This year, the annual review process is inextricably linked to the ...

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This year, the annual review process is inextricably linked to the ...





    See Institutional Strategic Plan Goal 1, Directions 1-1.

    All units will take effective steps to realize and implement the University’s mission and strategic goals by assessing and measuring

    effectiveness in a systematic manner.

1.1. Support Comprehensive and Systematic Outcomes Assessment, Continuous Reviews and Quality Improvement Processes

    a. Develop a formal or systematic approach to attaining/measuring unit effectiveness, program review planning and assessment.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    Implementation of EDSMART, the Due to technology glitches, competing The College of Education is requesting College’s Data Management System, was priorities, and inadequate resources, we are either contracted or reassigned FTE for an delayed for the entire Fall term. now a full term behind in entering, assessment specialist to work with Mark

    reviewing, and analyzing key data for our Baldwin to ensure smooth implementation

    teacher preparation programs. of the EDSMART system.

    Faculty in Health and in Physical Education An extensive program proposal for the Physical Education are beginning a held several meetings to determine Health Program has been developed similar process.

    appropriate program outcomes for both of aligning the program to national standards

    the professional programs that lead to and is moving through the process

    degrees other than teaching. (Appendix 1).

    Faculty in Rehabilitative Counseling have Survey results are being analyzed by faculty

    developed an employer and alumni survey with an idea to program improvement as

    that is being used to collect data on warranted.

    graduates of their program.

b. Develop, implement and disseminate comprehensive assessment plans with well-articulated and measurable outcomes (including

    unit, program and learning outcomes).

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    Faculty reviewed and refined Data Faculty were clear on what data needed to SEE OTHER INFO COLUMN IN 1.1a.

    Management Plans for each program area be entered and when during the Fall term.

    during a Fall teacher preparation meeting. SEE OUTCOMES COLUMN IN 1.1a.

    c. Use feedback from the planning and assessment process to improve institutional effectiveness and review progress on attaining outcomes.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    Teacher Education faculty reviewed specific There are recommendations to refine certain

    items in Student Exit Surveys and a report question on the survey and faculty used the was generated and shared with the Division results of the surveys to develop a proposal

    and the COE Consortium. for a revised undergraduate program.

    (Appendix 2)

    1.2 Strengthen Benchmarking and Other Measurement Processes a. Establish baseline norms for assessing, measuring and enhancing effectiveness and performance and developing benchmarks that reflect internal as well as external standards and/or expectations.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    Baseline norms gathered in Fall 2004 were Results showed positive changes on each of

    used to assess change in faculty perceptions the survey items (Appendix 3).

    regarding the climate of inclusivity in the


    The Undergraduate Teacher Education These data will be part of inter-rater

    program has employed a GA to help enter reliability training for faculty in the program scoring data from Teacher Work Samples in to ensure the fidelity of the assessments and the program for comparative and analytical scoring.


    Faculty have identified data needed to Data request forms are being completed

    complete program review process. based on list (Appendix 4) and prioritized

    before being sent to OIRPA.

1.3 Develop an Effective Data Management System

    a. Develop broad-based data management strategies, systems and structures for accomplishing goals.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    SEE ITEM 1.1a SEE ITEM 1.1a SEE ITEM 1.1a

b. Develop a common academic data set.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    All non-teacher education programs at the An extensive program proposal for the Physical Education are beginning a undergraduate level are reviewing their Health Program has been developed that similar process.

    programs to align with the Institutional better aligns the program to both Aspirations for Student Learning. institutional and professional standards.

    The proposal is moving through the process

    (Appendix 1).

    c. Collect and disseminate baseline statistical data.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    Data from diversity questions on student Faculty will be reviewing and discussing

    exit surveys is now being sent to faculty in these items at the COE Data Analysis the Diversity Committee for review. Review Event.

1.4. Promote a Culture of Evidence Committed to Formally Reviewing and Assessing Institutional Effectiveness.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    Faculty were provided with a CD containing Faculty used the documents as references CD included:

    several years worth of reports and data on for completing the Phase II template for Reports to provost, Strategic Plans, TSPC

    programs within the College. NWCCU and NCATE program reviews. annual reports, NCATE annual reports,

    and Consortium minutes.


    See Strategic Plan (SP) Goal II; Strategic Plan Directives (SPD) 1-3, 1-5, 1-6, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, 2-6, 2-7, 3-1, 3-2.

