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    Booneville High School

    Student Handbook


    Principal’s Message

     On behalf of the faculty, staff and administration, I welcome you to Booneville High School. I look forward to working with all of you to

    make the 2006-2007 school year a very productive and rewarding year.

     The primary purpose of this handbook is to inform students and

    parents about the policies and procedures of Booneville High School that

    affect them at school and school sponsored events.

     The policies and procedures contained in this handbook are the

    results of the combined efforts of the school board, administration,

    faculty, parents, and student representatives of BHS. The students and

    parents are responsible for becoming familiar with the contents of this

    handbook in order to provide a positive learning environment.

     Rickey Neaves, Principal

     Booneville High School



    Attendance……………………………………………………...4 Academics………………………………………………………6 Academic Honors/Graduation……………………………….12 High School Policies…………………………………………..13 Dress Code…………………………………………………….17 Discipline Policies……………………………………………..20 Cell Phone Use………………………………………………...21 Schoolboard Policies………………………………………….26 Internet Use Policy……………………………………………32 Schedules………………………………………………………36


    Residency Requirements of the state of Mississippi and the

    Booneville School District

1. A copy of TWO (2) of the following items of verification of


    ACCEPTABLE. These items must reflect the residence street

    or road address:

    A. Filed Homestead Exemption Application

    B. Mortgage documents or property deed

    C. Apartment or home lease

    D. Utility bills

    E. Driver’s License

    F. Voter precinct ID

    G. Automobile registration

    H. Affidavit of residency or personal visit by school official

2. If you are the legal guardian of the student, you must also

    provide a copy of the court order appointing you as the guardian.

3. Students living with adults other than parents must provide:

    A. Two of the above items and:

    B. A sworn affidavit stating the relationship of the adult to

    the student and that the student is living in the home full


4. If your child fails to provide the necessary documentation, they

    will not be able to attend the Booneville School District.


Students living outside the Booneville School District must pay $175

    per year tuition for the first child of the family enrolled. One-half of

    this amount is due upon registration, and the balance is due by 4:00

    PM on January 8, 2006. Each subsequent child enrolled will be

    charged a reduced rate of $150.



Make-up Policy

    All make-up work will be completed during extended school

    between 3:00-4:30 AM or 6:30-7:45 PM. A student has three school

    days to make up the work or a zero will be recorded.


    Two types of excuses for absences will be issued, excused (work can

    be made up within three days upon returning to school) and

    unexcused (missed work cannot be made up- a grade of 0 will be


If the absence is unexcused and the teacher did not give graded work

    while the student was absent, an alternative assignment will be

    required to receive the daily participation grade.

Definition of an excused absence as defined by MS CODE 37-13-91:

    1. Attendance at an authorized school activity with prior approval

    from the superintendent or his designee.

    2. Illness or injury that prevents the student from being physically

    unable to attend school.

    3. When the county health officer or the state board of health orders


    4. Death or serious illness of a member of the immediate family.

    This includes children, spouse, parents, grandparents, brothers,

    sisters, stepbrothers, and stepsisters.

    5. A medical or dental appointment with prior approval from

    school authorities.

    6. Attendance at the proceedings of a court.

    7. Observance of a religious event with prior approval from school


    8. Other conditions sufficient to warrant nonattendance, with prior

    approval of school authorities.

**No More than four (4) absences per semester per class may be

    excused without a written medical statement signed by a



No absence shall be excused when it is due to suspension, expulsion

    or other disciplinary action. Work missed because of a suspension

    will result in a zero (0) being recorded.



Steps to Follow When Absent

    1. The parent or guardian will be required to call the office to report

    the student’s absence from school. The reason for the absence

    should be stated.

    2. If a student is absent because of a doctor’s appointment, the

    student shall turn in a doctor’s statement the day the student

    returns to school.

    3. It is the responsibility of the teacher to schedule any make-up

    work with the student(s). Tests will be taken on was announced

    the day the student returns if the student was present on the day

    the test. 4. All make-up work must be completed the week before nine-

    weeks exams. If not, a grade of zero will be recorded for all

    work not made up. Work must be made up within three school

    days after returning.

    5. No absence can be excused after three school days upon


Tardiness to School

    Late arrivals to school will not be tolerated. A student who is less

    than fifteen minutes late for school will be considered tardy. After

    15 minutes the student will be considered absent from school. Upon

    accumulating 3 tardies during each grading period, a letter will be

    sent to the parents. After receiving 7 tardies the student will be

    assigned extended day or 1 day ISS. Failure to attend the extended

    day for tardies will result in a one-day suspension from school and

    the suspension from all school activities for the remainder of the nine


**After six tardies per class in any class per semester the student will

    not be exempt from final exams in any class.**


Perfect Attendance

    Any student having perfect attendance at school on all legal days will receive a perfect attendance certificate from the district. A student must attend at least 60% of the school day to be counted as present for the day.

Checking Out of School

    It is requested that any student checking out of school do so at the end of a class period.

