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For more information, call 676-1554. 46. In what way do these activities havein commonLarry's speedy reaction made news all over the country.


    高一级 英语科

     ;时间?120分钟 满分?150分;












    第一节 完形填空,共10小题:每小题2分;满分20分(


     I can still remember my grandfather‟s words. Since my first visit to my grandfather‟s farm,

    I‟d dreamed of being 21 to climb the walls around his house. The walls were old and high, but I wasn‟t 22. although I knew I would never get my parents‟ agreement , I didn‟t give up. Days passed, and my wish to climb the walls grew, 23 , one afternoon, I gathered all my 24 and entered the living

    room where the 25 were chatting.

    “ I…I want to climb the walls,” I asked, “can I climb the stone walls?” everyone looked up. My

    mother cried. “Heavens, no!” my aunt said, “You‟ll 26 yourself!” Hearing these, I wasn‟t too 27. the

    answer were just as I‟d excepted. Yet, before I could leave the room, I was stopped by my grandfather.

    He said “go ahead, Scoot.” He said to me. “But be 28 . come and see me when you get back,”

    I climbed those old walls, later I told my grandfather about my 29. what he said was something

    that I‟ll never 30 “Boy, you made this day special ,you are brave, life itself is a(n) adventure full of risks, you can get wherever you want, but you must pay attention to your steps.”

    21. A allowed B persuaded C failed D seen 22. A. lonely B, disappointed C. afraid D fortunate 23. A Suddenly B Finally C Quickly D Generally 24. A excitement B stories C things D courage


25. A adults B students C strangers D workers

    26. A beat B hurt C lose D support

    27. A happy B angry C surprised D patient

    28. A careful B calm C strong D glad

    29. A reason B classmates C parents D experience 30. A write B forget C find D leave

第二节 语法填空,共10小题:每小题1.5分;满分15分(



    A farmer got so old that he couldn‟t work in the fields any more, so he would spend the day just sitting outside the house. His son, who still _ 31_(work) on the farm, would look up from time to time and see his father just sitting there, He is _ 32 (use) ) , the son thought to himself, he cant do _

    33 !

    One day the son got so unhappy about this that he built 34 wooden box, pulled it over, and

    told his father to get in, Without saying anything, the father climbed inside. 35 closing the box ,

    the son pulled it to the edge of the farm 36 there was a big pond, Approaching the pond, he heard a light tapping(轻敲) from inside the box. He opened 37 up. Still lying there peacefully,

    the 38 (smile) father looked up at his son. I know 39 you are going to do. But before you

    do it, may I suggest something? OK, replied the son, Throw me into the pond, 40 save this

    good wooden boxyour children might need to use it, said the father.

    0分( 第三部分,阅读,共两节;满分5

    第一节 阅读理解,共20小题:每小题2分;满分40分(



    It is one thing to visit a zoo as an ordinary member of the public but quite another to own a zoo

    and live in the middle of it; this at times can be a mixed thing. It certainly forces you to rush out at

    any time of the day or night to observe your charges, but it also means that you are on duty 24 hours

    of the day and you can find that a fine little dinner party breaks up because some animal has broken

    its leg, or because the heaters in the snake house have failed. Winter, of course, is your least busy

    period and sometimes days pass without a single visitor.

    But in the summer season the days are so full and the visitors are so many that you can hardly seem to notice the passing of time and you forget how much you have in the bank. 41. From the passage we understand that the writer _________.

    A. is the owner of the zoo

    B. lives in a cage in the zoo

    C. is always visiting zoos

    D. can‟t tell animals from people


42. If you live in a zoo, the writer says _________.

    A. you have to look after the visitors every hour

    B. you are always having fine dinners

    C. you only work at night

    D. you seldom have free time

    43. From the passage it is clear that in the winter _________.

    A. very few people visit the zoo

    B. the zoo is closed

    C. nobody visit the zoo

    D. only one person visits zoo

    44. Why does the writer find it difficult to have a dinner party in the zoo? A. The animals eat all he food.

    B. It‟s too hot in the snake house.

    C. The animals break your legs.

    D. Something always goes wrong.

    45. At the zoo in summer the writer says _________.

    A. there are too many visitors visiting the snakes

    B. time passes very slowly

    C. you don‟t remember how much you have in the bank

    D. you don‟t know how to pass the time


    New Years Eve is a time to celebrate and enter the new year with a smile on your face. This year, therere plenty of local activities for all ages and interests, so the smiles will come easily.


