Complete Listing of Berenstain Bears Books

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Complete Listing of Berenstain Bears Books

    Berenstain Bears Books Page 1

    The Berenstain Bears Book Series A Bibliography

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Baby Bears Series (Random House)

    It‟s Bathtime (Baby Bear Bath Book, 2000)

    Me First, Me First: Coping on the Playground (2000) My Every Day Book: A Day in the Life (2000) My New Bed: From Crib to Bed (1999)

    My Potty and I: A Friend In Need (1999)

    My Trusty Car Seat: Buckling Up For Safety (1999) Pacifier Days: A Fond Farewell (1999)

    Say Night Night (Baby Bear Cuddle Cloth Book, 2000)

Bear Facts Library (Random House)

    Almanac, The Bears (1973)

    Big Book of Science and Nature (1997)

    Science Fair (1977)

    Nature Guide: A Nature Walk Through Bear Country (1975)

    Bear Scout Chapter Books (Little Apple/Scholastic) Coughing Catfish (1996)

    Evil Eye, and the (1998)

    Ghost Versus Ghost (1996)

    Giant Bat Cave (1997)

    Humongous Pumpkin, and the (1995)

    Ice Monster, and the (1997)

    Magic Crystal Caper, and the (1997)

    Meet Bigpaw (1995)

    Really Big Disaster, and the (1998)

    Ripoff Queen, and the (1998)

    Run Amuck Robot (1997)

    Save That Backscratcher (1996)

    Sci Fi Pizza, and the (1996)

    Scream Their Heads Off (1998)

    Sinister Smoke Ring, and the (1997)

    Terrible Talking Termite, and the (1996)

    Bear Scout Treasury [compilation] (1996)

    Bear Scout Merit Badge Mysteries (Random House) Missing Merit Badges, and the (1998)

    Search For Naught Ned, and the (1998)

    Stinky Milk Mystery, and the (1999)

    White Water Mystery, and the (1999)

Beginner Books (Random House)

    Bear Detectives, The: The Case of the Missing Pumpkin (1975) Bear Scouts, The (1970)

    Bears Christmas, The (1970)

    Bears Picnic, The (1969) [later also published in ThinkWorks SmartReader Series (Toymax)]

    Bears Vacation, The (1968)

    Big Honey Hunt, The (1962) [later also published in ThinkWorks SmartReader Series (Toymax)]

    Bike Lesson, The (1964)

Berenstain Bears Books Page 2

    Missing Dinosaur Bone, and the (1980) That Stump Must Go (2000)

    Big Book of Berenstain Bears Beginner Books [compilation, 1996]

    Big Book of Berenstain Bears Beginner Books [compilation, 2011]

    Bright And Early Beginner Books (Random House) A Book (1997)

    B Book (1971)

    Bears in the Night (1971)

    Bears on Wheels (1969)

    C is for Clown: A Circus of “C” Words (1972) [later published as C Book (1997)]

    He Bear, She Bear (1974)

    Inside Outside Upside Down (1968) Old Hat New Hat (1970)

    On The Moon (1985)

    Spooky Old Tree (1978)

    Bright and Early Board Books (Random House) Inside Outside Upside Down (1997) Old Hat New Hat (1997)

    He Bear, She Bear (1999)

    Big Chapter Books (Random House) Accept No Substitutes (1993)

    Bermuda Triangle, and the (1997) Big Date, and the (1998)

    Camp Crush (1994)

    Dress Code, and the (1994)

    Drug Free Zone, and the (1993)

    Female Fullback (1993)

    Freaky Funhouse, in the (1995)

    G Rex Bones, and the (1999)

    Galloping Ghost, and the (1994) Ghost Of the Auto Graveyard (1997) Giddy Grandma, and the (1994)

    Go Hollywood (1999)

    Go Platinum (1999)

    Gotta Dance (1993)

    Haunted Hayride, and the (1997) In The Wax Museum (1999)

    Lost In Cyberspace (1999)

    Love Match, and the (1998)

    Maniac Mansion, in (1996)

    Media Madness (1995)

    Nerdy Nephew, and the (1993)

    New Girl in Town, and the (1993) No Guns Allowed, and (2000)

    Perfect Crime (Almost), and the (1998) Phenom in the Family (2000)

    Queenie‟s Crazy Crush (1997)

    Red Handed Thief, and the (1993) School Scandal Sheet, and the (1994) Showdown at Chainsaw Gap, and the (1995) Teen Rock Cafe, at the (1996)

