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     Bethune-Cookman University Athletics


     Wildcat Student-Athlete Handbook

    Produced by the Bethune-Cookman University Department of Athletics

    This handbook has been developed and approved by the appropriate agencies with authority on the campus

    of Bethune-Cookman University. The policies herein are in use and are the documents by which the athletic

    department will operate its’ intercollegiate athletics program. Student-athletes are expected to maintain a copy of this handbook for reference and ignorance of the procedures outlined within this document is not

    an excuse for failure to follow the protocols of the department. Bethune-Cookman University reserves the

    right to modify the procedures at any time during the period specified above.


Mission Statement Page 3 MEAC Philosophy Page 4 The Challenge Page 5 Key Athletic Department Staff Members Page 6 Section I. Student-Athlete Welfare Page 7 Office of Student-Athlete Support Page 7 Academic Counseling and Advisement Page 8 Wildcat CHAMPS/LIFE Skills Program Page 9 Academic Excellence Page 9 Athletic Excellence Page 9 Personal and Career Development Page 9 SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee Page 10 National Athletic/Academic Awards Page 10-12 Academic Support (OSAS code) Page 12 Study Hall Page 13 Dept. of Athletics Class Attendance Policy Page 13-15 Team Travel/Missed Classes Page 16 Academic Study Strategies Page 16-19 Section II.

    Academic Rules and Regulations Page 19 NCAA Continuing Eligibility Requirements Page 19 Full-Time Enrollment Page 19 Continuing Eligibility/Satisfactory Progress Page 20 Progress Toward Degree Requirements Page 20 Designation of Degree Page 20 Post-Season Competition/Continuing Eligibility Page 21 Grade Point Average Page 21 Classification and Academic Standing Page 21 Probation and Dismissal Page 21 Add/Drop Policy Page 21 Withdrawal Page 22 Procedure for Obtaining Books Page 22 Change of Major Page 22 Student-Athlete Conduct Page 22 Academic Honesty Policy for Student-Athletes Page 23 Online Social Networking Policy (MySpace, etc.) Page 23-24 Guidelines Page 24 Prohibited Conduct Page 25 Hazing and Initiation Page 25 B-CU Statement on Hazing Page 26 Grievance Procedures Page 26 Student-Athlete Responsibilities Page 27 Academic Conduct Page 27 Athletic Conduct Page 27 MEAC and NCAA Violations Page 28 Principle of Sportsmanship/Ethical Conduct Page 28 Playing and Practice Seasons Page 29 Section III.

    Compliance Issues Page 30 Key Rules for Maintaining Eligibility Page 30 Amateurism Page 30 Redshirt/Hardship Waiver Page 31 Gambling Page 31 Agents Page 32-33 Transfer Regulations Page 33-34 Appeals Page 34 Cancelled, Reduced or Non-Renewal Appeals Page 34 Denial of Release/Permission to Speak Appeals Page 35 Copy of Letter of Appeal to Student-Athlete Page 36 B-CU Appeals Board/Appeals Procedures Page 37 Non-Renewal of Athletics Aid Page 38 Appeal Notification Page 38 Composition of Appeals Committee Page 38 Hearing Protocol Page 39 Athletics Aid Appeal Process Page 40-41 Financial Aid Policy on Reduction/Cancellation Page 41-44 Section IV.

