Good Samaritan Medical & Dental Ministry 2010 Dear Good Samaritan

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Good Samaritan Medical & Dental Ministry 2010 Dear Good Samaritan ...

    Good Samaritan Medical & Dental Ministry 2010

Dear Good Samaritan Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in our mission to Vietnam. We are honored that you are considering joining

    our team for Mission 2010. The Good Samaritan Medical & Dental Ministry (GSMDM) is a non-profit,

    non-denominational Christian organization that is responding to God’s call to bring healing to the people

    of Vietnam. The Ministry started in 1999 and has steadily grown to its size today, involving hundreds of

    volunteers with thousands of supporters.

The Good Samaritan Medical and Dental Ministry is founded on the Christian faith and values. We

    share our love through our actions. Through that love we brought healing to tens of thousands of people

    and changed countless number of lives, all in obedience to God. We do not require the member to be of

    the Christian faith. We welcome and respect people of all faith. This Mission is extremely demanding,

    as such we depend on God and draw our strength from Him in order to accomplish this mission. We do

    that through praise and worship God together each time we gather.

Once an applicant is accepted to Mission 2010, GSMDM leaders will train and prepare the new (and

    sometimes returning) members in every way necessary: spiritually, mentally (learning new skills),

    financially, socially (working with a team of 70 to 80 members), and physically. The discipleship-style

    preparation for this mission is very engaging (and at times overwhelming!), but could well prove to be

    the most richly rewarding project that the members have ever been involved in. Our hope and prayers

    for volunteers on this mission are that God will take them to a greater level of commitment to Him, His

    Kingdom, and His service.

This is a very sophisticated medical mission to the people in Vietnam. There are very few like it. Along

    with physicians, surgeons, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and all allied healthcare professionals, we are

    looking for a wide variety of skilled helpers. No medical experience is necessary. You will be trained in

    detail on how you can be of help to the team and patients. However, it would be helpful if on the

    application, all your talents and gifts were mentioned so that we can know you better and place you in the appropriate group/team.

In 2004, our ministry created a “Home Team” to assist the mission in its preparation. Applicants who

    do not roster for Mission 2010, but are still interested in helping with any/all phases of the preparation

    process, will be welcomed to join the Home Team. Members of the Home Team will receive special

    consideration to become a part of our “Field Team” (the team that actually goes into Vietnam) for future

    trips. You may apply to either team.

The training dates for Mission 2010 are as follows: Friday, January 8 @ 5 PM through Sunday, January 10,2010 @ 1 PM. This is our mandatory training weekend in Riverside, California. No

    exception will be made.. To avoid being late, some out of state team members may need to plan to fly thinto Southern California on Thursday evening, January7. For those who will be flying into Southern

    California, please choose Ontario as your designated airport. This would be the closest airport and the

    easiest to coordinate for a pick-up. Other training and preparation dates will be scheduled as well.

    Members who are too far away to attend these functions (generally out of state members), will be

    notified electronically of the information discussed at these meetings and be held accountable for this

    “But the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the poor ever perish.”

    Psalm 9:18

    thinformation. Fundraising in Southern California begins February 28 and will continue almost every Sunday thereafter until we leave for Vietnam in July (please see the Calendar of Events below).

    Therefore, members in Southern California will be away from their home churches for many Sundays.

    However, you will find that these times will be all worth it as you grow together with the team and help

    raise the necessary funds to complete the mission.

As members of the Southern California team, you will also be asked to attend Mission Preparation Days.

    These dates will be about once a week from February to July, and includes a day or two after the team

    has returned from the mission. On these dates, members are to sign up at least once to come to

    Riverside to help with various mission preparation and cleanup activities. The amount of work involved

    in preparing for the mission is immense, and participation throughout the months by all members is

    crucial to our success.

The success of a mission of this magnitude relies heavily upon all members' cooperation and submission

    to the GSMDM rules and regulations. Being in a foreign country, we must obey the country’s laws, customs and traditions, therefore we are looking for applicants who are willing to be compliant to a set

    of rules noted below. These rules may seem strict and they are but they don’t bend. They have been created from years of experience. They help keep the whole team safe, ensure that we are a better

    witness for God; enabling us to continue serving the people of Vietnam through the trust that we have


     8thPlease have your application submitted no later than November , 2009. After reviewing all applications, phone interviews for applicants in Northern California and out of state will begin. th Applicants in Southern California will be attending an interview session on November14in Riverside, CA. Please be ready to voice any questions, comments, or concerns during these interviews. Final

    notifications will be made during the second week of December 2009 via phone calls and/or email.

Thank you again for your interest in the Good Samaritan Medical & Dental Ministry. We look forward

    to hearing from you.

You are about to make a very important decision. May God bless you and keep you.

Mission Committee

    “But the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the poor ever perish.”

