Walter Sillers Jr.

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Walter Sillers Jr.

    Walter Sillers Jr. Collection 1

    Walter Sillers Jr.

    Box 1

    1. Correspondence relative to states‘ rights 1952-1957. Includes clippings, notes,

    and a printed copy of a speech made in U. S. Senate by Sen. J. O. Eastland,


    2. Rights, 1947-1952. Correspondence, telegrams, and printed matter. 3. Legislative, 1942-1947. Includes letters, printed matters and copies of

    Resolutions and House Bills. Also, miscellaneous matters and Delta Council,

    public education, Communism, segregation, and states‘ rights.

    4. May 5, 1952 to August 4, 1952 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers

    concerning States‘ Rights.

    5. 1951 to March 6, 1953 correspondence, newspaper clippings, speech notes,

    and copies of speeches concerning segregation, public schools, and the state thof the United States. Also contains a program of the 9 Anniversary

    Celebration of the Taborian Hospital at Mound Bayou.

    6. May 25, 1955 to June 8, 1955 Correspondence, minutes of committee

    meetings, lists of political candidates, and signed affidavits dealing with the

    Democratic Executive Committee of Bolivar County and Walter Sillers‘

    nomination for House of Representatives.

    7. May 28, 1951 June 14, 1951 Correspondence with senators and governors of

    South Carolina and Georgia concerning actions to be taken by those states in

    the event of a supreme court order for integration.

    8. 1945 Mississippi Study of Higher Education, booklet, based on Educational


    9. October 12, 1954 to December 9, 1954 Correspondence, statements,

    resolutions, and question answer sheets concerning segregation. Also,

    October 1, 1954 issue of U. S. News and World Report and November, 1954

    copy of Public Service Magazine.

    10. 1947 1948 Correspondence, resolutions, editorials, and notes concerning the

    Mississippi Democratic Party.

    11. 1943 1947 Correspondence, resolutions, editorials, magazine articles,

    speeches, and declarations dealing with the Democratic Party in Mississippi. 12. 1946 1951 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Fielding L. Wright. 13. 1943 1948 Correspondence, speeches, resolutions, and papers dealing with

    the Mississippi Democratic Party and the States‘ Rights Movement.

    14. November 9, 1955 to October 7, 1959 Correspondence between Walter Sillers

    and Gov. J. P. Coleman concerning various matters.

    15. 1937 1940 Miscellaneous papers concerning political affairs and legislative


    16. 1948 Correspondence, telegrams, resolutions, reports and speeches dealing

    with National Democratic Party and the formation of the States‘ Rights Party.

    17. 1942 Telegrams, correspondence, bills, pamphlets, booklets, reports, and

    newspaper clippings concerning the Legislature.

    Walter Sillers Jr. Collection 2

    18. 1940 Miscellaneous papers relating to various legislative matters

    particularly to those concerning state highways and to the state‘s Geologic

    Commission. One piece of correspondence in folder.

    19. 1939 1943 correspondence, member directions, resolutions and bills of the

    Mississippi Legislature.

    20. 1940 1942 Appropriations, revenue, and House Bills of the Legislature. A

    legal pad used by Walter Sillers.

    Box 2

    1. Legislation‘s to be passed at the 1940 session.

    2. Levee June 9, 1927 March 6, 1928 Correspondence between Harrison,

    Senator Pat of Gulf Port, MS and Sillers, Walter.

    3. 1933 1941 General correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr.

    concerning Pat Harrison.

    4. 1930 1945 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Theodore G. Bilbo. 5. 1944 1945 Personal and political correspondence to and from Walter Sillers. 6. 1940 1942 Correspondence, telegrams and newspapers articles pertaining to

    Public Welfare during this period of time.

    7. 1947 1948 Correspondence concerning the National Democratic Party and

    the Southern states formation of a States Rights Party.