    Financial Aid Page 45


     Athletically Related Financial Aid Page 45 Financial Aid and Student-Athletes’ Limits Page 46 Non-Athletics Related Financial Aid Page 46 How Financial Aid is Determined Page 46 Employment Page 47 Fifth Year Aid/Exhausted Eligibility Aid Page 47 Summer School Aid Page 47 Special Assistance Fund for Student-Athletes Page 48 Graduate School Scholarships at B-CU Page 48 Financial Glossary Page 49 Pell Grants Page 50 SOAF Fund Page 50 Questions and Answers on Financial Aid Page 50-51

    Section V. Media Relations Page 52 Sports Information Office Page 52 Sports Information Staff Page 53 Preparing for an Interview Page 54 During an Interview Page 54-55 Dealing with the Media Page 55 Public Appearances Page 55

    Section VI. Sports Medicine Page 56 Wildcat Sports Medicine Mission Statement Page 56 Emergency Care Page 56-57 Pre-Participation Medical Exams Page 57 Medical Records Page 57 Follow-up Exams Page 58 Dispensing Medication Page 58 Physician Appointment and Transportation Page 58 Student-Athlete Insurance Page 59-60 Procedures for Filing A Claim Page 60 Injury/Illness Reporting Procedures Page 60-62 University Infirmary/B-CU Team Physician Page 63 Team Physician Page 63 Athletic Trainers Page 63 Coaches Responsibility to Sports Medicine Staff Page 64 Scholarship Appeals Page 64 Nutrition and Athletic Performance Page 64 -67 Drug Testing Page 68 Procedure Page 68 Positive Drug Testing Consequences Page 68 Who to Contact to Help? Page 69-70 Alcohol Policy Page 70-71 Tobacco Policy Page 72 Commonly Used Banned Substances Page 72-74 Counseling Services Page 74 Participation by the Pregnant Student-Athlete Page 75 Dietary Supplements and Banned Substances Page 76-78 Prevention of Heat Illness Page 78 Lightning Safety Page 79-81 Lightning and Severe Weather Lightning Policy Page 81 Nutrition and Athletic Performance Page 82-84 Counseling Services Page 84


    Bethune-Cookman University

     Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Mission Statement

     The primary function of the Bethune-Cookman University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is to work to fulfill the educational mission of the university. The role of the university is to prepare students in the Christian Tradition to excel in their professions and serve as

    productive members of society by developing their abilities to think clearly, make sound

    judgments and communicate effectively. The university is further committed to cultivating in

    students and employees a desire to pursue lifelong learning through an appreciation of self, of

    others, and of the ethical and aesthetic choices that life presents.

     The role of the Department of Athletics is to provide mechanisms by which to meet the

    needs of each student-athlete with these educational, athletic, social and moral experiences.

    Policies and procedures are established that will promote gender equity and cultural diversity so

    that each student and employee may be afforded the best opportunities for a positive experience

    in an academic setting. The university and the Department of Athletics are responsible for

    providing the best possible environment for student-athletes to compete against quality opponents

    within the rules of the institution, Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference and the National Collegiate

    Athletic Association.


Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) Philosophy

     The members of this conference subscribe to the principle that intercollegiate athletics is

    a vital part of higher education, and is regarded as an integral part of the educational program, and shall be administered and conducted with the highest degree of integrity, and in a consistent with the institution’s educational policies.

     Fundamental to the successful application of intercollegiate athletics is the mission to educated student-athletes. It is the mission of the MEAC to promote student-athletes’ academic

    and athletic success. Further, the members of this conference are obligated to ensure that the academic and athletic mission is achieved ethically.

     It is the function of the MEAC to encourage intercollegiate athletics on an amateur basis with the highest degree of institutional control. To reinforce these principles, the MEAC believes in and subscribes to the fundamental principles governing the conduct of intercollegiate athletics as adopted by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) with respect to the principles governing:

     Amateurism and Student Participation

     Institutional Control and Responsibility

     Sound Academic Standards

     Financial Aid


     Ethical Conduct

     Competition in Post-season and Non-collegiate Sponsored Contests

     Playing and Practice Seasons

     Eligibility of Student-Athletes

     Personnel and Squad Limitations

     Football & Basketball Television


    The Challenge

     For over eight decades, student-athletes have worn the ―Maroon and Gold‖ in athletic

    competition with the spirit of true sportsmanship and pride. In the classroom each of these

    student-athletes has made the same commitment to excel in their chosen academic paths. This is

    your time, your chance, and your challenge!