    Psalm 9:18

    Good Samaritans’ Mission 2010

     Calendar of Events

     th1. Nov. 8: Deadline for Applications (at 11:59p.m.)

     th2. Nov. 14: Orientation & Interview for Southern California (Phone for N. Cal and out-of-


     thth3. Jan 8-10: Training Retreat, Riverside, CA (Mandatory for all members)

    a. Hepatitis A and B Vaccines series need to start.

    b. Tetanus vaccines needed for those who have not had it in 10 years.

    c. Applying for passport (Please bring 2 copies of your passport). th4. Jan. 28: Homeless Project in Riverside (S. Cal)

     20th5. Feb. Second Training Day (S. Cal)

    *Second dose of Hepatitis B Vaccine needs to be completed

     th6. Feb 28 : Fundraising meeting - TBA

     th7. Mar. 7: Fundraising meeting TBA

     th8. Mar. 14: No meeting

     st9. Mar. 21 : Fundraising meeting TBA

    *Money is due for airplane tickets. Applying for Visas.

     th10. Mar. 27: Garage Sale

     th11. Mar. 28: Fundraising meeting - TBA

     th12. Apr. 4: Easter Celebration - No meeting

     th13. Apr. 11: Fundraising meeting - TBA

     thth14. Apr. 16 18 : Training Clinic Retreat (Mandatory For ALL Members)

     th15. Apr 25: Fundraising meeting TBA

     nd16. May2 : Fundraising meeting - TBA

     th17. May 9: Mother’s Day (No meeting)

     th18. May 16: Fundraising meeting TBA

     nd19. May 22 : Southern California Rally

    “But the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the poor ever perish.”

    Psalm 9:18

     th20. May30 : Memorial Day Weekend (No Meeting)

     th21. June 5: Third Training Day (S. Cal)

     th22. June 13: Fundraising meeting TBA

     th23. June20: Father’s Day (No Meeting)

    *Hep A & B due

     th24. June 27: Fundraising meeting - TBA

     thth25. July 4: July 4 weekend (No meeting)

     th26. July 10: Mandatory Packing Preparation (S. Cal)

     th27. July 17: TBA

     thnd28. July20 -22: Departure Preparation Days (Mandatory for ALL members)

     nd29. July22: Depart for Vietnam

     th30. Aug. 8: Mission Ends

    “But the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the poor ever perish.”

    Psalm 9:18

    Good Samaritan 2010

    Rules and Regulations

    During Training in the U.S.

1. I have read the cover letter to the application, the rules and regulations, and I agree to be faithful

    to them.

2. I understand that I must be over 18 to participate in this mission, however if I still live at home

    with my parents and under their full support, I must have their permission to participate and I

    will show them the rules I am committing myself to.

     thth3. II will attend our first training weekend January 8 10, 2010 in Riverside, CA where I will

    sign this document.

     thth4. II will attend the Training Clinic Retreat from April 16 18 2010.

     th5. II will attend the Mandatory Packing Preparation Day on July 10, 2010 if I am in Southern

    California (between Ventura and San Diego).

     th6. II will attend our Departure Preparation Days starting July20, 2010 at 5:00pm in Riverside,


    7. II will keep in touch with team members and leaders, and be responsive to all requests in a

    timely manner via telephone, email, and the team’s online message forum. I understand that

    this requires daily access to the internet to check email and the team’s online message forum,

    which is the primary means of communication for the team.

8. I will attend all other events that are in my region of the country as published on the schedule.

    From time to time, there may be changes to the schedule. So long as I am informed at least 2

    weeks in advance, I will attend the meeting. If I must miss a meeting, I will obtain permission

    from the Mission Committee by email, phone, or through the team’s online message forum 1

    week in advance. Last minute emergencies must be communicated by phone. I understand that

    my attendance is vital and more than 2 absences can lead to dismissal from the team.

    a. Each absence (2 maximum) must be made up at a later date. There are special conditions

    for extenuating circumstances, which will be decided by the Committee.

    b. Missing an event that consists of multiple dates will require multiple make-up dates).

    c. If I miss an event and it is a:

    i. training session, I will make it up within 1 month of the absence date by attending a

    session with one of the doctors.

    ii. fundraising event, I will make it up before the date of departure by attending any

    other events that deal with the mission outside of the dates already set in the

    calendar of events.

    “But the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the poor ever perish.”

    Psalm 9:18

    d. If it is absolutely necessary that I must have more than 2 absences, the Committee will

    consider it on a case-by-case basis regarding dismissal. If approved, I must pay an

    additional $300 to cover my expenses if I wish to continue on the mission.

9. I will be 10 minutes early for all meetings. If I am late without acceptable cause and prior

    contact with the Committee, then it will be considered as a tardy. Every 2 tardies will be

    considered as one absence.

10. I will be responsible for all my belongings, items, equipments and assignments entrusted to me.

    I will also keep watch over my team members. While at any training event, I will not leave my

    belongings lying around unattended. I can expect it to be taken or put away without my consent.

