To Fengzhen

By Gerald Harper,2014-04-20 08:01
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To Fengzhen

If I am ever asked

    What is the happiest

    Then with no doubt

    Have Fengzhen, my friend

Coming back awaited

    Fruit, drink and a note Heart begins to melt

    Angels paid a visit

    On the bookshelf a milktea Kept untouched and complete In memory of a shining friendship

No worry about me

    No dilemma am I in

    Packed with your caring So quiet, tender and sweet I should smile to wave goodbye Having nothing to fear

The book Cloud Busting

A poem so amazing

    Telling the very story Of friendship bitter-sweet and a different way to live

I never thought

    A poem I could ever write For you

    I present my clumsy work With deepest gratitude Our heartstrings

    Would be forever tight

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