Unit 17 Famous women_6371

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Unit 17 Famous women_6371

Unit 17 Famous women

?.Teaching Goals:

    1.Learn to describe people.

    2.Talk about the reason why we admire famous women.

    3.Study the rules of Subject-Verb Agreement.

    4.Write a fan letter.

    ?.Teaching Time:

    Five periods

    ?.Background Information:

    1.Madame Curie

     Marie was born in Poland in 1867.She was given the name Marie Sklodowska by her parents.Her father was a teacher.Everyone soon saw that Marie had a quick mind.

    Marie's mother died when her youngest daughter was only ten.This made Marie know that she must work hard at her lessons if she wanted to be successful in her life.So she did and won top honors at her school.Marie and her elder sister,Bronya,dreamed of studying in France.But their father did not have enough money to send them there.Then Marie made out a plan:She would teach at home and send her money to Bronya.After her sister finished studying in Paris,she could get work and send Marie the money to study there in return.With tears in their eyes the girls said goodbye to each other,and Marie worked

    very hard for six years to pay for her sister's studies.At last it was Marie's turn,but by the time she got to France,her sister was married and could not give her much help.

Again Marie worked,she studied in a small room without heat or

    light.She lived on bread and tea most of the time,but what she cared of most was her scienceher study and her research work.This was her world,and she liked her experiment most.

    In Paris she met and married Pierre Curie,a young famous

    scientist.Together they made their experiments in an old house.The Curies were awarded the Nobel Prize for their great contribution to science.In 1911 Madame Curie received another Nobel Prize.It is the only time in history that two Nobel Prizes have been given to the

    same person,and this person was a woman.

    Marie Curie,an extraordinary woman scientist with extraordinary

    success discovered a hidden power from which the world benefits much.It was this same power,however,that killed her in 1934.

    2.Helen Keller

    Helen Keller was born in America in June,1880.Everything was all right when she was born.But when she was nineteen months old,an attack of fever left her blind and deaf for the rest of her life.She became blind so young that as she grew older,she did not remember

    being able to see;and she became deaf before she had any idea of the importance of human speech.She lived in darkness and silence.

As she grew older,she,too,wanted to express her ideas and

    feelings.But she realized that she was cut off from others.

    Her parents were greatly worried.How could anyone get in touch with Helen's mind and intelligence in darkness and silence without speech?Helen was nearly seven before a teacher was found.Her name was

    Miss Sullivan.

    Miss Sullivan had a lot of difficulties in teaching Helen Keller.As the child could neither see nor hear,she had to use manual alphabet.But Helen's energy and intelligence and strong spirit,combined with Miss Sullivan's skill and patience,overcame all the difficulties.As Helen grew up,she became an able student,passed examinations and finally took a university degree in English literature.She then devoted all herself to helping the blind and the deaf.Her personal success,together with the work she has done for others,made her one of the greatest women in modern times.She wrote many books and The Story of My Life is a remarkable one.

    The First Period

    Teaching Aims:

    1.Learn and master the following:

    inspire generous cheerful mean warm-hearted cold-hearted tense

    miserable dishonest

    2.Train the students' listening ability.

    3.Improve the students' speaking ability by talking and discussing in pairs or groups.

    4.Make the students know the fact that they will succeed as long as

    they work hard.

    Teaching Important Points:

    1.Train the students' listening ability.

    2.Master some words describing people and use them correctly.

    Teaching Difficult Points:

1.How to improve the students' listening ability.

    2.How to carry out the task of speaking.

    Teaching Methods:

    1.Listening-and-answering activity to help the students go through with the listening material.

    2.Individual,pair or group work to make every student work in class.

    Teaching Aids:

    1.a tape recorder

    2.a projector and some slides

    3.some pictures

    Teaching Procedures:

    Step ?. Greetings and Lead-in

    T:Good morning/afternoon,everyone.

    Ss:Good morning/afternoon,teacher.

    T:Sit down,please.In March,there is an important international festival.Do you know what festival it is?

    Ss:Yes.It's Women's Day.

    T:Very good.

    Step ?.Warming up

    T:Now we're going to talk about some famous women in the world.Open your books and turn to Page 22.Please look at the pictures.Talk about them in groups of four.You're given three minutes to discuss

    them.After that,I'll ask some students to talk about them.Is that clear?


    T:OK.Please begin.

