Java EE

By Megan Barnes,2014-05-03 12:10
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Java EE

A sneak peek at how Java EE applications are updated

    Last week I asked you to help me find out how Java EE apps are updated in production. I??d like to thank everyone who replied to the survey so far. I got over 500 responses and I??m hoping to get a few hundred more to be sure of the data. Here are some interesting things that came out:

    Only 25.6% of respondents consider the update process ideal. The grievances include lack of tooling support, lack of automation, erratic behavior and many others.

    Container-provided redeployment in production is allowed by as many as 24.2% of respondents, but only 12.2% use it as the primary means of application update. When asked for the reasons, 31.9% of respondents quoted the memory leaks and resulting OutOfMemoryErrors, whereas 46.8% quoted memory problems in addition to other issues with the redeployment.

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