Timothy Scott Glaue

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Timothy Scott Glaue ...

    Timothy Scott Glaue HOME (734) 487-9265 7271 Muirfield Dr. CELL (734) 645-7744

    Ypsilanti, MI 48197 WORK (734) 481-7380

     FAX (734) 481-7747




     Senior Project Engineer (March 1997 present)

    General Motors Powertrain Division

    Ypsilanti, Michigan

    Engineering Math Processes Application (EMPA) / Knowledge-based Engineering (KBE)

    ? 4L60E and T42 Controller Software-In-the-Loop (SiL) Simulation with AMESim (GMT900 Calibrations)

    ? Patent / Tool Method Invention Application In Progress (2005)

    ? Planned submission for “Boss” Kettering Award in 2005

    ? Web-Enabled Design and Development Network (WEDDN) Supplier semi-collaboration proof-of-concept


    ? KBE Applications for Transmission Controls: Shift Valve SGC; Valve Validation; PR Valve SGC; System


    ? Shift Valve SGC Tool Method Invention Award (2003)

    ? KBE Valve Farm system application proof-of-concept

    ? KBE Shift Valve SGC proof-of-concept with ICAD / Lisp

    Project Engineer (December 1994 March 1997)

    General Motors Powertrain Division

    Ypsilanti, Michigan

    Product Engineering Design

    ? Assignments: Current Product, X10F Transmission, 4T65EXL, X14F Design

    ? Elected to a leadership position as the first Co-Chair of the Powertrain User Council (a forum for sharing

    Product Design best practices using Unigraphics in addition to fostering communication, methodology, and

    technological advancement within the GM Powertrain engineering design organization) (April June 1996)

    ? GM Powertrain User Council Database Committee Chair elect (June 1996 August 1997)

    ? Methods development, training leader, and mentor regarding the inception of Data Creation Standards (DCS)

    and Unigraphics (UG v10.2.5 v11.1.1) (1995)

    Design Engineer (June 1993 November 1994) recalled back from layoff Komatsu Ltd. Haulpak Division

    Peoria, Illinois

    Electrical Engineering Department

    ? Electrical control cabinet mechanical layout, design, product improvement, and analysis for off-highway

    mining trucks

    ? Mechanical / Electrical engine conversion projects with MTU (a German company)

    Consultant To TriCAD, Inc., Peoria, Illinois

    ? Assignment: Train supplier pledged individuals to become proficient with Komatsu Engineering Standards

    Design Engineer (September 1992 June 1993)

    Rockwell Industries Collins Commercial Avionics Division

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    Commercial Applications: Boeing 777 Electronics Development Team

    ? Electronic hardware and power supply design for an optional side display cockpit LCD

    ? Circuit Board component layout and analysis with some thermal / heat sink design

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Timothy Scott Glaue

    7271 Muirfield Dr.

    Ypsilanti, MI 48197

    Designer (December 1989 October 1989) layoff

    Komatsu Ltd. Haulpak Division

    Peoria, Illinois

    Mechanical Engineering Department

    ? Multi-ton mining truck dump body casting and structural design

    ? Powertrain design (mechanical exterior) on large front wheel loaders

    Associate Account Engineer (December 1987 October 1989) layoff

    Morton Metalcraft Co.

    Morton, Illinois

    Miscellaneous Accounts Engineering and Design Department

    ? Supporting Assigned Accounts: Iron-A-Way, Gardner-Denver, Hallmark (display cases)

    ? Promoted to manage the Hallmark account a couple of months before layoff


    M.S. in Engineering Science - Management of Technology (May 1995 May 1999)

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

    Troy, New York

    B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering / Mechanical Design and Technology (Jan. 1988 May 1991)

    Bradley University

    Peoria, Illinois

    A.A.S. in Mechanical Design (Aug. 1985 May 1988)

    Illinois Central College

    East Peoria, Illinois


    I have a goal to be continuously involved in new technologies and procedures with developing levels

    of leadership. My vision is to deliver the cutting edge of technology to all levels of engineering and

    design while proving benefit to the organization. I endeavor to engage each engineering work activity

    with the best tools, resources, and people available, in order to furnish a more efficient and product

    focused environment. I believe you must lead with integrity, trustworthiness, and honesty to reap

    spectacular results from your team’s efforts.


    ? KBE Tool Programming Language Proficiency: KF/Intent (IDL), ICAD (Lisp)

    ? Some Java, C, Pascal, and BASIC (Java with JBuilder IDE supporting KBE web-based thin-client applications)

    ? Dynamic Process Modeling (I have familiarity with KTI’s Knowledge Process Modeler (KPM) v1.0 – v2.2)

    ? Very deep level of training and experience with Unigraphics CAD from version 7 through version 11

    ? Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other Microsoft tools

    ? Imagine AMESim simulation software training (October 2004) References can be made available if requested.

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