    We challenge you to become the very best student-athlete that you can be, and our

    commitment to you is to provide you with the proper guidance, teaching and concern. We also

    challenge you to become the leader that God has destined you to be. You have been gifted with

    the speed, strength and decision making ability that others can only dream of and it is your gift

    back to God to succeed on every level and on every field of human endeavor.

    This student-athlete handbook will serve as your guide through the changing world of

    athletics and academics at Bethune-Cookman University. Every aspect of our relationship to the

    university is detailed and should you require additional information it will provide you with the

    leads to get your questions answered.

    Whether you are taking your first step into university life or you are on your way to

    commencement, this handbook will serve as an excellent tool for you to utilize as you enjoy this

    great period in your life.

    The challenge is yours… so is the reward!

Have a great year,

Lynn W. Thompson

    Director of Athletics



    Mr. Lynn Thompson -- Athletic Director ext. 2216

    Ms. Clara Acker -- Admin Ass’t to the A.D. ext. 2215

    Ms. Karen Zahnen -- Admin Ass’t to the Department ext. 2202

    Mr. Jack ―Cy‖ McClairen -- Senior Associate A.D. ext. 2213

Ms. Sandra Booker -- Senior Woman Administrator/Associate A. D. for Student

    Services ext 2212

Dr. Scott Sloan -- Academic Coordinator/CHAMPS Life Skills Coordinator ext. 2249

Administrative Oversight to the Department

E. Dean MontgomeryExecutive Vice President for Administration and Finance ext. 2031


    I. Student-Athlete Welfare

    Bethune-Cookman University is committed to upholding the principles of student-athlete

    welfare as outlined by the NCAA. The Department of Athletics will be conducted in a manner

    designed to protect and enhance the physical and educational welfare of student athletes. To

    accomplish this, the Department of Athletics will ensure that the following issues are addressed:

    ? Quality Overall Educational Experience

    ? Cultural Diversity and Gender Equity

    ? Health and Safety

    ? Student-Athlete/Coach Relationship

    ? Fairness, Openness and Honesty

    ? Student-Athlete Involvement

     Office of Student-Athlete Support Operating Principles

     The fundamental mission of the Office of Student-Athlete Support (OSAS) is to provide

    effective academic assistance to student-athletes. Assisting student-athletes in the successful

    completion of their degrees is our main concern. In order to accomplish this goal, the OSAS staff

    members have developed professional relationships with coaches, Bethune-Cookman University

    faculty, and administrators.

     It is the OSAS’s policy to consistently provide accurate and timely information about

    Bethune-Cookman University’s requirements for degree completion and NCAA and MEAC rules

    and regulations. In keeping with this policy, the OSAS will uphold all ethical conduct standards

    of the NCAA, the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, Bethune-Cookman University and the

    National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletes (N4A). The OSAS will maintain the

    confidentiality of information pertaining to grades and academic status in compliance with the

    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This information will be released to

    individuals who have a legitimate educational need to know.

     The OSAS understands and appreciates the importance of success on the field, and how

    important coaches are to the student-athlete’s overall success. Therefore, the OSAS will work

    with coaches to find solutions to students’ problems―academic, social, and athletic. However, the overarching concern of the OSAS will always be the student-athlete’s academic interest.

     The OSAS will always attempt to fulfill the mission of Bethune-Cookman University and

    reflect the values and standards for which it stands. As part of the University’s and the NCAA’s mission, student-athletes are encouraged to be a part of the university experience through housing

    arrangements, participation in orientation forums, student government and university sponsored

    activities. This participation enhances the students’ total development and provides an opportunity for the student-athlete to benefit from a balanced collegiate experience.

     The OSAS shall play an active role in the student-athletes’ classroom experience. Through classroom visits, communication with professors and advisors, the OSAS will monitor

    and assess the academic needs of student-athletes.