    8. 1944 1947 Miscellaneous papers and a book, The Journal of MS History,

    concerning white supremacy. (Constitution of 1890)

    9. October 20, 1954 to April 15, 1955 Correspondence, newspaper clippings,

    speeches, statements, Section 213B and arguments all dealing with

    segregation. Also includes copies of the Staple Cotton Review.

    10. Correspondence, printed matter, statistical date relative to the MS State Tax

    Commission, and MS Public Service Commission, 1939-1940.

    11. September 10, 1959 to May 24, 1963 Correspondence, memos, and newspaper

    clippings mainly between Sillers and Gov. Ross. R. Barnett; and also a copy

    of the speech delivered by Barnett to Harvard Law School Forum on February

    4, 1963.

    12. Feb. 10, 1930 Sillers, Walter to Bilbo, Theodore G. of Jackson, MS relative

    to Sillers as delegate to Fifth Annual Industrial Development Conference of

    the American Mining Congress.

    13. June 19, 1952 to June 22, 1952 Correspondence concerning Walter Sillers‘

    nomination for Speaker of the House in 1952.

    14. January 18, 1947 to September 15, 1948 Correspondence concerning Fielding

    Wright‘s campaign for governor in 1947 and his governorship in 1948.

    15. 1939 1943 Correspondence, clippings, and petitions relating to Sillers

    candidacy for Speaker of the House, the election of Paul Johnson, Sr. and

    Johnson‘s gubernatorial administration.

    16. 1934 1936 Correspondence concerning a WPA Project for constructing a

    hospital and playground at Rosedale, MS (First District). Includes letters to

    and from Sen. Pat Harrison and Asst. WPA Administrator Ellen S. Woodward. 17. Legislative 1940 Correspondence and copies of conference reports on the

    ―Old Age Pension Act.‖ 1940.

    Walter Sillers Jr. Collection 3

    18. Legislative 1940Correspondence and copies of legislative proposals and reports concerning insurance and liability legislation, 1940. 19. December 15, 1933 January 27, 1935 Correspondence regarding business,

    personal, and legislative matters.

    20. 1939 1940 Correspondence, reports, and copy of address regarding

    Governor Paul Johnson‘s Tax Reduction Program (esp. his ―Tax Reduction

    Interview‖, Dec. 10, 1940).

    Box 3

    1. Correspondence regarding legislative matters, 1961.

    2. 1961 1963 Legislative correspondence, resolutions, and bills, 1961 1963.

    3. 1961 1963 Legislative matters, 1961 1963. Includes clippings,

    correspondence, resolutions, and bills.

    4. 1953 1955 Correspondence, newsletters, editorials, speeches, and drafts of

    legislation concerning segregation, primarily as it relates to MS‘s public

    school system.

    5. 1951 1965 Correspondence between Walter Sillers, Jr., and Hugh L. White. 6. 1948 1950 Correspondence, clippings, printed matters, and copies of

    Resolutions regarding States‘ Rights, notably States‘ Rights Meeting in 1949.

    (See also photograph in Sillers Room).

    7. 1949 Correspondence and Budget Estimate for the MS State Medical

    Education Board for the Biennium 1950 1952.

    8. Newspaper clippings, bulletins, and maps concerning African American


    9. 1948 1951 Correspondence, pamphlets, newspaper articles and handouts

    concerning Civil Rights.

    10. 1946 Correspondence regarding the Federal Works Agency‘s approval of

    Project 22 V-10 Veterans Educational Facilities for Delta State Teachers

    College and copies of letters by Gov. F. Wright regarding tax exemption on

    oil, gas, and other minerals.

    11. 1934 Reports and changes made in Amendments by the 1934 legislature. 12. July 1944 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers concerning an African

    American school in Rosedale, MS.

    13. 1945 1950 Legal correspondences, deeds, loan, and telegram to and from

    Walter Sillers and persons whose name begins with a ―B‖.

    14. 1940 –1941 Correspondence pertaining to the Federal Soldiers‘ and Sailors

    Civil Relief Act of 1940.