    Wheelchair Commando, and the (1993)

Chick Fil-a Giveaway (2009) [all previously published]

    Hug and Make Up [previously published in HarperCollins Square Paperback Series]

Berenstain Bears Books Page 3

    Bad Influence, and the [previously published in HarperCollins Square Paperback Series]

    Golden Rule, and the [previously published in Living Lights Paperback Series]

    Big Spelling Bee, and the [previously published in HarperCollins Square Paperback Series]

    Trouble With Chores, and the [previously published in HarperCollins Square Paperback Series]

Comes to Life Books (Yes! Entertainment)

    Eager Beavers, and the (1993)

    Life With Papa (1993)

    Mysterious Numbers (1993) [reprint of 1983 Fisher Price Talk-To-Me edition] Not-So-Buried Treasure, and the (1995)

Cub Club Books (Western Publishing/Golden Books) [Also published by Readers Digest Kids Books]

    All Year 'Round (1993)

    Baby Chipmunk, and the (1993)

    Bedtime Battle (1993)

    Big Bear Fair, at (1994)

    Big Picture, and the (1994)

    Big Red Kite, and the (1992)

    Birthday Boy (1994)

    Broken Piggy Bank, and the (1992)

    Excuse Note, and the (1993)

    Family Get Together (1993)

    Get A Checkup (1993)

    Get Jealous (1992)

    Giant Mall, at the (1993)

    Good Deed, and the (1993)

    Hiccup Cure, and the (1993)

    Home Sweet Tree (1992)

    Hug and Make Up (1992)

    Jump Rope Contest, and the (1993)

    Learn About Colors (1993)

    Learn To Share (1992)

    Lost In A Cave (1994)

    On Time (1992)

    Perfect Fishing Spot (1992)

    Pet Show (1993)

    Soccer Tryouts, and the (1994)

    Spooky Old House (1993)

    Spooky Shadows, and the (1992)

    Summer Job, and the (1994)

    Talent Show, and the (1994)

    Visit Farmer Ben (1993)

    Visit Fun Park (1992)

    Visit Uncle Tex (1994)

    Wishing Star, and the (1993)

    With Nothing To Do (1993)

    Dalmatian Board Books (Dalmatian, 2011) [all previously published] Big Fun Park, at [previously published: Family Time Board Books] Pick Up and Put Away [previously published: Family Time Large] Go Out to Eat [previously published: Family Time Board Books] Go to the Movies [previously published: Family Time Board Books]

Family Time Bath Books (GT Publishing)

    Great Scuba Dive (1997)

    Scrub A Dub Dub (1996)

Family Time Board Books (GT Publishing, 1997)

Berenstain Bears Books Page 4

    Big Fun Park, at

    Easter Magic

    Go Out to Eat

    Go to the Movies

Family Time Large (GT Publishing, 1997) [Also published by Early Childhood First Books, Forest House Publishing


    Back To School

    Bedtime Stories

    Get the Grouchies

    Help Around the House

    Hold Hands at the Big Mall

    On The Road

    Pick Up and Put Away

    Say Please and Thank You

    Family Time Pop-Up Books (GT Publishing) Welcome to Bear Country (1996)

    Spooky Fun House, in the (1997)

    Family Time Small (GT Publishing, 1996) [also published in McDonald‘s Happy Meal Series] Attic Treasure, and the

    Eager Beavers, and the [also published with camera in Family Time Photo Fun Series, 1996]

    Life With Papa [also published with camera in Family Time Photo Fun Series, 1996]

    Substitute Teacher, and the

    Family TimeOther (GT Publishing, 1997) All Time Favorite Nursery Songs

    First First Time Books (Random House, 1991) Are A Family

    Four Seasons

    Say Good Night

    Super Duper Market, at the

First Time Books (Random House)

    Baby Makes Five, and (2000)

    Bad Dream, and the (1988)

    Bad Habit, and the (1987)

    Big Question, and the (1999)

    Birds, the Bees, and the Berenstain Bears, the (2000)

    Big Blooper, and the (2000)

    Blame Game, and the (1997)

    Bully, and the (1993)

    Count Their Blessings (1995)

    Dollars and Sense (2001)

    Don‟t Pollute (Anymore) (1991)

    Double Dare, and the (1988)

    Excuse Note, and the (2001) [originally published in Cub Club Series]

    Forget Their Manners (1985)

    Funny Valentine (2002)

    Get In A Fight (1982)

    Get Stage Fright (1986)

    Get the Gimmies (1988)

