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Game Tutorial:

    You may halt or quit the game any time using the "ESC" key. You may continue the game tutorial with the "RETURN" key or quit the tutorial by pressing "Q".

    *View Rotation:

    Keep the left "SHIFT" key pressed and use the "LEFT" or "RIGHT" ARROW key to rotate the view in 90? steps.

Continue with "RETURN" ...


    Hold down the "SPACEBAR" to raise the viewpoint.

Continue with "RETURN" ...


    Turn the view until the track with the two towers is in front of you. Use the "ARROW" keys (without "SHIFT") to move the ball forward, backward, left and right.

    Follow the path!

    *Life Extra:

    If you fall off the track, you lose one life. Your remaining lifes are displayed at the right bottom of the screen. You receive an additional life by picking up a "Life Extra".

Continue with "RETURN" ...


    With the use of "transformers" you can change the material of the ball. The material of the transformer field indicates the type of transformer. This is a stone transformer.

Continue with "RETURN" ...

    *This slope is too steep for a stoneball!

    Look for a wood transformer and try again.

    Hint: Turn the view (SHIFT + RIGHT/LEFT), to get a better orientation. Rolling backwards can be dangerous!

Continue with "RETURN" ...

    *Point Extra:

    The display on the left shows your actual time-points, which are constantly decreasing during the game. You increase your score by picking up a Point Extra.

Continue with "RETURN" ...


    This is the first checkpoint you have to pass.

    In case you loose a life during the game, you can continue the game from the last checkpoint.

Continue with "RETURN" ...

    *Some hints at the end:

    In case you get stuck at some point or need some technical help, please take a look at the "Ballance HTML Help", which is accessible via the Windows Start Menu (not during the game!).

Quit the tutorial with "RETURN" ...

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