9A Unit 6 Detective Stories

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9AUnit 6 Comic strip & welcome to the unit 制卷人(周海燕 复核人(潘庆华

    9A Unit 6 Detective Stories

    Comic strip & welcome to the unit


    1. If you find anything _______(异常), please tell the police at once.

    2. Can you find out who the_________(凶手) are?

    3. His father is one of the most successful __________(推销员).

    4. The child has been ______________ for a week. (miss) 5. I want to be a ________________ (侦探) when I grow up.

    6. Have you read the report on all the ____________ (嫌疑犯) in todays newspaper?

    7. It was _______________ (冷酷) of him to make the horse carry so many things. 8. Simon and his family live in a _______________ (中等的) flat in Beijing.

    9. Whats your o____________? A cook.

    10. Do you know the__________ of Yao Ming? -- He is over two meters tall. (high) 11. If something is c_________, it is proved to be true . 12. Our English teacher always uses different activities to keep us ___________ in class. (interest)


    ( )1. Do you know what time __________?

    A. does the plane fly B. the plane is flies

    C. will the plane fly D. the plane will fly

    ( )2. People didn’t know _________ during the night.

    A. what was happened B. what the murder happened

    C. what happened D. how the murder has happened ( )3. Do you know _____?

     Sorry, I don’t know. You may ask the woman over there.

    A. when the shop opens B. when is the shop open

    C. when does the shop open D. when will the shop open ( )4. This person ____ for murder. The policeman has made a note _____ him.

    A. wants; for B. is wanted; on C. has wanted; about D. wanted; on ( )5. Peter didnt tell me ______________.

    A. he lived in which room B. which room did he live in

    C. to live in which room D. which room to live in ( )6. He bought the handbag last week. It means he _____ it for nearly a week.

     A. has bought B. has got C. has had D. had ( )7. Why ____ you _____ like that? You look really strange.

    A. are; wore B. do; put on C. are; dressed D. do; dress ( )8. _______ important work it is!

    A. How B. How an C. What D. What an

    ( )9. Who are you _______? My brother. But I cant ________ him.

    A.looking; find B. looking; see C. finding; look for D. looking for; find ( )10. Why do you look so worried? oh, my new watch has ___________.

    A. missing B. lost C. missed D. gone missing ( )11. The police_____ trying to _______ who the murderer is.

    A. is; find B. are; find out C. is; work out D. are; look for ( )12. I hear the murder________ in Sun Town last night.

    A. happened B. was happened C. was taken place D. has taken place 三、 翻译词组并填空

     1. 因谋杀而被通缉___________________ 2. 做记录 _______________________

     3. 发生_____________________ 4. 流血而死 _____________________

     5. 在??的门口 _________________ 6. 到目前为止 ____________________

     7. 由于??而被控 ___________________ 8. 打??电话联系某人_______________

    1The sports meeting in October.

    2.. , they have worked in the factory for ten months. 3The man was put into prison because he a robbery.


9AUnit 6 Comic strip & welcome to the unit 制卷人(周海燕 复核人(潘庆华

    4The soldier was badly hurt and he to death.

    5If you have some good ideas ,you can us 557474562.

    6The policeman what the witness said.

    7Look! The man . Let’s call 110.

    8Where did you find my purse? It’s of a bookshop.


    Did you sleep the day away on March 21? Well, you should have done because it was World

    Sleeping Day, This is the day of the year when people around the world care about their sleep and

    ask themselves a lot of questions about sleep.

     Why do we need sleep? Nobody has yet can give a perfect answer to this question. However,

    tests have shown that lack(缺少) of sleep over about four weeks leads to a strong drop in body

    temperature, great weight loss and finally, sickness. Different people need different amounts of sleep, Eight hours a night is considered the average(

    均的) amount of sleep. For teenagers, the least number of sleeping hours advised by doctors are,

    ten hours for primary school students, nine for junior highs and eight for senior highs. Some

    people seem to get along just fine with very little sleep at night, but some people need more sleep.

    Here are some of the most useful suggestions for good night's sleep: * Go to bed regularly.

    *Use your bed only to sleep.

    *Don't exercise in the evening.

    *Keep the bedroom dark and quiet.

    * Drink a glass of milk before sleep.

    *Stop looking at the watch while you can't sleep!

    Main idea: having enough sleep is important.

    Nobody can answer the question 1________.

    The 2________ of lack of sleep lies in a strong Why do we need sleep? drop in body temperature, great weight loss and


    The amounts of sleep are 4________ from people

    to people.

    How 3________ sleep do Junior highs are advised to spend at least rune people need? hours 5________.

    On the average, primary school students need two

    6________ of sleep than senior highs.

    Go to bed at the 8________ time.

    7________ can you get a good Exercise in the evening won't promise you a night's sleep? 9________ sleep.

    A glass of milk will 10______ you with your sleep.

    . 翻译句子


     --Im _____________________.It _______________________. 2. 昨天晚上一名年轻女子被谋杀了。

    A young woman ____________ _____________ last night. 3.你为什么那样打扮;

     Why ___________ you ____________ ____________ that? 4. 警方已经对所有的嫌疑犯做了笔录。

     The police have ____________________________________________. 5. 这个人因涉嫌谋杀而被通缉。

     The person _______________________________________.


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