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    755 W. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 1750 Troy, Michigan 48084-4903 USA


    DA spent his career at General Motors, and recently retired as executive director of the North American

    Specialty Vehicle Activity. In this position, he was responsible for the development of non-core products

    and directed the development and production of more than 100 vehicle programs in a five-year time span.

    Additionally, during his time at General Motors, DA was plant manager of several manufacturing and

    vehicle assembly plants, and directed the construction of new vehicle assembly plants in North America,

    South America and Europe. DA also led International product and facilities programs in Australia,

    Germany and Italy. As Engineer in Charge, he assisted with the modernization and expansion of nearly

    every vehicle assembly plant and several parts fabricating plants for GM in North America.

Design & Product International Platform, Hybrids Engineering and Specialty Vehicles

    Product Life Cycle Product Program Development & Consolidation and Change Management Implementation

    International Strategic Planning,

    Production Planning & Capacity Corporate Management Processes & Systems Utilization, Facilities and Program


    Plant Design and Manufacturing Facilities Management Construction


    MB spent his career with Inland Steel Company (now Ispat Inland Inc.), most recently serving as the

    senior engineering consultant for product applications. During his time with Inland Steel Company, MB

    participated and lead the company in three joint ventures in Mexico, India and China; was assigned to

    Ford Motor Company covering plants worldwide in Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, China and India;

    and covered platform engineering activities in the United Kingdom and Germany.

    Design & Product Engineering

    Geographic Corporate Management International Opportunities

    Manufacturing Product Launch Management

    Manufacturing Stamping, Dies & Tooling

    Materials Steel LB

    LB is owner and principal of a professional management consulting/training/auditing firm specializing in

    business process improvement, performance excellence, quality management system development,

    implementation process, and regulatory compliance. His previous work experience includes

    specialization in quality tools, techniques, and management applications for all size companies.

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    755 W. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 1750 Troy, Michigan 48084-4903 USA

     Consulting, Training and Auditing Quality Management

     Over-all Management / Engineering Systems Engineering Systems Product Life Cycle APQP and PPAP Management

    Standards & Regulatory ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949 Compliance

     Manufacturing Experience and Processing Manufacturing Engineering Support to Management

     Supplier Development / Supply Chain General Other Management APQP and PPAP

    Design & Product Establish APQP and PPAP Models Engineering

    Materials Steel


    Throughout his career, WB held numerous positions in marketing and strategic business planning. He

    earned a reputation for being thorough and for providing good insight into business solutions.

As vice president of corporate planning and business development at Durakon Industries, Inc., WB was

    responsible for strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, financial relations and marketing functions.

    In this capacity, he performed global market research and led strategic planning, resulting in some minor

    divestitures, several major acquisitions and two successful foreign joint ventures. Additionally, as a

    consultant to OEMs and major Tier One suppliers, WB conducted comprehensive market studies and laid

    out detailed business plans. Consequently, many of the business models WB developed for handling

    OEM and aftermarket-based businesses are still active today.

Corporate Management Processes & Systems Marketing, Strategic Planning

     Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Corporate Management Divestitures Sales & Marketing Global Market Research Studies


    DB has 38 years of experience in planning, design, development, testing and validation with General

    Motors. While at GM, his responsibilities included working with vehicle subsystems, ride and handling

    components, powertrain cooling and fuel systems. Multiple assignments required DB to develop and

    optimize engineering methods to address evolving engineering product program/organizational needs.

He also was responsible for the definition and implementation of the cross-functional product

    development team strategy for a major new program that included participation by multiple areas and

    levels of the engineering to achieve very aggressive, shared product and process targets. This systems

    engineering based methodology encompassed requirement definitions, initial concepting, mainstream

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     755 W. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 1750 Troy, Michigan 48084-4903 USA

design execution, change control, prototyping and business imperatives management of individual


    Systems Engineering Process Implementation

     Chassis & Powertrain Hardware Design & Product Engineering Packaging; Design, Development,

    Test & Validation; Tradeoff Studies Manufacturing Product Launch Support Reliability/Durability Field & Customer Warranty Analysis Vehicle Dynamics Light Truck Ride & Handling EB

    EB offers an extensive background in applied automotive engineering with an emphasis on embedded

    and distributed control systems. Most recently, his efforts have been focused on enhanced vehicle

    dynamics. He specializes in straightforward analysis of complex problems and the execution of projects

    that address their resolution. EB has led development in powertrain and chassis controls programs that

    have resulted in production implementations of “first-use” technologies. He has worked with diverse

    organizations and forged cohesive teams that resulted in numerous patents, corporate awards, and

    production offerings. His 30+ years in the automotive industry coupled with frequent presentations and

    publications at technical events are further indications of his overall expertise.

