Work for MAD 2

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Work for MAD 2

Work for MAD /intern collection 2

Name;Steven McCloy

    Educational Institution;Leeds Metropolitan University

    Year; fourth year bachelor degree


Who is your favorite architect? Why?

    I like J.Nouvel. Every project bring forth new ideas, every project is a new beginning. His Architecture is all very beautiful.

What is the characteristic of the institute you attend?

    It’s more regionalized and localized. More places are offered to local students. Leeds is

    also more traditional, only a small fraction of people use computers and focuses upon practicality rather than conceptual ideas. Societal Architects instead of Starchitects are developed; I think in China University students are expected to become the future leaders of the country, in Europe we are more relaxed and develop our ideas on a more intimate scale.

    I very much enjoyed my time in Leeds, but I think it is important to try different things I

    hope to complete my studies at The Bartlett School of Architecture in London.

Why have you chosen MAD as a place for internship?

    In England, no one can create Architecture like MAD. There are often too many rules and restrictions, whilst in other countries the economic crisis means architects have no work at all.

    China is an adventure for me; I wanted to see the country that would be the next world-leaders.

    What are your thoughts and feelings upon Chinese Architecture and the environment? Any suggestions?

    Personally, I think the speed of construction in China is too fast and too much-constructing 5 times the amount needed. There is a lack of concern in details and in overall strategy, but I believe that Europe is the same: also building a lot of empty/useless places. It is a part of the growth cycle and requires more consideration, less political/commercial demands and satisfies more public requirements.

What is your goal/dream?

    Travel the world and live happily. If I am successful, I will pay it back by helping others.

What is your dream project?

    Design and build a house for my mother, which I’ve already begun.

    I have no idea how we are going to pay for it!

Throughout your projects what is your favourite and why?

    Auction House; it was a very messy and confusing design process and my teachers didn’t know how to help - it was an opportunity to challenge my own understanding/exploration of contemporary Architecture. In the end I used Digital Design tools to communicate the design better I was trying to create an intriguingly beautiful effect.

    I do NOT believe in parametric design, although I understand the benefits, I’m interested in throwing all kinds of ideas into a pot and seeing what kind of soup we can make.

Auction house

    A proposal to re-develop a squalid site on Leeds' fashionable Briggate. The addition of a world class auction house and a medieval street typology, aim to conjure up memory and sentiment into the highly developed commercial area- Architecture is designed to make the city as beautiful as possible, with its ability to inspire curiosity, diversity and surprise. The design process followed a deep exploration of ornament, antiques and the psycology of a collector; the work culminates in SLS Rapid Prototype models, these serve as collector's items themselves and sit proudly, amongst other curios, in museum style presentation boxes on my bookshelf.

Perruqueria Barcelona.

    Adjustments to an urban square in Barcelona, with the aim to re-invigorate everyday life, social condition and self esteem of the inhabitants of the square and the workers in the market. The proposal includes a range of everyday facilities including a hairdressers (perruqueria), laundrette, cafes, flower market, and an area for market workers to wash and take a siesta. The focal point of the architecture is an intricate fabric canpoy, which veils the square - By playing with lighting effects and pattern, the design of the veil gives a

new importance to the square; it trys to enhance the visual qualities of everday life, whilst

functioning to shade the market stalls from the intense sun.

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