    I understand that this is to help train me in my conduct before we depart for the mission.

11. II will treat all team members with love and respect, and I will follow the guidance from my

    group leader and mission leaders ("Exercise your freedom by serving God, not by breaking the

    rules. Treat everyone you meet with dignity. Love your spiritual family. Revere God. Respect the

    government." I Peter 2:16-17). If there is any disagreement, I will discuss the problem with the

    involved parties. If still unresolved, I will bring the issue higher: to my group leader, then to the

    Committee or Chaplains, and finally to the Mission Director. I will be accountable for any

    negative attitude of heart, and my membership status will be reviewed if such attitude is


12. I will make an honest effort to help spread the news about the mission and raise funds for our

    team and myself by talking to my pastor, friends and family. I will share our literature, our video

    and explain our Vietnam Ministry.

13. Due to the variable nature of planning for an international mission, I will pay mission expenses

    and travel fees that may total up to $1800.

14. I will comply with instructions given to me by leaders within the team. I understand that if I do

    not follow through with my responsibilities, I may unknowingly endanger myself, other team

    members, our patients, or the mission itself. If I cannot handle a certain task, I must hand the

    responsibility to someone who can and will. I am accountable for all responsibilities given to me.

    I understand that not all orders and information can be fully explained to me immediately

    especially in high-pressure situations, but I must carry out the assigned tasks (unless I feel a true

    moral obligation to question it).

15. I will also complete a medical history and possibly a physical exam, and provide proof of

    vaccinations for Hepatitis A, B, and Tetanus prior to our departure to Vietnam.

    Additional Rules Once the Mission Begins

    *A note to our professional members: if you can please review the following, as they are set out to

    protect every member who will be with us in Vietnam. It is important for everyone to be kept

    accountable for the sake of safety. Thank you!

    “But the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the poor ever perish.”

    Psalm 9:18




1. I will conduct myself in a way that enables the team to complete its tasks and assignments in a safe,

    timely and efficient manner. This includes, but is not limited, to the following.

    a. I must be on time for all gatherings, assignments, and tasks. If I am more than 10 minutes

    late and the team must depart for a clinic, my fellowship group leader along with two others

    will stay behind to find me.

    b. From the time the team departs for the clinic until the team gets back, I am not to leave the

    work area. If we stop on the roadside for rest, it is my group leader’s responsibility to make

    sure that my group members are back on the bus before departure.

    c. I am responsible for my own passport/visa, paperwork, and personal belongings. I will have

    a copy of my paperwork on me, a copy in another secure location (luggage or room), and my

    group leader must have a copy.

    d. I will not ride on mopeds. I will not eat anything raw including vegetables or drink tap

    water/ice for my safety. I will avoid all animals.

    e. I will not wade/swim unless permission is given.

2. I will, at all times, conduct myself in a way that gives honor to the name of Jesus, knowing that my

    actions tell the world what it is to be a Christian. This includes, but is not limited to, the following.

    a. I will not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages during the mission time frame, or attend

    questionable establishments such as massage parlors, bars, karaoke bars or clubs.

    b. I will obey all the laws of the government of Vietnam.

    c. Male and female members will not be in the same room together unless there is a third

    person or if they are married.

3. After clinic ends each day - which is officially announced once the team has returned to the hotel

    and there is no more business to do - I will not leave the hotel unless notified by a committee or

    board member. I understand that there must always be a minimum of two members together at each

    outing (three if there is one or more females). I will be accountable at all times to my group leader

    regarding conduct, activities, and location.

4. My personal grooming and dress will be appropriate to and not offensive for the culture of the

    country in which we serve. This includes, and is not limited to: shaving my head, tube tops, short

    shorts, etc. (If you have any questions, please ask a committee member or refer to the Appendix A.)

5. I will adhere to our nightly 11 p.m. curfew by retiring to my room for the night unless I have

    committee approval.

    The reward for following these rules is the satisfaction of knowing that we are a diverse group with a Christian discipline that serves Vietnam and honors the Lord.

    The penalties for breaking any of the above rules are: (1) The member will be given a warning by the

    “But the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the poor ever perish.”

    Psalm 9:18

mission leaders, his/her group leader, and a witness. A public announcement of the incident will be

    made so that others can learn from it, but no identities will be disclosed. (2) If that same member again

    violates a rule, he/she will be immediately dismissed from the team. That member will be responsible

    for his/her own transportation, lodging out of the mission work area. (3) After that, ANY member that

    breaks any rule will be dismissed as well. (4) Any actions deemed unsafe for patients, team members

    and self may result in immediate dismissal by the medical director in charge at the time the incidence


    “But the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the poor ever perish.”

    Psalm 9:18

“But the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the poor ever perish.”

Psalm 9:18

“But the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the poor ever perish.”

Psalm 9:18

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