential. The

    SAGEM products benefit from a particular awareness in the following activities: mobile telephony,

    printing terminals, residential terminals, digital TV, network, electronic counting… For more information, visit the following Web Sites: and


    ththCeBIT / Hanover / March 9-15 2006




    ththCeBIT / Hanover / March 9-15 2006


Sagem Communication has developed a complete range of multimedia mobile phones, managing to

    combine the best of technology with entertainement. Among them : SAGEM myW-7 : 3G phone including videophony function. SAGEM my700X : extra slim and fully loaded and SAGEM myMobileTV :

    outstanding mobile phone for TV addicts.

    New mobile products will be presented at CeBIT 2006, such as the SAGEM my900C : designed to get broadband access everywhere, SAGEM my500X, to fully benefit from GPRS technology and finally the SAGEM my800X, perfect combination of design and technology.

myMobileTV : a personal mobile and TV Handset - New -

    With its strong skills in the area of Digital Television and Cell Phones, Sagem Communication has made an innovation by integrating an audio-visual receiver in a compact mobile phone.

    Large colour screens of the latest GSM phones allow one to have access to multimedia services. Capable of accompanying the user anytime and anywhere, it was missing only a TV set.

    Just like a telephone that became personal while becoming mobile, the mobile television will become a personal receiver of audio-visual programs. This brand new service is being analysed through several trials of which SAGEM myMobileTV has been selected.

    SAGEM myMobileTV is a compact mobile telephone designed by the famous ora ïto. The black colour goes well with the sobriety of the style. The contrast between matt and glossy detail brings us to the world of audio-visual products.

    The principal innovations of this mobile telephone are situated inside, containing the complete reception chain compatible with DVB-H (the variety of technology that is made for DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) Sagem

    Commucation is one of the main players in this market).

    The ergonomics have been particularly treated in order to facilitate the access to new services. With just one touch allows access to the program menu giving the opportunity to select television as well as radio channels.

    High definition screen (QVGA resolution. 256k colours) enables a smooth and high fidelity visualisation. Moreover, it‘s the first time in the history of the test of this type of product that Sagem Communication has integrated the decoding system which allows receipt of high-end videos conforming the H264 norm. MyMobileTV is a simple mobile telephone that allows the user to access all traditional services: view call, SMS, … everything up to the consultation with audio-visual services.

Availability: available product


    ththCeBIT / Hanover / March 9-15 2006

my900C, broadband and mobility - New -

    SAGEM unveils its very new 3G phone. Both EDGE and UMTS, it offers the possibility to get broadband access everywhere for perfect service quality in mobile condition. The mobile’s broadband

    functionnalities will attract technology lovers.

    The best of technology and entertainment

    Sagem Communication creates my900C for end users wishing to make the most of their mobile phone at any time. Designed to entertain, it offers a QVGA screen (320x240 pixels) with 262 000 colours providing an unrivalled image quality. It is equipped with a 2 mega-pixels camera offering the highest quality. Videophony, MMS, Email constitute real assets allowing end users to keep in touch with their nearest and dearest and to share with them memorable times.

    Exit problems, here comes entertainment ! With this compact (90x45x23,5mm), light (115g) and smart phone, end users will not be able to keep themselves from listening to favourite music songs, even if the phone is shut down. Very user-friendly, keys are dedicated to direct access to music functionalities. With integrated EDGE and UMTS technologies, end users can perform broadband downloads everywhere and enjoy listening to music endlessly thanks to a long battery life.

This tri-band mobile follows you anywhere you may travel.

Availability : mid-2006


    ththCeBIT / Hanover / March 9-15 2006

my800X - New-

    With the my800X, Sagem Communication is demonstrating the next steps of its multimedia product line. Slimmer, with a completely new design style, this mobile phone illustrates the new trends of our product range.

    Based on a compact and slim shape (around 16mm), this mobile phone will take on-board the best of multimedia technologies.

