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Chapter 7 - Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police News ...



CHAPTER: 7 - Uniform and Dress Code




    ATTENTION CEO: Agencies should consider issuing all officers body armor. For agencies that provide body armor, policy and procedures need to be developed that specify when officers are required to wear this equipment.




    A. General

    B. Uniform Shirt

    C. Uniform Shirt Accessories

    D. Uniform Trousers

    E. Uniform Belt

    F. Uniform Headgear

    G. Uniform Footwear

    H. Uniform Leather Gear

    I. Uniform Inclement Weather Gear

    J. Special Uniforms

    K. Excluded Items Chapter 7 Uniform and Dress Code 1

    L. Firearms

    M. Other Equipment

    N. Criminal Investigation Division Dress Code

    O. Court Dress

    P. Inside Dress

    Q. Civilian Personnel

    R. Turning in City/County Equipment Upon Termination or Resignation

    S. Hair

    ATTENTION CEO: Each Agency has different standards and requirements for dress (i.e., ties, patches, hats, award pins, etc.). This chapter needs to be reviewed very carefully to insure that the Agency's standards and requirements for dress are included.

Chapter 7 Uniform and Dress Code 2


A. Establish rules and regulations regarding the Agency uniform, equipment and

    personal appearance.

B. Establish employee accountability for the Agency uniform and equipment.

C. Establish an Agency dress code and employee personal appearance guidelines.


A. General

    1. Sworn employees will wear the designated uniform when reporting for duty,

    while on duty, and during any authorized special assignment. When the uniform

    is worn, care shall be taken that it fits well, is neat, clean, properly pressed, and

    that all leather and metal items are polished and in presentable order.

    2. Civilian employees will wear and maintain an employee uniform as required.

    3. Employees of the Agency shall be neat in appearance and well groomed.

    Male employees will be clean shaven. (Mustaches are allowed, see Section S. 6.)

    4. While wearing the uniform, employees shall maintain a professional


    5. Under no conditions will a part of the official uniform be intermixed with the

    wearing of civilian clothes.

    6. When not in uniform or on special assignment, male employees will wear a

    business suit or sports coat, slacks, shirt and tie.

    7. Female employees wearing civilian clothing will wear skirts/dresses that

    reflect professional standards in length and design. Dress slacks or pant suits are


    8. When necessary, the Chief Executive Officer may prescribe other types of

    clothing to be worn.

B. Uniform Shirt

    1. The uniform shirt will be long or short sleeved according to the season. Shirts

    will be clean and pressed and will not be frayed or torn. The date for changing

    seasonal shirts will be at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer.

    Chapter 7 Uniform and Dress Code 3

    2. Uniform shirts for all officers below the rank of __________ will be _________ in color. Officers of the rank of _________ or above will wear ________ uniform shirts. The Chief Executive Officer will determine the style and type of material for uniform shirts.

    3. No alterations will be allowed on the length of the sleeves on short sleeved shirts. Long sleeves will be such that when the arms are extended perpendicular to the ground, the edge of the cuff extends only to the area immediately below the wrist bone and above the junction of the wrist with the hand.

    4. All buttons, except the collar button on short sleeved shirts, will be buttoned.

    5. Personal items will not be carried in the pockets of the shirt. Official credentials and pens are permitted.

    6. Undershirts will be v-necked/crew neck/specify color and will not be visible when worn with the uniform shirt.

    7. Non-uniform articles will not show above the uniform collar or protrude from the pockets.

    C. Uniform Shirt Accessories - The only authorized uniform shirt accessories are:

    1. Badge - To be worn in the slot provided on the outermost garment and clearly visible at all times.

    2. Name Plate - Official shiny metallic finish clutch type, engraved with employee's name, inset with black color. The name plate shall be clean and polished and worn centered parallel with the seam at the top of the flat of the right breast pocket. The name will always be discernible.

