Analysis about the major characters on The Great Gatsby

By Tina Anderson,2014-04-30 19:27
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Analysis about the major characters on The Great Gatsby

    Analysis about the major characters on The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby is a novel written by F? Scott Fitzgerald. In this novel, with a brief and serious style, the author vividly described a tragedy caused by American Dream. After I read novel, I have some opinions about it, especially two main

     Jay Gatsby and Daisy in this novel. characters--

     Firstly I want to talk about the hero Jay Gatsby. Jay Gatsby is a man who is ambitious and honest and persistent in love. He can stand for a generation during the 1920s of America who were eager to have a lot of money and ran after their dreams. Through their various means that some were even illegal such as gambling and drug-dealing, they fulfilled their dreams but usually with a sad ending that they paid a lot for what they had gained, even their lives. F? Scott Fitzgerald’s work really

    reflected the material and emotional excesses of America in the 1920s, a period he called the Jazz Age. Also he showed us the bad side of the society of that time, to some degree he wanted to arouse people not go too far from what the reality was and see through the disguised cover of the society and enjoyed some spiritual entertainment. F? Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, he properly used symbolism. For example;

    he used a green light at the end of the dock to symbolize the difficulty to obtain American dreams. It not only expresses his main ideal of this novel but also gives a deep ending that make readers self considering. But still there is one thing we can learn from the hero --Jay Gatsby. That is his persistent spirit for his career and his love to Daisy. Although he is ambitious, he can really go through all kinds of troubles and take what he planed into action which most people can not do. So the hero’s characters integrate both good and bad sides, it of course obeys the rule of nature.

    Secondly, I want to talk about the heroin in the novelDaisy. To be a woman as

    myself I really feel shame about her. I think human being are born equal no matter if who is a man or a woman. Women should not be considered as a weak community that needs help from men all the time, what man can do women can do it too. Daisy, in the novel is both dependent and irresponsible. She likes money very much and even can marry a man who is not she really loves in order to live a luxury life. What really make me feel disappoint is that she leaves Gatsby with her husband at last without a glimpse and a consideration. By the contrast, Gatsby loves her so much and we can see from the novel that what he does is all for her, but at last what he gets is her totally indifference and forgetting. I think what Daisy does for Gatsby is really beyond a woman at least I can say a human being’s nature. Since she is so in loved with Gatsby but why she behaves in this way. To some extend, I really can not understand her, that I only can use a word irresponsible. For Gatsby, Daisy is all his hope, all his life, what he does is for her. She is a kind of dream for him, in order to make it come true he had tried his best and experienced a lot. But in the end his dream broke down, all the efforts he had made is just like a leaf falling off the tree when autumn is coming. So it also reflects the main ideal of this novelthe disillusionment American dream.

    Take a conclusion, just as the American dream-the pursuit of happiness- has degenerated into a quest for mere wealth. Gatsby’s powerful dream of happiness with

    Daisy has become the motivation for lavish excesses and criminal activities. I have sympathy toward Gatsby. If the whole society wasn’t in the wrong way to seek fame,

    fortune and power, then Gatsby won’t have done those criminal activities. Gatsby has lost the old warm world and paid a high price for living too long with a single dream. I think Gatsby has made a wrong choose at first when he decides to win Daisy who is a selfish, cold and vain woman. All this deeply reveals the spiritual degeneration that was concealed by money, love and material pleasure and gives us a chance to have a deep meditation on the disillusionment of the American dream in an era of unprecedented prosperity and material excess.

    thinking things that are F? Scott Fitzgerald’s novel really gives us some deep—

    worth paying attention to, not only in that time but also in all the ways that society is progressing on. It is an exquisitely beautiful and tragic tale of the state of the American dream, and also the dream for all. I like this novel, for it reflects human’s

    weaknesses in the material luxury society and it gives me a reminder to be always calm and self-control and never to lose myself in seeking an enjoyable life.

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