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    2300 Sansbury Road

    Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

    (301) 499-7071

    “Home of the Rising Stars!”

    2004 2005 Student Parent


Dear Parents / Guardian & Students:

    Welcome to Arrowhead Elementary School. This school year promises to be one of significant growth, achievement and fun.

    Please read and review the following policies and procedures. Checking school newsletters for updates, understanding, cooperation and follow-through will foster, order and smooth operation.

    You are an important member of the Arrowhead Team of Champions. We believe that all students can learn and must accept the responsibility to achieve their personal best. We believe that all parents/guardians must have active roles in the education of their children. We believe in our ability to design and deliver a developmentally appropriate instructional program that will captivate our students and prepare them for higher levels of learning, future challenges, and life-long learning.

    We have high expectations for ourselves and for you, our parents and students. We expect to work in sync and harmony in the best interest of our children.

    We are guided by our mission and goals. Our daily standard is one of excellence and centers around three behaviors: (1) being positive (thoughts, attitudes, and language), (2), being peaceful (treat others as you want to be treated, seek first to understand, then to be understood, resolve conflict, respect diversity, respect the rights of others, and promote safety), (3) being productive (get the job done! Quality! Excellence! Learn it, apply it!)

Let‟s claim a victory for the year ahead and move on to make it happen.


Sheila McConnell



    School begins at 9:15 am. Children arriving before that cannot be supervised and must remain outside of the building until the official start of school. If you transport your child by car, please drop your child off away from the bus loading/unloading area. This will prevent accidents. More importantly, it is safer for the children.


    Any student arriving at school after 9:15am should report to the office for a tardy slip. Tardiness places a student at a disadvantage in starting his/her day. A note should accompany your child to explain the reason for tardiness.


    To receive the maximum instructional benefit from classroom instruction, a child must be in attendance daily unless illness or a family emergency arises. Please phone the school at (301) 499-7071 when your child is going to be absent and provide a written explanation upon the child‟s

    return to school. It is the student‟s responsibility to make-up all assignments.


    Students will not be called out of class to take phone calls from parents. If an emergency necessitates a child being contacted, an administrator or designee will field the call and assist as needed. Phone calls made for changes in dismissal procedures for your child will not be accepted without written documentation (See Dismissal).


    Dismissal for students is 3:25 P.M. Parents are encouraged to pick students up on time and/or to be home (if necessary) to receive your child. When a child is expecting to see that “special someone”, it is very disappointing and upsetting to the student. Please don‟t disappoint your child. The

    teachers‟ day is over at 3:45pm. We cannot supervise a child indefinitely. The appropriate agency

    must be contacted if an adult fails to meet this responsibility. We will make every effort to contact a parent or the emergency designee. If a student misses the bus, it is the parent‟s responsibility to pick the child up promptly. There is no after care provided in this school.

    All children will board their assigned buses after school each day unless a note is sent from the parent stating otherwise.

    When a student is to be excused early, a written request from the parent is necessary. The parent is asked to come to the office and sign the early departure book. The office will then call the child to the office for dismissal. No exceptions! When possible, medical and dental appointments should be made after school hours. Written request for a change in transportation home on any specific day should also be sent with the student on that morning. Please note how the child will return home and with whom. If a note is not sent in with details pertaining to your child‟s departure, your

    child will be placed on their appropriate bus as usual. A child will be released only to

parent/guardians on record unless the school is notified in writing by the parent/guardians that they

    have granted permission for someone else to pick up the child. PLEASE DO NOT PICK UP STUDENTS FOR EARLY DISMISSIAL BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 3:00 AND 3:30PM.