    Blues band the Coyotes is playing at the Dance Barnat 8 Barn View in Sudden Valley, The show

    will start at 9 p. m. and benefit the charity Bikers Fighting Cancer. Tickets cost $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Call 224-2308 for more information.


    Ring in the New Year and laugh out the old one at the Upfront Theatre Comic improvisers will hit on all the highlights of the year with The Last Laugh of 2008. The 9 p. m. show will cost $15 and is open to all ages. The 11 P. m. show is to 21 and older and costs $18, which includes a champagne (香槟酒) toast. Call 733-8855 for more information.


    For a fun activity earlier in the eveningwalk the labyrinth (迷宫) at the Leopold Crystal

    Bellroom. Wander through the maze, based on the French Chartres Cathedral, for free from 4 to 9 P. m. Call 752-0048 for more information.



    At the Bellingham Eagles Hall, live local music will help get the dance started at 8 p. m. Tickets

    are $15 for adults, $10 for students and free for kids 12 and younger. For more information, call


46. In what way do these activities have in common?

    A. They‟re all held in the same day.

    B. They‟re all held by the same organization.

    C. They‟re all organized for children.

    D. They‟re all about the dancing and music.

    47. Which of the following activities may be free for Tom aged 16? A. COUNTRY DANCING.


    C. MAZE.


    48. If you want to know something about the Coyotes at 8 Barn view, you'd better call .

    A. 676-1554

    B. 733-8855

    C. 752-0048

    D. 224-2308

    49. Which of the followings will be the highlights of NEW YEAR'S LAUGHS? A. Wander through the maze.

    B. The champagne toast.

    C. Its live music.

    D. The Last Laugh of 2008.

    50. It can be inferred from the text that .

    A. $10 is enough to book a ticket to Blue Concert

    B. you can read the text on a telephone book

    C. all these activities are international ones

    D. New Year‟s Laughs will hold shows three times


    Talk about a real-life hero! Ten-year-old Larry Champagne from St. LouisMissouri, hit the

    brake (刹车) on a runaway school bus. He saved himself and 20 other kids on board from disaster.

    It all happened in one terrible accident. On the way to school, the bus driver, Ernestine Blackman,

    suddenly fell ill. Seeing the car was running away, the other kids started to scream, but Larry ran to

    the front and stopped the bus.

    At first I thought, Were going to die,‟” says Larry, but after I pressed the brake, I felt safe.

    Larry‟s speedy reaction made news all over the country. He appeared on TV shows as a hero. The bus company gave Larry a big gift. His school hung a medal of honor around his neck.


    “My grandmother always tells me to do what‟s right, says Larry. He thanked his brother, Jerrick,

    9, who helped me get the bus driver up during the emergency,紧急情况(. How did he know how to stop the bus? Larry is something of a mechanic,机械师(. He helps his grandfather work on his old truck. He gets his hands dirty, says his grandfather. One thing is for certain: Larry knows where to

    find the brakes.

    51. What did Larry do to save the runaway bus? A. He parked it for the sleeping bus driver. B. He helped all the kids climb out through the windows. C. He dialed 911.

    D. he pressed the brake.

    52. When did Larry finally feel safe?

    A. When the kids finally stopped screaming.

    B. When the police officers arrived.

    C. Once he pressed the brake, and the bus stopped. D. When the bus driver started driving again. 53. Larry got the following as praise for his hero action Except .

