Module2 A Job Worth Doing

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Module2 A Job Worth Doing

    Module2 A Job Worth Doing

     ________Zeng Qingfa Learning goal:

     To master the important words and phrases

     Talk about jobs and give remarks

     Learn to write to apply for a job


    1. I ______ while reading the English textbook. Luckily, my roommate woke me up in time! ?04北京春 34?

    A. had fallen asleep B. have fallen asleep

    C. fell asleep D. fall asleep 2. I ____ you not to move my dictionary now I cant find it. ?04

    四川 30?

    A. asked B. ask

    C. was asking D. had asked

    3. My mind wasnt on what he was saying so Im afraid I ____ half of

    it. ?NMET2004 30?

    A. was missing B. had missed

    C. will miss D. missed

    4. –You haven’t said a word about my new coat, Brenda. Do you like it?

    —I’m sorry I ___ anything about it sooner. I certainly think it’s pretty on you.?NMET 2002 23?

    A. wasn’t saying B. don’t say

    C. won’t say D. didn’t say

    5. The little girl ___ her heart out because she ___ her toy bear and believed she wasnt ever going to find it.?02北京 21?

    A. had cried; lost B. cried; had lost

    C. has cried; has lost D. cries; has lost 6. The teacher, with 6 girls and 8 boys of her class, ___ visiting a museum when the earthquake struck.?04 北京 28?

    A. was B. were C. had been D. would be 7. I first met Lisa three years ago. She ___ at a radio shop at the time.

    ?NMET97 10?

    A. has worked B. was working

    C. had been working D. had worked

    8. Shirley ___ a book about China last year but I don’t know whether she has finished it. ?NMET98 20?

    A. has written B. wrote

    C. had written D. was writing


    SINGAPORE-Another Thai worker died in his sleep last Friday, the second such death in the past three days and the 10th since the beginning of the year. Thongehai Sombattra, 22, is said to be the youngest to have died mysteriously this year. A total of 10 young Thai construction workers in their late 20s and 30s who appeared well and healthy when they went to bed have died since the beginning of this year. They were either found dead in the morning or had died suddenly in the middle on the night after some difficulty in breathing.

     From China Daily, March 19,1990

    1. According to the passage ______.

    A. Ten people died mysteriously during the last three days

    B. Two people died mysteriously during the last three days

    C. Two people have died mysteriously since the beginning of the year

    D. Ten people died mysteriously before last Friday

    2. During the past three days, Thongchai Sombattra died last Friday, the other passed away ______.

    A. last Monday B. last Thursday

    C. last Thursday D. last Sunday

    3. Thongchai Sombattra, who died mysteriously, _______.

    A. was aged 22

    B. was in his mid twenties

    C. was not more than 20 years old

    D. was nearly 30 years old

    4. Besides Thongchai Sombattra, the others could be _______.

    A. from 25 years old to 38 years old

    B. from 20 years old to 39 years old

    C. from 21 years old to 39 years old

    D. from 29 years old to 38 years old

    5. ______ caused the ten Thai construction workers’ death.

    A. An unexpected accident

    B. High blood pressure

    C. Heart trouble

    D. Something that was unknown

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