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Fire Academy Application - Desoto Fire Training Center ...

    Registration Packet


    February 15 June 4 February 15 June 4

    July 19 November 5 July 19 November 5

    Meets Monday Friday, 7 AM to 4 PM Meets Monday Friday, 7 AM to 4 PM


    March 16 October 16 March 16 October 16

    Meets Tuesday & Thursday (6 p.m.-10 p.m.) Meets Tuesday & Thursday (6 p.m.-10 p.m.)

    and Saturday (8 a.m. 4 p.m.) and Saturday (8 a.m. 4 p.m.)

    The Future of a Proud Tradition


    TO: Fire Academy Applicant

Thank you for your interest and potential application to our Fire Academy. We will do what we can to give

    you the quality of training that is required and needed to pass the Texas Commission on Fire Protection’s

    state certification test. We have conducted many successful academies and can make this claim due to our

    high standards. Our reputation is based on whether you, as a graduate, are hired by a department and how

    well you are able to fit into an organization.

Our day class curriculum is 541 hours (16 weeks) of classroom work which includes the required 468 hours

    by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection. The evening curriculum is 497 hours (31 weeks) of classroom work which includes the required 468 hours by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection. There are

    additional hours added by our school as follows:

Physical Fitness Training This training will assist you in passing most entrance physical fitness test

    offered by area departments. If there is any reason that you may have doubts about your ability to do this

    type of training, consult your physician first. See the enclosed Physical Form that must be filled out and

    signed by your physician prior to the beginning of training class. PT is highly strenuous and demanding and

    is a PASS/FAIL part of the school. Physicals are required for approval to participate in DeSoto Fire

    Academy fitness program only.

     Swift Water Rescue Some form of rescue is given during the school.

     Vertical Rescue A full two day school is given on this discipline.

     Auto Extrication Two full days are given.

    Driving School This school is given at the beginning of the course. (Driving School not offered in

    the evening class)

Tuition is $2200.00 (must be paid in full before class begins). A non-refundable deposit of $300.00 is

    required with your completed application. (The deposit is applied to your tuition.)

    The Fire Academy will issue the necessary books (Essentials of Fire Fighting, 5th Edition & workbook) at a cost of $75.00. These books will be issued to you on the first day of class. If you do not have your own

    bunker gear (personal protective equipment, i.e., boots, helmet, jacket, gloves), we offer a lease program for

    the equipment at a cost of $425.00. This equipment is to be turned back in upon completion of the school in

    satisfactory condition. Uniform clothing shirts and physical fitness clothing may be purchased from the

    Fire Training Center. See additional uniform clothing information included in this packet.

You will need to furnish the every day items used in class (i.e., pen, pencil, paper, and highlighters as

    needed). The Fire Academy will issue each recruit one notebook containing all pertinent Academy information. The notebook will be your responsibility. You will be charged a replacement fee of $40.00 for

    lost notebooks.

Your first responsibility is to fill out the application and obtain the necessary information. This includes the

    request for a complete driving record history (Type 3 on the form List of All Accidents & Violations in Record). Your driving record must not show more than 1 ticket (moving violation) in 1 year or no more than

    3 tickets in 3 years, and no DWI’s in 5 years. A form has been provided for you to send to the State of Texas

    or you may go online at to request your record (Type 3). Online requests are processed much faster than the mailed requests. Applications will be denied if the driving record comes in

    with excessive moving violations. We will need this driving record at the time you reserve your spot in class.


Applications can be mailed or hand-carried to the Fire Administration office at City Hall, 211 E. Pleasant

    Run, DeSoto, TX 75115. At that time, it will be dated as to when it was received. The school will take the

    first 30 applicants received. Applicants sponsored by a fire department will be considered first. Those that

    are received above the number 30 will be placed on a waiting list. If you meet the requirements and you are

    one of the 30, you will then need to purchase your uniform clothing and workout gear that is the type & color

    as specified on the uniform information sheet.

    You will need to read and abide by our Rules & Regulations concerning the point system for counseling, conduct and courtesy, dress and appearance code, (copy enclosed).

Classes are held at our Fire Training Center, located at 501B E. Wintergreen. Day classes meet Monday

    through Friday, 7 A.M. to 4 P.M.; evening classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6 P.M. to 10

    P.M. and on Saturdays from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. You are responsible for being in school every day and on time. If you are to be absent, you must call 30 minutes prior to class start time and tell someone at the

    following number (972-223-6858) of your absence. If this is not done, then an absence and a tardy will

    count against you. If you have any type of medical problem that would hinder you physically or

    academically, you must report this to the Physical Fitness Coordinator.