    (Teacher goes into the students and joins them in their discussion.)

    T:(Three minutes later.)Are you ready?


    T:OK.Who'd like to talk about the first picture?

    S1:I'd like to have a try.The woman in the first picture is Song Qingling,who is one of the greatest women in China.She made great contributions to opposing the war of aggression and defending the peace of the world.

    T:Well done.Anything else?

    S2?She stuck to the revolutionary views of Sun Zhongshan and she is also a great patriot and internationalist.

    T:Very good.Let's talk about Picture 2.Can you try,Li Ming?

    S3:Yes.Madame Curie is a great scientist of physics and chemistry,who is the first woman to receive two Nobel Prizes in the world.She is known for discovering radium.

    T:Quite right.Sit down,please.What else do you know about her?

    S4:She is also a great woman of great determination and courage.Though her husband Pierre died in a road accident,she still

    went on working.And she is willing to share her knowledge,her interest in women's rights.

    T:Wonderful.Sit down,please.The third picture.Any volunteer?

    S5:I'll try.The picture is about a famous American writer.She is a legendary figure,who was born in America.She lived in China for about 30 years.She loves the Chinese people and its culture.

    T:You're right.Anything else?


    T:Pearl S.Buck wrote many novels set in China,for example,The Good

    Earth.She received the Nobel Prize for Art.She played an important

    part in connecting the civilization between the East and the West.Is that clear?


    T:OK.Let's look at the fourth picture.Wang Kai,can you try?

    S6:Sorry,I don't know.

    T:It doesn't matter.Sit down,please.The woman called Mother Teresa is

    a Christian.She won the Nobel Prize for Peace,and was loved and worshipped in India.She was given the highest honour as Gandi by the government of India.If you're interested in her,you can serf the Internet.

    T:Well,let's look at the screen.Discuss the following questions in

    small groups.(Teacher shows the screen.)

    1.Do you know a woman who really inspires you?Describe her and explain why you admire her.

    2.It has often been said that life is difficult as it is.For women it sometimes seems twice as difficult.Is it more difficult for women to

    become famous or get jobs in high positions?What do you think?

    Now you're given a few minutes to discuss.After a while,I'll ask some of you to report your answers.Do you understand?


    T:OK.You can begin.(A few minutes later)Well.Who can answer the first question?

    S7:Deng Yaping has been inspiring me.She is a famous pingpang champion in the world.Although she isn't tall,she has the first-class

    skills and a strong will.She is loved by all people.

    T:Very good.What about you,Li Jun?

    S8:Li Suli is a woman who really inspires me.She is an ordinary ticket seller,who loves her job and makes great contributions at her ordinary post.She has been given the title of National Model Worker.

    T:Well done.Let's look at the second question.Who can try?

    S9:I'll try.Yes,it is more difficult for women to become famous or get jobs in high positions.Because in the modern society,the real equality between men and women hasn't completely come true.

    T:Quite right.As you know,it is more difficult for women to become

    famous,but there are still many successful women in the world.So we'll succeed so long as we work hard.Is that true?


    Step ?.Listening

    T:Now,let's do some listening.First,read the requirement in Part 1.Then listen to the tape carefully and write down your answers to

    the questions.(After the students read,the teacher says the following.)Do you know the meaning of the fourth question:What's become of her?


    T:The sentenceWhat's become of her?meansWhat's happened to

    her?Is that clear?


    (Teacher plays the tape for the students to listen for the first time to get the general idea,and then answer the questions.If the students have any difficulty,the teacher plays it again.At last,the teacher checks the answers.)

    T:Next,let's do Part 2.(Teacher gives the students one minute to go through with the requirement in Part 2 and do it in the same way.)

    Step ?.Speaking

    T:Now,look at the three pictures on the screen.(Teacher shows the screen.)What kind of people do you think they are?Try to tell us

    something about their qualities.The words on the Bb may help you.(Write the new words on the Bb.)Do it by yourself first,and then exchange your opinions.Do you understand?


    T:(After a few minutes.)Let's look at Picture 1.What kind of person

    do you think she is?Any volunteer?OK.Li Xia,please.

    S10:I think she is very hard-working.She must be very kind,friendly

    and honest.Judging from her clothes,she is a little conservative,but she is fond of her work.

    T:Very good.Picture 2.Who'd like to try?