    Get Their Kicks (1998)

    Go Out for the Team (1987)

    Go To Camp (1982)

    Go To School (Originally published as part of the Pictureback Books Series, 1978)

Berenstain Bears Books Page 5

    Go To the Doctor (1981)

    Green Eyed Monster, and the (1995) Homework Hassle (1997)

    In Crowd, and the (1989)

    In The Dark (1982)

    Learn About Strangers (1987)

    Lend A Helping Hand (1998)

    Mad Mad Mad Toy Craze (1999)

    Mama‟s Day Surprise (2004)

    Mama‟s New Job, and (1984)

    Meet Santa Bear (1984)

    Messy Room, and the (1983)

    Moving Day (1981)

    New Baby (Originally published as part of the Pictureback Books Series, 1974)

    New Neighbors (1994)

    No Girls Allowed (1986)

    Papa‟s Day Surprise, and the (2003)

    Prize Pumpkin, and the (1990) Real Easter Eggs, and the (2002) Report Card Troubles (2002)

    Sitter, and the (1981)

    Slumber Party (1990)

    Take-Along Library (1985)

    Too Much Birthday, and (1986) Too Much Car Trip (2003)

    Too Much Junk Food, and (1985) Too Much Pressure, and (1992) Too Much Teasing, and (1995)

    Too Much TV, and (1984)

    Too Much Vacation, and (1989) Trick Or Treat (1989)

    Trouble At School (1987)

    Trouble With Bedtime, and the (2003) Trouble With Friends, and the (1987) Trouble With Grownups, and the (1992) Trouble With Money (1983)

    Trouble With Pets (1990)

    Truth, the and (1988)

    Visit the Dentist (1981)

    Week at Grandma‟s (1986)

    Sampler: The Best of Bear Country (1996) [Compilation; reprinted as “Big Book of the Berenstain Bears” (2007)]

    Big Book of Stories (2002) [Compilation] Bigger Book of Stories (2002) [Compilation] Stories to Share (2011) [Compilation] All in the Family (2012) [Compilation]

First Time ―Do-It‖ Books (Random House, 1996)

    Cook-It: Breakfast for Mama

    Draw-It: Drawing Lessons

    Fly-It: Up, Up, and Away

    Grow-It: Mother Nature…

    First Time Readers (Random House) Big Road Race (1987)

    Blaze A Trail (1987)

    Ghost of the Forest, and the (1988) Missing Honey, and the (1987) On The Job (1987)

Berenstain Bears Books Page 6

    Ready, Get Set, Go (1988)

Golden Sight ‗n Sound (Golden)

    Big Rummage Sale (1992)

    Spooky Fun House, and the (1991)

Happy House Series (Happy House/Random House)

    Coughing Catfish, and the (1987) Knight to Remember (1986)

    Mansion Mystery, and the (1987) Not-So-Buried Treasure, and the (1987)

    HarperCollins Square Paperback Series Bad Influence, and the (2008)

    Bedtime Battle (2004) [previously published in Cub Club Series]

    Big Spelling Bee, and the (2007) Come Clean for School (2011)

    Computer Trouble (2010)

    Dinosaur Dig (2012)

    Hug and Make Up (2006) [previously published in Cub Club Series]

    Lose a Friend (2007)

    Go On a Ghost Walk (2005)

    Go Out to Eat (2009)

    Nutcracker, and the (2011)

    Really Big Pet Show (2008)

    Safe and Sound! (2009)

    Sick Days (2009)

    Too Much Car Trip (2006) [previously published in First Time Books Series]

    Tooth Fairy, and the (2012)

    Trouble with Chores, and the (2005) Trouble With Commercials (2007) We Love Our Mom! (2012)

    Story Box (2006) [compilation]

    Harper Collins Paperback Lift-The-Flap Books Baby Easter Bunny (2008)

    Get Ready for Christmas (2011) Haunted House, and the (2010)

    Trim the Tree (2007)

    Valentine Party (2008)

    Winter Wonderland (2011)

HarperCollins Large Hardcover

    Big Bedtime Book (2008)

    Go on Vacation (2006)

    Old-Fashioned Christmas (2012) Save Christmas (2003)

    Go Back to School (2005)

    Harper Festival Board Books (2004) Sister Bear Learns to Share

    Brother Bear Loves Dinosaurs

HarperCollins Other

    Storybook Treasury (2012) [Compilation]

    I Can Read Books (HarperCollins) All Aboard (2010)

    Berenstain Bears Books Page 7 Aquarium, at the (2012)

