Good morning lady and gentelman, Welcome and thank you for

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Good morning lady and gentelman, Welcome and thank you for ...


    Good morning lady and gentelman, Welcome and thank you for attending the General Motors Safety 21 Design In

    Safety ProcessToday I will review the Safety 21 Design In Safety Process that GM corporations and GM Thailand use this process as the tools for designing new automotive product and process.


    In the presentation I will review

    Introduction to Design In Safety. This review will cover the history ,concepts, overview and highlights of the GM common design for health and safety specification-DHS


    Design in safety is a strategy which promotes the integration of health and safety requirement in the product and process concept at the design stages


    Properly design in safety will help to eliminate human exposure to all hazards.Also safeguards will not be used unless easy to use or easy to recover by the operators


    In this slide you will see why do we need design you

    can see on the left hand side. Traditional concept less design involvement at the beginning then will have high effect to effort , cost and resources.

    On the right hand side future concept more design involvement at the beginning then will have less effect to effort , cost and resources.


    So high influence of design in will incur less cost in the long term , on the other hand low influence of design in will incur more cost in the long term


    Hierarchy of controls design preferences. At you can see number one elimination and substitutions is the least human involvement then you go down to number five personnel protective equipment is the most human involvement. With proactive design in will be the most effective , reactive design in will be the least effective.


    Design for health and safety specification will cover machinery and equipment , safety 21 process and tools, task bask risk assessment process and guideline and



    This guidelines and specifications will cover the 14 items as the following

    1. Workstation design/ operator interface, then 2, 3, 4 to 14

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    1.Workstation design / operator interface in this slide, mostly in this design will refer to GENERAL MOTORS



     Design should accommodate a wide range of human in term of reach,clearance,movement and work repetition Design

    and position operator control,displays,labels,Machine component and tool where operator has clear ,unobstructed manual and visual access and to provide a clear view of the entire cell

    Use control display that are meaningful and easy to understand

    Adequate lighting shall be provide during de-energized period


    2 .Workstation design / operator interface tool design in this slide

    Power tools shall be equipped with a constant pressure switch to ensure that power is shut off when pressure is released from the power switch

    The manufacturer’s rated speed (RPM) shall be clearly marked on all pneumatic power tool

    Power tools that shoot nails,rivets or staples shall be equipped with a special device to keep fasteners from being ejected unless the working end is pressed against the work surface


    Electrical power operated tools shall be grounded or be double insulated

    The manufacture’s rated speed shall be clearly marked on portable grinders and grinding wheels.

    The maximum RPM of the grinding wheel must be rated equal to or higher than the manufacture’s rated speed for the grinder

    The power tool shall be equipped with the appropriate tool rest,that you can on the picture


    3. Maintainability, this is most importance of both operators and maintenance team.

As you can see in the picture.

    All primary energy-isolation devices should be located near cell entrance points to minimize the time required for lockout and system restart

    Design for safe access, working space,and clear cell visibility within and around all control panel

    Design and install direct task lighting as part of a system to provide greater visibility during routine maintenance and service


    In the area that motorized lift equipment is not available , you should design hoist rail into the system.

    And also the manufacturer shall provide information on rigging and lift system.

    The follow as Center of gravity/Total weight of the system/Designated lift points/Specifying the require working load limit


    Fall and Working Surface ,Whenever performance of any task would allow a worker to fall a distance where the likelihood of a serious or fatal injury exist the hazard of falling must be identified,evaluated and control

    At you can see in the picture the shutoff valves,monitoring & maintenance equipment should be located at readily accessible floor or grade floor


    For climbing applications,are fixed stairs used in preference over alternating tread type stairs or vertical ladder If fixed stairs can not be used due to limited space application are alternating tread-type stair will be used.

