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A Summary of Pride and Prejudice



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    A Summary of Pride and Prejudice

    In the book Pride and Prejudice, the author Jane Austen tells us a love story between Elizabeth and Mr.

    thDarcy in the 19 century England.

    Mr. Darcy accompanies his friend Mr. Bingley renting an estate in Longbourn. Attending the local ball, Bingley is well received, while Darcy appears smug and proud. After Darcy's haughty rejection of her at dance, Elizabeth considers him a coldness and proud person. Soon, Bingley and Jane begin to grow close. Elizabeth also begins a friendship with Mr. Wickham, a militia officer who is of long acquaintance with Darcy. Wickham tells her that he has been seriously mistreated by Darcy; Elizabeth regards it a further reason to dislike Darcy. At the same time, Darcy begins to fall in love with her.

    Mr. Collins, who is to inherit Longbourn, visits the Bennets to find a wife among the girls. He first pursues Jane and then redirects to Elizabeth. At a ball given by Bingley, Elizabeth intends to deepen her acquaintance with Wickham, who, however, fails to appear. She is asked to dance by Darcy, during which she raises Wickham's fate with him, causing their dance to become a hot debate. Collins and the Bennet family, save Jane and Elizabeth, behave in poor manners, that disgusts Darcy and embarrasses Elizabeth. The next morning, Mr. Collins proposes to Elizabeth, after being refused, he handily recovers and proposes to her close friend. Though appearing of proposing to Jane, Bingley suddenly quits Netherfield and returns to London. Elizabeth thinks that Darcy and Bingley's sister have conspired to separate them.

    In the spring, Elizabeth joins the Collins and visits Darcy's aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh. After Darcy and his cousins arrive, Elizabeth renews her project of teasing Darcy, while his admiration for her grows in spite of his intentions otherwise. Elizabeth learns that Darcy prides himself on having separated Bingley from Jane. Darcy decides to propose, only to be abruptly refused. When asked why, Elizabeth confronts him with his sabotage of Jane and Bingley as well as Wickham's account of Darcy's mistreatment of him. Deeply shocked, Darcy writes her a letter which reveals the true history between Wickham and himself. Regarding Bingley and Jane, Darcy justifies his interference. He also admits his 'repugnance' for the her familys

    behavior. After reading the letter, Elizabeth begins to question both her family's behavior and Wickham's credibility. She also starts to wonder whether her early impression of Darcy has been accurate.

    Some months later, Elizabeth and her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner visit Pemberley, Darcy's home while he's away. The elderly housekeeper presents Darcy a flattering and benevolent person to them. As they tour the grounds, Darcy unexpectedly returns. Though shocked, he makes an obvious effort to be gracious and welcoming. Elizabeth is surprised and she is hopeful of a possible new beginning with Darcy. At this time, the news that Lydia has run away with Wickham comes, Elizabeth and the Gardiner hurriedly leave for home. Elizabeth is anguished, and convinced that Darcy will avoid her from now on. Soon, thanks to Elizabeth's uncle, Lydia and Wickham are found and married. Accidently, Elizabeth knows it is Darcy that is responsible for both finding the couple and arranging their marriage, at a great expense.

    Bingley returns and proposes marriage to Jane. Then Lady Catherine surprisingly comes and tells Elizabeth she has heard the rumors of Darcy’s proposing. She demands that Elizabeth never accept his

    proposal but the latter refuses to bow. Hearing this, Darcy comes and proposes again. This time Elizabeth accepts.

    In the end, Elizabeth and Darcy are engaged and settle at Pemberley. Though they have to deal with the Bennet family, they live a happy life.

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