    15. January 1945 Correspondence concerning business with the Farm Security


    16. 1913 1950 Correspondence and charts showing MS‘s Public Health History.

    17. 1946 Pamphlets and newsletters from the President and Vice President of

    the National Cotton Council of America.

    18. 1949 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers concerning the Bogue Phalia

    Project (Drainage).

    19. 1948 Correspondence and notes to Walter Sillers requesting to be assigned to

    House committees.

    Walter Sillers Jr. Collection 4

    20. 1942 Correspondence concerning the Circuit Judge Race which involved

    Green, Chrisler, Causey, and Talbot.

    21. 1938 1950 Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and check stubs

    pertaining to the MS Power and Light Company.

    22. April 1948 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers pertaining to the

    Legislative Committee Assignments.

    23. December 1, 1946 MS State Building Commission Jackson, MS Financial

    Report - December

    24. August 1, 1949 MS State Building Commission Jackson, MS Sale of the

    State Owned Lands Statement of Financial Condition.

    25. October 1949 Minutes of a special meeting of the State Building Commission. 26. 1947 The University of MS‘s report to the State Building Commission on

    projects in progress.

    27. March 1, 1947 MS State Building Commission Jackson, MS Financial


    28. 1946 A copy of a report given by the MS State Building Commission. 29. 1949 1950 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers about the repairing

    and remodeling of his home.

    30. 1949 A legal pad used by Walter Sillers for notes.

    31. 1948 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers pertaining to the MS

    Arkansas Line.

    32. 1946 A copy of the annual bulletin of the ―Uniform Crime Reports‖ for the

    United States and its possessions.

    33. January 1947 a copy of the applications filed by each MS County until

    January 1947, regarding school building and transportation. 34. March 26, 1947 a copy of the applications filed by each MS County until

    March 1947, regarding school building and transportation.

    35. April 1947 a copy of the applications filed by each MS County until April

    1947. Also, included is a map of state property, south of Riverside Dr.

    Relates to school building, and transportation.

    36. 1946 1947 A copy of the applications for funds for Constitution, filed by

    each MS County until December 1946. Also, included are recommendations

    for State Institutions of Higher Learning.

    37. 1947 A copy of the applications for funds filed by each MS County until

    January 1947. Also, included is some correspondence concerning the school


    38. July 1, 1943 January 1, 1947 Walker Wood, Secretary of State, released

    some facts on the corporate activities in MS during this period of time.

    Includes a list of Domestic Corporation operating in MS.

    39. April 1947 a copy of ―The Nation‘s Agriculture,‖ published by the American

    Farm Bureau Federation.

    40. 1945 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers pertaining to his being a part

    of the Post War Planning Committee of the University of MS. Includes also

    papers relating to the Veterans‘ Legislative Committee.

    Walter Sillers Jr. Collection 5

    Box 4

    1. 1962 1963 Correspondence to and from MS legislators in 1962 and a letter

    from Sillers to U. S. Senator Herman Talmadge regarding prices and

    production of cotton.

    2. 1961 1963 Correspondence of Sillers to and from U. S. Senators. 3. 1957 1961 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr., regarding

    national and state politics and affairs, jobs, personal matters, and the

    dedication of Walter Sillers Coliseum at Delta State College, 1961. Included

    is a copy of a speech delivered by Governor Ross Barnett at Dedication


    4. 1961 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr. relating mostly to

    personal affairs and legislative matters.

    5. 1960 1962 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr. regarding pecans.

    Covers many aspects of growing and marketing pecans.

    6. 1962 Cash receipts and hotel bills for income tax files of Walter Sillers, Jr. ,


    7. 1956 1957 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr., concerning the

    calling of a state constitutional convention (1957), the Democratic Party,

    national politics, Civil Rights Bill (1957), and personal matters. Included is a

    copy of Sillers‘ address to the State Legislature on the subject of a State

    Constitutional convention.