    The University will engage all constituents to promote excellence in learning and to provide necessary programs and services to

    enhance student engagement and lifelong success. To that end, the University will work collaboratively to provide accessible student programs and services as well as adequate infrastructure and resources to assure a dynamic learner-centered environment focused on student success, with special emphasis on the first year of college.

    2.1 Review and Update Curriculum with Emphasis on Liberal Arts Core (SPD 1-3)

    a. Reassess the effectiveness of current general education requirements and the liberal arts core, and solicit feedback about revisions.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    b. Enhance the link between liberal and professional education by infusing liberal learning into all undergraduate programs. (SPD 1-3)

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

c. Enhance the curriculum through inclusion of more interdisciplinary offerings and integrative capstone experiences.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

d. Foster interconnections between theory and appropriate practical experiences in order to enhance learning.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

e. Strengthen hallmark programs.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    A proposal for advertising a fulltime adjunct Advertising has commenced and candidates

    faculty position in the ASL/English are applying to fill this much needed

    Interpreting Program was approved. vacancy.

    f. Strive for and achieve higher levels of distinction in selected liberal arts programs.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

2.2 Improve Advising

    (SPD 2-4, 2-1)

    a. Develop and disseminate well-articulated goals, outcomes and assessment plan for advising.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

b. Strengthen or revise the advising system/structure and to enhance the quality and accessibility of advising in all units.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    Faculty in COE participated in a review of a Feedback was provided to accurately reflect

    new advising booklet being compiled by the WOU’s programs as well as other necessary

    OUS office. revisions.

A number of COE faculty presented at the WOU received positive feedback from

    Ed Pathways to Teaching conference many community colleges for their

    designed to improve advising and access for involvement in Ed Pathways activities.

    high school and community college students

    seeking to enter teacher education.

    The Dean facilitated a survey of all four Agreement was reached to explore two ED

    year institutions and community colleges courses that could be offered at either CC or regarding potential Pre-Ed courses that 4 year institutional level and a proposal was could be articulated into teacher preparation developed and submitted to support funding

    programs. for faculty to meet to define common


c. Identify and develop more incentives for faculty to advise students, particularly in the freshman year.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

d. Develop appropriate mentorship initiatives.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    Club Ed submitted and was awarded the Mentors and mentees have been identified The program was spotlighted at the Ed first Intergenerational Mentoring grant in and the program is commencing. Pathways to teaching conference and has Oregon. been mentioned in a variety of meetings

    as a potential model for other institutions.

2.3 Foster an Intellectual Climate and Culture

    a. Promote a climate conducive to intellectual inquiry and engagement.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    Two faculty worked with students in a pre-Anecdotal evidence showed that students

    education class to develop interactive gained immensely from the close interaction displays for the WOU Sesquicentennial with faculty and guidance on conducting

    celebration. oral histories, using technology, designing

    exhibits and exploring WOU history.

    b. Promote an ethic of personal responsibility for active and independent learning.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

Plans to enable students in the teacher Due to technology glitches, competing

    preparation programs to monitor their own priorities, and inadequate resources, we are

    progress through the programs using now a full term behind in entering,

    EDSMART. reviewing, and providing students with

    access to key data about their progression in

    our teacher preparation programs.

c. Encourage habits of collaboration and appreciation for teamwork in a mutually supportive environment.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    d. Ensure appropriate rigor and the highest standards within all programs.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    ASL: Explore expanding ASL courses and Plan halted due to lack of faculty to work on

    degree offering these initiatives.

e. Set high expectations for high levels of student engagement and ensure there is consistency between expectations and experiences.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    f. Strengthen understanding of, and adherence to, principles of academic integrity.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    g. Foster a culture that supports, recognizes, affirms and rewards excellence.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    Plans for Teacher Plus were put on hold due

    to changes in undergrad program and

    additional expectations on faculty related to

    urgent accreditation matters.

    2.4 Develop a Comprehensive, Integrated and Coordinated Approach to Ensure Freshman Success (SPD 2-3, 2-1)

    a. Achieve a freshman-sophomore retention rate of 70% in the short term (2005-2007) and 80% in the long term.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

b. Develop a more proactive and intensive one-on-one advising of first year students.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    c. Develop a distinctive, intellectually stimulating First Year Seminar program that serves as a solid introduction to, and foundation for, the liberal arts.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    d. Develop interdisciplinary learning communities for freshmen. (SPD 1-5)

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

e. Develop a comprehensive assessment of freshman engagement, satisfaction and success.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

f. Develop a timely early warning and tracking systems for ―at risk‖ and/or students in difficulty.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    Provide teacher education students to Due to technology glitches, competing

    information on proficiency achievement in priorities, and inadequate resources, we are using EDSMART. now a full term behind in providing students

    in 5 teacher licensure program access to

    key data on their progress through our

    teacher preparation programs.

    g. Develop/strengthen intervention or support mechanisms for ―at risk‖ students (including summer bridge/developmental programs, intensive writing and math, supplemental instruction and peer mentorship).

