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1. Huaxia Livestock Project

    2. Quality Vegetable Processing Project

    3. Beef Cattle Breeding and Processing

    4. 10,000 Mu of Green Vegetable Demonstration Project 5. Hi-tech Veneer Production of Sanhe Xinsheng Wood Co., Ltd 6. The use of cattle truth , the traditional biological products production projects

    7. Mechanical farming machinery and feed products expansion project 8. 1000tons with an annual bone gelatin project Su

    9. With an annual production of 20,000 tons of organic fertilizer project 10. The use of animal offal from Gansuna production projects 11. Modern agricultural demonstration parks projects 12. Covrng plant cultivation and distribution center 13. Fine breeding base project

    14. 1000mu where fine watermelons production base project 15. China (Xianghe) International Trading & Logistics Center of Agricultural Products

    16. Pump Pond Creek water tourism projects

    17. a deep-processing of strawberry,strawberry

    18. clamp Tuen acres of tourism, picking garden project 19. The big cherry extension plants item

    20. Large Fruit-processing Plant Project of Wanzhuang Town 21. Wanzhuang Town Green Pro-environment Food Processing Projects 22. High-tech Projects of Strawberry and Vegetables Picking 23. Nansifa Agricultural Sightseeing Garden of Baijiawu Office 24. Deep Processing Project of Non-Polluted Vegetables of about Ten Thousands mu

    25. The Project of Produce 8,000 Ton/Year Dehydrated Vegetable 26. Tiaohetou Town Ash Bar Deep-processing Project

    27. Timber Deep processing Project of Anci District

    28. Ge Yu Cheng Forest & Fruits Wholesale Market

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    29. Boar Sale & Slaughter Process Project for Kangda Animals & Birds Breeding Co., Ltd.

    30. Project of Yongqing Agricultural Science and Technology Industrial Park 31. Project of Viewing Yongqing County Song-Liao Dynasty Underground Great Wall and Amusement Park

    32. Project of Tianyuan Villa

    33. Project of modern processing milk products

    34. Project of freeze-dried food processing by Langfang Jiuming dehydrated vegetables Co., Ltd.

    35. the land development projects of Dayuanzi

    36. The Project of 8000 tons Fresh Vegetables Production 37. Project of Livestock Deep Processing

    38. Production and Sale Base Project of Concentrated Fruit and Vegetable

    Juice in Zhiziying

    39. The Construction Project of Spring Breeding Base

    40. To build the Factory to Process Green Legumes Product With the volume is 1.3 Thousand Ton/year

    41. Project of straw-granulated forage

    42. The deep process project of the green maize health protection article 43. Bazhou City Ouya Butchering Co.,Ltd

    44. Sightweeing Agriculture

    45. Beans Stuff Deep Processing Project

    46. Hebei Wen‘an Century Forest Eco-breeding Base.

    47. Expanded Feedingstuff Deep Processing Project

    48. The Combined Development of State Farms Land in Wen'an 49. Sesame deep processing projects

    50. DaCheng County QiZhou high-efficient ecological fruit garden construction

    51. Da Cheng County WangCun Town 60,000 mu Plain Forest Project 52. DaChengXian enterprise dairy farmers' professional co-operatives construction projects

    53. 2000 Mu Plain Forest Project of NanZhaoFu Town, Da ChengCounty 54. The Dacheng County Germany becomes the layer to breed the base construction and the brand egg development projects

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     Huaxia Livestock Project Project Name:

     : A construction area of 150 acres with the new plant of ProjectDescription

    150,000 square meters for animal cattle farming.

    annual output of 8,000 tons of fresh milk. Construction scale:

    The enterprise will invest all Investment Estimation and Capital Source:

    the 20 million RMB.

     The project is mainly engaged in dairy and Marketand Economic Analysis:

    beef cattle breeding. With solid foundation of technology, it has good market prospects, and greatly pushed forward the local cattle raising and economic growth It will employ 500 people with annual sales of 30 million RMB, profit of 200 million RMB.

    Located in Yanzhuang Township of Sanhe, the enterprise Company Profile:

    has long employed well-known experts on the breeding of cattle to provide periodic technology guidance. It has a strong innovation capability in dairy cattle breeding and milk improvement.

    Project preliminary formalities have been completed. Project Progress:

    Cooperation: Joint venture, cooperation

    Joint venture, cooperation Cooperation:

    Rong Jianjun Contact:

     0316-3658705 Tel:

     0316-3650711 Fax:

     065200 Postcode:

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    Quality Vegetable Processing Project Project Name:

    Build a greenhouse of 5000 square meters, cold storage and Project Content:

    workshop 1600 square meters to process and market 3,000 tons of pollution-free vegetables.