    Nowadays consumers are requesting more and more from their mobile phone. Mobility is key and requires key features to satisfy this high level of expectations.

    Triple band, SAGEM my800X offers connectivity through its Bluetooth and Infrared features. Its compact form factor and its trendy design offers a mobility solution that fits all tpockets and hands.

    With its large 176x220 pixel screen and its mega-pixel camera, quality of services is optimised. The Man Machine Interface has been developed to optimise ease of use of all the multimedia features and services.

    This new SAGEM mobile phone, is an additional product in the 3G range and is illustrating the deployment of a full range of new multimedia products in 2006.

Availability: Q2 2006


    ththCeBIT / Hanover / March 9-15 2006


    SAGEM my700X, slim and fully loaded. Everything you’ll ever need in a phone!

This very new multimedia mobile phone the my700X, a ―must have‖ phone for those who are passionate about

    music and high tech features. It has all the qualities of new generation mobile phones: the possibility of listening

    to music or FM radio; a 1,3M pixels camera; the EDGE technology plus a very fashionable design.

Be trendy with the SAGEM my700X !

    Sagem Communication has created this great mobile phone for anyone who wishes to benefit from music

    features with optimal quality whilst on the move. It allows you to download all your favourite music, as well as

    enjoying listening to FM radio. Thanks to EDGE technology, SAGEM my700X offers the fastest download

    capacity with the best quality. Its 32 Mbytes embedded memory and the possibility of extension with mini SD

    cards give the opportunity to listen to your favourite music whenever and wherever you want.

    The simple ergonomics is a source of great user-friendliness it allows the play-list to be easily managed with the

    capacity to sort out songs by author or by style, as well as having rapid access to the main functions.

    Just by simply pressing the button it is possible to change from one track to another or to link them in the same

    way as it works with a Hi-Fi as well as viewing the graphic equaliser which allows one to listen to the tone of

    played music. Music lovers will appreciate the quality of the surround sound through the stereo headphones. The

    user can also enjoy playing 3D games or browsing emails whilst using the music player.

Those who are passionate about images won’t believe their eyes

    Its 1.3M pixel camera provides high fidelity colours and optimum photo resolution. A quad band mobile phone will

    accompany you wherever you go! Thanks to its 262,000 colour screen and to the high capacity provided by

    EDGE technology, the user will benefit from video-streaming and progressive download features.

New mobile phone, new look: the fashion addicts will be proud to have one !

    SAGEM my700X is a true fashion accessory. Compact (106x46x15 mm) and light (95g), it‘s the thinnest mobile

    phone containing EDGE technology. The experts will fall in love with its charming colours and design at first sight.

SAGEM my700X is compatible with stereo accessories (including bluetooth headsets), enhancing your

    multimedia experience.

Availability: Q2 2006


    ththCeBIT / Hanover / March 9-15 2006


    SAGEM myW-7 provides an attractive 3G solution. A full multimedia set of features will allow the consumer to benefit from the latest technologies.

    Following a galore of multimedia handsets, myW-7 is integrating the most interesting features according to various studies : video services (TV live, video MMS, video clip capture), internet/wap, music downloads and video-telephony.

    Built in a classic and classy design, myW-7 proposes a high quality camera combined with a large screen (TFT technology, 176x220 pixels). While compact, it integrates a large battery allowing an intensive usage. Able to follow you everywhere, it integrates full music features, supporting full track music download in many advanced formats but also more professional features such as a built in 3G modem and an e-mail application to stay connected.

    Video applications will benefit from the two cameras : 1,3 mega pixels at the rear, VGA resolution at the front. On top of video telephony services, it is possible to switch in See What I See mode allowing you to show to your correspondent what you see enhancing the capacity to communicate emotions.

    All the user expect from a multimedia handset, myW-7 offers it to you with 3G technology in addition.

Availability: Q1 2006


    ththCeBIT / Hanover / March 9-15 2006

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