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    h. Revitalize the academic aspects of freshman orientation and acculturation into the University, particularly during the first eight weeks.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

i. Mobilize your unit in the campus-wide effort to increase freshman-sophomore retention and success.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    The undergraduate teacher education Program proposal developed and approved Will be bringing forward to appropriate program is developing a plan for 2006-07 to by Teacher Ed Curriculum Committee, Faculty Senate committee through help retain freshmen and sophomores who Teacher Ed Faculty, and COE Consortium. approval process.

    are Pre-Education majors.

    2.5 Address the Evolving Curricular and Co-curricular Needs of all Students (SPD 1-5, 1-6, 2-2, 2-1)

    a. Create learning experiences and provide services that meet the changing needs/ interests of students, including adult and non-

    traditional learners. (SPD 2-2)

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    HPE has members on a University Discussions are morphing into plans for a

    Committee to discuss need for a Health and Recreation Center which poses some

    Fitness Center on campus. concerns as to how this meets the

    university’s strategic plan.

    Develop Student Study Lounge in ED Space has been cleared, a sign installed, and

    building funded by donors. suggestions/identified needs from students

    used to develop a proposal letter prepared to

    send to alumni.

    Partner with Oregon Office of Vocational RCE faculty have continued to formulate Anticipated start date no later than Fall Services to provide tuition and stipend and refine the plan with appropriate WOU 2006.

    support for 4-5 RCE students. and OVRS staff.

b. Promote practical innovative and experiential learning approaches that enhance learning and respond to students’ needs, including,

    internships, faculty-student scholarship/research, practica and study abroad. (SPD 2-6)

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info

    WOU College of Education partnered with Fifteen students were interviewed, selected, Central enlisted WOU as a partner in a Central School District to start a Tutor and prepared to tutor in four Central federal grant that they just received notice Academy involving lower division students. schools. The program officially kicked off of funding for to further strengthen and

    in January 2006. support their after school programs.

Restructure an early field experience course The College of Education worked with

    to include more focus on service learning in Michael Hampton to transform a special conjunction with school partnership in section of an early field experience course Tutor Academy. into a COE dedicated Service Learning

    course which five students are taking this

    Winter term.

c. Promote integrative pedagogies that foster interconnections amongst disciplines and facilitate greater understanding. (SPD 1-5)

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info Explore feasibility of reinstating the Research completed, FTE needs identified,

    Speech/Language Pathology degree at placed on hold due to lack of resources.


    ASL MAT endorsement area No progress made to date due to lack of


d. Develop a student-centered culture characterized by continual focus on students’ needs and timely and effective steps to ensure their


    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info An extensive program proposal for the The proposal is moving through the process Health Program has been developed that (Appendix 1).

    better sequences the courses in their


e. Explore more flexible and accessible educational programming (including through summer session, weekends and evenings).

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info COE and DEP partnered with Corvallis Cohort started in January 2006 with over 14 school district to offer on-site courses for students enrolled.

    teachers in ESOL.

    COE faculty attended an initial partnership Plans are underway to explore dedicated Many other ideas surfaced for future

    meeting with Beaverton School District in slots in the PT MAT program for candidates exploration (Appendix 5) January 2006. who would be paid interns with the school.

    WOU was selected through a competitive DEP, COE and school officials are meeting

    process to start new pathways partnerships to finetune a plan.

    with Salem Keizer in at least three areas of

    teacher education.

    Increased outreach to local community WOU signed a revised articulation

    colleges. agreement for ECE with Chemeketa

    Community College.

    WOU signed a letter of agreement with

    Linn-Benton Community College regarding

    course transfers for students entering TED.

f. Ensure that publications and web site provide information to help students succeed.

    Activity Outcomes/Results Other Info Annual review schedule of policies and Chairs are reviewing Division by-laws. print materials. Still on track for policy (Feb), catalog

    (March), and print materials (April) review.

    Participated in a review of an OUS Provided useful edits and updated publication for potential teachers. information to reflect WOU offerings.

    COE listing of faculty on website was New hires and faculty transitions now reviewed and updated. reflected accurately.

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