    200 mu Construction scale:

    The total investment of 20 million RMB The investment estimates:

    Market and Economic Analysis: Located in the hinterland of Beijing-Tianjin Tangshan circle, the project has a broad market. It is estimated that sales income will be 4.5 million RMB and profit 1.8 million RMB.

    Sanhe Yanzhao Landscaping Co., Ltd. is one the largest Company Profile:

    landscaping business with National B-Unit Qualification. It is the forerunner in terms of both scale and efficiency in Hebei Province.

    10 million RMB has been input to build 600 square meters Project progress:

    breeding workshop, 100 greenhouses and a integrated greenhouse of 5000 square meters.

    Cooperation, joint venture. Cooperation:

     Gu Shilin Contact:

    0316-3452582 Tel:

    0316- 3452571 Fax: E-mail:

    065206 Postcode:

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    Beef Cattle Breeding and Processing Project Name:

    construction area of 33,000 square meters. 4000 heads Project Description:

    of adult beef cattle per year. Introduce a set of beef cattle slaughter and processing equipment and cold storage equipment.

    a company integrating beef cattle breeding, slaughter and Construction Scale:

    processing and cold storage with annual capacity of 4,000 heads of adult cattle.

    The total investment will be 11 million Investment Estimation and Capital:

    RMB, of which 5 million RMB is for construction funds, 3 million RMB for equipments, 3 million RMB for working capital. All the funds will be self raised by the investor.

    With the rising of people's living standard, Market and Economic Analysis:

    more beef is needed, which generate a tremendous space for development of beef cattle industry. The net profits of one adult beef cattle is 300 RMB, the 4,000 heads will generate 1.2 million RMB annually. Aquaculture industry is tax-free

    Located in Juhe Township of Sanhe City at the Company Profile:

    cross-section of rural and urban areas, the company has engaged in cattle breeding for 6 years with strong cattle breeding and sales experience. The company is also financially strong.

    The land acquisition procedures have been completed, now Project Progress:

    the planning and design is going on.

    Joint venture, cooperation Cooperation:

    Wang Xiaohua Contact:

    0316-3160128 13603361666 Tel:


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     10,000 Mu of Green Vegetable Demonstration Project Project Name:

     To cover an area of 2000 mu to build; to cover an area of Project Content:

    3,000 mu to build 1,000 cold sheds.

    The project will take up a total of area of 1 million mu, Construction Scale:

    of which 2,000 mu will be used for 1000 high standard greenhouses; 3,000 mu for 1,000 steel arch cold shed; 4,000 mu for film-covered vegetables field and 1,000 mu for roads, drainage, logistics and product processing.

     The total investment is 92.5 million Investment Estimation and Capital:


    The annual total income (priced according Market and Economic Analysis:

    to different types of vegetables in different seasons ) = 9000 mu × 5200 kg / mu × 1.86 RMB / kg = 87.048 million RMB, and the annual profit is 45.109 million RMB

    Project preliminary formalities have been completed Project Progress:

     Joint venture, cooperation, sole proprietorship Cooperation:

     Fu Shian Contact:

    0316-3451114 Tel:

     0316-3451114 Fax: E-mail:

    065200 Postcode:

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    Hi-tech Veneer Production of Sanhe Xinsheng Wood Co., Ltd Project Name:

     Set up a Annually production line to produce 300,000 piece of veneer Project content:

    To cover an area of 60 mu with a total investment of 15 million RMB. Construction scale:

     Of the total investment of 15 million RMB, 5 million RMB will be input by Investment Estimation and Capital:

    the enterprise, and the rest of 10 million RMB will be raised through cooperation.

    At present, the sales network of Sanhe Xinsheng Wood Co., Ltd covers most Market and Economic Analysis:

    part of north China, say, more then 8 municipal agents of TaiRMB, Changzhi, Lifen and Datong in Shanxin Province, 7 agents in Zhengzhouj, Anyang, Kaifeng etc in Henan Province, 11 agents in Hebei, 6 agents in Shandong, 3 agents in Inner Mongolia and 5 in Liaoning Province. Xishen has more then 7 years cooperation with several big decoration companies such as RMBzhou Decoration Company, Dongriyisheng, Yezhidian, and the No. 18 Section of China Construction etc. Xinsheng provided the E0 grade non-formaldehyde fine wood for the facility of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. With the market progress and technological innovation, Xinsheng plans to develop new products as follows: 1, high-tech veneer series for cabinet panel.2, high-end veneer series for the cupboard panel The project mainly produces medium and top class veneer with the cost of each cupboard between 3,000 to 6,000 RMB and profit ratio reaching 30 %. A production line with annual production capacity of 2,000 piece of veneer, annual output value will range from 600 million to and 1.2 billion RMB. 500 million to -300 million RMB in profits and taxes can be realized.