    3. Collar Insignias - The appropriate collar insignia is to be worn just inside the seams at the corner of the collar perpendicular with the collar corner. On an open collar, this will place the insignia at a 45 degree angle. On winter shirts, it will be parallel with the ground.

    4. Awards - Pins designated and approved by the Chief Executive Officer indicating E.M.T. Training, firearms, etc., will be worn on the right/left pocket flap, parallel to the top of the pocket 1/4 inch below the seam. The finish will be of the appropriate color.

    5. Official Agency Patch - Will be displayed on both shoulders of all uniform shirts and jackets and centered one inch below the shoulder seam.

    Chapter 7 Uniform and Dress Code 4

    6. Sergeant and Corporal Chevrons - Will be displayed on both shoulders of the

    appropriate ranking officers. On short sleeved shirts, the bottom points of the

    chevron will be one-eighth of an inch above the seam stitching on the arm, the top

    point will be centered below the City/County patch. On a long sleeve, the peak

    point of the chevron will be centered five and one-half inches below the shoulder


    7. Whistle and Snake Type Whistle Chain - In appropriate metallic finish, the

    chain will be worn on the right shoulder button under the epaulet falling down into

    the inside of the right pocket.

    8. Tie/Dickey - As issued. One or the other, as designated, will be worn with the

    long sleeve shirt.

    9. Tie Bars or Tacks - Of appropriate finish will be worn in the center of the tie

    and worn one inch below the third shirt button.

    10. Flag - A small metal American Flag is optional and may be worn parallel to and

    one-half inch from the right side of the name plate. The size shall not exceed

    five-eight inch by one-half inch.

ATTENTION CEO: Agencies are cautioned to exempt personnel from wearing a flag patch

    if they object for religious reasons. Members of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society

    (Jehovah's Witnesses) may oppose the wearing of graven images; see Minersville v.

    Gobitis, 310 U.S. 586 (1940). The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 strengthens

    such claims and was intended to supersede prior court decisions that presumptively

    enforce government rules, regulations and restrictions that interfere with or impede 1religious beliefs.

    11. Service Pin - Presented by the City/County for years of service; when worn,

    shall be parallel to and one-half inch from the left side of the name plate.

    D. Uniform Trousers

    1. Uniform trousers will be ________ in color. Issued trousers or slacks will be

    clean, pressed and tailored.

    2. Trousers will be tailored so that the front crease breaks one quarter of an inch

    before touching the shoe. Trousers should fit so that the side pockets do not

    appear gaping (correct size). All pocket buttons will remain buttoned and must be

    replaced when necessary.

    3. Bulky objects will not be carried in the pockets. No objects will protrude from

    the pockets.

     1 Fire and Police Personnel Reporter, January 1996, page 14.

    Chapter 7 Uniform and Dress Code 5

E. Uniform Belt

The under belt worn with these trousers will be a (black/brown) leather/Velcro type, one

    and one-half inches wide, with the appropriate finish buckle.

F. Uniform Headgear

    1. The designated uniform hat must be worn at all times except: when outside

    the Agency vehicle, when not under cover, when standing roll call or other

    inspections, or as personal courtesy dictates.

    2. Hats will be worn squarely on the head with the lower edge of the sweatband

    located one inch above the eyebrows.

    3. Agency issued ball caps may be worn during designated functions, upon the

    authorization of the Chief Executive Officer.

    4. Hat braids and hat badges of appropriate color will be worn on the hat.

    5. If appropriate, the chin strap will be worn around the back of the head and

    above the ears. If the chin strap is used it will be worn immediately under the point

    of the chin.

    6. The uniform hat brim is not to be altered.

G. Uniform Footwear

    1. Shoes will be plain toe, either "vinyl" or leather and _________ in color.

    ATTENTION CEO: In many jurisdictions, boots or black sport or tennis style shoes are

    being worn by uniform personnel.

    2. Footwear with buckles will not be worn with the uniform.

    3. Shoes shall be clean and highly polished, and will be kept in good repair.

    4. The heels of the shoes and boots will not be over one inch in height. Shoes

    without heels will not be worn with the uniform.

