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    (WeSET Registered Charity number 1132379)

The ‘Visit Organiser’ must complete the booking form in CAPITAL LETTERS

Title: First Name:



Correspondence Address:

Email Address Tel:


    Date of Visit: ndPreferred date 2 choice date

Time of visit:

Age group of visitors Please tick appropriate boxes below

KS 1 ? ? A level ? KS 3

    KS 2 ? KS 4 ? Undergraduate ?

Anticipated number of visitors:

Purpose of visit - state which part(s) of the curriculum your visit is covering:

What are your aims and objectives?

    We will be travelling to the site by bicycle/car/minibus/coach/other. Please circle your mode of transport.

Special requirements:

    Please note the conditions of booking on the reverse of this form.

The Booking Conditions on the reverse of this form should signed by the Visit

    Organiser and the form sent either by email to Penny Hockley, Bookings Coordinator at The Bookings Coordinator will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the visit and any special arrangements.

    Directions to Westmill Wind Farm from Oxford: Take A420 over Watchfield roundabout towards Swindon. First right (B4508 to Highworth). Second gate on right with sign ‘Westmill Wind Farm’.

    Westmill Wind Farm Site Visit CONDITIONS OF BOOKING

    In order to make your visit as enjoyable and safe as possible, it is important that you read and acknowledge the following conditions. Please ensure that all members of your party either receive a copy of these conditions or are carefully briefed before the visit.

    The farmer reserves the right (with plenty of notice) to ask for the date to be deferred if there was some very clear reason why it could be a problem, (a highly unlikely situation).

    Before the visit

    1. If the Visit Organiser (VO) is absent for any reason, the details of an alternative VO

    should be sent to the Bookings Administrator. The alternative VO should sign and return

    a copy of this form before the visit. Where this is not possible, the signed form should

    be handed to the WeSET host at the time of the visit and before the tour takes place.

    Failure to do this may result in the tour being cancelled on the day.

    2. Attire There is no shelter on site and the combined effect of temperature and wind

    i.e. "windchill" can cause a considerable drop in temperature. Visitors are advised that

    by dressing warmly, with plenty of layers, gloves, hats and windproofs, (no denim

    trousers) they will be protected from the cooling effects of the wind. The site can get

    muddy so suitable footwear should be worn. Drinking water should be brought.

    3. It is the VO’s responsibility to advise of any special requirements before the visit. In all

    cases, WeSET acknowledgement and written permission must be obtained beforehand. During/After the visit

    4. Car parking is restricted to hard standings. Please do not park on verges as

    underground cabling may be present.

    5. Care should be taken when entering and leaving the site onto the B4508. Traffic travels

    fast along this section of the road.

    6. The ground is uneven. Warnings should be given of the risk of trips and falls.

    7. Sufficient supervision must be provided both for children and adults particularly if there

    are special needs. WeSET staff will not act as supervisors of children. This is a parent

    and/or teacher responsibility. VO’s will ensure that CRB or other necessary checks

    have been obtained for supervisors in the party.

    8. Group size One Wind Farm guide will lead a maximum of 15-17 children and, with

    appropriate supervision, a maximum of 2 such groups can be on site at any one time. If

    there are more volunteer guides available, extra groups at the same ratio are welcome.

    There can be no visits without a guide.

    9. Only guide dogs to be brought on to the site, they must be kept on a lead at all times.

    Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dog.

    10. The site is a working wind farm and an organic arable farm. You will be advised of any

    maintenance or farming activities taking place by your WeSET host on the day.

    11. There is a 15mph speed limit in force on site for two main reasons :-

    - uneven tracks and vehicle /pedestrian safety

    - to prevent dust blowing on crops

    12. Climbing on ladders/steps is not permitted. The visit will not include entry to either sub

    station or wind turbines. Access is only permitted to the site tracks and hard standing


    13. There are usually no welfare or toilet facilities on the site.

    14. No visitor shall endanger anyone else by their activities and must behave in a safe

    manner at all times.

    15. Any injuries or accidents sustained during the visit must be immediately reported to the

    WeSET host.

    16. This is a no smoking area. All litter must be taken home with you.

    17. WeSET reserve the right to cancel visits at short notice due to unforeseen


    I/we have read and understood the conditions of booking visits to Westmill Wind Farm and will ensure that all visit participants have been fully briefed on its contents.

Signature of Visit Organiser……………………………………. Date…………………..

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