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    1001 Ways To Be Romantic.

    Love is blind

    Love has no reason. It never needs to

    be explained or defended.

    If love is really your top priority, then you never really “sacrifice” for it.

    How to build up a good relationship

    Give up 10% of your hobby time, and give it to your partner.

    Reduce your complaining And your criticizing by 50%.

    You’re the only one who can make your love story the best.

Love has no shortcuts.

Say “I love you” 300% more often

    Be 25% more creative in your relationship.

Be 10% more thoughtful / considerate.

If you’re talkative by nature, talk 20%

    less, and listen 20% more.

“Greg Godek should be nominated

    for the Nobel Peace Prize for teaching

    1001 Ways To Be Romantic.

1001 Ways To Be Romantic. That

    seems like an awful lot! I mean,

    guys, if the first thousand ideas

    don‟t work—what are the chances she‟s going to stick around when you say, „Okay, just one more‟?!”

There are thousands, millions of

    ways of expressing love. These 1001 ideas are just the beginning.

He gave her a dozen roses and a box of

    chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

She wrote him long, romantic love

    letters. He sent her greeting cards.

    They talked and cooed on the phone during work and late at night.

    He took her to see every romantic movie that year.

    He gave her perfume. She gave him cologne.

    They celebrated special occasions with

a bottle of champagne.

    She served dinner by candlelight. He served breakfast in bed.

*How would you grade your


    A = Passionate, exciting, loving,

    fulfilling; not perfect but

    clearly excellent.

B = Very good, solid,

    better-than-most, consistent,


    C = Average, acceptable, status quo,

    okaybut static, ho-hum,

    sometimes boring.

    D = Below average, unhappy, dismal; badbut not hopeless.

    E = Hopeless, depressing, dangerous; tried everything, it didn’t work.

Give your lover a dozen rosesand do

    it with a creative twist. Give

    eleven red roses and one white rose.

    Attach a note that reads:

    “In every bunch there’s one who

    and you are that one.” stands out

    Sending a birthday card isn’t just a good idea, it’s an obligatory

    romantic gesture. But how about doing something different this year?

    On your lover’s birthday, send a “thank you” card to his or her mother.

Gallantry never really goes out of

    style. So every once in a while kiss her hand with a flourish. Note: The

    proper way to kiss a woman’s hand is to lower your lips to her hand. You don’t raise her hand to your


    Romance on a Budget

    Love isnt that expensive

    Write a love letter. Mail it. Cost: 41?.*

    Pick flowers from the side of the road. Cost: Zero.

    Watching falling stars together. Cost: Nada.

    Walk hand-in-hand together. Cost: Nothing.

    Memorize her favorite poem or passage from a book. Cost: Zilch.

Go to vacation spots off-season.

    Cost: 20 percent to 50 percent less

    than usual.

    Spare No Expense

    The best way to spend the most money for the smallest gift is to buy diamonds.

    The best way to spend the most money for food is to dine at a five-star restaurant.

The best way to spend the most

    money for lingerie is to buy an outfit from La Perla.

The best way to spend the most

    money to fly is to travel first class.

The best way to spend the most

    money on men’s clothing is to have a suit custom-made.

The best way to spend most money

    on women’s clothing is to buy her

    haute couture.

How is more important than why.

The Most Important Things of

    Teaching Romance

“Love, like a river, will cut a new

    path whenever it meets an obstacle.”

How is more important than why.

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