A festival for lovers

By Thelma Hicks,2014-04-09 14:09
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A festival for lovers

     A festival for lovers

     by Liu Yufei

    When you fall in love, would you consider celebrating this special day with your lover? Valentines Day and Double Seven Festival,

    Which one do you like better? And how much do you know about the festivals?

     About the origin of Valentines Day, different historians put it in

    different versions, among which, a generally accepted one is: it originated from a memory for a priest named Valentinus of ancient Rome times.

     In the ancient Rome, the emperor of Roman Empire abolished all

    marriage promises so that more men could fight in the war, carefree. However, Valentinus didnt obey, and he continued to hold church

    weddings for young lovers. Later, after his disobedience was revealed, Valentinus suffered from whipping and drubbing, and finally died on the gallows. The very day he died was February, 14th, 270A.D. From then on, people began to celebrate Valentine’s Day to commemorate priest

    thValentinus every year on the dayFebruary,14.

    The festival was most popular in medieval England. Normally, lovers would send presents to each other to show their affection on this day. A red rose was the best choice for boys to express love, and girls would respond with a box of hearted-shaped chocolate.

    Evolving through time, the festival culture has changed a lot. Today, the presents that lovers send to each other vary, and are not just limited to roses and chocolate. Furthermore, men say Happy Valentine’s

    Day to their female friends on this day, but this doesnt always represent

    love. Gradually, it has just become a greeting manner in some countries, such as America.

    In China, since our reform and opening-up in the 1970s, western festivals have become more and more popular among young people. And Valentines Day even wins more popularity than Chinese traditional festivals. China also has a festival especially for loversDouble Seven

    Festival, which is similar to Valentines Day in western culture.

    Unfortunately, it has been almost forgotten by the contemporary people.

    How many of us have a clear idea of the customs of this festival? And on

    th the July,7of lunar calendar, how many of us still celebrate it according with its traditional custom

    Nowadays, with the spread of western culture, many western festivals tend to being more valued than traditional festivals by us. If this trend goes on, what effect it will make? Have you ever thought about it? And whats your opinion on this phenomenon?

     INSTRUCTER: Tan Qian

    and Mark

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