Arrowhead Elementary is a mandatory uniform school. The official uniform is navy blue and

    white/light blue. The recommended quantity is as follows:

     3-5 bottoms (combination of pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, skorts)

     5-7 tops (blouses, shirts)

     1-2 sweater/vest

    Following are the accepted uniform items for all students:

    Girls Boys

    White/light blue collared blouse White/light blue collared shirt

    White/light blue golf shirt White/light blue golf shirt

    Arrowhead white/light blue shirt Arrowhead white/light blue shirts

    Navy blue pleated skirt or jumper Navy blue pants or dress shorts

    Navy blue pants, shorts, or skort Navy blue sweater or vest

    Navy blue sweater or vest Dark shoes or sneakers

    Dark shoes or sneakers

Additional guidelines of the uniform policy:

    ? DENIM CLOTHING of any kind is not acceptable.

    ? Blue uniform shorts are permitted during the warm season but may not be denim.

    ? Plain white/light blue turtlenecks are allowed November through March.

    ? Corduroy slacks are allowed for all students but they must be navy blue.

Uniform retailers:

    ? Discount Mart-Eastover Shopping Center

    ? Kids for Less-Rivertown Commons and Iverson Mall

    ? Young World-Iverson Mall

    ? Wal-Mart

    ? K-Mart-Rivertown Commons

    Arrowhead Elementary Uniform Enforcement Policy

Arrowhead Elementary Community has adopted a mandatory uniform policy in accordance with Prince George‟s

    County Policy #600. Below is the described policy procedure.

Each classroom teacher will work closely with the students in his/her class and their families so that we may achieve

    100% uniform compliance. This will mean developing a supportive relationship with the families. Most uniform

    concerns can be handled at this level. Any particular problem or resistance should be referred to the Principal or her


As staff members identify families in need of extra support, they are to be referred to the Principal/Designee. The

    administration will verify the need and help to attain uniforms for the child.

When a teacher feels he/she has tried to work with the parents concerning a uniform violation, but has been

    unsuccessful, the following steps will take place. These procedures have been established by the Board of Education

    for consistent violations.

    ? First violation: The school representative will contact the parents/guardians by phone, send home our

    uniform violation letter, and notify administration.

    ? Second violation: The school representative will contact the parents/guardians by phone, send home a second

    notice, and contact administration.

    ? Third violation: The administration will call the parent/guardian and send home a written notification.

    ? Fourth violation: The administration will arrange a parent conference to reiterate the parameters of the

    policy and the consequences of future violations. Written notification will be sent home documenting the


    ? Fifth violation: The student will be removed from class by administration and the student complete

    classroom assignments provided by the teacher in another part of the school.

    ? Sixth Violation: A parent/student conference will be held with administration and teacher. A final warning

    will be issued, advising them that another violation will result in reassignment to a non-uniform school.

    Documentation of this meeting will be given to parent.

    ? Seventh Violation: The student will be reassigned to a school that does not have a mandatory school uniform


Let‟s work together for the success of our children. Thanks for your cooperation.


Transported students are given a bus assignment and are to ride that bus and that bus only to and

    from school.

Riding a bus is a privilege and good behavior is required in order to maintain a safe environment on

    each bus. The school supports the drive in maintaining safe bus riding habits. Anyone who violates

    the safety standards will be suspended from the bus and parents will then be responsible for

    providing the child‟s transportation.

If children are to go to a different place after school, parents should notify the school, in writing,

    prior to dismissal.


Fifth and sixth graders who have been recommended by their teacher as responsible citizens may be

    chosen as safety patrol members. This job is extremely important to the safety of all children.

    Youngsters chosen for safety patrol must continue to exhibit responsible behavior both on their post

    and during the school day. Special activities are planned for these students throughout the year.

    The Prince George‟s County Police Department assists our safety patrols and sponsor.


Each grade level has developed their own classroom rules. Each parent will receive a copy of the

    rules, consequences for behavior, as well as age appropriate rewards. Students are expected to

    follow all school rules (halls, cafeteria, classroom, etc.) as well as the County Code of Student

    Conduct. Any violations will result in suspension from school. Also, parent shadowing (coming to

    school and staying with your child for day/days) will be in effect this year.


Education cannot proceed without an atmosphere of good order and discipline necessary for

    effective learning.

