Self Introduction

By Elaine Daniels,2014-01-18 14:08
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Self IntroductionSelf,self

Self Introduction

    Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Its my great honor to have this

    opportunity to introduce myself to you.

    My name is Zhang Yaru, Im a student from Xuzhou Medical College,

    Im 18 years old ,who is actually majoring in Preventive Medicine.

    younger than my classmates, but it doesnt make any effects on my

    competitiveness. On contraryit helps me gain more energy and creativity to finish my work.

    Im the only child in my family, born in Yangzhou, but I live in Nanjing , and Huaian is my hometown. So its so hard for me to feel stressed in a brand-new environment. OK ,its just a joke.

    People always connect us medico with adjectives like rigid, boring,

    severe, strict, and so on. Now please look at me ,my fellow audience, do you think those words can describe me? Of course no. As for my

    character, however, I cannot describe it well, but I know I am an optimistic ,confident and enthusiastic girl with sufficient interest and

    curiosity. First thanks to my family ,which is a family of laughter and exultation. Then thanks to my parents;familyparents有什么区别

    吗? ,who are both permissive. Its also necessary to point out my

    Mother Schools, Huaian Foreign Language School and Jinling High Schoolwhich provided an open-minded atmosphere of thinking for me.

    I love stage, and stage fits me from my viewpoint. I am good at hosting. As the compere of my college, I have already host several performances successfully. Not only does hosting can improve my ability to make immediate response, but also can help me get more confident and graceful. Besides, I am an active DJ of School Broadcast Station and a commentator of School History Museum.

    Sometimes I prefer to stay alone, reading and listening to the music, but I am not lonely, for I like to chat with my classmates about almost everything. I go to the library everyday. Reading can stretch your mind and open the world for you. My favorite book is “ Gone with the wind, I

    love the saying Tomorrow is another day.I always approach things

    very enthusiastically. When I beg in something. I don’t like to leave it

    half-done. I can’t concentrate on something new until the first thing is finished.

I appreciate whatever I have in my life. <结尾待续>

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