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    Brief report on

    Certificate Training Program on Inclusive Marketing

    thth(29 June, 09- 11 July,09)

    Organized by MART & Birla Institute of Management and Technology

    at Greater Noida, U.P

    Submitted by :

    Sri Dillip K. Mahapatra, CBT-Micro Finance Specialist, WORLP, Bargarh


    The Project Director, Watershed ,Bargarh

    (Inauguration of the Training Program by Mrs. Jaya Jaitley. Joint. Secy. Deptt. of MSME,GOI , Director,

    BIMTECH and Founder MART also seen in the picture from Left to Right) The economic inclusion leads to the betterment of life for left out people to grow and help them to avail opportunities. Inclusive marketing has emerged as a new concept in order to bring meaningful changes in lives of the poor.

    BIMTECH a premier management institute and MART, a leading rural marketing

    consultant in collaboration organized certificate course in inclusive marketing form June

    thth29 to July 11 ,2009, where participants from SAARC countries and African countries share their experience on the emerging concept of inclusive marketing.

    The program divided into five modules apart from the opening & the way forward sessions. This training program witnessed exchange of ideas & views among development Professionals, donors, corporate & government staff. Through presentations, deliberations, case study and field visit are the methods used in the training program.

    (Participants of the Inclusive Marketing Training Program at the MDP Hall , BIMTECH)

The training program started with the welcome note of Mrs Jaya jetilly ( Founder of Delhi

    Haat & eminent political personality ) , Mr Praadep Kashyap ( CEO, MART ) & Mr Praver

    Kumar ( Joint Seceretary, Department of Micro , Small and Medium Enterprises, GoI )

    followed by the deliberations of leading marketing professionals of BIMTECH.

Welcoming the delegates to the training program, Mrs. Jaya Jetilly underlined the

    importance of the marketing inclusion concept in the poverty reduction initiative. She highlighted that all development agencies should work together to empower people and enable them to become an active player in the market. It not only to provide economic benefit but also improve their bargaining power which help them to participate in the mainstream of the society.

    Delivering the special address, Mr. Praadep Kashyap stated that India become the

    unexplored market for the corporate which is unaffected by the global melt down. Corporates should develop innovative strategy to reach its customer and at the same time interested to tie up with local institution as a partner to upgrade the skill of unemployed youth where they become brand ambassadors for rural household. He also

    emphasized that the poor ( Bottom of Pyramid as per Prof. C.K. Prahallad) not only be the consumers but also the producers ( Prosumers) to take the advantage of growing Indian economy. Inclusive growth is must for the country which has been mentioned in

    ththe 11 Five Year Plan.

    During the two week program, 30 no of resource persons from industry, academician, Development Practitioners and professional express their thoughts on the issues and challenges. He highlighted that rural households and their enterprises are dependent on agriculture & forest resources and mostly they are vulnerable. In this context, he emphasized the importance of access to land, credit & market and exhorted that microfinance services need to cater such needs.

    Summary of Key Session

    Resource Topics Learning


    Mr. Venketesh, Principle of Develop a frame work where poor become an active

    Sustain-ability Inclusive player in mainstream market


    Mr. Deepak Social Importance of social marketing in rural development Saksena marketing and how it sensitizes rural community tackle their own Country Head , strategies problem. He shares the success of his Jal Mitra program AED in U.P.

    Dr. Kartik 4 Ps & 4Cs The basic concept of 4Ps in producer prospective and Dave , Asst. its 4Cs in customer prospective

    Prof , BIMTECH

    Mr. Sharma , Economics of Economies of scale through forming producer

    CEO, Acess Scale in RM company and how it helps community to access the Development market .


    Mr. Pradeep Emerging Rural Show a projection of rural market & how it transforms Kashyap , CEO market, from agri economy to service economy.

    MART Successful He also express that it is right time for government ,

    model of PPCP corporate , civil society to develop a consotorium to

    tackle the issues chronic poverty through the process

    of inclusive marketing

    He shares the experience of Hindustan Petrolium Rosio

    Ghar projects which enable rural community to

    understand the benefits of using of cooking gas


    Mr. Kuldeep Service He expresses the oppurnities of inclusiveness in the Sharma , Prof Marketing , emerging service sector economy.

    Marketing Value chain in During the session he puts thrust on the value addition ( Rural agri produces at producer level which enable community to earn Business ) more with a huge no of employment

    In his last session he put a workable model to apply the

    theories of inclusion.

    Mr. Kirti Mishra Branding of His session mainly on the quality aspects of rural Managing rural product , products and how brand enable rural producer to Partner ,MART Rural Business remain in the competition.

    Hub , Principle He shares model of business rural hub which organize

    of collective the rural retail market.


    Mr. Sanjay Principle of He shares his experience in world bank funded DPIP Gupta PPCP , Youth projects where unemployed youth as an Insurance Managing as a service agent cum services provider help community to Partner, MART provider , minimize the risk.

Mr Benjamin Understand He shares the experience of Projects Shakti which helps

    Mathew Rural consumer, HUL to improve the market share in rural markets and

    Managing Youth as a also countered its fake product .