You have the obligation to keep a class average of 80 on all work. This means that if your average slips

    below 80, the School Coordinator will counsel you. If a grade between 70 & 80 is made on a test, the School

    Coordinator will counsel you. A GPA of 80 is required throughout the school in order to take the mid-term test and the final exam. A grade of 70 is needed to pass the mid-term and continue the second half

    of school. The final exam also requires a grade of 70 along with a GPA of 80 to graduate. If all these

    conditions are met, the recruit may take the state test at our location after the formal classroom work is

    completed. These terms are set forth in the contract that you sign.

If you sincerely like to help people, whether in a fire situation or a medical setting, the DeSoto Fire Academy

    can be your stepping stone to a successful and rewarding career in the Fire Service.

Thank you again for considering our school. Please call with any questions.

Joe Brown Terri Kordsmeier

    School Coordinator Fire Administration

    DeSoto Fire Training Center Secretary

    972-230-9680 972-230-9680


     DeSoto Fire Training Center Fire Academy Rules & Regulations Procedures


The following is a guideline for counseling recruits. Counseling will be written for violations of the DeSoto

    Fire Academy Rules and Regulations and contract agreement. Points will be assigned for each offense.

    Points may vary depending upon severity of the offense. Once a recruit accumulates 18 points, he or she

    will be brought before the School Coordinator with a recommendation for dismissal.

    The following list is just a guideline for the assignment of points. It does not preclude the school

    coordinator from assigning other valid points as necessary.

MAJOR POINTS (Cannot be worked off). Given for Major Rule Infractions.

    1. General POINTS

    a. Late to work or assignment 3, 6, then 9

    b. Disrespect for instructors 3 6

    c. Failing to obey an order 3 6

    d. Failure to follow instructions 3 6

    e. Poor attitude 3 6

    f. Failure to participate as a team member 3 6

    g. Fighting with a fellow recruit 6 18

    h. Insubordination 6 12

    i. Physical contact with an instructor 18

    j. Major violations of DeSoto Fire Academy

     Rules & Regulations 3 18 ndk. 2 sleeping offense 3 rdl. 3 and above sleeping offense 6

    2. Failure to Report Lost or Damaged Equipment/Clothing

    a. Bunker Gear 3 6

    b. Damage to vehicle or apparatus equipment 3 6

    3. Drivers License

    a. Failure to get license renewed promptly 6

    b. Failure to report a moving violation 6

    c. Failure to report detention 6

    4. Drill Field Performance

    a. First failure of a Practical 2

    b. Second failure of same Practical 4

    c. Third, and each succeeding failure of a practical 6

    d. Failure to participate in all drills 3

    e. Safety violations in any drill field activities 3 6

    5. Personal

    a. Shaving 1 3

    b. Grooming 1 3

    c. Haircut 1 3

    d. Uniform, shoes 1 3


    DeSoto Fire Training Center

    Fire Academy Rules & Regulations Procedures

6. Physical Training Performance

    a. Lack of improvement during physical training

    (per offense) 2

    b. Lack of effort during physical training,

    as witnessed by instructor (per offense) 3

7. Duties as a Recruit Shift Commanders

    a. Failure to report a recruit missing 6 18

    b. Reporting late 3 6




    a. You are expected to be prompt in reporting to roll call, classes or drill, carrying out

    instructions and performing all additional duties assigned.

    b. Avoid consistently being the last one to assemble for roll call, class or drills.

    c. Being late from breaks or lunch will be considered the same as being late for

    morning roll call.


    a. Due to the nature of this Fire Academy, you will at all times pay strict attention to

    safety rules, instructions given, and to performance of skills. You shall expect

    this attention from your fellow recruits and they shall expect it from you.

    b. Sleeping shall not be tolerated at anytime during training periods.


    a. Strict discipline shall be required in the classroom and drill field at all times.

    b. You shall address the School Coordinator and/or Instructors by their appropriate

    titles as well as any other Fire Department Officers or personnel. Guest speakers

    from outside of the Department shall be addressed appropriately.

    c. Recruits shall maintain an active interest and remain alert and attentive during

    class. Attention shall be focused on the instructor regardless of any other activity

    in the classroom.

    d. Instructors encourage legitimate questions designed to clarify or gain information.