    In the event neither of the above can be used,vertical ladder should be use only for infrequent accessed maintenance location


    All step, ladder rungs and working surface must have a“non-

    slip” surface

    Consideration shall be given to elevating cable,pipe,hose and conduits should minimize tripping hazards,If elevation of cable,pipes,hoses is not possible,they shall be covered as you can see in the picture

    Holes in floors or platforms shall be properly marked and guarded


    In this slide I will talk about Industrial Hygiene All Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from supplier must meet GM requirements

    All chemical materials proposed for using in research and production shall be approve before purchase

    All machinery,power tools been design noise level not to exceed 80dBA

    All machinery been design to assure impulse sound pressure level not exceed 130 dBA


    Fire Prevention Plan

    Fireproof cabinet shall be provide to store flammable substances and each cabinet shall be properly marked identifying it as a flammable storage cabinet as you can see in the picture

    Equipment that contain a flammable substance shall be designed to prevent accidental ignition

    Fire fighting equipment shall be stationed in the work area an shall be properly marked to indicate its use


    Safeguarding device:Guard

    A guard needs to be constructed to prevent reaching over under,around or through to a point of hazard

    A guard needs to be designed and install with an understanding of what tasks need to be per formed on the equipment it is design to protect

    Guard shall be free of sharp edges and protections and shall not themselves create a hazard


    As you can see in the picture , A guard shall be constructed where required to allow for visibility into the hazard area to reduce the need for access beyond the guard

    A guard shall contain parts and equipment within the guarded area from being ejected to outside of the guard area


    Safeguarding device:Interlocks

    As you can see in the picture ,Safety Interlock system for gate and guard shall:

    Be control reliable device and installed in a control reliable manner

    Prevent the use of unauthorized and or unintentional bypass device

    Be used where hinged or sliding door or guards provide access to hazard

Be appropriate for the task and related hazard


    Safeguarding device:

    Presence Sensing Devices Presence sensing devices shall be control reliable and be installed in a control reliable manner

    Be installed per the safe distance requirement under the OSHA

    Indicator light shall provide to indicated the device is function.If used for operator protection the indicator lights shall be observable by the operator


    If there is a loss of power the PSD shall initiate an immediate stop command to the equipment it is controlling Awareness devices should be added to prevent inadvertent trip of the PSD

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    Safeguarding device: Two Hand

     Control Device

    As you can see in the pictures Be protected against unintentional operation

    Be arrange by design,construction or separation to require the concurrent use of both hand within 500 milliseconds s to initiate cycle

    Be designed to require the release of all operator’s hand control and the re-activation of all operator’s hand control before a cycle can be initiated

    Whenever operator remove hand must issue stop signal from the control during hazardous portion of the cycle

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    Emergency Stop Function and Device as you can see in the picture

    Be provide at each operator station where hazardous motion exists

    Be hardwired into the emergency stop circuit, can not use soft circuit.

    Function independently from the system programmable electronic system

    Not be of the automatic resetting type,but shall require manual reset by operator

    Not initiate,restart or create any hazardous motion when reset

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    Emergency stop will be red in color

Be palm type or mushroom-shaped

    Have any existing background for the device actuator colored yellow

    Be distinguishable from all other controls by size and color

Be unguarded and not recessed

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    Awareness Barriers Device

    Awareness barriers example guardrails and chains on post should be provided a point of physical contact before entering the hazardous area and warn personnel of a present or approaching hazard

    Awareness device shall be designed constructed and located to provide a recognized signal (audible,visual or a combination)

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    Lockout Energy Control

    The control circuit and primary energy isolating device shall be design to provide easy and safe system access for service and maintenance task

    Lockout/energy control placard that identify the store energy sources and the safeguard against their release shall be provided this will help maintenance team easy to locate the primary isolating devices.

    When dropping or drifting of equipment /part present hazard ,device shall be install to eliminate hazard

    Master Iockable electric disconnects and shut-off valve (Pneumatic and Hydraulic) shall be install on the service side,outside of the cell , this will prevent product line stop or interrupt the system.

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    Monitored Power Systems Application

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