    Any student desiring to check out of school early must have their parents verify this through the office. Students may not leave school without verifying it through the office. A parent or guardian must come by the office and sign the student out.

    School personnel will not be allowed to be on student emergency forms.

    **Any student who is signed out more than four times per course must have a doctor’s excuse or an unexcused absence will be



    All students must be actively enrolled in 3 courses each semester. For a senior to participate in graduation, they must comply with this requirement. This requirement also applies to all students in order to participate in awards night.

Classification of Students

Freshmen-- Less than 6

    Sophomore-- 6 but less than 12

    Junior-- 12 but less than 17

    Senior-- 17 credits and English IV


    Correspondence Courses

    1. The correspondence course will have to be approved by the

    commission on school accreditation.

    2. A professional staff member of the district will administer the

    evaluation criteria.

    3. The principal will approve the correspondence course.

    4. These courses can be taken for remediation only, not for early


    5. Any senior taking a correspondence course must have their grade

    in by May 1 or they cannot go through graduation.

    6. Per state law, only one correspondence course may count

    towards graduation requirements.

New Graduation Requirements

On September 20, 2000 the State Board of Education passed policy 1HF-

    1, a change to graduation requirements. The policy revisions will impact

    students who began the ninth grade in school year 1999-2000 or later. A

    summary of the new policy is printed below in bold type. th Students who are currently 12 graders in school year 2006-

    2007 must pass the subject area tests in US History from 1877,

    English II (with a writing component), Biology I and Algebra I. This

    group of students must pass all four subject area tests even if they thtake the course(s) prior to their 9 grade year.

     All subsequent graduating classes must pass the four subject

    area tests in order to earn a regular high school diploma.

     The subject area tests, Algebra I, Biology I, English II and US History from 1877 to the Present, are aligned with the Mississippi

    Curriculum Frameworks developed by the Office of Instructional

    Development at the Mississippi Department of Education. The

    frameworks are posted on their website at or may

    be obtained from your school district.

     Further information about the tests can be obtained from the

    student/parent guide published by the test developer and available at your

    school district. It is important that students and parents begin

    immediately to determine the impact of these policy revisions will have

    on graduation plans. If you have questions or need additional

    information, please contact Martha Spearman at 728-2171.


MHSAA Eligibility Requirements

     To be eligible for athletics and activities, beginning with the freshmen class of 2005-2006, students must pass five credits toward graduation with one year of six credits. The 5 units will be averaged as a whole, and the overall average must be 75 or higher in order to maintain eligibility. This will be done on a yearly basis.

    A student athlete may become eligible only once during his/her high school career if he/she fails the last semester of the previous year, by passing 5 units with a 75 average the first semester of the following year. This will be done in order to keep the student on track for graduation.

    The only change for students on the block schedule will be that students participating in athletics and activities will have t o have an overall 75 or higher average, rather than a 70 average as in the past.

    NOTE: The Carnegie units will increase from 20 to 24 units by the State Department of Education in 2008-2009 for graduation (We already require this). The students will then be required to pass 6 units of credit during the school year with a 75 average or better in order to maintain eligibility. Those students who opt out of the Mississippi schools curriculum and need 21 credits to graduate, will be required to pass five credits toward graduation to be eligible. However, they must pass six credits one of those four years of eligibility.

    Special education students will be academically eligible if they are making satisfactory progress according to the committees reviewing their Individual Education Plans (IEP).


College Preparatory Curriculum*

    4 Credits? English I, II, III, IV or Accelerated English

    3 Credits? Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II

    3 Credits? Biology I & (2) additional sciences (Physical

    Science, Biology II, Chemistry, Anatomy and

    Physiology, Physics) 3 Credits? World History, US History, US Govt. (.5),

    Economics (.5), or Geography (.5) 2 Credits? Advanced Electives (Spanish and 1 upper level

    math or science course (Does not include

    astronomy/geology). ? Credit? Mississippi Studies

    1 Credit? Computer Applications or Computer Discovery

    1 Credit? Fine Arts Elective

    ? Credit? Health Elective

    6 Credits? Electives to bring credit to 24

     thththRegular High School Diploma Curriculum (12, 11, and 10 graders)*

    4 Credits? English I, II, III, IV

    3 Credits? Algebra I, Geometry and (1) additional math

    (Pre-Algebra, Algebra II, or Transition to

    Algebra) 3 Credits? Biology I & (2) additional sciences (Physical

    Science, Astronomy/Geology, Biology II,

    Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Concepts of

    Agri-science Technology, Environmental

    Science, Plant Science) 3 Credits? Mississippi Studies, World Geography, World

    History, US History, US

    Government/Economics 1 Credit? Computer Applications or Computer Discovery

    1 Credit? Fine arts elective

    ? Credit? Health elective

    8 ? Credits? Electives to bring the total credits to 24

    * In addition to the above requirements students must pass the

    following subject area tests:

    English II (writing and language conventions),

    Algebra I, Biology I, and US History.


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