    Started in 2000, Xinsheng Wood Co., Ltd is specialized in producing plywood and fine wood Company Profile:

    plate with 2690 million RMB in fixed assets, annual sales of 52 million RMB, and annual profits of 5 million RMB. In 2000 -2,005 Xinsheng products were approved the national quality inspection as qualified products, and it has won the ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality certification and approved by the Hebei Agricultural Bank of China as a AA grade credit holder for years. Xinsheng has established close cooperation with many Beijing top class companies such as RMB Zhou Decorating Company, Hongli Boya Decoration Company and Qingzhou Decoration Company and is very strong in technological innovation and market development capacity.

     The initial procedure has been done. Project Progress:

     Joint venture, cooperation. Cooperation:

     Liu Chunsheng Contact:

    0316-3412118 13603367390 Tel : E-mail:

    065202 Postcode:

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    Project Name: The use of cattle truth , the traditional biological products production projects

    Project Content : The project covers an area of 30 mu, building biological products production base.

    Investment estimation : The total investment in 30 million yuan, In which

    foreign capital is 30 million yuan.

    Building conditions : Dachang in northern China is one of the largest cattle distribution, affter 20 years of development, the existing scale of the slaughter and processing enterprises 20 more than in slaughtering amounted to 300,000 head, a cattle slaughtering enterprises truth, aby-product rich in natural resources such as resistance. Project site in the town industrial area, located on both sides of the north-south line plant Tan, easily accessible and their location.

    Cooperation: -wholly investment

    Addresses :Dachang county Dachang town Economic Commission

    The Faculty : Xuxiaolong


    Postcode :065300

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    Project Name: Mechanical farming machinery and feed products expansion project

    Project Content :It covers an area of 115mu. To invest foreign capital and import technology and equipmentsto enlarge capacity of producing machines of raising and feed.

    Estimation of Investment: The total investment is RMB16million yuan,in

    which foreign capital RMB7 million yuan .

    Market Analysis: The market share of the feed machines of the company rakns the first three in China .The market share of the rasing machines of the company rakns the first 5 in China .The products are sold to 21 provinces cities, autonomous and regions and more than 20 countries ,such as ROK,DPRK,Tailand etc..

    Construction Condition: The project lies in industry park of Dachang

    County .The transportation and communication are very conwenient,Electricity and water supply are very completed.

    Benefit Analysis:When it is completed,annually income will be RMB

    180millio yuan .Proficts of 6.18million yuan .Return period is 5.8lyeays.Annually amount of production will reach 800.

    Outline of Company:Dachang Yanbei Livestock machines Ltd Co .is the

    Rand D baseof China ariculture and Science Institution and China Ariculture College There are more than 196employees.

    Cooperation: Joint-venturec

    Addresses :Dachang Industry Park

    The Faculty : Yang Xuehua


    Postcode :065300

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    Project Name: 1000tons with an annual bone gelatin project Su

    Investment estimation : The total investment in the project is 55million

    yuan ,35million yuan funds.

    Item : importing funds, technology, the new bone gelatin-manufacturing enterprises.

    Market Analysis : Department of bone gelation-High-natural protein products, animal bone and animal skin for raw materials, industrial processing into white or light yellow fine and photographic gelatin Gelatin is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical,food,paper,printing and photographic materials .According to incomplete statistics ,the domestic pharmaceutical gelation capsules, takes up 20,000 tons, and the main bone gelatin-only 6000 tons of production capacity, the supply and demand gap ,dependence on imports. Gelatin production ,with a broad market prospect.

    Project background: County is a large county animal husbandry ,livestock production increased annually in the annual supply of 100,000 tons of livestock bone above .Projects to ensure adequate sources of raw materials .To give vigorous support to the livestock industry industry chain

    extension ,livestock ,slaughtering ,processing industry ,can provide a more relaxed policy environment and preferential policies on investment .

    Economic Benefit Analysis : Annual sales income of 60 million yuan and

    profits and taxes15million .Investment payback period of 60 million yuan

    Cooperation form : Foreign-owned or joint venture cooperation .

    Address : Dachang County Business Bureau

    Contact person :Liu Wen feng

    Telephone :0316-8823604

    Postcode :065300

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