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    FISCAL YEARS 2007-2008

    Prepared By:


    Office of Policy Development and Research (Co-Chair) Office of Community Planning and Development (Co-Chair)

    Office of Public and Indian Housing

    Office of Housing

    Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Housing

    Office of Field Policy and Management

    March 2007

     Actions Reported to Proposed Performance Measure Proposed Target Proposed Actions



    Provide incentives through No. of grant programs awarding points for energy 10 programs 1. Provide points in SuperNOFA B1.09

    competitive grant programs efficiency through SuperNOFA or other for Housing Counseling grants, m1.1

    competitive grant programs. HOPWA, Indian Community

    Development Block Grants

    Section 202 and 811, Assisted

    Living Conversion, Lead Hazard

    Control and Healthy Homes

    2. Provide point for HOPE VI

    awards Include performance measures No. of HQ and Field Office Management Plans 1 HQ Management 1. Monitor timetable for B1.09

    in Annual Performance Plan incorporating energy efficiency Plan Management Plan, APP, PAR m1.2

    and Management Plan TBD of Field Office 2. Provide quarterly PAR reports

    Management Plans 3. Incorporate energy performance

    (Max. 82) measures in revised FY 07 and

    1 Annual Performance FY 08 Mgt Plans


    4 PAR Reports

    Promote Energy Star products See CPD m2-1 See CPD m2.1 See CPD m2.1 B1.09

    and standards through the See PIH m3.1, 3.2, 3.5 See PIH m3.1, 3.2, 3.5 See PIH m3.1, 3.2, 3.5 m1.3

    Partnerships for Home Energy See FHA m4.1, m5.1, m5.3 See FHA m4.1, m5.1, See FHA m4.1, m5.1, m5.3 Efficiency (PHEE) See PD&R m.8 m5.3 See PD&R m.8

    See PD&R m.8

    Provide training or See CPD m2-1, m2.2 See CPD m2.1, m2.2 See CPD m2.1, m2.2 B1.09

    information on energy See PIH m3.1, 3.2, m3.4 See PIH m3.4 See PIH m3.4 m1.4

    efficiency See FHA m4.2, m5.1, m5.3, m5.6 See FHA m4.2, m5.1, See FHA m4.2, m5.1, m5.3, m5.6

    See PD&R m.8 m5.3, m5.6 See PD&R m.8

    See PD&R m.8

    Establish residential energy No of local energy partnerships See FPM m7.1 See FPM m7.1 B1.09

    partnerships with cities, See PD&R m8.1 See PD&R m8.1 m1.5

    counties, states and other local



    Encourage energy efficiency Number of events promoting ENERGY STAR 75 FY 07 B.1.09

    in HOME and CDBG funded new construction standards. 1. Develop training for inclusion in m2-1

    new construction and HOME program


     Actions Reported to Proposed Performance Measure Proposed Target Proposed Actions


    rehabilitation projects. Number of grantees adopting Energy Star for new 40 ; Q2 - Define the training material

    construction or gut rehab to be developed

    ; Q3-4 - ICF develops, delivers

    training material Number of HOME or CDBG-funded units 3,200

    ; FY 08 Q1- First delivery by certified as Energy Star.

    field offices

    2. Continue to hold Energy Star

    events to implement A/S

    Patenaude’s 4-18-06 memo.

    3. Encourage grantees to adopt

    Energy Star for new

    construction/gut rehabilitation

    4 Facilitate reporting of Energy Star


    Add for FY 08

    1. Explore potential for achieving

    adoption of Energy Star as

    guideline for new construction in

    every state.

    2. Explore potential for 1/3 of grantees adopting Energy Star as

    standard for new construction.

    3. Examine IDIS returns as an

    indicator for setting future

    targets for certifications.

    Identify opportunities and Number of feasibility assessments of potential for 20 FY 07 - Q3 B.1.09

    assist with feasibility analysis CHP in housing assisted by HUD programs. 1. Oak Ridge National Laboratory m2-2 -

    Combined Heat and Power to prepare Version 2 of the (CHP) in public or assisted Feasibility Screening Software housing and post on ORNL web site .


     Actions Reported to Proposed Performance Measure Proposed Target Proposed Actions


     2. Revise “CHP Feasibility Guide

    #2” to reflect use of Version 2

    and post on HUD web site.

    Qs 3-4

    3. Complete feasibility screening

    on 20 multifamily buildings.

     Public and Indian Housing

    Base appliance and product Percentage of PHAs incorporating ENERGY FY07 1. Re-issue revised Energy Star B1.09

    purchases in public housing on STAR in procurement plans Establish baseline Notice, PIH 2005-25, to reflect m3-1

    Energy Star standards FY08 Energy Policy Act of 2005

    Pct. target based on (EPAct 2005) requiring Energy

    FY07 baseline. Star procurements by PHAs

     unless not cost-effective.

    2. Feature Energy Star in Public

    Housing Energy Conservation

    Clearinghouse (PHECC)

    3. Rewrite 24 CFR 965 to reflect

    EPAct 2005

    4. Publicize bulk purchasing web


    5. Publicize PD&R-sponsored web

    training to housing agencies

    6. Provide guidance on cost

    effectiveness in revision of

    Green Book.