Systems Engineering

    Design & Product Engineering

    Engines/Energy Systems

     Autonomous & Semi-Autonomous Safety Safety Systems

     Control Strategies for Chassis &

    Electronics Powertrain Applications;

    Hardware/Software Development

     Wheel Control (ABS & TCS); Vehicle Vehicle Dynamics Directional Control (ESC);

    Comprehensive Safety Enhancement CC

    CC is currently managing director of an organization that focuses on new product design and refinement,

    intellectual property, electronic systems and safety related technologies. CC also has extensive

    regulatory affairs experience at both the United States (CFR) and International (WP-29) Levels.

CC has been a leader in the technology consulting industry for the past twenty years. He held senior

    positions at Arthur D. Little and The DuPont Group. While at ADL, he was managing director of corporate

    development, director of technology licensing and a director in the automotive practice. CC holds four

    patents in the areas of inertial measurement and wireless communications. He is active in numerous

    professional associations including SAE and the Licensing Executives Society.

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     755 W. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 1750 Troy, Michigan 48084-4903 USA

    Design & Product Engineering Product Innovation

    Information & Knowledge Corporate Management Intellectual Property Standards & Regulatory


    Safety Regulations Electronics


    MC spent his career at different automotive companies providing them with quality improvement activities,

    supplier development and new product launches. Most recently, he worked at a company where he

    performed quality engineering program management, industrial engineering, lean manufacturing, quality

    system implementation and product launch support.

    Design & Product Engineering APQP, Product Launch

     PPAP, Supplier Development, Quality Management Quality System Development

    Processes & Systems Corporate Management Quality System Development

     First Time Quality, Scrap Manufacturing Reduction, Product Launch WC

    WC has 36 years of engineering experience in engine and powertrain systems with General Motors.

    While at GM, his duties included systems integration, analysis, development and consulting for various

    divisions including GM Research Laboratories, Chevrolet and GM Powertrain.

WC was responsible for the development, training and rollout of design systems at GM Powertrain. While

    at GM, he helped develop throttle, shift, clutch, brake and steering technologies for GM’s drive-by-wire concept. WC also created techniques for optimizing engine calibrations using both physical testing and

    analytical optimization programs.

Systems Engineering

    Design & Product Engineering Powertrains

     Engines, Hybrid Vehicles & Engines/Energy Systems Transmissions Emissions/Environmental Powertrain Calibration Engineering Other Fuel Economy

     Computer Architecture & Software, Electronics Drive-by-Wire Systems Vehicle Dynamics Drive Quality Personal & Confidential 6/28/2010 Page 5 of 37

    755 W. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 1750 Troy, Michigan 48084-4903 USA


    FC is an expert in defining policies and strategies for technical documents, records, and standards

    management. FC led the original GM project to better manage technical documents and records; FC

    helped develop and implement ILM/PLM within GM. Upon leaving GM, he became regional director for a

    $2 billion engineering consulting firm handling information and data management for automotive OEMs

    and suppliers. FC has served on the board of directors for the American National Standards Institute

    (ANSI) and several smaller not-for-profit organizations. He was also mayor of his hometown for 10 years.

    Design & Product Engineering Product Liability, Team Problem Solving Product Life Cycle Documentation & Standards Management

    Engineering Other Knowledge Management

    Information & Corporate Management Intellectual Property Knowledge

    Processes & Corporate Management Program Management Office (PMO) Systems

    Standards & Regulatory Import & Export Compliance

    General Other Community Relations


    While serving numerous positions with Ricardo, Inc., CdB built a career in the automotive industry

    focusing on powertrain research and engineering, strategic business development and management of

    engineering programs. As vice president of vehicle engineering and automotive products at Ricardo, Inc.,

    CdB developed and implemented a strategy for vehicle engineering, achieved sales in excess of $15

    million during the first 18 months and directed key vehicle projects for Ford, General Motors and


