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1.1.speaking 6 P9 Finding someone you like is the most important when you start a job-share. As job-sharing is a way for two people to both fill one job, finding someone you like is very important for the success of the scheme. You may find one from your current workplace, or you may find one from outside through all kin..

1.1.speaking 6 P9

    Finding someone you like is the most important when you start a job-share. As job-sharing is a way for two people to both fill one job, finding someone you like is very important for the success of the scheme. You may find one from your current workplace, or you may find one from outside through all kinds of contacts.

    Organising and planning how you share the work is also important. If it’s shared responsibility, there is no division of duties but the two people have to split the hours clearly to ensure that the work flows continuously. If it’s divided responsibility, each partner has to be clear about his own case——load or project to focus on during his working hours. If it’s unrelated responsibility, the partners have to

    learn what their separate tasks are in the same department, and each has to do his own share well.

    Communication is another important factor to consider when you arrange the job-share, especially for shared responsibility. Partners have to communicate well so that jobs are done smoothly. Using email, voicemail message,

    daily logs and notes are some techniques that help facilitate communication.(190 words)


    Setting up an office space in the house is important when working from home. This will give you a feel of being in the office and concentrate more on work. In this way, it will be easy for you to differentiate between work time and private time and you will not be easily distracted.

    It’s also important to plan your working hours and your breaks. Make it like in the office and set a timetable. But do not overwork yourself to make up for not being in the office every day. Make sure you have a break after you work for a few hours.

    In addition, to make working from home really

    successful, you should make sure colleagues and clients can reach you as though you are in the office. This may help a lot to guarantee the efficiency. (139Words) ------------------------------------------------------ Useful Patterns:


     +because When, I believe it is very important to

     absolutely/extremely/ always When, it is common sense that sb./you should

    When, it is essential to

    When, is needed for sb. to do When, is critical.

    When, deserves ones attention.

    When it comes to , we can not overlook

     is the most important thing when

    As what is known,normally include such factors as


    To means youll have to

    A simple method is to

    One of the tasks for you is to


    In order to that, is often brought into use. I believe is very important as well. is also very important. First, Second,..

    And finally,

    Of course, its also important to

     is another important thing / factor / aspect to consider.

It is also important to consider

    should also be taken into account.

    Plus, Besides, In addition, You also have to

    You can never

    In addition to, is important as well. Apart from these, it is very important that

+ because

    1.2 Writing 3 P13 Memo

    To: All Staff


    thDate: 25 July

    Subject: Parental Leave

Further to our previous meeting, I am pleased to confirm

    that parental leave for fathers has been extended to three

    weeks. The new system will come into operation as from

    th25 September. May I remind you that your managers will require one months notice?

2.1 writing P19

    Application letter

Dear Sir or Madam;

    I saw your advert for the post of Personal Assistant to Overseas Sales Manager in yesterdays newspaper and I

    would like to apply for the position.

    As you can see from my attached CV, I have been working for a travel agency for the last six months, which I have really enjoyed. Before that I worked as a receptionist and secretary for two years.

    I have a good knowledge of English as I completed a course at college and I am also fluent in Italian having lived in Rome for the summer in 2006.

    Pleased not that my current manager has agreed to write me a reference. I look forward to hearing form you.

Yours faithfully


2.2 writing7 P23

To: All Staff


    stDate: 1 October

    Subject: Presentation of new insurance policy

    To offer staff a better health insurance scheme, we are now working with a new insurance company. Please note therefore that a representative from this company will

    thpresent the new staff policy on 9 October at 2pm in the

    conference room. All staff are welcome to attend.

2.3 Writing Test: Part One P25

From: XXX

    Subject: Confirmation of seminar details

    Date: XXX

    To: Assistant seminar organizers

    Please note that I have booked Rooms 101 and 102 for the seminar next week. Id be grateful if you would now confirm this booking and the final schedule for the event with security. Also note that Mr. Singh will be one hour late on the Monday morning.

4.2 Writing P43

    Report on visits to website and proposed marketing strategy


    The aim of this report is to comment on the number of people visiting the company website in the last three months and propose a marketing strategy for the next three months.


    Over the last three months, the number of visitors has increased by 650. There are two reasons has increase. First of all, we launched a newsletter for subscribers.

    Secondly in May, we ran a competition which was very popular.

    With regard to costs, banners have cost 3,200 euros a month but very few people seem to visit the website as a result of these.

On the other hand, the newsletter doesnt cost anything

    (other than my time) but has helped to increase the number of visitors.


    In order to increase the number of visitors, I would recommend that we continue with the newsletter and run more competitions and quizzes. I also propose that we stop using banners and put more resources into setting up links with other sites to increase the traffic.

5.2 Writing P53

    Minutes of the meeting to discuss plans for Seattle conference

    Participants: Robert Samuelson (Chair), Dahlia Zille, Hugo Sata.

    Date : 27th November

    RS opened the meeting and suggested that someone should arrive two days early to set up. HS disagreed and suggested that one day was enough time. DZ agreed to

    tharrive on the 7.

    DZ confirmed that she had already booked a hotel and would book the flights.

    RS wanted to discuss the issue of sponsoring an event for delegates. HS suggested that a lunchtime event might attract more visitors to the exhibition stand. Everyone agreed and RS said he would give HS a budget.

    DZ raised the issue of the incorrect price lists. It was agreed that RS would make new price lists and include some offers.

9.3 Writing Test: Part Two P95

Report on findings from focus group research


    The aim of this report is to make recommendations based on findings from ten focus groups


    Firstly, nearly three-quarters of responses to the cherry flavour were very positive with only 7% being neither positive nor negative about the product.

    On the other hand, about two-thirds said they disliked the strawberry flavour because of the sugar and artificial taste.

    Finally, with regard to the normal and diet versions,

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