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Wayne State College Study Abroad ...

    Wayne State College Study Abroad

    Communicate in Spanish in Costa Rica

    June 2008

Designed for students interested in studying Spanish and Intercultural Communication, this

    summer program features classes at the Costa Rica Spanish Institute (COSI), an outstanding

    academic institution located in San José, the capital of the most stable, progressive country in

    Latin America. In addition to courses taught by Wayne State College and COSI professors,

    the program includes a good balance of cultural activities, educational tours, and recreational

    travel. Students have excellent opportunities to make new friends and experience Hispanic

    culture firsthand by staying with middle-class Costa Rican families. We invite you to take

    advantage of this exceptional chance to enjoy living the language as well as learning it.

    DATES: May 31, 2008 July 3, 2008

COST OF PROGRAM: $3213.50 including 6 hours of Undergraduate Credit

     $3390.50 including 6 hours of Graduate Credit


    ? Undergraduate and Graduate resident tuition and fees for six credits

    ? Textbooks for Spanish Courses

    ? Round-trip airfare to and from Costa Rica (city of departure is Omaha)

    ? Students will be met at the San Juan Santamaría International Airport in San José

    Costa Rica and will be transferred to the host families’ homes.

    ? Lodging plus breakfast and evening meals in the home of a Costa Rican family

    while we are in Costa Rica; two weeks in San José and two weeks on the Pacific

    Coast near Manuel Antonio National Park

    ? Laundry service (weekly) during home stay

    ? City tour of San José

    ? Coffee Tour

    ? Arenal Volcano weekend tour including hotel accommodations and all meals.

    ? Transportation to and from Manuel Antonio

    ? Mangrove tour

    ? Manuel Antonio National Park tour

    ? Dancing and cooking classes

    ? Hotel in San José for last night

    ? Exit taxes ($26)

Does not include:

    ? Lunch, with exception of organized excursions (approximately $6.00 per day)

    ? Bus or Taxi transportation around the city (usually less than $2.00 per day)

    ? Traveler's Insurance

    ? Any recommended Immunizations

    ? Personal expenses, like souvenirs

    ? Additional tours around Costa Rica

    ? Intercultural Textbook; Purchase before departure

    ? Costs involved for passport


1. A strong desire to live and learn Spanish

    2. A strong desire to travel and engage in intercultural communication



     CNA 375 Intercultural Communication or CNA 491 Community Service Learning

     SPA 440 Topics in Spanish


     CNA 675 Intercultural Communication: A Service Learning Approach

     SPA 540 Topics in Spanish

LODGING: During our stay, students will live with middle-class families carefully selected for

    their friendliness, patience, and support of North American students.

FOOD: In the homes, breakfast usually includes fresh tropical fruits and juices, eggs, "gallo

    pinto" (a delicious combination of rice, black beans, and herbs), bread, and coffee. Traditional

    Costa Rican foods will be served for dinner. Lunches (on your own) can be easily and

    economically purchased in small local restaurants called "sodas" or in American style fast-food



    (1) City Tour:

    Includes visits to city landmarks such as the following: The National Park, The House of

    Congress and Democracy Square, Ministry of Culture Plaza, Ministry of Foreign Relations

    and Jade Museum, National Theatre, Metropolitan Cathedral, Central Avenue, Historical

    Postal Building and the Central Market. Transportation, guide and lunch included.

(2) The Coffee Tour at Café Britt (half-day tour):

    During this excursion you will learn how red coffee cherries are transformed into the

    delicious brew that so many of us drink. Not only do we learn about coffee production as we

    walk through the Britt coffee fields, but there is also a live stage production, with song and

    dance, revealing the history of coffee production.

(3) Pacific Tour: Manuel Antonio National Park (Beach and Rain Forest)

    No other destination in Costa Rica has received more international attention than Manuel

    Antonio National Park. This park is on the Pacific coast and is a combination of rain

    forest, beautiful white sand beaches abounding in flora and fauna, and great views. It is

    possible to see howler, squirrel and white-faced monkeys; two-towed sloths, iguanas and

    over 350 species of birds and other animals. The tour includes transportation to and from

    San José and accommodations with host families.

     (4) Arenal Volcano & Hot Springs: Two day stay at one of the most beautiful and restful resorts in Costa Rica. Visiting the active volcano is an unforgettable experience. The best

    time to see it is definitely at night when lava erupting from the volcano can be seen.

    Participants will enjoy the spa close to the volcano which has natural hot-water springs.


     $ 500.00 January 18, 2008

     $ 1000.00 and copy of Passport February 20, 2008

     $ 845. 00 March 25, 2008

    Tuition Paid in Full by May 6

To reserve your place in the program, please submit the first non-refundable payment of $500.00

    by January 18, 2008. Checks should be made out to Wayne State College, and for proper

    handling, write "Costa Rica 2008" on the "For/Memo" line on the check. Be sure to send all

    payments to the Business Services Office, Hahn 104. Payments may also be made before the

    stated deadlines. Financial aid and Scholarships for the trip may be available for WSC students

    taking 6 credits. Please contact Kyle Rose in Financial Aid, ext. 7230

Please note that if you withdraw from the program, the payments already made will not be

    recoverable. Wayne State College reserves the right to make changes in the program or the

    sequence in which tours are conducted, to make substitutions or alterations, or to cancel any part

    of the program, should unforeseen circumstances make this advisable. Participants will be

    notified of any major changes.

PASSPORT: Students are responsible for bringing with them (and keeping on their person)

    a valid passport. If you do not have a passport already, please contact your local court house

    for details about how to obtain one. Be sure to take care of this as soon as possible.

    Depending on the number of applications submitted, passports could take several months or

    longer to arrive. A copy of the first page of your passport will be needed by February 20 in

    order to process your airline tickets. Students must also bring another photo I.D.

    MEDICAL & TRAVEL INSURANCE: All participants are required to have medical and travel insurance for the duration of the Costa Rica program. Please note, your insurance must

    provide for medical evacuation and repatriation. If your policy does not conform to what is

    stated here, a suggested source is, which offers coverage for one month

    for prices starting at $26.00 (Patriot International Plan).

    For additional information contact:

    Dr. Deborah Whitt

    Wayne State College

    Wayne, Nebraska 68787

    Telephone (402) 375-7352


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