    A. appearing on TV shows

    B. a scholarship from his school

    C. a big gift from the bus company

    D. a medal of honor

    54. Larry thanked his brother Jerrick for .

    A. helping him get the bus driver up

    B. helping him work on his old truck

    C. teaching him how to find the brake

    D. teaching him how to stop the bus

    55. The underlined sentenceLarry is something of a mechanic” tells us that .

    A. Larry‟s job is a mechanic

    B. Larry knows something about machines

    C. Larry is a robot

    D. Larry knows nothing about machines


    The film Avatar has received great popularity around the world. It turned out to be a great

    success. The film got 1 billion in ticket sales in a very short time. The story in the film happens on

    an alien planet called Pandora where many strange species live. Among the planets inhabitants(居民,

    栖息动物)the one that has the most similarities with humans is the Navi, and it is the struggle between the Mavi and human invaders(入侵者) that forms the story of the film.

    As to the factors(因素) leading to the films success, many think that the entertaining feast(盛宴)


    for the eyes and the wonderful story shouldnt be forgotten, but the new language invented especially for the film which provides audiences with a new experience also plays an important part.

    In order to increase the truthfulness of an alien race, the films director James Cameron asked an expert in languages from the University of Southern California to invent a language for the Navi.

    Professor Paul Frommer combined the languages spoken among Indians, Africans and mid-Asians

    and worked with James Caneron for four years to create the Navi language based on the original 30 words that the director had already come up with.

    According to Professor Frommer, the most important characteristic of the Navi language is that

    it could be pronounced. This is an alien language but obviously it has to be spoken by human actors and actresses, Professor Frommer told the BBC, it has to sound natural and it should make human beings comfortable when using it.

    The language has a vocabulary of around 1000 words but Progessor Formmer hopes to enlarge

    the vocabulary in possible follow-ups to the film and in video games. The professor hopes that one

    day his creation will be as successful as the Klingon alien language from the Star Trek films.

    Theres a translation of Hamlet into Klingon and it has received great popularity among the audiences, says Professor Frommer;“if anything like this happens to the Navi language, Id be very


56. What do we know aboutAvatar from this passage?

    A. The story in it is a moving love story.

    B. It brings the producer 1 billion in total.

    C. The story in it happens on an alien planet.

    friendship. D. It talks about humans and aliens

    57. The director of Avatar James Cameron had a language invented for the Navi to

    A. make the film a whole mystery

    B. make the Navi more believable

    C. make the Navi different from humans

    D. make the film have specific characteristics

    58. Who first created the basic words of the Navi language?

    A. Paul Orommer.

    B. An Indian.

    C. James Cameron

    D. Hamlet.

    59. The important feature of the Navi language is that

    A. it can be spoken by humans

    B. it has just 30 original words

    C. it has a vocabulary of 1000 words.

    D. it is like the Klingon alien language


60. We can infer from the passage that

    A. James Cameron will produce follow-ups to Avatar

    B. the Navi language is another kind of the Klingon language C. the director believes the Navi language will be popular

    D. Paul Orommer hopes to add new words to the Navi language

第二节 信息匹配,共5小题:每小题2分;满分10分(



     注意: 请同时涂A,B 表示E; 同时涂C,D表示F.


    A: Music Channel covers popular music and the latest light music at seven oclock

    in the morning on Sunday, Thursday, and Friday that can make you feel happy for the whole day. Classical music will be broadcast at seven a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

    B: Animal World Channel introduces all kinds of animals in the world, It helps

    you know about the life of the big and the small animals in the oceans, the deserts, the rainforests, and even in your own backyard.

    C: Cate (美食) Channel will give you intersting insight into the food we eat every

    day. World famous cooks will teach you how to make the delicious food that you want to

    make in your own home..

    D: Science and Technology Channel is full of the latest inventions in technology

    and science. This channel will introduce new technological ideas and inventions to you. It

    will also help you make a decision when you want to buy appliances (家用电器)

    E: Famous People Channel invites famous businessmen every week. They will tell

    you how they become successful and give you advice on how to understand the modern

    business world. These famous businessmen will leave their telephone numbers to you so that you can get in touch with them.

    F: Film Channel chooses films from tens of thousands around the world. These

    films are not only international, but also have won prizes in International Film Festivals. We

    are sure you will enjoy watching them.