    5. Boots may be worn by officers assigned to special assignments upon

    approval of the Chief Executive Officer.

    6. (Color) socks will be worn. If white socks must be worn for medical reasons,

    they will be worn under (color) socks.

    Chapter 7 Uniform and Dress Code 6

    H. Uniform Leather Gear

    1. All uniform personnel will wear a two and one half inch width black gun belt with appropriate buckle. The gun belt will have upon it the following items. Standard issue is black "basket weave” or “patent” type leather:

    2. Security style holster - One holster is to be worn on the right or left trouser seam. The butt of the firearm will be to the rear.

    3. Ammunition and case - To be worn on the forward portion of the belt, between the holster and the belt buckle. Each officer will carry a minimum of six rounds or one clip of ammunition in the case. No more than two ammunition cases will be worn.

    4. Handcuff case with handcuffs inserted properly for immediate use. To be worn opposite the holster, to the rear of the side seam of the trousers.

    5. From two to four black keeper straps may be used to attach the belt to the garrison belt.

    6. Walkie-talkie holders must be fastened to the gun belt. Holders for batons or PR-24s may be fastened to the gun belt.

    7. Keys and key holder, when worn, will be worn so the keys may be tucked into the back pocket.

    8. No other accessories will be permitted on the gun belt, without the approval of the Chief Executive Officer.

    ATTENTION CEO: Some agencies allow officers to carry mace or pepper aerosols.

    I. Uniform Inclement Weather Gear - Optional according to weather conditions.

    1. Rain gear consists of a yellow raincoat to be worn with all but the top button snapped, and black rubber boots (optional).

    During foul weather, the proper rain cover will be worn over the uniform hat to prevent water damage.

    2. The winter jacket will be brown/blue/black with the following worn appropriate to rank:

    a) Gold or silver buttons;

    b) Sergeant and corporal chevrons to be worn on both/right/left sleeves

    one half inch below/above the Agency emblems;

    Chapter 7 Uniform and Dress Code 7

    c) The metal/cloth rank insignia of _________ and above will be worn

    parallel to the shoulder seam and five-eights inch from the shoulder seam

    to the nearest bar or insignia;

    d) The winter jacket will not be worn with summer uniform.

    3. Gloves, if worn, must be black leather or black fabric; when working traffic,

    gloves will be orange/white/yellow.

J. Special Uniforms - Uniform specifications for special ceremonies and tactical sections

    will be announced by special order.

K. Excluded Items - The following items are excluded from use by Agency personnel:

    1. No dangling earrings or any type of ornament will be affixed to the ear, while

    in uniform. Females with pierced ears may wear small post earrings.

    2. The use or the possession of the hard metal flashlight is prohibited.

    ATTENTION CEO: Some agencies allow officers to carry hard metal flashlights. For

    agencies that allow this type of flashlight, consider prohibiting the use of the flashlight as

    an offensive weapon.

    3. Personal ornaments or excessive jewelry shall not be worn while in uniform

    nor shall they be affixed to any part of the uniform, unless authorized by the Chief

    Executive Officer. Wedding rings may be worn.

    4. Any emblem or patch denoting a special squad to be worn on the uniform

    must receive prior approval from the Chief Executive Officer. No officer shall wear

    any type emblem upon his/her uniform denoting membership in a specialized or

    particular squad of the Agency unless currently assigned to the squad.

    5. No political material or any type of flag other than designated in section C-10

    may be worn on the uniform.

L. Firearms

    1. Uniform Officers

    a) A model _________________________ (revolver or semi-automatic),

    is Agency issue for the Patrol Division. When not in use, it is to be

    snapped in the holster.

    b) The Agency issued/approved firearm and ammunition shall be carried

    by all sworn personnel.

    c) Permission to carry a personal handgun must be authorized by the

    Chapter 7 Uniform and Dress Code 8

    Chief Executive Officer. Use of a personal handgun will require recording

    the serial number, make and model in the personnel file of the individual

    officer. The officer is also required to qualify on the firing range with his/her

    personal handgun. When the officer makes a written request to carry a

    person handgun, the officer must specify where the handgun will be worn.

