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    ; What are some things that define a culture? For example, music,

    language, ...

    ; What do you think is

    interesting about your


    ; When foreigners think

    about your culture, what

    do they usually think of?

    ; What is considered rude in

    your culture from other


    ; What has surprised you

    when you've met foreigners

    from other countries?

    ; What don't you like about

    your culture?

    ; Are there many people of

    different cultures in your


    ; Are you friends with any?

; Have you ever felt

    confused by the actions of

    someone from another


    ; If so, tell me about it.

; How is your foreign

    teacher different from your

    other teachers?

    o How are they the same?

    ; Who in your culture do

    you admire most?

    ; Who in your culture do

    you hate most?

    ; If you could change one

    thing about your culture,

    what would it be?

    ; Would you ever consider

    marrying or dating

    someone from another


    ; How do young people in

    your culture behave

    differently from older people?

    ; If some foreigners just arrived China from overseas, what advice would you give them?

    ; What do you think is

    important when visiting

    another culture?

; Do you think "when in

    Rome, do as the Romans

    do" is always good advice?

    Why or why not?

    ; Have you ever been in a

    situation where you felt

    you had to "do as the

    Romans do"?

    ; What culture besides your

    own do you admire and


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