    7. Identify state or local funding

    resources or rebates that may be


    8. Contractor will survey (sample)

    PHAs. FY 07 is baseline year.

    FY 08 targeted to be established

    based on FY 07 data

    9. Conduct 92 Field Office Energy

    Star promotional events

Build HOPE VI developments Number of HOPE VI projects that have adopted FY 07: 15 1. OPHI to survey 15 HOPE VI B1.09

    to a high standard of energy Energy Star or propose to adopt Energy Star for FY 08: 15 projects; Contractor to assess m3-2 efficiency new construction or gut rehabilitation (HOPE VI projects survey results, compile

    surveyed) cumulative listing of HOPE VI

     projects that have certified or

    propose to adopt Energy Star


     Actions Reported to Proposed Performance Measure Proposed Target Proposed Actions


    standard for new homes.

    2. Promote energy efficiency

    through HOPE VI grant


    3. Future HOPE VI grants to

     consider minimum IECC

     standards and 1 point as

     incentive for Energy Star


    FY 07 1. Contractor to survey sample of B1.09 Improve tracking and Number of current PHA energy audits

    Establish baseline PHAs to determine m3-3 monitoring of energy FY 08 number/percentage of PHAs efficiency in public housing Establish target based with current energy audits

    on FY 07 baseline 2. Refine/pilot benchmarking


     ; Pilot FY2008

    ; Conduct feasibility study


    ; Convene Federal Advisory

    Committee (FACA) FY


    ; Implement utility


    3. Transition public housing to

     asset management, to capture

     utility consumption and costs at

    ; the project level in FY


    Streamline energy Increase in projected energy cost savings over the FY2007 1. Promote energy performance B1.09

    performance contracting FY 06 baseline due to Energy Performance 5% increase over FY 06 contracting (EPC) to smaller m3-4

    (EPC) in public housing Contracts cost savings housing authorities, through FY2008 aggregation

    5% over FY 07 cost 2. Support housing authorities to savings act as own contractors

     3. Provide technical support for up

     to 5 PHAs through contractor

    4. Continue capacity building for

    Field Offices through training

    and workshops

    5. OFO to collect EPC data from

    field offices updating EPC

    universe, baseline investment


     Actions Reported to Proposed Performance Measure Proposed Target Proposed Actions


    and savings

    6. Pilot streamlined procurement

    process for energy performance

    contracting (EPC)

    7. Revise 24 CFR 965 to reflect

    new EPC guidelines

    8. Revise Green Book for EPC to

    eflect new guidance

    9. Secure technical assistance

    through contract support to

    expedite EPC processing.

Promote energy conservation 1. Provide 1-point incentive in the B1.09

    and efficiency within Indian Indian Community Development m3-5

    Country Block Grant Program for

    applications that address Energy

    Star goals.

    2. Collaborate with Tribally

    Designated Housing Entities,

    other federal agencies and

    entities on partnerships to

    promote energy conservation

    and efficiency.


     Actions Reported to Proposed Performance Measure Proposed Target Proposed Actions


     FHA Single Family

    Feature the Energy Efficient Promote energy efficiency improvements in Single Increase consumer 1. Update HUD Handbook 4240.4 B1.09

    Mortgage (and other FHA Family Housing awareness of EEMs and Rev-2, "Rehabilitation Home m4-1

    products) that promotes other FHA products Mortgage Insurance," which energy efficiency provides guidance to improvements in single family mortgagees, appraisers, and housing. inspectors on the 203(k)

    programs, energy efficient

    mortgages, weatherization, and

    energy efficient improvements

    2. From the Housing Counseling

    SuperNOFA, report the number

    of housing counseling agencies

    receiving the Policy Priority

    rating point for Energy Star

    Provide training on how FHA Number of training events with lenders, appraisers, 32 1. Each HOC to conduct 8 training B1.09

    single-family programs can be underwriters, and realtors promoting FHA events or more to include EEM m4-2

    effectively used to promote products promoting energy efficiency training in events with lenders, energy efficiency. appraisers, underwriters, and


    2. Disseminate information which

    promotes energy efficiency.

    3. Continue support for the

    partnership with HUD, DOE, &

    EPA Home Energy Efficiency


Continue improved tracking Number of Quarterly Reports on EEM production 4 1. Track EEMs through the B1.09

    and evaluate performance of Computerized Homes m4-3

    Energy Efficient Mortgages. Underwriting Management

    System (CHUMS).