2. Non-Uniform Officer

    a) A model ___________________ (revolver or semi-automatic), is

    Agency issue for the Criminal Investigation Division and is designated as

    the duty weapon to be carried.

    b) Permission to carry a personal handgun must be authorized by the

    Chief Executive Officer. Use of a personal handgun will require recording

    the serial number, make and model in the personnel file of the individual

    officer. The officer is also required to qualify on the firing range with

    his/her personal handgun. When the officer makes a written request to

    carry a person handgun, the officer must specify where the handgun will

    be worn.

    M. Other Equipment

1. Handcuffs with one key are required.

2. PR-24 or approved baton and holder may be worn by uniform officers.

3. OC Spray. See S.O.P. 16-9 Use of Chemical Weapons - Oleoresin Capsicum

    (OC Spray).

    N. Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Dress Code

1. An investigator shall dress in civilian clothes and shall keep him/her self neat

    and clean. The general appearance shall be business like and always

    presentable when in public.

2. Whenever investigators are in the public view or appear before any official

    body or court, they shall dress in a professional manner. Coats may be omitted

    during very hot weather, and the service weapon may be exposed under these

    limited conditions.

    NOTE: If the weapon is exposed, the officer's badge must also be exposed/visible.

3. Ties will be worn.

4. No blue jeans or jogging suits will be worn on duty, unless approved by the

    shift supervisor.

5. All CID members shall keep their hair cut in a conservative manner. Male

    investigators may wear a trimmed mustache that does not come below the

    Chapter 7 Uniform and Dress Code 9

    corners of the mouth. No handle bar type mustache will be allowed.

    NOTE: Upon approval of the Chief Executive Officer, officers assigned to special details

    may be exempted from the Agency's grooming policy.

    6. CID personnel will be required to carry their firearms and handcuffs whenever

    on duty unless prior approval is given. Whenever CID personnel are in contact

    with the public, he/she should not carry his/her firearms in an open exposed

    manner without prior approval.

    7. Investigators must carry hand held radios when away from the office or an

    Agency vehicle unless the nature of the investigation prohibits it.

O. Court Dress - The following attire will be appropriate in court:

    1. Uniform or coat and tie with dress slacks for males, and appropriate

    business-like dress for females.

P. Inside Dress - While assigned to office duty, sworn officers may be exempt from

    wearing those articles which are not necessary for that duty, upon approval of the Chief

    Executive Officer.

Q. Civilian Personnel - Office personnel assigned to the Agency should dress in a

    business-like manner. There shall be no blue jeans, bare feet, halter tops, shorts, tank

    tops, or tennis shoes worn while on duty.

R. Turning in Equipment Upon Termination or Resignation - When any employee

    resigns or is terminated, all City/County issued property will be turned into the

    ______________ custodian. This must be done before the issuance of a final pay


S. Hair - Hair regulations for the Agency follows:

    1. The hair will be neatly groomed and worn in such a manner as to not hang

    over the forehead under the regulation head gear. Hair will always be neatly


    2. The hair at the back of the head may be worn in a full style. No hair will be

    allowed to extend over the collar.

    3. The hair on the top of the head may be worn in a full style provided the

    regulation head gear is not hindered by the hair from sitting squarely on the head.

     The head gear cannot be supported solely by the hair.

    4. Sideburns are permitted, provided they do not extend below the middle of the

    ear. Sideburns can/cannot be worn in a flared style. The base will have a precise,

    horizontal line.

    5. The hair should not cover or touch the ears or extend below the normal

    hairline. "Corn-rowing" of the hair is not permitted while in uniform.

    Chapter 7 Uniform and Dress Code 10

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