    8. 1959 1960 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr., regarding

    personal matters, jobs, State Institutions of Higher Learning, and an appeal to

    voters of Bolivar County to approve five amendments to the State


    9. 1964 Correspondence with Sellers Motor Company, Jackson, MS regarding

    repairs on Sillers‘ automobile.

    10. 1956 1958 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr., which includes

    his reminiscences of the Bilbo era and pertains to the MS National Guard, M-

    Club Alumni Association, football, legislative affairs, State Junior Colleges,

    jobs, various personalities, and numerous state departments, agencies, and


    11. 1956 1957 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr., regarding

    personal matters, football, legislative affairs (including teachers‘ salaries and

    the State‘s system of education, and the legislative proposal for calling a state

    constitutional convention), various state departments, jobs, appointments, and

    elections in Arkansas and Alabama. Also includes correspondence with state

    representatives of MS.

    12. 1944 A preliminary draft of a post war plan for Agriculture by the American

    Farm Bureau Federation.

    13. 1942 Correspondence to Walter Sillers concerning in the Farm Bureau

    meeting in Memphis and classification of agricultural workers for deferments

    from Selective Service.

    14. 1946 1950 Speech by Bill Colmer and a letter to Walter Sillers. 15. 1939 1946 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and A. K. Eckles. Legal

    (property & will).

    Walter Sillers Jr. Collection 6

    16. 1945 1955 Correspondences, bills, and receipts concerning Riverside

    Lumber Co. of Rosedale and Cleveland Lumber and Supply Co. 17. 1944 A letter and a Memorandum for Congressman Whittington regarding

    House rules.

    18. 1946 Mound Bayou Contest of Election. (Bolivar County Democrats

    contested some votes cast at Mound Bayou in the Democratic Senatorial

    Primary, July 2, 1946).

    19. 1942 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Craddock Goins, a writer

    for the Jackson Daily News, regarding a story on Bolivar County. Includes

    references to Fred Sullens.

    20. 1940 1950 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and people whose name

    begins with a ―P‖.

    21. 1941 1946 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Ross Collins, MS


    22. 1947 1948 Correspondence written about matters of the 1948 Legislature

    and Walter Sillers, Speaker of the House.

    23. 1948 1949 Correspondence written about matters of the 1948 Legislature

    and Walter Sillers, Speaker of the House.

    24. 1942 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Dr. C. M. Speck is the

    Superintendent of the MS State Hospital in Whitfield, MS. Includes references

    to a mental hygiene program.

    25. 1947 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers about the State Democratic

    Executive Committee.

    26. 1950 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Ellet Lawrence regarding

    politics, potential candidates for Governor (J. A. Thigpen and Walter Sillers,


    27. 1949 An extra session of the Legislature met in 1949. Correspondence

    concerning these matters.

    28. 1942 1945 Correspondences, newspaper articles, and reports about the

    growing of Ramie and Hemp.

    29. 1936 1950 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and people whose name

    begin with an ―E‖.

    30. 1946 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Irby Turners, president of

    the Delta Council.

    31. 1950 Newspaper articles and correspondence between Walter Sillers and Gov.

    Laney of Arkansas.

    32. A letter to W. C. Roberts about a vacancy in an office building. 33. 1941 1951 Newspaper articles and correspondence between Walter Sillers

    and Frank Ahlgren, editor of the Commercial Appeal (Memphis).

    34. 1946 1957 Correspondence concerning problems of the Public Welfare

    Office and the people who need help.

    Box 5

    1. September, 1942 to October, 1947 Issues of What‘s Happening in Washington,

    Washington Review, and Lawyers‘ Weekly Letter.

    2. May 2, 1956 to September 28, 1961 Copies of the Minutes of the meetings of

    the State Building Commission held: May 2, 1956; Dec. 5, 1956; Mar. 21,

    Walter Sillers Jr. Collection 7

    1957; May 14, 1959; June 15, 1959; Oct. 23, 1959; Apr. 22, 1960; July 18,

    1960; Aug. 15, 1960; Sept. 16, 1960; Sept. 6, 1960; Feb. 28, 1961; Mar. 31,

    1961; and Sept. 28, 1961.

