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     1. Name (Last, First)

     2. Education Level Code (See Codes Below)

     3. Type of Highest Degree Obtained (e.g., BA, MS, Ph.D., etc)

     4. Year Obtained

     5. Academic Discipline Code Major (See codes on next page)

     6. Schools for #4 & #5 above


Certification: I certify that all information in this statement is true and complete to the best of my



    Signature Date

    FRA F 195 (Revised 4/21/2009)


Code Name/Explanation Code Name/Explanation

    01 No formal education or some elementary school--did not 13 Bachelor's degree. Requires completion of at least four, but no more complete. Elementary school means grades 1 through 8, or than five, years of academic work; includes Bachelor's degree equivalent, not completed. conferred in a cooperative plan or program that provides for alternate

    class attendance and employment in business, industry, or government

    02 Elementary school completed--no high school. Grade 8 or to allow student to combine actual work experience with college equivalent completed. studies.

    03 Some high school--did not graduate. High school means 14 Post-Bachelor's. Some work beyond (at a higher level than) the grades 9 through 12, or equivalent. Bachelor's degree but no additional higher degree.

    04 High school graduate or certificate of equivalency. 15 First professional. Signifies the completion of academic requirements

     for selected professions that are based on programs requiring at least two 05 Terminal occupational program--did not complete. Program academic years of previous college work for entrance and a total of at extending beyond grade 12, usually no more than three years; least six academic years of college work for completion, e.g., Dentistry designed to prepare students for immediate employment in an (D.D.S. or D.M.D.), Law (LL. B. or J.D.), Medicine (M.D.), Theology occupation or cluster of occupations; not designed as the equivalent (B.D.), Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.), Chiropody or Podiatry (D.S.C. or of the first two or three years of a baccalaureate degree program. D.P.), Optometry (O.D.), and Osteopathy (D.O.).

    Includes cooperative training or apprenticeship consisting of

    formal classroom instruction coupled with on-the-job training.

    16 Post-first professional. Some work beyond (at a higher level than) the

     first professional degree but no additional higher degree.

    06 Terminal occupational program--certificate of completion,

    diploma or equivalent. See code 05 above for definition of terminal 17 Master's degree. For liberal arts and sciences customarily granted occupational program. Two levels are recognized: (1) The upon successful completion of one (sometimes two) academic years

    technical and/or semi-professional level preparing technicians or beyond the Bachelor's degree. In professional fields, an advanced semiprofessional personnel in engineering and non-engineering degree beyond the first professional but below the Ph.D., e.g., the LL.M.; fields; and (2) the craftsman/clerical level training artisans, skilled M.S. in surgery following the M.D.; M.S.D., Master of Science in operators, and clerical workers. Dentistry; M.S.W., Master of Social Work.

07 Some college--less than one year. Less than 30 semester

    hours completed. 18 Post-Master's. Some work beyond (at a higher level than) the

     Master's degree but no additional higher degree.

    08 One year college. 30-59 semester hours or 45-89 quarter

    hours completed. 19 Sixth-year degree. Includes such degrees as Advanced Certificate in

     Education, Advanced Master of Education, Advanced Graduate 09 Two years college. 60-89 semester hours or 90-134 quarter Certificate, Advanced Specialist in Education Certificate, Certificate of hours completed. Advanced Graduate Study, Certificate of Advanced Study, Advanced

    Degree in Education, Specialist in Education, Licentiate in Philosophy,

    10 Associate Degree. 2-year college degree program completed. Specialist in Guidance and Counseling, Specialist in Art, Specialist in

     Science, Specialist in School Administration, Specialist in School 11 Three years college. 90-119 semester hours or 135-179 Psychology, Licentiate in Sacred Theology.

    quarter hours completed.

    12 Four years college. 120 or more semester hours or 180 or 20 Post-sixth year. Some work beyond (at a higher level than) the more quarter hours completed --no baccalaureate (Bachelor's) sixth-year degree but no additional higher degree.


     21 Doctorate degree. Includes such degrees as Doctor of Education,

     Doctor of Juridical Science, Doctor of Public Health, and the Ph.D. (or

     equivalent) in any field. Does not include a Doctor's degree that is a

     first professional degree, per code 15.

