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By Edwin Adams,2014-06-28 11:18
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Welcome Letter ...

     11075 South State Street Bldg. #31

    Sandy, Utah 84070

    Phone: 801-858-3733

    Welcome Letter


Appointment scheduled Wednesday _________________________at ___________o’clock


    Please read our Welcome Letter carefully and sign at the bottom

    Congratulations in taking this first and perhaps most important step towards improving your health. Your Core Diagnostics, as performed by Vitál Medical Spa practitioners is an integrative,

    personalized, and comprehensive health assessment. Your exam will identify key health

    information and indicators as to what preventive measures and lifestyle program is best designed

    to reclaim, revitalize, and maintain your health. Enclosed is important paperwork that will start

    you on your way to wellness.

     Please give yourself plenty of time to fill out the enclosed information

     Please fill all forms out as completely as possible.

     Leave questions blank if you are uncertain of your answers.

     Send information certified mail this information to us prior to your first appointment.

     All information MUST BE COMPLETED in its entirety before you can be seen for the

    Core Diagnostics.

What to Expect

    The Core Diagnostics (including labs) will take approximately four to six hours to complete, with

    ample time provided for discussion of health, history and symptomatology. Our team of

    practitioners will individually evaluate your current state-of-health using five departments of

    medicine as well as a therapeutic spa:

     Preventive Medicine Energetic Medicine

     Functional Medicine Lifestyle Medicine

     Spiritual Medicine Therapeutic Spa

     Preventive Medicine

    As with anything in life, it is better to prevent a problem than try to correct it. Preventive

    Medicine incorporates objective testing including vital signs and blood labs as well as clinical

    diagnostics to identify existing and underlying health problems. Diagnostics and prevention will

    be emphasized on the major health concerns in our society: Heart disease, high blood pressure

    and cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, metabolic syndrome, and

    immune dysfunction. This session will take approximately 1 hour.

     Functional Medicine

    Functional Medicine is a science-based, natural approach that looks at the whole person, and

    more importantly, the underlying causes of an illness, rather that the disease itself to identify and

    determine treatment strategies. This comprehensive health appraisal evaluation using Clinical-

    Kinesiology includes spine and joint function, nerve dysfunction, depression, allergies,

    circulatory problems, organ and gland function, body pathogens, toxicities, digestive disorders,

    hormones, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and more. This session will take approximately 1


     Spiritual Medicine

    Your emotional and mental well-being is intertwined with your physical health, and is a widely

    recognized component to overall health. Spiritual Medicine will support you in developing the

    tools needed for change and the ability to move forward optimizing the quality of your life and

    over-all health. This session will take approximately 1 hour.

     Energetic Medicine

    Energetic Medicine describes the growing number of approaches where an understanding of the

    body as a system of energies is applied for promoting health, healing, and homeostasis. Leading

    this field is Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through the eyes of Eastern

    Medicine, this exam incorporates pulse and tongue diagnosis; a powerful adjunct in the field of

    Alternative Medicine. This assessment takes approximately 1 hour.

     Lifestyle Medicine

    A conscious lifestyle means living your life in a proactive way that consistently improves your

    health. Lifestyle Medicine helps educate and motivate you in your daily quest for optimal health

    and ideal body composition through a combination of balanced eating, regular exercise, reduction

    of stress, and using correct supplements. This assessment takes approximately 1 hour.

     Therapeutic Spa

    If the medicine departments aren’t enough, Vitáls skin care practitioners will thoroughly

    examine your skin including an analysis and detection of hyper-pigmentation, dryness, premature aging, sun damaged areas and more. You’ll be looking as good on the outside as you’ll be feeling on the inside.

     CORE DIAGNOSTICS INSTRUCTIONS ? Bring in all additional completed paperwork ? Bring a list a vitamin supplements and pharmaceuticals you are taking; if possible bring in the bottle(s). ? Drink 2-3 glasses of water prior to your visit ? Bring a snack or meal if needed

     ? Continue taking prescription medication(s).

     ? Bring in your urine specimen (follow the directions prior to test)

     ? Come to your appointment fasting (no food or drinks, other than water after


If you have any additional questions regarding the Core Diagnostics, please contact our

    Program Coordinator 801.858.3733.

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