Beta Nu Officers

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Beta Nu Officers

    The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

    Xi State


    Beta Nu Chapter

    Bedford County


    Table of Contents

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

     International Society Founders

     Society Purposes Mission Statement Member Responsibilities

     Current International Officers and Regional Directors

     International Headquarters Professional Staff Society Dates

Xi State Tennessee

    Xi State Founders Past Xi State Presidents

    Current State Officers and Committee Chairpersons

    Area Directors

Beta Nu Bedford County

    Beta Nu Charter Members Past Beta Nu Presidents

    Beta Nu Officers

    Current Committee Chairs and Members

    Beta Nu Membership

    Beta Nu Dates to Remember

    Chapter Rules and Procedures

    ―The Delta Kappa Gamma Song‖

    International Society Founders

     The Founders of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International were very human people. They carried heavy family responsibilities; they held offices in religious and

    professional groups; they supervised extracurricular activities and engaged in community

    projects. Although they risked their security and the loss of employment by working in the

    new Societyfrowned upon by masculine educatorsthey nevertheless gave generously of their time and energy as they crusaded in behalf of women teachers.

     Success did not just happen to the Founders. It was organized, preempted, captured by diligence, and concentrated common sense. Their ―sincerity gave wings to power.‖ Today, devout thanks go out to those Founders who were the ―doers.‖

     Our Heritage, Volume I

Dr. Annie Webb Blanton (1870 1945) Professor of Rural Education Organizer of

    twenty-seven state organizations

Miss Mamie Sue Bastain (1875-1946) Elementary School Principal Organizer of five

     State organizations

Miss Ruby Cole (1885-1968) Elementary School Principal Organized Beta and Upsilon

    Chapters, Texas

Miss Mable Grizzard (1888-1968) Elementary School Principal Assisted Dr. Blanton

     In founding Alpha Alpha Chapter, Texas

Dr. Anna Hiss (1893-1972) College Physical Education Teacher Instrumental in

     Purchasing the lots for International Headquarters

Miss Ray King (1888-1979) High School History Teacher Installed Delta and

     Beta Phi Chapters, Texas

Miss Sue King (1886-1930) High School Latin and History Teacher Assisted in the

     Installation of Delta Chapter, Texas

Dr. Helen L. Koch (1895-1977) College Psychology Teacher Became a founder of

     Lambda State Organization, Illinois

Mrs. Ruby Terrill Lomax (1886-1961) Dean of Women Organizer of Zeta State

     Organization, Mississippi

Dr. Cora Martin (1884-1965) Professor of Elementary Education Assistant

     Organizer of Alpha Sigma State Organization, Washington

Mrs. Lalla M. Odom (1874-1964) Junior High Mathematics Teacher Assisted

     In installation of Alpha Chapter, Texas

Miss Lela Lee Williams (1883-1971) Grade School Teacher Installed and provided

     Leadership for Epsilon Chapter, Texas

    Purposes of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society

    TO UNITE women educators of the world in a genuine spiritual fellowship

    TO HONOR women who have given or who evidence a potential for

    distinctive service in any field of education

    TO ADVANCE the professional interest and position of women in education

    TO INITIATE, ENDORSE, AND SUPPORT desirable legislation or other suitable

    endeavors in the interests of education and of women educators

    TO ENOW scholarships to aid outstanding women educators in pursuing graduate

    study and to grant fellowships to women educators from other countries

    TO STIMULATE the personal and professional growth of members and to encourage

    their participation in appropriate programs of action

    TO INFORM the members of current economic, social, political, and educational

    issues so that they may participate effectively in a world society

    Mission Statement

    The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes professional and

    personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.

    Member Responsibilities

    The obligation of membership should be taken seriously, not only by the prompt payment of dues, but also by vigorous participation in all activities of the organization.

    A good member should make a conscientious effort to attend each meeting. A member must notify the secretary (or designated person) when unable to attend. A post card will be mailed or a phone call made to a member who misses a meeting. alternate meeting dates will be determined if the need arises.