    Baby Chipmunk (2005) [previously published in Cub Club Series]

    Class Trip (2009)

    Clean House (2004)

    Down on the Farm (2006)

    Family Reunion (2009)

    Mama for Mayor (2012)

    New Kitten (2007)

    New Pup (2005)

    Out West (2006) [previously published as Visit Uncle Tex,” Cub Club Series]

    Play T-Ball (2004)

    Seashore Treasure (2005)

    Shaggy Little Pony (2011)

    Sleepover (2009)

    Wishing Star (2005) [previously published in Cub Club Series]

    Reading is Fun 3-pack (2009) [compilation: Clean House, New Kitten, Down on the Farm]

    Adventures of the Berenstain Bears (2006) [compilation: Clean House, New Pup, Play T-Ball, Baby Chipmunk]

I Can Read Books Living Light (Zonderkidz)

    Help the Homeless (2012)

    Honey Hunt Helpers (2012)

    Little Lost Cub, and the (2011)

    Neighbor in Need (2010)

    Kitten Rescue (2010)

    Mama‟s Helpers (2011)

Jellybean Books (Random House)

    Get The Don‟t Haftas (1998)

    Get the Noisies (1999)

    Get the Screamies (1998)

    Get the Scaredies (1999)

    Get the Twitchies (2000)

Kidstuff Records (IJE Publishing) (Book plus audio LP; later re-issued with cassette tape)

    How to Get Along With Your Fellow Bear (1982) How to Get Along At School (1984)

Long John Silver‘s Series [Also published as Random House Mini-Storybooks; see also LJS Activity Books]

    Dinosaurs, and the (Mini-Storybook, 1984) Go Fly A Kite (Mini-Storybook, 1983) Shoot the Rapids (Mini-Storybook, 1984) Soccer Star (Mini-Storybook, 1983)

    To The Rescue (Mini-Storybook, 1983) Wild, Wild Honey, and the (Mini-Storybook, 1983)

    Living Lights Paperback Series (Zonderkidz) Say Their Prayers (2008)

    Get Involved (2012)

    Golden Rule, and the (2008)

    Go to Sunday School (2008)

    God Loves You! (2008)

    Play a Good Game (2009)

    Gift of Courage, and the (2010)

    God Bless Our Home (2012)

    Love Their Neighbors (2009)

    Job Well Done, and a (2010)

    Faithful Friends (2009)

    Forgiving Tree, the (2010)

    Berenstain Bears Books Page 8 Kindness Counts (2010)

    Joy of Giving, and the (2010)

    Gossip Gang (2011)

    Jobs Around Town (2010)

    All Things Bright and Beautiful (2011)

    Show Some Respect (2011)

    Easter Story, and the (2012)

    Hurry to Help (2010) [previously published material] Do Their Best (2010) [previously published material] Discover God‟s Creation (2010) [previously published material] Perfect Fishing Spot [previously published in Cub Club Series]

    Follow God’s Word (2011) [compilation]

    Show God’s Love (2010) [compilation]

    Living Lights Beginning Reader (Hardcover) (Zonderkidz) Reap the Harvest (2011) [previously published as “Summer Job” in Cub Club Series] Let the Bible Be Your Guide (2011)

    Trouble With Secrets, the (2011) [previously published]

Living Lights Lift-The-Flap Books

    God Bless the Animals (2012)

    Here‟s the Church, Here‟s the Steeple! (2011)

    Magic Touch Talking Books (Hasbro/Playskool, 1996) A Visit to the Big Museum

    Visit the Big City

    When I Grow Up

    Magic Wand Speaking Books (Texas Instruments, 1983) Olympics

    On the Job

McDonald‘s Happy Meal Series (1990) [See also McDonald‘s Happy Meal Activity Books]

    Attic Treasure, and the

    Eager Beavers, and the

    Life With Papa

    Substitute Teacher, and the

Mini-Storybooks (Random House) [see also Long John Silver‘s]

    Big Election (1984)

    Dinosaurs, and the (1984)

    Go Fly A Kite (1983)

    Neighborly Skunk, and the (1984)

    Shoot the Rapids (1984)

    Soccer Star (1983)

    To The Rescue (1983)

    Wild Wild Honey, and the (1983)

    My First Colorforms Books (Colorforms, 1994) Messy, Messy Room

    Secret Clubhouse, and the

    Their Forest Friends, and

Peek-a-Board Books (Random House)

    Big Bear City, in (1996)