    S11:I guess she is a modern woman,who is very smart,fashionable and cheerful.She loves life and work,and she is also a very healthy and lively professional woman.She is popular with young people.

    T:Well done.The third picture.Who will try?

    S12:I'll try.I believe the woman is very kind,warm and generous.She loves her family and child,but she is traditional.

    T:Good.Sit down,please.

    Step ?.Guessing game

    T:Now let's play a guessing game.This game is played in groups of four.One in the group can first think of a famous woman,then write

    the name on a piece of paper.Fold it so that it can not be seen.The others in the group try to guess who she is.The person who writes

    down the name only answersyesorno.If the answer isyes,the student can ask more questions.If the answer isno,another student

    gets a chance to ask questions.Keep asking questions until you know

    who it is.First,I'll give you an example.Please look at the screen. (Teacher shows the screen.)

    Example:B:Is she Chinese?

    A:Yes,she is.

    B:Is she a famous singer?

    A:No,she isn't.

    C:Is she a famous actress?

    A:No,she isn't.

    D:Is she good at sports?

    A:Yes,she is.

    D:Has she ever been a world champion?

    A:Yes,she has.

    D:Does she play table tennis?

    A:Yes,she does.

    D:Is she tall?

    A:No,she isn't.

    B:Is her name Deng Yaping?

    A:Yes,it is.

    T:Then who'd like to act out the dialogue on the screen? (Four students stand up and act out the dialogue.)

    T:Thank you for your wonderful performances.Sit down,please.Now,you

    can begin.After a while,I'll ask some groups to act out your dialogues before the class.

    (Teacher goes among the students while the students are playing the

    guessing game.)

    T:(After a while.)Which group would like to act out your dialogue? Ss:We'd like to.


    Suggested answers:

    Game 1.

    B:Is she alive?

    A:No,she isn't.

    C:Is she Chinese?

    A:Yes,she is.

    C:Is she an actress?

    A:No,she isn't.

    D:Is she a writer?

    A:Yes,she is.

    D:Is she a modern writer?

    A:Yes,she is.

    D:Have we learnt her works?

A:Yes,we have.

    D:Is her name Bing Xin?

    A:Yes,it is.

    Game 2.

    B:Is she Chinese?

    A:Yes,she is.

    B:Is she good at sports?

    A:No,she isn't.

    C:Is she an actress?

    A:Yes,she is.

    C:Has she played a part in the film?

    A:Yes,she has.

    C:Has she played a role on TV?

    A:Yes,she has.

    C:Is she married?

    A:No,she isn't.

    D:Does she sing?

    A:Yes,she does.

    D:Does she have big eyes?

    A:Yes,she does.

    D:Is she Zhao Wei?

    A:Yes,she is.

    Step ?.Summary and Homework

    T:Today we've done some listening and speaking,and we have also learnt something about some famous women in the world.If you're interested in the subject,you can serf the Internet to get some information about famous women and play a guessing game with your partner.From what we've learnt,we can understand that if we want to succeed,we must work hard,just as Madame Curie says:Life is not

    easy for any of us.We must work,and above all we must believe in ourselves.We must believe that each of us is able to do something well and that,when we discover what this something is,we must work hard at it until we succeed.(Write them on the Bb.)Besides,you

    should preview the reading text.Well,so much for today.Class is over.

    Step ?.The Design of the Writing on the Blackboard

    Unit 17 Famous women

    The First Period


    Positive:strong smart honest friendly warm kind cheerful

    popular generous hard-working

    Negative:weak stupid lazy dishonest mean tense cold-hearted

    unkind unfriendly miserable

    ?.Life is not easy for any of us.We must work hard,and above all we must believe in ourselves.We must believe that each of us is able to

do something well,and that,when we discover what this something is,we

    must work hard at it until we succeed.

    ——Marie Curie

    Step ?.Record after Teaching





The Second Period

    Teaching Aims:

    1.Train the students' reading ability.

    2.Learn and master the following words and phrases: 1)Words:mile Antarctic stormy threaten optimistic somehow shelter regret extreme climate value

    2)Phrases:struggle through threaten to do sth. lie down be thankful for in good health struggle to one's feet make a decision Teaching Important Points:

    1.Improve the students' reading ability.

    2.Enable the student to understand the text better. 3.Let the students have strong wills and determination by reading the


    Teaching Difficult Points:

    1.How to improve the students' reading ability.