    All questions to Instructors should be addressed during class time, unless

    otherwise directed.


    DeSoto Fire Training Center

    Fire Academy Rules & Regulations Procedures

e. If a recruit wishes to present a question, he or she shall raise their hand and gain


f. No food or drink shall be allowed in the classroom.

g. No tobacco use is allowed on duty, or on the Academy premises.

    h. Everyone must clean up after himself/herself. This includes - placing trash in

    proper receptacles, wiping sinks and basins after each use, and mopping the

    bathroom floors after showering.

i. Only appropriate study material is allowed in the classroom during class time. No

    newspapers, magazines, pagers or cell phones are allowed in the classroom

    during class time.


a. Possession, consumption, or being under the influence of any alcoholic beverage

    or non-prescribed or illicit drugs while on Fire Academy premises/or performing

    any Academy skill shall result in immediate dismissal.

b. Gambling in any form shall not be allowed anywhere on the Academy premises.

c. It is prohibited for a recruit to display discourtesy to another recruit, school

    coordinator, instructor, or staff member by the use of abusive, insulting, or profane

    language. This includes the practice of any discrimination regarding sex, race,

    religion, color, national origin or ancestry.

d. No recruit shall falsify in any manner a test, report, statement or other Fire

    Academy documents either written or verbal.

e. Tampering with, defacing, damaging, or removing any Fire Academy or City of

    DeSoto property is strictly prohibited.

f. No recruit shall display negligence or willful disobedience to duty, lawful order,

    regulation or directive.

g. Any action that endangers a recruit or any other person, either through careless

    or willful violations of instructions or safety rules is to be avoided.

h. All recruits must properly conduct personal business, both private and financial, in

    such a manner as not to cause embarrassment to the Fire Academy.

i. ALL offices in the Fire Station are OFF LIMITS to recruits except for official

    business authorized by a staff member.

j. You are expected to exhibit a high degree of initiative in both your personal

    conduct and assigned academic work.


    DeSoto Fire Training Center

    Fire Academy Rules & Regulations Procedures

    k. Tampering with a STAFF member’s property or another recruit’s property,

    protective gear, books, name tags or any other item belonging to or assigned to

    them is prohibited.

    l. Personal messages and/or incoming personal phone calls will not be tolerated.

    Cell phones and pagers may be accessed before and after the Academy, and at

    lunch. Not on breaks.


    a. While at the Fire Academy, you must maintain a valid and appropriate Texas

    Drivers License.



    1. Uniforms shall be neat, clean, pressed, and in serviceable condition.

    2. The Recruit shall make every effort to maintain a neat, clean, and professional appearance when

    in contact with the public.

    3. No part of the Fire Academy Uniform will be worn off-duty, except while traveling to and from

    class, without the approval of the School Coordinator.

    4. The Recruit shall immediately report any loss of uniforms or any other Academy property

    entrusted to them. A memo reporting the loss shall be sent to the School Coordinator through

    the Chain of Command.

    5. The Recruit will be in the appropriate uniform at the beginning of classroom time.


    1. SHIRTS:

    a. Dark Blue Polo Shirt Worn by students while attending Fire Academy. Polo

     shirts can be purchased at the fire training center.

    b. Dark Blue T-Shirt The Fire Academy dark blue T-shirt will be worn by Fire

    Academy students during physical training. T-shirts can be purchased at the fire

    training center.

    c. Blue T-shirts will be worn on all outdoor training exercises.

    d. T-shirts are to be tucked inside trousers at all times.


    DeSoto Fire Training Center

    Fire Academy Rules & Regulations Procedures

    2. PANTS

     a. Navy Blue Pant worn by students as duty uniform.

     (Dickey Blue Pant) EMT style of pant is permitted.

    3. SOCKS

    a. Socks shall be black or navy blue. They may have a white sole. White socks are

    acceptable while wearing boots or working out.


    a. Shoes or boots worn with the uniform must be black. They shall be shined and in

    serviceable condition.

    b. Shoes or boots must be a smooth-grained leather or similar synthetic material

    having an acceptable likeness to leather. Shoes or boots constructed of oiled or

    rough leather that cannot be shined are not permitted.

    c. Shoes or boots must have black stitching and black leather or synthetic soles (no

    crepe soles).

    d. Shoes or boots shall have a plain rounded toe.

    e. Wing tips or shoes with ornamental designs, buckles, straps, or tassels will not be


    f. Heels for shoes will be no greater than one to one half inches from top of the sole

    to the bottom of the heel. Heels for boots will be no greater than one to five-

    eighths inches from top of the sole to the bottom of the heel.