    3. March 27, 1951 to August 16, 1952 Correspondence and several drafts of

    contracts between cotton growers, M. S. Knowlton Co. and Delta & Pine Land

    Co. Information contained in two folders A & B.

    3b. March 27, 1951 to August 16, 1952 Correspondence and several drafts of

     Contracts between cotton growers, M. S. Knowlton Co. and Delta & Pine

     Land Co. Information contained in two folders A & B.

    4. May 14, 1945 to January 20, 1961 Correspondence concerning legal and

    legislative issues dealing with persons whose last names begin with the letter

    ―D‖. Contains two blank deeds of trust.

    5. July 12, 1952 February 25, 1952 Correspondence to and from Walter

     Sillers regarding G. C. Radcliff, Earnest Garland, S. M. Cork, E. B.


    6. June 7, 1956 to October 22, 1956 Correspondence and resolutions concerning

    the Mississippi State Democratic Executive Committee.

    7. February 17, 1951 to September 18, 1951 Correspondence to and from Walter

    Sillers concerning the National Coalition Committee. Also, includes a

    pamphlet on the committee.

    8. July 2, 1955 to December 30, 1955 Walter Sillers‘ correspondence of a

    personal nature. Charter of Incorporation of the Mississippi Foundation for

    Medical Research and Development.

    9. April 11, 1951 to August 28, 1951 Correspondence concerning scholarships

    for two African American people to Alcorn A & M.

    10. January 2, 1959 to February 28, 1959 Correspondence and proposal dealing

    with accreditation of public schools and certification of teachers in Mississippi. 11. July 24, 1960 to November 18, 1960 Mainly concerns unpledged electors in

    the presidential election of 1960. Includes general correspondence, news

    clippings, outlines, newsletters, news releases, articles from magazines and

    journals, committee listings, memos, tickets for fund-raising dinner, copy of

    speech by Sen. Harry F. Byrd (D-Va.), speech notes, and copies of Republican

    and Democratic platform.

    12. March, 1959 to September 26, 1961 Correspondence, pamphlets, maps, and

    schedules of events concerning the Centennial Celebration of the Civil War

    and Mississippi‘s part in it. Also includes a brief history of Mississippi.

    13. May 7, 1957 to July 25, 1961 Correspondence, pamphlets, legislative

    resolutions, newspaper clippings, and newsletters dealing with Civil Rights,

    Communism, and Southern conservatism.

    14. December 8, 1960 National Conference of State Legislative Leaders. Cover

    letter sending resolutions and copy of speech delivered at the National

    Conference of State Legislative Leaders in Chicago on Sunday, November 13,


    15. April 18, 1951 to September 5, 1951 Materials on various subjects. (1).

    General correspondence. 2. Spring 1951 issue of the Ole Miss Alumni Review.

    3. Political solicitation from Jimmy Walker, gubernatorial candidate. 4.

    Walter Sillers Jr. Collection 8

    Mississippi Economic Report. 5. May 25, 1951 issue of Alabama magazine.

    6. August 19, 1951 issue of The Delta Leader. 7. Copy of dedication speech

    for Bailey Hall at Delta State University.

    16. April 16, 1951 to May 21, 1951 Pro American Literature and Pamphlets

    such as booklists, information sheets, March 1, 1951 copy of Headlines,

    bulletins, and summary of article.

    17. January 20, 1932 to October, 1951 Materials concerning legislative and legal

    matters: Spring 1951 issue of The Lawyer and Law Notes, May 15, 1951 issue

    of The States‘ Rights, June 11, 1951 issue of the United Business Service

    Outlook, Commodity futures forecast, production and marketing statement on

    rice October, 1951, opinion of circuit court concerning the case of Charles

    M. Prouty et al vs. Elizabeth Coyne, as Secretary of the State of South Dakota

    (Jan. 20, 1932), concerns the right of state to tax truck weights on intrastate

    and interstate travel, newspaper clippings, and a copy of pp. 1079 1082 from

    August 15, 1951 issue of Congressional Record.

