The Sound of nature

By Nicole Bennett,2014-09-16 08:10
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The Sound of nature

The Sound of nature

     -Reading of Stray BirdsThoughts

    Stary Birds.Its a masterpiece of the famous pot Rabindranath Tagore.. This masterpiece composed by the 325 verses.Verses although short,but bears a trace of playful and profound truth.From more than crying baby , to the explorers who have gone through hardships and dangers; from inexperienced youth, to the weather-beaten old man; from the ordinary, but the grass, to the beautiful and glamorous flowers; from Bird, to clean and spotless white , are all full of fun.

    From Tagores writing,I feel a love of life , serious attitude and thinking of love.there is no doubt inspired by Tagores life,and higher than

    life.He loved life and therefore omitted the suffering of life and the dark, keep the light and joy.

    Tagore's thoughts of love, is deep, it is persistent. Pure love between men and women, warm affection between mother and child, between man and nature, the subtle feelings ... all human beings can understand the feelings, are exactly Tagore, and its implicitly expressed.

    Love is the foundation of life, all life is love! May wish to listen to soft music, holding the "Stray Birds" and think he is a bird, in the endless blue sky of freedom flying.

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