Systems Engineering

    Design & Product Engineering Engine Systems, Thermal Systems Engineering Other International, Japan, Korea Sales & Marketing Business Development Standards & Regulatory


    Alternative Fuels, Control Systems & Engines/Energy Systems Calibration, Emissions &

    Environmental Analysis Personal & Confidential 6/28/2010 Page 6 of 37

    755 W. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 1750 Troy, Michigan 48084-4903 USA


    DDF has held product development, marketing and management positions for Ford, GM, American

    Motors and Tier 1 suppliers such as Trico, TRW and TDK. At Trico Products Corporation, DDF worked

    as a product development manager and supported $120 million in sales. As a quality system consultant,

    he assists clients to achieve ISO 9001 based business and environmental management system

    certification. He also provides instruction and facilitation in requirements, implementation, quality tool

    applications, improvement and auditing.

     APQP, Supplier Assessments, Team Design & Product Engineering Problem Solving

     QFD, QOS, ISO9000, TS16949, Quality Management ISO14000, Core Tools, Auditing

    Application of Improvement Tools

    Processes & Business Management Systems, Corporate Management Systems Project Management Emissions/Environmental ISO14000 Conformance

     Basic Understanding and Applications Electronics


    DD is a supply chain expert with 35 years of experience at General Motors in the management and

    planning of procurement, warehousing and distribution activities. His principle accomplishments have

    been in warehousing operations, strategic network planning and logistics, with a strong emphasis on lean

    supply chain principles and customer satisfaction.

While at GM, DD directed operational aftermarket functions in Canada, including multiple distribution

    facilities, order management, logistics and procurement. He has directed the start-up of new facilities and

    the implementation of third party logistics agreements. His most recent responsibilities included global

    design and consolidation of supply chain systems, processes and network structures.

Product Life Cycle


    Corporate Management Geographic Opportunities International

    Logistics, Materials Manage-Corporate Management Processes & Systems ment, Strategic Planning,

    Warehousing & Distribution Manufacturing Supply Chain Management HE

    His career includes 35 years of international experience in the automotive industry, with concentrated

    expertise in new business development with such companies as Walbro, Siemens Automotive, where he

    was the VP of Sales for 10 years, and later, President and CEO of Mannesmann VDO. After his

    Personal & Confidential 6/28/2010 Page 7 of 37

     755 W. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 1750 Troy, Michigan 48084-4903 USA

corporate tenure, HE has been president of his automotive strategic business development company for

    eight years, where he specializes in "coaching and guiding" companies, new to the marketplace for

    business development opportunities. His particular expertise is with key messaging, setting the stage for

    clients and gaining access to senior executives in the greater automotive marketplace. In addition, his

    knowledge of the auto industry and his relationship as a consultant to SAE International, for six years, has

    permitted him to be on the Leadership Team for SAE Congress and the Powertrain Congress. Lastly, his

    status as a co-founder of Marketing and Sales Executives of Detroit continues to support his role as a

    “player” in the auto sector of North America.

    Corporate Management Sales & Marketing JF

    JF has worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) and J.D. Power & Associates (JDP&A). His international

    consulting involvement spanned the entire manufacturing and distribution value network from production

    parts suppliers to vehicle assemblers including retail distributors, financial institutions and dealerships. He is

    an author, industry commentator, an attorney and an industry thought leader on processes for companies to

    accelerate collaboration and innovation in their products and services.

     Corporate Management Strategic Analysis and Planning

    Sales & Marketing Strategic Distribution Quality Management Warranty and Audit BF

    BF is a published author and leading expert in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing and Tolerance

    Analysis. He is President of a company providing innovative GD&T, Tolerance Analysis, Dimensional

    Management, Standards, Documentation Practices, and Design Quality Training and Consulting Services.

BF has over 22 years experience in a variety of mechanical design, analytical, and engineering positions

    in many industries. He is a member of ASME, ASQ, and SAE International. He is a member of several

    ASME Standards Subcommittees, and ASME Certified Senior Level GD&T Professional. He is also an

    adjunct faculty member at the Oregon Institute of Technology.