    61. Mr. Wang is a businessman, he has some trouble in his business, so he wants successful businessmen to give him some advice and he also wants to get their phone numbers in order to ask them for help.

    62. Tom is a real film fan and he never misses the films he loves, especially the famous films. He watches a film on TV at home every home.

    63. Mr. White is a manager of a big company. He usually gets up at seven in the morning. After getting up, he likes listening to some light music and classical music. He thinks that they will make a person patient and careful.

     64. Before Mrs. Black got married, she had never learnt how to cook. After the marriage, she has to cook at home and she wants to learn how to cook delicious food for her husband, who is a busy businessman.

    65. Mrs. Johnson has to do housework and looks after her three-year-old son at home every day. Her young son likes watching TV shows about animals. Therefore, she wants to find a program suitable for her son while she is doing housework and prepares a meal. :


    第一节 用单词的适当形式填空 (6小题:每小题1分;满分6)

    1. A lot of grain in China has been (出口) to foreign countries.

    2. Though he is young, he is (努力) to support a large family.

    3. He (后悔) that he was careless and didnt pass the exam.

    4. If we work with a strong will, we can o any difficulty, no matter how great it is.

    5. It seems that he is quite c with what he has got.

    6. They often (款待) their friends at weekends.

    第二节 根据汉语提示;用正确的短语完成句子,共6小题:每小题1分;满分6分(

    1. (多亏) your timely help that we accomplished the task on time.

    2. I (宁愿) play football this afternoon if you dont mind.

    3. Our policy is to (集中于)developing these areas.

    4. We failed to him his mistakes.(使相信)

    5. They were completely from the outside world because of the snowstorm.(使与外界断


    6. They were (筋疲力尽) after working in the fields the whole day long.

第三节 根据汉语提示补全句子,共3小题:每空1分;满分8)

    1. 学习而不实践是没有好处的。

     It is no good .

    2. 向她道歉是没用的。

     Its no use .

    3. 我后悔上学的时候没有刻苦学习。


     I regretted hard at school. 第四节 基础写作 (1小题;满分1 5)


    十二月第一周 时间

    台上,唱歌、跳舞 活动内容

    操场上,拔河比赛(a game of tug of war)



    放松、交朋友、发挥潜能(show ones hidden talents) 收获

    [写作内容] 假设你是校报记者;写一篇简讯报道这次活动。你的报道需包括以下五方面的内容:






    [写作要求] 必须使用5个句子表达全部内容。

    [词汇] 放松 relax 艺术周the annual art week


    高一级 英语科答题卷





    第二节 语法填空,共10小题:每小题1.5分;满分15分(

    31._________ 32._________ 33._________ 34._________

    35._________ 36._________ 37._________ 38._________

    39._________ 40._________


    第三节 用单词的适当形式填空 (6小题:每小题1分;满分6)

    1. A lot of grain in China has been (出口) to foreign countries. 2. Though he is young, he is (努力) to support a large family. 3. He (后悔) that he was careless and didnt pass the exam. 4. If we work with a strong will, we can o any difficulty, no matter how great it is.

    5. It seems that he is quite c with what he has got.

    6. They often (款待) their friends at weekends. 第四节 根据汉语提示;用正确的短语完成句子,6小题:每小题1分;满分6分( 1. (多亏) your timely help that we accomplished the task on time.

    2. I (宁愿) play football this afternoon if you dont mind.

    3. Our policy is to (集中于)developing these areas. 4. We failed to him his mistakes.(使相信)

    5.They were completely from the outside world because of the snowstorm.(使与外界断绝联系)

    6. They were (筋疲力尽) after working in the fields the whole day long.

    第三节 根据汉语提示补全句子,共3小题:每空1分;满分8)

    1. 学习而不实践是没有好处的。

    It is no good .

    2. 向她道歉是没用的。

    Its no use .

    3. 我后悔上学的时候没有刻苦学习。

    I regretted hard at school.

    答题卷-10 ,共2页(

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