    18. August 20, 1951 to November, 1951 concerning Congressional Redistricting:

    General correspondence, 2 photographs, 2 copies of 1950 Mississippi census

    maps, memorandums, resolutions, graphs, and charts, copy of June 1951 issue

    of Tax Administration News, copy of November 1951 issue of Progressive

    Farmer, and index card with scribbled figures. Also, contains correspondence

    with Mississippi Congressmen John E. Rankin and Frank Smith.

    Box 6

    1. December 1939 to April 14, 1942 Correspondence, reports, data, and

    legislative material dealing with Walter Sillers‘ appointment to and work in

    the Recess Hospitalization Committee, and the Committee‘s work concerning

    State Charity Hospitals.

    2. January 25 to November 4, 1951 Correspondence concerning speech made by

    Sen. Harry F. Byrd (D-Virginia) in Selma, Alabama to the Dallas County

    (Ala.) Farm Bureau on November 1, 1951. Correspondence and copy of

    speech by Sen. Harry Byrd of Virginia. Copy of The Staple Cotton Review

    (Oct. 1951). Copy of The Southern Weekly (Wed., Oct. 17, 1951). Copy of

    Slim Shuttle‘s Viewing the South from Washington (Oct. 27, 1951).

    Telegram from Gov. Fielding L. Wright to Sillers at Hotel Albert in Selma,

    Alabama. Copy of Georgia Farmer Market Bulletin (Wed., Oct. 31, 1591).

    Telephone message to Sillers from Judge Claiborne Blanton (Oct. 31, 1951).

    Copy of The Delta Leader (Sunday, Nov. 4, 1951).

    3. March 15, 1949 Correspondence and copy of revised contract concerning

    Baxter Laboratories, Inc.‘s location of a plant in Cleveland, Mississippi.

    4. May 26, 1960 and September 17, 1960 Correspondence and editorial

    concerning Ole Miss. Letter from Hugh Clegg (Director of University

    Development at Ole Miss) to Sillers. Reprints of: 1. Editorial printed in The

    Indianapolis News on Sept. 17, 1960 written by John G. Ackelmire, Associate

    Editor. 2. Letter of appreciation from Dr. J. B. Williams, Chancellor at Ole

    Miss, to Ackelmire concerning aforementioned editorial.

    5. November 6, 1960 to November 16, 1960 Louisiana States‘ Rights Fight

    Cover letter, copy of each of two concurrent resolutions and copy of

    Walter Sillers Jr. Collection 9

    legislative act all submitted by members of Louisiana‘s House of


    6. April, 1945 and May 31, 1945 Cover letter, narrative reports, and pamphlets

    on health education in Mississippi for the month of April, 1945; sent to Sillers,

    Jr., with cover letter on May 31, 1945, by Felix J. Underwood, M. D. ,

    Executive Officer, Mississippi State Board of Health.

    7. April 22, 1947 to June 28, 1947 Correspondence and affidavits concerning

    Walter Sillers, Jr.‘s campaign for re-election to the State House of

    Representatives in the 1947 race.

    8. April 11, 1946 to May 16, 1947 Correspondence relating to various legislative


    9. April 11, 1945 Cover letter, news release, memo, and booklet concerning

    postwar data.

    10. 1941 Correspondence regarding a price fixing bill before the U. S. Congress. 11. 1941 Correspondence and announcement mule races at the Rosedale

    Plantation Derby.

    12. 1945 1957 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Fred Sullen;

    newspaper clippings included.

    13. 1940 1959 A poem, telegrams, pamphlets, and correspondence from persons

    or companies whose name begins with ―F.‖

    14. 1943 1944 Correspondence, statistics, and bulletins concerning the public


    15. 1934 1949 Correspondence and legal papers to and from people or

    companies whose name begins with ―W‖.

