The Topiary Tearooms

By Clyde Fox,2014-11-25 17:32
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The Topiary Tearooms

    Soup of the Day ?4.75 Soup of the Day ?4.75

    Chicken Liver, Smoked Bacon Chicken Liver, Smoked Bacon

    & Brandy Pate ?5.95 & Brandy Pate ?5.95

    Coated in butter, served with freshly toasted bread

     red onion marmalade finished with a

    Rustic Home made Fish Cakes ?5.25 Rustic Home made Fish Cakes ?5.25

    Served with a sweet chilli dip

    Moules Mariniere ?6.95 Moules Mariniere ?6.95

    Mussels cooked in a white wine, herbs & garlic cream sauce

    Smoked Duck Breast ?5.50 Smoked Duck Breast ?5.50

    Accompanied by an apple, celery & cider chutney Sautéed Wild & Button Mushrooms ?5.50 Sautéed Wild & Button Mushrooms ?5.50

    Cooked in a port & cream sauce, served on toasted brioche

    Ciabatta Garlic Bread ?3.50 Ciabatta Garlic Bread ?3.50

    Or as an alternative why not try

     Cheddar or Stilton topping ?3.95 ?3.95

    Olive oil & Balsamic vinegar dips & Olives ?4.50 ?4.50

    Notice: Please notify a member of staff, if you suffer any food allergies,

     Thank you

    Chefs Choice Sausages & Mash ?10.95 Chefs Choice Sausages & Mash ?10.95

    Award wining sausages, served with mash potato with fresh

    seasonal vegetables

    Creamy Penne Pasta ?9.95 Creamy Penne Pasta ?9.95

    Penne Pasta cooked with Chicken & Bacon, peppers, onions, &

    seasonal vegetables in a creamy white wine sauce

    (Vegetarian option available)

    Piri Piri Chicken ?11.95 Piri Piri Chicken ?11.95

    Chicken breast marinated in a tomato & chilli sauce sat on

     stir fried vegetables with Pak Choi

    Spiced Vegetable Cassoulet ?8.95 Spiced Vegetable Cassoulet ?8.95

    Roasted mixed vegetables in a lightly spiced tomato sauce with

    chick peas & potatoes (Vegan)

    Oven Baked Goats Cheese ?9.95 Oven Baked Goats Cheese ?9.95

    Served on a hot new potato, red onion & balsamic salad (Vegetarian)

    Beef & Mushroom Pudding ?11.95 Beef & Mushroom Pudding ?11.95

    Traditionally cooked beef & mushroom pudding served with a

    rich onion & Guinness gravy

    Rib Eye Steak 8oz ?14.95 Rib Eye Steak 8oz ?14.95

    Fillet Steak 8oz ?18.95 Fillet Steak 8oz ?18.95

    Cooked to your liking served plain

    As an alternative for your steak why not try

    Cream & Peppercorn sauce or a

    Red Wine & Stilton sauce for an additional ?2.00 Fresh fish of the day & Chef’s recommendations please see


    Traditional Home made Sticky Toffee Pudding ?4.75 Dark sponge cake with dates, served warmed, with a caramel sauce

    Traditional Home made Gypsy Tart ?4.75

    Old favourite, traditionally made

    Rich Chocolate Torte ?4.95

    Classic chocolate torte served with fresh whipped cream

    Home made Banoffe Pie ?4.95

    Traditional made thick banoffe pie finished with lashings of double cream

    Home made Bailey’s Crème Brulée ?4.95

    Rich & Creamy Ice Cream ?4.50

    Choose from Honeycomb, Rum & Raisin or Raspberry Shortcake

    Lemon Sorbet ?3.75

    Cheese Board ?4.95

    Consisting of Cheddar, Stilton & Brie cheese served with

    biscuits & fresh crisp leaves

    Pot of Tea ?1.80

    Please ask for selection of flavours

    Coffee ?1.50

    Italian Coffees

    Espresso, ?1.50

    Cappuccino, or Latte ?1.95 , Hot Chocolate ?1.95

    Liquor Coffees ?4.25

    Please ask for selection

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