Good education is largely dependent upon the maintenance of effective learning conditions within

    the classroom. Successful and continued maintenance of these classroom conditions is dependent

    upon good judgment and compassion by the teacher, understanding and leadership by the

    administrator and support of the Board of Education, the parent(s)/guardian(s) and students.

Therefore, students can expect to face suspension and/or expulsion if they commit any of the

    following violations:

    ? Possession or Use of Weapons

    ? Possession, Use or Distribution of Alcohol, of Controlled Dangerous Substances,

    Controlled or Drug Paraphernalia

    ? Arson

    ? False Alarms

    ? Possession of Fireworks or Explosives (Snappers)

    ? Inciting Others to Violence and Disruption

    ? Physical Attack and/or Threat Thereof

    ? Shakedown and/or Strong Arm

    ? Fighting

    ? Theft

    ? Vandalism and/or Destruction of Property

    Other violations classified as persisted disobedience are:

    ? Cheating

    ? Continued Class Disruption

    ? Disrespect

    ? Distributing of Unauthorized printed Material

    ? False Reports

    ? Forgery

    ? Gambling

    ? Insubordination

    ? Loitering

    ? Unauthorized Sale or Distribution


    Unsatisfactory progress letters are sent home mid-way through each reporting period if children are doing “D” or “E” level work. With this warning and some additional help from home, it is our hope that the unsatisfactory grades can be brought up before the report cards are issued. Parents are asked to sign the bottom portion of the form and return it to the teacher. Failing grades on report cards lead to retention in grade.


    Kindergarten written reports will be sent home twice a year. A conference is held in addition to these two written reports.

    Reports cards for grades 1-6 will be issued four times a year: November, February, April and June. A conference is also held.

    A number system of marking is used for Kindergarten:

     1 = Beginning Skill Level

     2 = Developing Skill Level

     3 = Acquired Skill

     NA= Not Yet Introduced

     stnd and 2 A number system of marking is used for grades 1

     1 = Progressing Satisfactorily

     2 = Needs More Time

     rdthA five-letter system of marking is used for grades 3 6:

     A = Superior /work

     B = Work Above Average

     C = Average Accomplishment

     D = Below Average

     E = Failure


    Homework will be given to students on an increasing basis as children progress in school. It is recommended that parents set aside 15 60 minutes each evening for children to read, practice

    spelling or math or do assigned homework. Grade 6 students should allot a longer period. This is an important pattern in establishing responsibility when children are young.


    Board Policy #6161.1 provides that commencing with school year 1976-1977, no pupil may be advanced to higher grade unless the pupil, in addition to receiving a passing grade, returns all education materials to the appropriate personnel, reimburses the school for lost or damaged materials or makes other satisfactory arrangements with the principal.

Textbook replacement charges for lost or damaged books:

     New Books 1 Year Old - Full Price

     2 Years Old - 80%

     3 Years Old - 60%

     4 Years Old - 40%

     5 Years Old - 20%

     Paperback (textbooks) - Full Price

In addition, all textbooks must be covered to protect them.


    Before a student may go with his class, a permission slip (signed by the parents/guardian) must be turned in to the teacher sponsoring the trip along with the cost of the trip. No personal checks will

    be accepted for payment. There will be times when a parent will be requested to accompany a

    child in order to insure a relaxing learning environment.


    Our school has the services of a full time nurse who is mainly responsible for dispensing medications, vision and hearing screenings, keeping immunization records up to date as well as applying first aid. Please do not send sick children to school. If your child becomes seriously ill

    at school, we will contact you immediately. Children who get ill at school will need to be picked up by parents and taken home. If we cannot reach you, we will use the emergency contact information you have provided. Please remember we cannot keep seriously ill children at school. Children must be free of fever, vomiting and diarrhea for 24 hours without assistance of medication before they can return to school.


    Medicine, including aspirin, cannot be administered by school personnel. Students who need to take prescribed medication or over-the-counter medication must have the appropriate form signed by the physician and parent before the medication can be bought to school. The medication and form must be left in the office with the Nurse.


