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    Head Chef: Jeremy Berrell

     Taster Entrée Main


     4.95 8.95 13.95

    (2 pc) (4 pc) (6pc) GARLIC BREAD: oven baked garlic bread loaf (v)

    MEZZE PLATTER: Turkish bread; oven baked and served with an 7.95 12.95 16.95 assortment of homemade dips (v) BRUSCHETTA: Crusty ciabatta bread topped with fresh tomato 7.95 12.95 17.95 salsa, balsamic vinegar and parmesan (v) (2 pc) (3 pc) (4 pc) OYSTERS premium seasonal oysters selected from the best available in Australia NATURAL: served ice cold and with fresh lemon (GF) 8.95 (3) 16.95 (6) 32.95 (12)

    KILPATRICK: marinated smoked bacon and grilled 9.95 (3) 17.95 (6) 33.95 (12)

    SALADS & LIGHT MEALS PUMPKIN GREEK STYLE SALAD: fire roasted red peppers, olives, 9.95 13.95 18.95 fetta cheese, spanish onion, roma tomato, baby spinach, roast pumpkin, tossed almonds and cucumber salad finished with a balsamic vinaigrette (v) (GF) 1two3 CLASSIC CAESAR SALAD: crispy baby cos lettuce, 9.95 13.95 19.95 poached egg, anchovies, shaved parmesan cheese, bacon, toasted croutons and creamy Caesar dressing Add Marinated Chicken 4.95 7.95 9.95

     Add Coconut Tiger Prawn 4.95 7.95 9.95

     Add Smoked Salmon 4.95 7.95 9.95

    BEEF & ROCKET SALAD: Marinated beef strips on a zesty rocket, 9.95 17.95 25.95 pear, Spanish onions and pine nuts salad with our own unique

    1two3 yoghurt, citrus dressing (GF)

    SALT & PEPPER CALAMARI: tender calamari strips flash fried 10.95 18.95 26.95 and served on mixed greens with fresh lemon and aioli

    BBQ OCTOPUS: crispy marinated tender baby octopus served 9.95 17.95 25.95 on greek style salad (GF) COCONUT PRAWN & ROCKMELON SALAD: lightly breaded 10.95 18.95 26.95 local tiger prawns with crispy bacon on top of fresh rockmelon, mixed greens, tomatoes and finished with a lime

    and chilli dressing

     SANGANAKI: Greek style Olympus haloumi cheese pan-fried 9.95 17.95 25.95 and served with a garden salad and lemon wedges ARANCINI: vegetable and fetta risotto balls, lightly crumbed 8.95 15.95 22.95 then fried on wilted spinach and napolitana sauce

     PASTA & PAELLA Taster Entrée Main PRIMAVERA FETTUCINE: pan-fried seasonal vegetables, capsicum, 10.95 17.95 24.95 onions, spinach, garlic, white wine in napoli sauce (v)

    1two3 SPAGHETTI BOLOGNAISE: pork and veal cooked 10.95 17.95 24.95 traditionally with herbs, garlic and tomatoes

    POLLO BOSCIOLA: sautéed chicken breast, wild mushrooms, bacon, .95 28.95 18onions, garlic, fettucine and chives in a creamy rosa white wine sauce GREEK CHICKEN PASTA: pan-fried chicken, fetta cheese, olives, 19.95 29.95 green peppercorns, onion, garlic, white wine, olive oil and a Dijon cream sauce with fresh herbs, spinach and freshly cooked penne

    GNOCCHI PESTO: potato dumplings with pan fried garlic, onion, 10.95 17.95 26.95 sun dried tomatoes, white wine, basil pesto and cream topped with

    parmesan (v) SPANISH SEAFOOD RISOTTO: prawns, mussels, chicken, calamari, chorizo, 19.95 29.95 red peppers, Spanish onion, fresh tomato, peas, fresh herbs and saffron rice (GF) \ TIGER PRAWNS & VODKA SPAGHETTI: pan-fried local tiger prawns, 19.95 29.95 onions, baby spinach, fresh chilli in a creamy garlic and vodka sauce

    SPAGHETTI MARINARA: prawns, mussels, calamari and barramundi tossed 19.95 29.95 in a light olive oil, garlic, fresh tomato and basil glaze 1two3 VEGETARIAN PYRAMID: a seasonal vegetable stack with char 18.95 25.95 grilled sweet potato, seared asparagus, pan fried spinach, grilled polenta

    topped with a pizziola sauce (GF) (v)

MEAT, SEAFOOD & POULTRY GARLIC PRAWNS: pan-fried local tiger prawns, spring onions, garlic 12.95 21 .95 29.95 and parsley cooked in a creamy sauce. Served on saffron rice (GF)

    PERONI BEER BATTERED BARRAMUNDI: crisp beer battered fillets 12.95 (1) 19.95 (2) 26.95 (3) served with steakhouse fries and rocket salad

     VEAL PAUPIETTIES: veal strip loin rolled with sundried tomatoes 13.95 (1) 22.95 (2) 31.95 (3) and prosciutto ham. Served with fresh baby spinach, garlic

     potato mash and then drizzled with a creamy gorgonzola sauce (GF)

     POLLO PROSCUITTO: chicken breast pan-fried in a prosciutto, sundried tomato, 29.95 mushroom and brandy cream sauce served with dijon mashed potato and seared asparagus (GF)

     MARKET PRICE FISH OF THE DAY: ask your waiter for the daily selection

    LAMB SHANKS: Moroccan style, slow braised lamb shanks with a tomato, 29.95 orange and cumin sauce served over chat potatoes, fire roasted

    peppers and Spanish onion (GF)


    Nolan’s Private Selection meats are regarded as the best Australian beef on offer

    and are multi award winning

    All our beef is 90 day aged, grain fed, MSA

    (Meat Standards Australia) assured

    and char grilled to your liking.

     NOLAN’S PRIVATE SELECTION SIRLOIN 31.95 char grilled to order and served with seasonal pan-fried vegetables and creamy mashed potato. Topped with your choice of green peppercorn

    sauce, wild mushroom sauce or red wine jus (GF) NOLAN’S PRIVATE SELECTION AGED RUMP 32.95 char grilled to order and served with seasonal pan-fried vegetables and creamy mashed potato. Topped with your choice of green peppercorn

    sauce, wild mushroom sauce or red wine jus (GF)


    char grilled to order and served with seasonal pan-fried vegetables and creamy mashed potato. Topped with your choice of green peppercorn

    sauce, wild mushroom sauce or red wine jus (GF) 38.95 1two3’s REEF & BEEF

    Nolan’s Private Selection premium sirloin fillet steak cooked to order served

    with tender calamari, creamy mash potato, pan fried garden vegetables

    and topped with a creamy garlic sauce


     Premium Beer Battered Fries: served with sea salt and aioli 7.95

     Vegetarian polenta fries: homemade and served with aioli (GF) (v) 7.95

    Greek Salad (GF) 7.95

Seasonal vegetables (GF) 7.95

    (v) = Vegetarian (GF) = Gluten Free

    One Account per table please No BYO 15% Surcharge on public holidays

    There is a minimum charge of $25 per person on Friday & Saturday nights for groups of

    6 people or more seated at restaurant tables

    Thank you for your patronage!

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