    2.The use of some useful expressions.

    Teaching Methods:

    1.Discussion before reading to make the students be interested in

    what they learn in class.

    2.Fast reading to get the general idea of the text. 3.Careful reading to answer some detailed questions. 4.Individual,pair or group work to make every student work in class. Teaching Aids:

    1.a map of the world

    2.a tape recorder

    3.a projector and some slides

    Teaching Procedures:

    Step ?. Greetings

    Greet the whole class as usual.

    Step ?. Revision

    T:Yesterday we learned some new words describing people's

    qualities.Can you make sentences with those words?


    T:OK.One word,one sentence.Who can try first?

    S1:generous He is generous with his money.

    S2:cheerful He came into the classroom with a cheerful look.

    S3:mean He is mean over money matters.

    S4:warm-hearted The woman is a warm-hearted person,who often helps


    S5:cold-hearted The man is very cold-hearted,who is unwilling to

    help other people.

    S6:tense It was a tense game.

    S7:miserable In the old days,they lived a miserable life.

    S8:dishonest The boy is dishonest,who often tells lies.

    T:Well done.

    Step ?. Pre-reading

    T:(Teacher hangs a map of the world on the blackboard.)Now,look at the map of the world.Discuss the questions on the screen with your partner.You're given five minutes to have a discussion.After that,I'll ask some of you to report the results of your discussion.OK?


    (Teacher shows the screen.)

    1.Imagine you are travelling alone to the South Pole,what will you take with you?Why?

    2.Do you know the names of three countries that are part of the North Pole?What about the South Pole?

    3.Which animals live on the North Pole?And which on the South Pole?

    4.Why do polar bears never eat penguins?

    T:(Five minutes later.)Have you finished?


    T:OK.Who'd like to answer the first question?

    S9:I'd like to.I'll take warm clothes,good shoes,a good map,food and a cellphone.Because it is very cold there,wearing warm clothes is necessary to keep warm.A good map is helpful for me to tell the directions.A cellphone can help me stay in touch with my family and friends.

    T:Very good.Do you agree with him/her?


    T:OK.Let's go on.The second question,who can try?

    S10:I'll try.I know which countries are part of the North Pole.They are:Norway,Sweden,Finland.There is no country which is a part of the South Pole.

    T:You're right.Sit down,please.The third question?

    S11:There are polar bears.Arctic foxes and whales living on the North Pole.Penguins,dolphins,sea lions and seals live on the South Pole.

T:Quite right.The last question.Can you try,Wang Li?

    S12:Yes.Polar bears live on the North Pole,while penguins live on the South Pole,so they never meet each other.

    T:Well done.Sit down,please.

    Step ?. Fast-reading

    T:Today we're going to read a text about an expedition.It's about Helen Thayer's expedition to the South Pole,Who is a very brave woman.Before we read it,let's deal with the new words in the period.(Teacher and the students read the new words,and the teacher may give explanations if necessary.)

    T:OK.Open your books and turn to Page 23.Let's look at Reading.Read the passage quickly,get the general idea and then answer the following questions on the screen.(Teacher shows the questions on the screen.)

    1.How did the writer celebrate her 60th birthday?

    2.Has she ever been to the North Pole?When?

    3.What happened to her during the journey?

    4.Why did she say it was an experience she would never forget and would value for the rest of her life?

    Now,I'll give you five minutes to go through the passage and find the answers to the questions.After that,I'll ask some of you to answer the questions.Is that clear?


    T:Good.Please begin.

    (Five minutes later,the teacher asks some students to read out their answers.)

    Suggested answers:

    1.The writer travelled to the South Pole to celebrate her 60th birthday.

    2.Yes.At 50,she travelled alone to the North Pole.

    3.One day,she fell into an icy hole and was hanging on the ropes tied

    to the sled.The next morning,she had a bad accident with the sled and hurt her leg.

    4.Because she met the challenges of solo travel in an extreme climate and succeeded in finishing her travel to the South Pole.

    Step ?. Reading

    T:Well,read the passage carefully and try to get as much information as you can.After a while,we'll do Ex.1 in Post-reading.(Teacher gives

    the students a few minutes to read it carefully.After finishing it,the students need to choose the best answer to each question on Page 24.)

    Suggested answers:

    1)B 2)D 3)A 4)D 5)D

    Step ?. Language Study

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