     22 Post-Doctorate. Work beyond the Doctorate

    FRA F 195 (Revised 4/21/2009)



010000 Agriculture, General

    010101 Agricultural Business and Management, General 010102 Agribusiness/Agricultural Business Operations 010103 Agricultural Economics

    010104 Farm/Farm and Ranch Management

    010105 Agricultural/Farm Supplies Retailing and Wholesaling 010106 Agricultural Business Technology

    010199 Agricultural Business and Management, Other 010201 Agricultural Mechanization, General

    010204 Agricultural Power Machinery Operation 010205 Agricultural Mechanics and Equipment/Machine Technology 010299 Agricultural Mechanization, Other

    010301 Agricultural Production Operations, General 010302 Animal/Livestock Husbandry and Production 010303 Aquaculture

    010304 Crop Production

    010306 Dairy Husbandry and Production

    010307 Horse Husbandry/Equine Science and Management 010399 Agricultural Production Operations, Other 010401 Agricultural and Food Products Processing 010504 Dog/Pet/Animal Grooming

    010505 Animal Training

    010507 Equestrian/Equine Studies

    010508 Taxidermy/Taxidermist

    010599 Agricultural and Domestic Animals Services, Other 010601 Applied Horticulture/Horticultural Operations, General 010603 Ornamental Horticulture

    010604 Greenhouse Operations and Management 010605 Landscaping and Groundskeeping

    010606 Plant Nursery Operations and. Management 010607 Turf and Turfgrass Management

    010608 Floriculture/Floristry Operations and Management 010699 Applied Horticulture/Horticultural Business Services, Other 010701 International Agriculture

    010801 Agricultural and. Extension Education Services 010802 Agricultural Communications/Journalism 010899 Agricultural Public Services, Other

    010901 Animal Sciences, General

    010902 Agricultural Animal Breeding

    010903 Animal Health

    FRA F 195 (Revised 4/21/2009)

    010904 Animal Nutrition 010905 Dairy Science

    010906 Livestock Management

    010907 Poultry Science

    010999 Animal Sciences, Other

    011001 Food Science

    011002 Food Technology and Processing

    011099 Food Science and Technology, Other

    011101 Plant Sciences, General

    011102 Agronomy and Crop Science

    011103 Horticultural Science

    011104 Agricultural and Horticultural Plant Breeding 011105 Plant Protection and Integrated Pest Management 011106 Range Science and Management

    011199 Plant Sciences, Other

    011201 Soil Science and Agronomy, General

    011202 Soil Chemistry and Physics

    011203 Soil Microbiology

    011299 Soil Sciences, Other

    019999 Agriculture, Agriculture Operations, and Related Sciences, Other


    030101 Natural Resources/Conservation, General 030103 Environmental Studies

    030104 Environmental Science

    030199 Natural Resources Conservation and Research, Other 030201 Natural Resources Management and Policy 030204 Natural Resource Economics

    030205 Water, Wetlands, and Marine Resources Management 030206 Land Use Planning and Management/Development 030299 Natural Resources Management and Policy, Other 030301 Fishing and Fisheries Sciences and Management 030501 Forestry, General

    030502 Forest Sciences and. Biology

    030506 Forest Management/Forest Resources Management 030508 Urban Forestry

    030509 Wood Science and Wood Products/Pulp and Paper Technology

    030510 Forest Resources Production and. Management 030511 Forestry Technology/Technician

    030599 Forestry, Other

    030601 Wildlife and Wildlands Science and Management 039999 Natural Resources and Conservation, Other

    FRA F 195 (Revised 4/21/2009)


    040201 Architecture (BArch, BA/BS, MArch, MA/MS, PhD) 040301 City/Urban, Community and Regional Planning 040401 Environmental Design/Architecture 040501 Interior Architecture

    040601 Landscape Architecture (BS, BSLA, BLA, MSLA, MLA, PhD)

    040801 Architectural History and Criticism, General 040901 Architectural Technology/Technician 049999 Architecture and Related Services, Other


050101 African Studies

    050102 Arnerican/United States Studies/Civilization 050103 Asian Studies/Civilization

    050104 East Asian Studies

    050105 Central/Middle and Eastern European Studies 050106 European Studies/Civilization

    050107 Latin American Studies

    050108 Near and Middle Eastern Studies

    050109 Pacific Area/Pacific Rim Studies

    050110 Russian Studies

    050111 Scandinavian Studies

    050112 South Asian Studies

    050113 Southeast Asian Studies

    050114 Western European Studies

    050115 Canadian Studies

    050116 Balkans Studies

    050117 Baltic Studies

    050118 Slavic Studies

    050119 Caribbean Studies

    050120 Ural-Altaic and Central Asian Studies 050121 Commonwealth Studies

    050122 Regional Studies (US, Canadian, Foreign) 050123 Chinese Studies

    050124 French Studies

    050125 German. Studies

    050126 Italian Studies

    050127 Japanese Studies

    050128 Korean Studies

    050129 Polish Studies

    050130 Spanish and Iberian Studies

    050131 Tibetan Studies

    050132 Ukraine Studies

    FRA F 195 (Revised 4/21/2009)