     Actions Reported to Proposed Performance Measure Proposed Target Proposed Actions


     FHA Multifamily

    Promote energy efficiency in FY 07-08 1. Increase number of presentations B1.09 Number of training and industry assisted multifamily programs Minimum of 2 of Energy Action Plan at m5-1 events promoting HUD Energy by promoting HUD Energy Events per Field Office industry meetings. Action Plan and energy efficiency Action Plan to external 2. Promote HUD Energy Action strategies and practices. partners and encourage all Plan to external partners. mortgage insurance applicants

    to utilize energy saving FY 07 - Number of mortgage applicants FY 07-08 3. Encourage all mortgage devices, including ENERGY encouraged to adopt energy efficient measures. 100% applicants to utilize energy STAR construction standards Of applicants saving devices including and appliances. FY 08 - Number of applicants who adopt Energy encouraged to adopt ENERGY STAR construction

    standards and appliances. Star or other energy efficiency measures. Energy Star)

    (Measure dependent on availability of funding to perform enhancements to Development FY 08: Application Processing (DAP) to allow for such No. or pct. TBD tracking.) Of applicants who

    adopt ENERGY STAR

    or energy efficiency

    Continue or initiate HUD-Number of Weatherization Pilot Partnership TBD 1. Include DOE-funded B1.09

    DOE multifamily projects facilitating energy efficiency (Dependent on DOE weatherization activities in m5-2

    weatherization partnerships improvements to HUD-assisted or public housing and Weatherization multifamily projects identified and other strategies for properties that leverage energy funding and Assistance Funds - by PD&R and DOE in MFH's including energy efficiency services provided by DOE-Weatherization number will be based Energy Status reporting. improvements in existing Assistance program funds or other weatherization upon the availability of

    properties. funds. funds leveraged from

     DOE or other sources.)


    Number of projects approved for a reserve or FY 07

    replacement release, rent increase or adjustment, Use data gathered to

    or other strategy that included energy efficiency establish baseline for

    improvements. (See DAS Hank Williams 12/6/06 number of properties

    memorandum) that are approved for

    energy efficiency


    FY 08



     Actions Reported to Proposed Performance Measure Proposed Target Proposed Actions


    Encourage use of ENERGY Number of approved Section 202 and 811 projects TBD 1. Begin accumulating data on B1.09

    STAR new home standards in that utilize ENERGY STAR construction Based on FY 2007 Firm Application Requests m53

    the design, construction and standards and ENERGY STAR appliances in funding awards where competitive scores refinancing of Sec 202 and newly constructed housing based on FY 07 included points for energy 811 projects. funding awards. conservation commitment

    2. Work with Energy Task Force to

    establish energy efficiency rating

    criteria for NOFA

    3. Consider encouraging energy

    audits in conjunction with

    physical needs assessments

    during refinancing

    4. Work with Energy Task Force to

    identify possible technical

    resources for property owners

Explore possible incentives for Report or strategy that describes underwriting 1 1. Convene a MFH task force (with B1.09

    energy efficiency through strategies and policies providing incentives for Report that describes Office of General Counsel and m5-4

    FHA multifamily insurance new applications for mortgage insurance or proposed underwriting PD&R) to brainstorm incentives programs. projects seeking refinancing to adopt ENERGY strategies and policies to encourage energy

    STAR or other appropriate energy efficiency conservation (FY 07 Q3)

    standards for mid- or low-rise multifamily 2. Participate (attend meetings,

    buildings. review and comment on scope of

     work and identify properties) in

    EPA-funded PD&R study of

    incentives. Complete study in

    FY 07 or early FY 08

Develop asset management Explore guidelines that assist property managers to FY 07: 1. Identify and implement B1.09

    strategies and guidance for implement energy efficient building operations 1 Multifamily Asset Management m5-5

    energy efficiency in HUD-and management practices such as (i) adopting Revised Chapter 12 Task Force to develop strategies subsidized multifamily Energy Star product purchasing policies; (ii) Handbook 4350. for items: (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv) .

    properties. flexible use of project reserves for investments in incorporating

    lowering energy costs; (iii) conditions for budget guidelines

    adjustments and rent increases to finance energy for asset management

    improvements; and (iv) conditions under which

    properties can secure low-interest financing from

    outside lending sources for energy-related



     Actions Reported to Proposed Performance Measure Proposed Target Proposed Actions


     Manufactured Housing

    Implement energy efficiency Approximately 180,000 homes to have energy FY 07 FY 07 B1.09

    recommendations of efficiency measures installed. Implement MHCC- Implement previously submitted m-6

    Manufactured Housing approved standards. Manufactured Housing Consensus Consensus Committee Committee (MHCC) proposals that (MHCC) in manufactured FY 08 are now in rulemaking (including housing MHCC analysis/ enhanced condensation control).

    determination of

    proposal & HUD’s FY 08

    final rule. Final rule on MHCC actions for

     improved appliance efficiency, duct

    FY 09 insulation, duct testing and vapor

    Implement envelope U-retarder. MHCC review of proposed

    value rule. improved envelope U values.

    FY 09 1. Implement MHCC actions for

    improved appliance efficiency,

    duct insulation, duct testing and

    vapor retarder. If approved by

    MHCC, implement improved

    envelope U values.

     Field Policy and Management

    Partner with local energy Number of local energy partnerships being TBD To support the energy efficiency B1.09

    efficiency groups, HUD facilitated by FPM, with active program area objectives and actions of HUD m-7

    program offices participation. program offices, and where program

    offices have identified local partners

    and have committed to a partnership,

    FPM will assist them in developing

    local energy partnerships that

    facilitate implementation of HUD

    activities to reduce energy



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