    She wears her key at educational gatherings. She takes part on the program, when asked and assumes her duties as a committee member seriously.

    She supports Delta Kappa Gamma policies and works for the recognition and advancement of women.

    She reads the ―Bulletin.‖ She acquaints herself with current events through the medium of the monthly Newsletter.

    She attends, whenever possible, regional meetings and International conventions.

    The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

    2006-2008 Administrative Board

    Dr. Barbara Day Dr. Helen Popovitch 1038 Torrey Pines Place 17961 Round Lake Road Chapel Hill, NC 27517-2653 Big Rapids, MI 49307-0833 President Member-at-Large 919-942-5746 231-592-1434 2006-2010

    Dr. Carolyn J. Rants Dr. Beverly Helms 2904 S. Cedar Street, Apt 4 PO Box 728 Sioux City, IA 51106-4246 Bonifay, FL 32425-0728 First Vice Member-at-Large 712-2740183 850-547-3220 President 2004-2008

    Dr. Nancy Noll Sheila J. MacKay ndth 6818 N. 22 Place 9343 96 St. Phoenix, AZ 85016-1146 Admonton, AB T6C 3Y6 Second Vice Area Representative, 602-265-4892 Canada President Canada 780-466-8687

    International Sandra Smith Bull Maria Elena Escalon de Alala Headquarters El Salvador Staff Area Representative, Executive Latin America Coordinator

    Drs. Trijny E. Schmitz du Corlea Plowman International Moulin-Kijkema Headquarters Staff Rijksweg 5 Europe Business Services 9934PB Delfzijl, Netherlands Régional Administrator Director

    Laura E. Drake Jane Posten International 910-1210 Radom Street Headquarters Staff Pickering, ON L1W 2Z3 Northeast Communication Canada Regional Services Director Administrator

    Dr. Jensi Souders Jill Foltz International 7622 Twisting Creek Lane Headquarters Staff Ooltewah, TN 37363-9753 Southeast Program/Membership 423-344-7120 Regional Services Director Administrator

    Lorraine Sawyer 13769 Philadelphia St. Whittier, CA 90601-4426 Southwest 562-698-5870 Regional Director

    International Headquarters

    Mailing address PO Box 1589, Austin TX 78767-1589 Street address 416 W. Twelfth Street, Austin, TX 78701 Toll-Free Telephone 888-762-4685

    Fax Number 512-478-3961


    (See Staff Names and e-mail addresses above)

    International, Regional, and

    State Dates to Remember

    2006 Dates

     September 1 Deadline to apply for International Cornetet Professional Development Award October 1 Deadline to submit information for the November Xi State News October 20-22 Eta State (NC) Newsletter/Web Camp October 31 Nominations due for 2007 Xi State Officers and Elected Committee Members November 10 Chapter Treasurer’s Report due to state treasurer November 15 2007 Convention Workshop Proposals due to state first vice-president December 15 Electronic Submission of Chapter Yearbook due to state first vice-president Deadline for submission for International Golden Gift Stipend December 31 Deadline to apply to Xi State Vision Foundation for grants and/or Liz Whorley Bradley Professional Growth Award

    2007 Dates

    January 1 Deadline to submit information for the February Xi State News Deadline for ;?; Educational Foundation educational grant applications

     February 1 Deadline to apply for International Cornetet Professional Development Award Deadline to apply for Xi State and International Scholarships Deadline to apply for Xi State Leadership Management Seminar February Xi State Legislative Symposium Nashville, TN Legislative Plaza March 1 Deadline to submit information for the April Xi State News March-April Xi State Leadership Management Seminar, Franklin April 1 Nomination for the Xi State Order of the Rose April 15 Achievement Award nominations due June 6-7 Xi State Advanced Leadership Seminar, Sewanee, TN June 7-9 Xi State Convention University of the South Sewanee, Tennessee June 25-29 Southeast Regional Conference, New Orleans Riverside Hilton July 15 Annual Chapter Treasurer’s Report due to state treasurer