050199 Area Studies, Other

    050201 African-American/Black Studies 050202 American Indian/Native American Studies

    050203 Hispanic-American, Puerto Rican, and Mexican- American/Chicano Studies 050206 Asian-American Studies

    050207 Women's Studies

    050208 Gay/Lesbian Studies

    050299 Ethnic, Cultural Minority, and Gender Studies, Other 059999 Area, Ethnic, Cultural, and Gender Studies, Other


    090101 Communication Studies/Speech Communication and Rhetoric 090102 Mass Communication/Media Studies

    090199 Mass Communication and Media Studies, Other

    090401 Journalism

    090402 Broadcast Journalism

    090404 Photojournalism

    090499 Journalism, Other

    090701. Radio and Television

    090702 Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia

    090799 Radio, Television, and Digital Communication, Other 090901 Organizational Communication, General

    090902 Public Relations/Image Management

    090903 Advertising

    090904 Political Communication

    090905 Health Communication

    090999 Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication, Other 091001 Publishing

    099999 Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs, Other


100105 Communications Technology/Technician

    100201 Photographic and Film/Video Technology/Technician and Assistant 100202 Radio and Television Broadcasting Technology/Technician 100203 Recording Arts Technology/Technician

    100299 Audiovisual Communications Technologies/Technicians, Other 100301 Graphic Communications, General

    100302 Printing Management

    100303 Prepress/Desktop Publishing and Digital Imaging Design 100304 Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects 100305 Graphic and Printing Equipment Operator, General Production 100306 Platemaker/Imager

    100307 Printing Press Operator

    100308 Computer Typography and Composition Equipment Operator

    FRA F 195 (Revised 4/21/2009)

100399 Graphic Communications, Other

    109999 Communications Technologies/Technicians and Support Services, Other


110101 Computer and Information Sciences, General

    110102 Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

    110103 Information Technology

    110199 Computer and Information Sciences, Other

    110201 Computer Programming/Programmer, General

    110202 Computer Programming Special Applications

    110203 Computer Programming, Vendor/Product Certification 110299 Computer Programming, Other

    110301 Data Processing and Data Processing Technology/Technician 110401 Information Science/Studies

    110501 Computer Systems Analysis/Analyst

    110601 Data Entry/Microcomputer Applications, General 110602 Word. Processing

    110699 Data Entry/Microcomputer Applications, Other 110701 Computer Science

    110801 Web Page, Digital/Multimedia and Information Resources Design 110802 Data Modeling/Warehousing and Database Administration 110803 Computer Graphics

    110899 Computer Software and Media Applications, Other 110901 Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications 111001 System Administration/Administrator

    111002 System, Networking, and. LAN/WAN Management/Manager 111003 Computer and Information Systems Security

    111004 Web/Multimedia Management and Webmaster

    111099 Computer/Information Technology Services Administration & Mgmt, Other

    119999 Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services, Other


    120301 Funeral Service and Mortuary Science, General 120302 Funeral Direction/Service

    120303 Mortuary Science and Embalming/Embalmer

    120399 Funeral Service and Mortuary Science, Other

    120401 Cosmetology/Cosmetologist, General

    120402 Barbering/Barber

    120404 Electrolysis/Electrology and Electrolysis Technician 120406 Make-Up Artist/Specialist

    120407 Hair Styling/Stylist and Hair Design

    120408 Facial Treatment Specialist/Facialist

    120409 Aesthetician/Esthetician and Skin Care Specialist 120410 Nail Technician/Specialist and Manicurist

    FRA F 195 (Revised 4/21/2009)

    120411 Permanent Cosmetics/Makeup and Tattooing 120412 Salon/Beauty Salon Management/Manager

    120413 Cosmetology, Barber/Styling, and Nail Instructor 120499 Cosmetology and Related Personal Grooming Arts, Other 120500 Cooking and. Related Culinary Arts, General 120501 Baking and Pastry Arts/Baker/Pastry Chef

    120502 Bartending/Bartender

    120503 Culinary Arts/Chef Training

    120504 Restaurant, Culinary, and Catering Management/Manager 120505 Food Preparation/Professional Cooking/Kitchen Assistant 120506 Meat Cutting/Meat Cutter

    120507 Food Service, Waiter/Waitress, and Dining Room Management/Manager

    120508 Institutional Food Workers

    120599 Culinary Arts and Related Services, Other

    129999 Personal and Culinary Services, Other


130101 Education, General

    130201 Bilingual and Multilingual Education

    130202 Multicultural Education

    130203 Indian/Native American Education

    130299 Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education, Other 130301 Curriculum and Instruction

    130401 Educational Leadership and Administration, General 130402 Administration of Special Education

    130403 Adult and Continuing Education Administration 130404 Educational, Instructional, and Curriculum Supervision 130406 Higher Education/Higher Education Administration 130407 Community College Education