     Interface Management, Dimensional

    Management; Geometric Dimensioning &

    Tolerancing Application; Tolerance Analysis &

    Design & Product Tolerance Stackups; Drawing Interpretation

    Engineering and Conflict-Resolution; Solid-Modeling

    Annotation and Practices (Y14.41);

    Engineering Documentation Practices and

    Optimization Standards & Regulatory Standards Development Personal & Confidential 6/28/2010 Page 8 of 37

    755 W. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 1750 Troy, Michigan 48084-4903 USA


     Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing Theory Technology Other & Training


    Bill Fleming was a technical specialist at TRW Automotive, Occupant Safety Systems where he did studies

    involving risk-analysis and new technology. Prior to this, he developed new types of sensors for use in

    automotive control systems at TRW Automotive electronics. And before that, he was involved in sensor

    development for automotive engine control systems at General Motors Research Laboratories. He holds four

    U.S. Patents and has published 34 papers.

    From 1995 through 2007, he served as instructor of the seminar, Sensors and Actuators Powertrain, Chassis and Body Applications, offered by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Approximately 1,500

    automotive industry personnel attended the seminars.

     Automotive Sensor Applications and

    Technologies, Analysis of Competitor Product

    Technologies, Searching and Evaluating U.S. Technology Other Patents by Topic and/or Technology, Searching

    and Interpreting U.S. Government Regulations,

    Recalls, Petitions, and Federal Register



    PF spent the majority of his career at Cummins Engine Company, Inc., and recently retired as Vice

    President of Research. In this position he was responsible for the direction of the corporation’s efforts in

    combustion research and development on diesel and alternate fueled engines, development and support

    of engineering computational capabilities, and development and support of corporate emissions test

    capability. Additionally, his focus is on engine combustion and emissions control in all types of engines;

    engine design and development of spark ignition and diesel engines; micro-engines of all types; design,

    development and application of all types of radial turbo machinery; and fundamental analysis of chemistry

    of combustion and Second Law analysis of all types of power systems.

    Engines/Energy Systems Combustion and Emissions

    Combustion, Emissions, Performance, Emissions/Environmental and Exhaust Systems Engineering New Product Introduction Corporate Management

    Power Plant/Micro Power Plant Systems; Technology Other Miniature Fuel Cells, Engines, Battery

    Systems and Hybrid Power Systems

     Turbo Machinery and Air Handling Technology Other Systems for Engines Personal & Confidential 6/28/2010 Page 9 of 37

    755 W. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 1750 Troy, Michigan 48084-4903 USA


    PGa has over 39 years of experience with General Motors the majority of which as a Finance Manager

    with emphasis in all aspects of future program evaluation and analysis. PGa has North American and

    International expertise in developing financial targets for profitability including variable costs, fixed costs

    and capital spending. He is knowledgeable in processes for monitoring performance to profit and capital

    targets. Additionally, PGa is experienced in Strategic Business Planning, Product Planning and Cost

    estimating. PGa has proven organizational, managerial, presentation, and project management skills and

    a team-oriented management approach.

     General Business Assessments and General Other Business Cases for New Product


    Strategic Planning Strategic Planning


    PGe has 42 years of experience in Structural Analysis and Computer Aided Engineering with Ford Motor

    Company, with recognized expertise in: noise and vibration, weight reduction, automotive architectures,

    advanced high strength steels and leadership of major advanced projects. PGe was the 2006 Chairman

    of the Auto/Steel Partnership while he was working as a Technical Leader in the Ford Scientific Lab.

    Prior to that he led the IMPACT Project, which was a joint U. S. Army, Ford, University of Louisville, and

    American, Iron & Steel Institute Project focused on fuel economy improvement for Pick-up Trucks. PGe

    has two MS degrees in Engineering and an MBA, from the University of Michigan.

Materials Advanced High Strength Steels

     Automotive Computer Aided Engineering and Technology Other Structural Analysis, Weight Minimization

    Engineering Noise & Vibration Sales & Marketing Systems Engineering


    TG has held various automotive and manufacturing positions at General Motors, Delphi Energy and

    Engine Management Systems (Delphi-E) and International Paper. As the senior buyer at GM, TG

    managed activities of a $94 million molded rubber commodity which included: cost reductions, contract

    negotiations, supplier development, domestic and international sourcing and strategic planning. While at

    Delphi-E as an analyst, TG coordinated the forecasts and budgets for 12 commercial groups within the

    division totaling $210 million. Additionally, while at Delphi-E, he directed the forecast and budget of a

    $375 million engineering budget using the GM Total On-Line Project System (GMTOPS) and the

    Forecast, Budget, Business Plan System (FBBS).

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