    2008 Dates

     July 22-27 International Convention, Hyatt Regency O’Hare Rosemont (Chicago), Illinois

    2009 Dates

     July 13-18 Southeast Regional Conference, The Peabody, Little Rock, Arkansas

    Xi State, Tennessee

    Organized November 30, 1935

    Nashville, Tennessee

    Xi State Founders

    *Miss Ada H. Earnest

    *Mrs. Mary M. Frizzell

    *Miss Julia Green

    *Miss Mary Hall

    *Miss Julia M. Harris

    *Miss Evangeline Hartsook

    *Dr. Julia Hodgson

    *Miss Mary Mackinley

    *Miss Elizabeth Oehmig

    *Miss Nell Parkinson

    *Miss Elizabeth Randall

    *Miss Amanda B. Russell

    *Miss E. May Sanders

    *Dr. Helen Lacy Shane

    *Dr. Maycie K. Southall

    *Miss Ina Yoakley


    Xi State Past State Presidents

    *Dr. Maycie Southall 1935-1938 *Miss Tommie Reynolds 1938-1940 *Dr. Mildred Dawson 1940-1944 *Dr. Flora Rawls 1944-1946 *Miss Mary Kathryn Tanner 1946-1948 *Miss Lula Jarnagin 1948

    *Miss Mary Hall 1948-1950 *Miss Louise Oakley 1950-1951 *Mrs. Helen Zuccarello 1951-1953 *Miss Alyse Morton 1953-1955 *Mrs. Lottye McCall 1955-1957 *Miss Elizabeth Voss 1957-1959 *Mrs. Iva Aslinger 1959-1961 *Mrs. Nora Smith Barker 1961-1963 *Miss Ruth McDonald 1963-1965 *Mrs. Gertrude Michael 1965-1967 *Mrs. Eleanor Osteen 1967-1969

    *Mrs. Margaret Hooper 1969-1971 *Miss Mary Joe Husk 1971-1973 *Dr. Ruth Knowlton 1973-1975 *Mrs. Souci Hall 1975-1977

     Dr. Margaret Sherer 1977-1979 Mrs. Dorothy Morton 1979-1981 Mrs. Liz Whorley Bradley 1981-1983 Mrs. Patsy Pope 1983-1985 Dr. Isabel Wheeler 1985-1987 Mrs. Lois Jones 1987-1989 Dr. Willene Paxton 1989-1991 Mrs. Janice Sorsby 1991-1993 Mrs. Linda McCrary 1993-1995 Mrs. Jensi Souders 1995-1997 Mrs. Anne Medearis 1997-1999 Miss Doris Ann Hendrix 1999-2001 Mrs. Vera Jo Henegar 2001-2003 Ms. Becky Sandowski 2003-2005 Ms. Elaine Warwick 2005-2007

    Xi State Officers 2007-2009

    Nancy Davis (Gamma Mu) President

    Dee Dee Rives (Theta) First Vice-President

    Beverly Smith (Beta Upsilon) Second Vice-President

    Dr. Dorrie Powell (Beta Sigma) Recording Secretary

Edna Clemons (Beta Zeta)

    Corresponding Secretary

    Elaine Warwick (Rho) Parliamentary Advisor

    Linda McCrary (Alpha Gamma) Treasurer

    Related Personnel

    Dr. Jensi Souders (Alpha Phi) Executive Secretary

    Linda Eller (Alpha Lambda) Xi State News Editor

    Judy Cross (Beta Beta) Xi State Webmaster

    Xi State Committee Chairmen


    Society Business

    Rules Becky Sadowski

    Expansion Nancy Knight

    Finance Betty Only Leadership Development Mary Evelyn Perkinson

    Michelle Steen

Membership Wynona Dye

    Nominations Dr. Elaine Alexander

    Personnel Sandra Pineault

    Archives Betty Ball

Historians Audrey Doak

Program of Work

    Program Dee Dee Rives

    Personal Growth and Services Vickie Allen

    Professional Affairs Sherrie Collins

    Research Susan Hoback

    Legislation Beth Petty

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