    Home Sweet Tree (1997)

    Yike! Yike! Where‟s My Trike? (1996)

    Berenstain Bears Books Page 9 Questron Electronics Books (Questron, 1987) Meet Questron: Left Right Stop Go…

    Meet Questron: One, Two, Three-How Many…

    Scholastic/Cartwheel Large Format (Scholastic) Christmas Tree (1980)

    Comic Valentine (1998)

    Easter Surprise (1998)

    Play Ball (1998)

    Thanksgiving (1997)

    Stahlwood Bath Books (Stahlwood Toy Co.) Baby Bear‟s Toy Animals (1983)

    Baby Bear‟s Toys „n Noises (1984)

Step Into Reading (Random House)

    Big Bear Small Bear (1998)

    By The Sea (1998)

    Catch the Bus (1999)

    Escape of the Bogg Brothers, and the (2000) Go In and Out (2000)

    Go Up And Down (1999)

    House of Mirrors, in the (1999)

    Missing Watermelon Money, and the (2001) Ride the Thunderbolt (1998)

    Tic-Tac-Toe Mystery, and the (2001) We Like Kites (2004)

    Stepping Stone Books (Random House) The Wrong Crowd (2001)

    The Runamuck Dog Show (2001)

    The Haunted Lighthouse (2001)

    The Goofy, Goony Guy (2001)

    Ride Like the Wind (2002)

    Too Small for the Team (2003)

ThinkWorks SmartReader Series (ToyMax, 1999) [previously published in Beginner Books series]

    Bears Picnic, the

    Big Honey Hunt, the

Toddler Books (Random House, 1996)

    Are A Family

    Four Seasons

    Say Good Night

    Super Duper Market, at the

Other Random House

    Bath Book (1985)

    Counting Book (1976)

    Nursery Tales (Pictureback Book Series, 1973) On the Road (Form Book, 1992)

    Papa's Pizza: A Berenstain Bear Sniffy Book (1978) Postcard Book (1991)

    Storybook Treehouse (1982)

Other Various Publishers

    Book of Values (Berenstain Entertainment, 1999) Family Favorites: Sing a Song Play Along (Play-a-Tune, 1990)

    Berenstain Bears Books Page 10 Family Tree House (Yes! Interactive Pop-Up, Sound-Up Book, Yes! Entertainment, 1995)

    Go Shopping (Unknown publisher, 1994)

    Go to Grizzlyland (Fisher Price Power Touch, 2003) Berenstain Bears Holy Bible (Zonderkidz, 2011) In the Movies (Yes! Where Is It? Storybook, 1994) Mysterious Numbers, and the: A Counting Book (Fisher Price Talk-to-Me, 1980)

    Red Roadster (Ertl, 2000)

    Toy Time (Cuddle Cloth Book, 1985)

    The Whole Year Through (Scholastic, 2000) Home Sweet Tree (Play-Along Entertainment, 1993)

    Activity Books

    ChildsWork/ChildsPlay Activity Books (2008) Keep Your Cool Activity Book: You Don‟t Have to Be Angry

    Good Behavior Activity Book: Good Behavior is Great Talk About Feelings Activity Book: Let‟s Talk About Feelings

Coloring Time Series Coloring/Activity Books (Random House, 2000)

    Bunny Hop

    Spring Fling

Dalmatian Coloring/Activity Books

    A Big Year! (2011)

    All Year Long (2010)

    Bear Country (2010)

    Country Play (2011)

    Go to School (2010)

    Happy Days (2011)

    Learning Is Fun! (2011)

    On Vacation (2010)

    Play Pack (2011)

    Summer Fun! (2011)

Golden Coloring/Activity Books

    ABC Fun (1992)

    All Through the Year (1991)

    Big Color/Activity Book (green cover) (1992) Christmas Fun (1992)

    Christmas Fun (1995)

    Finish the Picture (1992)

    Giant Color/Activity Book (red cover) (1991) Hidden Pictures (1992)

    It‟s Magic! Mark and See (1991)

    Lace-Ups (1992)

    Mini Boxes To Color and Share (1992)

    My Stories (1991)

    Notes to Color and Send (1992)

    Puzzles (1991)

    Giant Paint with Water Book: B. Bears (hiking) (1991) Giant Paint with Water Book: B. Bears (skating) (1991)

Family Time Coloring/Activity Books (Family Time/GT Publishing)

    Christmas Fun (1996)

    Easter Fun (1997)

    Fun and Games (1996)

    Merry Merry Christmas (1997)

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