Academic Counseling


    Advising student-athletes in planning a course of study leading towards graduation is one

    of the most important functions of the Office of Student-Athlete Support. The OSAS’s approach to advising encourages the collaborative efforts of student-athletes, university advisors, faculty,

    and the OSAS staff to develop a plan of action tailored to the unique needs of each student-athlete.

    Academic counseling is essential to the student-athlete’s success at Bethune-Cookman University.

     Each student-athlete has an athletic advisor assigned to them based upon the school in

    which their major is housed. These advisors have each been trained in NCAA bylaws and in the

    event that a change in advisors is mandated the Dean of the respective school will appoint and

    provide training for a replacement in a timely manner.

    Earl Burney, School of Business, burneye Edmondson Asgill, School of Arts & Humanities, asgill Sharon Walker, School of Education , walkers Darryl Frazier, Director of Academic Advisement, frazierd Alma Y. Dixon , School of Nursing, dixonal John Douglass, Jr ,School of Science, Engineering & Mathematics, douglasj

    Trebor Negron, School of Social Sciences, negront

     The advisors understand the mission and educational philosophy of our institution and are

    able to provide broad and accurate knowledge of university and university degree requirements,

    policies, and regulations. They should be able to integrate this information into an academic

    program that meets NCAA and Bethune-Cookman University guidelines. Knowledge of

    university and department courses, including content, prerequisites, professor assignments and

    scheduling is necessary for counselors and students to plan a course of study that will fulfill

    satisfactory progress standards.

     Students should feel free to discuss their academic interests, personal needs, and crisis

    situations with their academic advisor. While respecting students’ privacy, counselors will listen

    for personal issues related to academic progress and make appropriate counseling referrals.

     Wildcat CHAMPS/Life Skills Program

University student-athletes are often presented with many challenges having to balance both

    academics and athletics at the Division I-level. Often, student-athletes have a difficult time

    accessing campus-wide student activities, programming, and experiences. Bethune-Cookman

    University student-athletes will be provided with the skills, tools, and resources, necessary to be

    successful in life after graduation. The NCAA has developed the CHAMPS/Life Skills program

    to assist institutions with the preparation of their student-athletes for life beyond athletic



The CHAMPS/Life Skills program has five primary commitments critical to the personal growth

    of a student-athlete: Academic Excellence, Athletic Excellence, Personal Development, Career

    Development, and Community Service, in addition, student-athletes will have the opportunity to

    make significant contributions to the community by volunteering for a variety of community

    outreach activities. The CHAMPS/Life Skills program will focus on each student-athlete in an

    effort to individually meet their needs as they attend Bethune-Cookman University.


The athletic department is committed to the academic success of its student-athletes. Student-

    athletes are provided with the necessary tools and resources to ensure they reach their full

    potential. These resources include highly qualified academic advisors, tutors, study hall,

    orientation, and scholarships. For more information on Academic Excellence, please refer to the

    Academic Support section of this handbook.


To ensure the overall development and athletic well being of student-athletes, the athletic

    department employs only the best coaches, trainers, doctors, and health coordinators. For more

    information on Athletic Excellence, please refer to the Sports Health and Sports Performance

    sections of this handbook.


The athletic department will periodically provide workshops on various topics related to personal

    and career development. The seminars will provide student-athletes an opportunity to join

    together and discuss issues relative to their personal and professional development. In addition,

    each team will have the opportunity to receive individualized assistance with any relevant topic

    they wish to discuss.

Personal & Career Development Workshops:

    ? Alcohol & Drug Education

    ? Community Relations

    ? Vocational Assessment

    ? Resume Writing

    ? Ethics

    ? Fiscal Responsibility

    ? Goal Setting

    ? Manners & Etiquette

    ? Media Relations

    ? Personal Presentations

    ? Self-Esteem

    ? Time & Stress Management

    ? Sexual Responsibility

    ? Values Clarification


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