    130408 Elementary and Middle School Administration/Principalship 130409 Secondary School Administration/Principalship 130410 Urban Education and. Leadership

    130411 Superintendency and Educational System Administration 130499 Educational Administration and Supervision, Other 130501 Educational/Instructional Media Design

    130601 Educational Evaluation and Research

    130603 Educational Statistics and Research Methods 130604 Educational Assessment, Testing, and Measurement 130699 Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research, Other 130701 International and Comparative Education

    130901 Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education 131001 Special Education and Teaching, General

    131003 Education/Teaching of Individuals w/Hearing Impairments, Including Deafness

    131004 Education/Teaching of the Gifted and Talented 131005 Education/Teaching of Individuals with Emotional Disturbances

    FRA F 195 (Revised 4/21/2009)

    131006 Education/Teaching of Individuals with Mental Retardation 131007 Education/Teaching of Individuals with Multiple Disabilities 131008 Education/Teaching of Individuals w/Orthopedic & Other Physical Health


    131009 Education/Teaching of Individuals w/Vision Impairments, Including Blindness 131011 Education/Teaching of Individuals with Specific Learning Disabilities 131012 Education/Teaching of Individuals with Speech or Language Impairments 131013 Education/Teaching of Individuals with Autism

    131014 Education/Teaching of Individuals Who are Developmentally Delayed 131015 Education/Teaching of Individuals in Early Childhood Special Education


    131016 Education/Teaching of Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injuries 131099 Special Education and Teaching, Other

    131101 Counselor Education/School Counseling and Guidance Services 131102 College Student Counseling and Personnel Services

    131199 Student Counseling and Personnel Services, Other

    131201 Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching

    131202 Elementary Education and Teaching

    131203 Junior High/Intermediate/Middle School Education and Teaching 131205 Secondary Education and Teaching

    131206 Teacher Education, Multiple Levels

    131207 Montessori Teacher Education

    131208 Waldorf/Steiner Teacher Education

    131209 Kindergarten/Preschool Education and Teaching

    131210 Early Childhood Education and Teaching

    131299 Teacher Education & Professional Dev, Specific Levels & Methods, Other 131301 Agricultural Teacher Education

    131302 Art Teacher Education

    131303 Business Teacher Education

    131304 Driver and Safety Teacher Education

    131305 English/Language Arts Teacher Education

    131306 Foreign Language Teacher Education

    131307 Health Teacher Education

    131308 Family and Consumer Sciences/Home Economics Teacher Education 131309 Technology Teacher Education/Industrial Arts Teacher Education 131310 Sales and Marketing Operations/Marketing & Distribution Teacher Education 131311 Mathematics Teacher Education

    131312 Music Teacher Education

    131314 Physical Education Teaching and Coaching

    131315 Reading Teacher Education

    131316 Science Teacher Education/General Science Teacher Education 131317 Social Science Teacher Education

    131318 Social Studies Teacher Education

    131319 Technical Teacher Education

    131320 Trade and Industrial Teacher Education

    131321 Computer Teacher Education

    FRA F 195 (Revised 4/21/2009)

131322 Biology Teacher Education

    131323 Chemistry Teacher Education 131324 Drama and Dance Teacher Education

    131325 French Language Teacher Education

    131326 German Language Teacher Education

    131327 Health Occupations Teacher Education 131328 History Teacher Education

    131329 Physics Teacher Education

    131330 Spanish Language Teacher Education

    131331 Speech Teacher Education

    131332 Geography Teacher Education

    131333 Latin Teacher Education

    131334 School Librarian/School Library Media Specialist 131335 Psychology Teacher Education

    131399 Teacher Education & Professional Development, Specific Subject Areas, Other

    131401 Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language/ESL Language Instructor

    131402 Teaching French as a Second or Foreign Language 131499 Teaching English or French as a Second or Foreign Language, Other

    131501 Teacher Assistant/Aide

    131502 Adult Literacy Tutor/Instructor

    131599 Teaching Assistants/Aides, Other

    139999 Education, Other


140101 Engineering, General

    140201 Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering 140301 Agricultural/Biological Engineering and Bioengineering 140401 Architectural Engineering

    140501 Biomedical/Medical Engineering

    140601 Ceramic Sciences and Engineering

    140701 Chemical Engineering

    140801 Civil Engineering, General

    140802 Geotechnical Engineering

    140803 Structural Engineering

    140804 Transportation and Highway Engineering 140805 Water Resources Engineering

    140899 Civil Engineering, Other

    140901 Computer Engineering, General

    140902 Computer Hardware Engineering

    140903 Computer Software Engineering

    140999 Computer Engineering, Other

    141001 Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering 141101 Engineering Mechanics

    141201 Engineering Physics

    141301 Engineering Science

    FRA F 195 (Revised 4/21/2009)

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