    Partner,MART marketing He also share the involve the Nehuru Yuva Kendra

     commission volunteer in propagating the Colgate tooth paste

    agent, which also a source of income for those person

    Mr Aswani Market He puts light on the tools and technique used in Chandak , Research Tools market research in understanding the rural folk

    Consultant and technique


    Mr. Prakash Research He delivers the classes on the methodology used in Asst. Prof , methodology research


Mr. Amit Need and He puts thrust on the need of market research on

    Mookharji , relevance of inclusive marketing

    Asst. Prof , IIM , MR in Inclusive

    Lucknow Marketing

    Mrs Rita Principal She puts importance of entrepreneurship in rural

    Sengupta Director, , community in achieving the inclusiveness


    Mrs Vanita CEO, Udyogini She express more the emerging role of civil society in Viswnathan bridge the gaps between poor and well off of the


Exploring Opportunities for WORLP

    Preliminary round of talk with the Prof. Sharma to develop a PPCP model of establishing incense stick unit involving SHG member with a tie up with Mysore based Ranaga Rao

    Private Limited who have successfully facilitated in MPRLP through a buy back agreement. Mr. Dillip Mahapatra (CBT , MF , Bargarh and Sri Ranjan Bhoi I.D Co-ordinator, Nuapada) initiated the process during the training program.

Preliminary round discussion with Jaipur Rugs (Rajasthan) reveal that there is an immense

    oppurnities to establish Rugs Manufacturing units at Bargarh and Bolangir to engage the

    unemployment youth who migrated to Bhodie ( U.P ). Jaipur Rugs assured to provide raw material required in weaving rugs, provided if WORLP can support for training and infrastructure support to him. Mr. Bijay Kumar Satpathy (CBT, MF, Bolangir) and Mr. Dillip Mahapatra (CBT , MF , Bargarh initiated the process during the training program).

Presentation of Case Study by WORLP Team on NTFP Marketing

    Taking the Opportunities of the Program , where participants of Jambia, Srilanka, Nepal , Corporates viz. Ultratech Cement ( Aditya Birla group) and Doner Agency lika USAID of Nepal, Care International of Srilanka ; WORLP Team prepared a case study on NTFP and put forth the same to find better solutions of the mahua price for the primary collectors. The exercise was done through SWOT Analysis (Confrontation Matrix). As per the outcome which came from the participants, Infrastructure for Storage and Govt. Policy Change on NTFP may give a better price to the primary collectors.

    ( Sri Dillip Kumar Mahapatra, CBT-Micro Finance Specialist, WORLP, Bargarh District sharing the learning of the program to the Guests on behalf of all the participants at the Concluding day of the Training Program)

    During the course a filed visit was organized to interact with Diary Coperative ( Chajupura Village 20 km from Modi Nagr) and milk processing Unit ( Parag Diary , Meerut. UP ) Farmers . The participants visited Rural Haat ( Ramraj village ) and Hariyalli Kisan Bazar( an organized retail chain promoted by DCM Shriram Group) . A project report was also submitted on the field visit. During the lectures ,18 no real life case studies were discussed followed by a quiz program called CHOUNITI.

    thVisit of Sri Yashwant Sinha to BIMTECH on 10 July’09

    thSri Yashwant Sinha, former Finance Minister, GoI, visited BIMTECH on 10 July, 09 for a

    deliberation on Union Budget (2009-10). He also emphasized on Inclusive Growth for the betterment of India.

    In the Way Forward session, Dr. Chaturvedi ,Director, BIMTECH urges all the participants to

    apply the learning in the field and share the experience through an e forum . In the

    concluding session ,Mr P.C. Pandey , Chairmen , Times Foundation shared his views on the role of institutions of Government, Corporate and Civil Society

    to develop a consotorium which will create a synergy to address the issues relating to chronic poverty . Before the concluding session , Prof. Kuldeep Sharma, BIMTECH invited

    Sri Dillip Mahapatra, CBT-MF, Bargarh, to share the learning of the program on behalf of all the participants .The program came to an end with the vote of thanks proposed by Prof . Kuldip Sharma Convenor of the program.

    Thank You.

    Encl: List of Participants.

    List of Participants of the Program.

    Name Organization Contact No. E.mail K. Jeyapalan Care International, Srilanka 94 773957256 Brian Siatubi KCM,CSR,Vedanta, 260 977400411


    Mohammad CCD,ORISSA 09642670207 Sameeruddin

    Mukul Lala Ultratech Cement Ltd.( Aditya 09836107472

    Birla Group),Kolkata

    Raghevendra -do-, Nagpur 09743790206 N.M. Desai

    Raghavendra -do-, Bangalore 09822171559 Verma

    Biranchi Narayan WORLP,ORISSA 09437701494 Khamari

    Ranjan Kumar WORLP, Orissa 09437923655 Bhoi

    Dillip Kumar WORLP,ORISSA 09438640459 Mahapatra

    Bijay Kumar WORLP,ORISSA 09437255735 Satpathy

    Amiya Ranjan OFSDP,ORISSA 09438102567 Parida

    John Mathaikutty WORLD Vision, Chhatisgarh 09425207527


    Sridhar Behera CYSD, Orissa 09437344323 Jayadev Dakua CYSD, Orissa 09437269222 Pangday USAID, Nepal 09851002779 Yonzone

    Shanmugalingam Re-Awakening WORLD Bank 94773206825 Giritharan Project, Srilanka

    Nadarajah Re-Awakening WORLD Bank 940772963757 Puhaleesan Project, Srilanka

    Chandra MITRA Samaj, Nepal 9779841525721 Bahadur Thapa

    Murari Prasad Nepal CRS Company 9779841205959 Gautam

    Suraj Sharma Nepal CRS Company 9779848080821

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