    5. BELT

    a. Black leather belt.


    1. The physical training uniform is for physical training only and consists of navy blue t-shirt and

    navy blue shorts or warm-up pants.

    2. Proper Running Tennis Shoe Recruits are encouraged to purchase a good quality athletic

    shoe for comfort and support. Shoes should be mostly white and have a non-marking sole.


    The rules pertaining to jewelry, hair styles, length of hair, sideburns, mustaches, beards, and make-

    up are necessary to ensure employee safety and a measure of grooming uniformity representative

    of the Academy’s paramilitary image.


    Jewelry worn by a Fire Recruit in uniform will be conservative and minimal in amount. Uniformed

    recruits may wear a wristwatch, medic alert bracelet, or identification bracelet. Rings may also be

    worn, but only one on each hand. A wedding set will be considered one ring. Earrings, earstuds,

    and other decorative jewelry shall not be worn.


    DeSoto Fire Training Center

    Fire Academy Rules & Regulations Procedures


1. All uniformed recruits shall be clean shaven, except that a mustache may be

     permitted. If a mustache is worn, the following guidelines shall be utilized.

    a. Mustaches will be kept neat and trimmed at all times. Bushy, unkempt mustaches are

    not permitted.

    b. Mustaches shall not extend more than one-fourth inch past or below the corners of the


    c. Mustaches shall not have a thickness of more than one-half inch.

    d. Eccentric mustaches that will attract undue attention or impair safe operation will not be


2. Sideburns are acceptable, provided they meet the following guidelines:

    a. Sideburns shall not extend downward below the bottom of the earlobe

     and will end in a clean-shaven horizontal line.

    b. Sideburns shall be kept neatly trimmed and will not be bushy or flared.

    c. Eccentric sideburns that will attract undue attention or impair safe operations will not be


    d. Facial hair must be kept in such a way that good mask seals can be

     established while using self-contained breathing apparatus.

3. Hairstyles of all uniformed male recruits shall conform to the following


    a. Hair shall be neat, well trimmed, and combed at all times, except under the most adverse

    conditions, such as during emergency operations. Ragged and unkempt in appearance

    will not be permitted.

    b. Hair, when combed, will not present a ragged, unkempt or extreme appearance. In no

    case shall the bulk of the hair interfere with the wearing of the helmet or hood.

    c. Hair in the back shall not extend below the top of the dress shirt collar when the person

    is in a standing position with the head erect. The length of the hair will not present a

    ragged, unkempt, or extreme appearance.

    d. Bangs shall extend no lower than one-fourth inch above the eyebrows.

    e. Hair shall not cover more than three-fourths of the ear.

    f. Hair shall not be dyed an unusual or unnatural color.

    g. Wigs or hairpieces are acceptable if they meet all of the hair guidelines.

4. Hairstyles of all uniformed female recruits shall conform to the following guidelines.

    a. Hair shall be neat, well trimmed, and combed at all times, except under

     the most adverse conditions, such as during emergency operations.

     Ragged, unkempt, appearance will not be permitted.

    b. Female recruits shall ensure that longer hair will in no way interfere with or lessen the

    protection of required safety equipment.

    c. Items used by female recruits to hold the hair in place shall be concealed as much as

    possible and shall be of a color and style that blends with the hair. Decorative items such

    as ribbons and combs will not be worn in the hair.




Required uniform clothing will consist of a dark blue polo shirt and dark blue (navy) pants for the


    The physical training uniform is for physical training only and consists of navy blue t-shirt and navy blue

    shorts or warm-up pants. (Buy shorts or warm-up pants according to warm or cold weather.)

    All uniform clothing except the pants shall be purchased at the Fire Training Center. Prices are listed below.


    CARABINERS $1.50 T-SHIRTS $11.00

    WORK-OUT $15.00 SHORTS


    WARM UP PANTS $17.00

*$1.00 additional for each (X) size over XL.


    NAVY BLUE WORK PANTS - DICKIES or similar EMT style pant is permitted.

The pants may be purchased from any uniform clothing store. Dickies can be found at Wal-Mart or K-Mart

    type stores.


You may buy one uniform or you may buy twenty uniforms - we are looking for a neat and consistent

    appearance each day of the class.


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