    16. 1947 1949 Correspondence and papers concerning the Sillers‘ pecans.

    17. 1944 Correspondence and newsletters (from Pettingill) to Walter Sillers.

    Mostly printed matters.

    18. 1939 1947 Statistics, reports, bulletins, and correspondence relating to

    secondary and higher education, both state and national.

    19. 1945 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and George P. McMallum ndconcerning the 22 Amendment.

    20. 1942 Newsletter, acknowledgement of an order and a letter pertaining to the

    Rosedale rotary Club.

    21. 1943 Correspondence and newsletters pertaining to the 1943 race for


    22. 1943 Correspondence concerning the election for 1943 for the various state

    and county offices.

    23. 1936 1946 Correspondence, pamphlets, and deeds pertaining to people or

    companies whose name begins with ―L‖.

    24. September 23, 1941 Correspondence, telegrams, and petitions pertaining to a

    special election for U. S. Senate and State Representative for Bolivar County. 25. 1943 1944 Correspondence pertaining to the F. M. Owen vs. the Levee

    Board Case.

    26. 1939 1945 correspondence dealing with condemnation proceedings by the

    Levee Board.

    Walter Sillers Jr. Collection 10

    27. 1941 Deeds, blueprints, maps, and correspondence concerning the State

    Highway Department and the Board of Supervisors of Bolivar County. 28. 1949 1957 Correspondences to and from the Levee Board, deeds, the will of

    Mary Spates, bulletin Friends of the Public Schools (Aug. 1951), form MS

    Citizen‘s Council on Education, power of attorney, receipts, warranty deed,

    and bill of sale.

    29. 1935 1945 Correspondences, reports, and bulletins concerning the

    Mississippi State Tax Commission and A. H. Stome. Also contains an old

    Journal of Mississippi History with an article by Stone.

    30. 1943 1949 Miscellaneous papers, correspondence, newspaper, reports,

    bulletins newsletters, and newspaper clippings.

    Box 7

    1. 1931 Correspondence and miscellaneous papers concerning the 1931


    2. 1940 1946 Correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, notes and house

    bills dealing with the establishment of a 4-year medical school and a regional

    hospital system in Mississippi.

    3. 1938 1946 Correspondences, house bills, college catalogs, newsletters, and

    grant applications dealing with the establishment of a 4-year medical school in

    Mississippi and a regional hospital system. Also, include an old Readers


    4. 1944 House bills, amendments to the bills, and committee substitutes for the

    bills dealing with the establishment of a 4-year medical school in Mississippi. 5. 1940 1958 Correspondence with Dr. Felix Underwood of the Mississippi

    State Department of Health.

    6. 1939 1945 Miscellaneous reports, pamphlets, correspondence and

    newspaper clippings.

    7. 1936 1942 Contains reports, bulletins, pamphlets, press lease copies of

    house bills, and correspondence dealing with the State Tax Commission. 8. 1942 1943 Miscellaneous reports, correspondence, notes bills, and

    newspaper articles concerning the Long Staple Cotton Question. 9. 1941 Reports, correspondence, telegrams, and maps concerning the adoption

    of Highway #1 as a military defense road.

    10. 1948 1957 Two legal note pads used by Walter Sillers.

    11. 1932 1936 Resolutions, bills editorials, reports, and correspondence dealing

    with proposal to increase membership on board of trust of State institutions of

    higher learning. Also report of State Livestock Sanitary Board, Mississippi

    Agricultural Service, Commission, State Plant Board, various institutions, and

    the State Game and Fish Commission.

    12. 1938 1945 Contains correspondence relating to the development of

    Highway #1. Also, state highway maps and the magazines of the Mississippi

    Transport Association and the State Highway Department.

    13. 1941 Football correspondence and tickets from University of Mississippi,

    Mississippi State, University of Southern Mississippi, and Delta State. 14. 1937 1945 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers and persons whose

    names begin with ―K‖.

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