    Because the school staff is responsible for the safety of all students in the school, all adult visitors to the school must stop by the office first. Parents and relatives are always welcome at Arrowhead and

    may visit at any time. All visitors to the building must have photo identification and sign in at

    the main office reception area.


Arrowhead Elementary invites parents to visit our school when they have an opportunity. If your

    child comes home with information or concerns that you wish to check out, we recommend that you

    call the school and ask to have your child‟s teacher contact you. The school office is open each day from 8:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. When asking to speak with a teacher, please keep in mind that we

    cannot call the teacher from the classroom nor can we transfer calls during instruction time. A

    message will be taken and the teacher will return your call as soon as possible.


Communication is an essential part of the educational program. We feel it is very important for

    parents to keep in close contact with their child‟s teacher concerning his/her progress. Schedule

    conferences in advance for a time that is convenient for all, i.e., before or after school, during

    teacher planning periods, etc. our phone number is: 301-499-7071. All parents are required to attend

    at least one parent-teacher conference.


A student who studies well:

    1. Brings notebook, paper, two pencils, and other materials necessary to class. 2. Is an active participant in the classroom listens well and takes part in discussions.

    3. Asks questions if he/she doesn‟t understand the discussion or if he/she has a problem.

    4. Plans his/her work and schedules times for homework (with television turned off) each day;

    makes sure he/she understands the assignment before he/she leaves class. 5. Uses what he/she learns, sees how each subject applies to the others.

    6. Strives to do his/her best, not just enough to get by.


    1. Encourage your child to come home immediately after school is dismissed. 2. Your child is not to bring dangerous or distracting articles to school, such as guns, knives, toys,

    radios, tapes, chewing gum, sodas, snacks, etc. The school will not be liable for these items. 3. Place names on all articles of outer clothing coats, gloves, hats, caps, sweaters, raincoats, and

    school supplies, etc.

    4. Instruct your child never to converse with a stranger, never to accept a gift from a stranger, and

    never to get into a car with a stranger.

    5. Your child must have plenty of sleep each night for him/her to do good school work.

    6. Visit your child‟s school. You, as a parent, are not only welcome at school, you are urged to



    During the first week of school, all children will be given an application for free and reduced lunches to take home to their parents. Only those who wish to apply need to return the forms. Please keep in mind, we are required to provide every parent with the opportunity to apply. It is the responsibility of the parents and students to coordinate with the cafeteria manager as it relates to the lunch program. Parents or students are required to bring money to the cafeteria at the beginning of the week before classes begin for the day. Intermediate students can be responsible for turning in their money at the beginning of the week prior to the start of class. Please make sure your student comes prepared for lunch. A cheese sandwich and milk are given to those students who do not have lunch money.

Breakfast is provided to all students by the Maryland Meals for Achievement Program.


During the first week of school, your child‟s teacher will be sending home an information card for

    you to complete. Having this information returned promptly and correctly is the utmost importance. A record of this information is kept in the school office, in the event you need to be contacted. Please make sure all telephone numbers and addresses are accurate and clearly written. Remember to put the name and telephone number of a person who can be contacted in case you cannot be reached. Please notify the school if you change addresses or telephone numbers during the year. It is very important that your records are kept up to date.


    Arrowhead Elementary has a student council this year. One student from each classroom will be chosen as a representative to the Student Council. The Student Council was developed for the purpose of helping the students:

    1. To strive for good citizenship.

    2. To strive for good school work.

    3. To discuss different ideas of the students and try to solve problems in the school.

    4. To develop deep respect for people, both at school and in the community.


Arrowhead Elementary has a peer mediation program this year in grades 4 through 6. Peer

    mediators are students who have been trained in a problem solving and conflict resolution technique. Students who have problems with classmates may utilize this peaceful and successful way of resolving conflict. Information about the program and how it works will be explained during the first two weeks of school. Daily reminders over the PA system and monthly reminders in our newsletters will help spread the merits of the peer mediation program.

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